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Sep 17th, 2011
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  1. <Kilgore> tell me swift...
  2. <Kilgore> you really want to piss me off?
  3. <Kilgore> i mean... i could master ban your ass for ever
  4. <Kilgore> if that's what you want, i'll do it in a heartbeat
  5. <SwiftShot> what have i dont wrong?
  6. <Kilgore> ohw about scheming to get the idl team in there?
  7. <SwiftShot> scheming?
  8. <Kilgore> yes, scheming
  9. <Kilgore> why the fuck do you get involved?
  10. <SwiftShot> so because they play in the idl, they arent allowed to play in a zd tournament?
  11. <Kilgore> why is that YOUR business?
  12. <Kilgore> whatever... i had it up to here
  13. <SwiftShot> "Well I am waiting for another team and I am happy to do it so please, give your teams as you promised."
  14. <Kilgore> from now on... you choose to make it your business, you'll share the same fate
  15. <SwiftShot> from space pirate
  16. <SwiftShot> so i got an american team
  17. <SwiftShot> whats the issue with that?
  18. <Kilgore> plenty
  19. <SwiftShot> well i play in the idl, does that mean i can't play in a zd tournament?
  20. <Kilgore> first, you're not the admin of that tourney
  21. <Kilgore> if i delete two posts...
  22. <Kilgore> and you still try to get around that...
  23. <Kilgore> are you totally retarded?
  24. <Kilgore> you think i'll let that happen?
  25. <Kilgore> words are not enough to express it
  26. <Kilgore> get out of here swift before i make you go out for ever
  27. <Kilgore> there won't be one more chance
  28. <SwiftShot> well
  29. <SwiftShot> you told me to let them sign the team up
  30. <SwiftShot> and for not to do it myself
  31. <Kilgore> right
  32. <SwiftShot> so i told mike to do it
  33. <Kilgore> right
  34. <Kilgore> and he got the right treatment
  35. <Kilgore> and you still don't get it?
  36. <Kilgore> because.. i don't belive anyone can be *that* thick
  37. <Kilgore> you're almost certainly trying to play stupid, when you're not
  38. <Kilgore> and well... that doesnt' work here
  39. <Kilgore> from now on, do whatever you like, but consider yourself warned
  40. <SwiftShot> so please tell me
  41. <Kilgore> i won't have a problem master banning you
  42. <Kilgore> even if you do the WNF
  43. <SwiftShot> whats the reason mike, star and bones cant play in the tourney
  44. <Kilgore> because i don't like them
  45. <Kilgore> fine?
  46. <SwiftShot> what!?
  47. <SwiftShot> so because you dont like someone
  48. <Kilgore> i don't have to give you a reason swift
  49. <Kilgore> i'm not your employer or your govt
  50. <SwiftShot> you wont let them play in a tourney, that neither of us are an admin of
  51. <Kilgore> this is a private and volunteer project
  52. <Kilgore> and yes.. if you pisss the devs off, that's what happens
  53. <Kilgore> try me swift
  54. <Kilgore> these people tried deliberately to provoke me
  55. <Kilgore> i don't expect you to come to my side
  56. <Kilgore> but you could remain neutral
  57. <Kilgore> instead of that, you're taking their side actively
  58. <Kilgore> fine.. then stay on that side
  59. <SwiftShot> i invited these people, because i want the tourney to happen
  60. <SwiftShot> it had nothing to do with anything regaring idl
  61. <SwiftShot> it's not like i can call on euro's
  62. <Kilgore> you're bullshitting me and you know it
  63. <Kilgore> grow some balls and stop lying
  64. <SwiftShot> so
  65. <SwiftShot> rofl
  66. <SwiftShot> you think
  67. <SwiftShot> that the ONLY reason
  68. <SwiftShot> i've invited those players
  69. <SwiftShot> is to somewhat promote the IDL?
  70. <SwiftShot> you know what, fuck it
  71. <SwiftShot> if you really think that
  72. <SwiftShot> go ahead, ban me now
  73. <Kilgore> be thankful there are still people giving you the benefit of the doubt
  74. <SwiftShot> well if you think that lowly of me
  75. <SwiftShot> then yes, i think i'd rather you ban me
  76. <SwiftShot> i have some pride, i'd rather not be here than have you think i only asked them to promote idl
  77. <Kilgore> do what you like
  78. <Kilgore> i just can't get provoked every day from the idl
  79. <Kilgore> if you do have some pride, then prove me wrong
  80. <Kilgore> if you keep up the same antics, then you prove me right
  81. <Kilgore> bye now
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