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  1. /*The media_action, works as the function that is executed when the screen is less than the selected amount, like 979px such as this case */
  2. function media_action(x) {
  3.   //This var gets the trigger element
  4.    var titles = document.getElementsByClassName("head-4"/*You place here the class of the trigger, you can also use a tag or id*/)
  6.    //this conditional checks the width of the screen and see if it matches the selected amount
  7.    if (x.matches) {
  9.  let i;/*This is a simple loop for the classname*/
  10.     for(i = 0; i < titles.length; i++){
  11.       //Here we add an event listener on click, and call the function we define later
  12.       titles[i].addEventListener("click", display_child)
  13.   }
  14.   } else {
  15.      let i;//same loop as before
  16.     for(i = 0; i < titles.length; i++){
  17.       /*In this part we especify what will happen when the screen stops matching with the selected width, in this part, i remove the event listener that i added on line 12*/
  18.       titles[i].removeEventListener("click", display_child)
  19.   }
  20.   }
  21. }
  22.  /*This is for future matters, i used this var to toggle beetween the display list as you can see on the next function*/ var toggle = 0
  24.  //This is the function that is triggered when the screen reaches the selected width
  26. function display_child(e) {
  27.  /*In this 2 variables we get the children elements of the parent*/
  28.   var get_parent = we get the parent of the desired element
  29.   var get_children = get_parent.children//We use this function to get all the children of the parent
  30.   //another way to call this is to get all sibling elements
  31.   let i//This is a loop of the parent childrens or siblings if you like
  32.   for (i = 0; i < get_children.length; i++){
  33.     //In this conditional we set the element we wish to target
  34.     if(get_children[i].tagName.toLowerCase() == "ul"/*I use this to target the first ul tag of the parent childrens/siblings*/){
  36.       //This action is on your desire, you can perform any action you wish on the selected element
  37. if(toggle == 0){  get_children[i].style.display = "block"
  38.                toggle = 1//as you can see, i used the toggle variable to toggle the display on the ul
  39.                }
  40.   else {get_children[i].style.display = "none"
  41.                         toggle = 0}
  42.     }
  43. }
  44. }
  46. var media_listener = window.matchMedia("(max-width: 979px)")//in this matchMedia we specify the screen width you'll use to make the function
  47. media_action(media_listener) // Call listener function at run time
  48. media_listener.addListener(media_action)//This is the listener that's going to trigger the media_action as soon as it matches the width size
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