Nov 4th, 2017
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  1. You glance back to Hana. She’s smiling at Herb. “I’ll guide you in. That way we’re all together.”
  3. She grabs his thick, suddenly terrifying pride, and presses it against your opening. Alright Laki. Here you go.
  5. Gah! That stupid cute idiot made it into such a big deal. Now you feel tense, like you need to make this special. You don’t know what you’re doing! Well, no, you remember watching your roommate at the games and you got a first-hand look at the idea, but it’s different actually doing it.
  7. “Ow.” You lower down a little as Hana holds it steady. “Ah. Ow.”
  9. “Careful.” She tells you. “Take your time. Just take a little, get it wet, and work it in.”
  11. When did she get to be such an expert? You’re too in the moment to start questioning her though. That, and she’s making this a lot easier. You raise up, she moves two fingers in to help you out, and you lower a little more. Okay. If you keep this up, you can take a little more each time.
  13. “How’s it-” ah! “How’s it feel?”
  15. “Warm.” He exhales. That cute, exasperated reaction helps relax you a little more. No pressure. Soft Hands isn’t going to care if you don’t rock his world the first time. You’re still going to try, though.
  17. “Getting there.” Hana whispers. She’s got that awkward, tomboyish way of talking that doesn’t fit her button nose or cute face. It’s got it’s own strange charm. “Almost all the way.”
  19. You can feel it. You look at Herb in the eyes as you lower down the rest of the way.
  21. “How’s it feel?” Hana asks. Her hands roam over your abs. Jeez. She’s gotten pretty intense. You’re supposed to be the older, experienced person here.
  23. “I’m getting used to it.” At least, you hope you are. You raise yourself up, feeling hollow as it leaves you, and once again strained as you take it back in. Your legs look huge against the side of his hips.
  25. “Wow. It feels...wow.” He grabs your thighs. Seeing that look on his face pushes you over from struggling to feeling pretty good.
  27. “You like that, huh?” You feel the smile creep on your face. Now you’re getting into it. Look at what you can do to him. You’re getting back control.
  29. “Y-Yeah.” He makes a funny face.
  31. You go a little faster. Then, you have another idea. You start angling it as you come down. “How about this? Hmm?”
  33. “Ow ow!”
  35. You stop. “Oh. Not like that. My bad.” Way to go. You had him going, too. “Okay. Is this better?”
  37. “Umm, yeah.” He relaxes again.
  39. “Then let’s keep doing this.” You keep going up and down. Can’t screw this up. And its feeling nicer every minute. You wanted to break his brain, but you’ll settle for getting him off for a first time. You adjust and move as he reacts, trying your best. Sometimes if feels like you’re getting somewhere, other times it seems like he’s not feeling it. Hana’s watching intently, putting more pressure on you.
  41. “Relax.” She tells you.
  43. You swell with anger for a second. No, not anger, frustration. How come she gets to be so calm? Her skill as a lover isn’t in question here.
  45. “Do you know what gets me off?” Hana asks.
  47. No. Well, a little, but you want to know what’d get Soft Hands off. “What?”
  49. “The idea of someone else using me to get themself off.”
  51. What? What is she even saying? How does that...oh. Oh. “Oh yeah.” You forget about pacing it to his reactions and start doing what feels good to you. “Oh yeah!”
  53. “She’s getting off on you, Herb.” Hana exclaims. “How’s that make you feel? Pretty awesome, right?”
  55. You’d laugh at how awkward she sounds, but you’re too into it and you don’t want to break the spell. You play with your tits and ride him your way. You can hear your voice escape in a deep moan. This works. You were worried being self-centered wouldn’t work here, but it’s finally a good use for that vice of yours. You’re just going to take all the dick you want and get yourself like a greedy bitch.
  57. “Awesome.” He exhales in a daze. Your confidence is soaring back with each bounce. But you put that aside now too. You’re getting there. Seeing the look in his eyes while you get yourself off pushes you further. Your mind is starting to care less and less and you body is taking control. It wants more. It needs more.
  59. “More!” You demand. Soft Hands thrusts up a little each time you come down. It stays just shy of hurting. “More!” You throw your head back and put your hands on his legs to balance as you thrust into each other. You love how how it gets him.
  61. “This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Hana mumbles. You don’t know how you hear it over the noise you're making. It makes you even wetter, though.
  63. “Don’t cum yet.” You command as you fall onto him. “Don’t cum yet.” You repeat. You’re losing it. You put your hands on his chest and fuck him. Yes. You’re in control. You grit your teeth as you orgasm. “Ahhhh!” Your jaw can’t decide what it wants to do. Your body trembles. You can smell more than you blurred vision sees. You can feel the quake deep in your body more than you feel the bed beneath your knees. You lose awareness of the hot sweat dripping off your breast and are entirely consumed by the wetness around his warm dick.
  65. You fall on him.
  67. “Wow.”
  69. “Yeah.” You giggle a little. “Did you like it?”
  71. “Yeah!” He fills with energy, assuring you. But something is off. It’s bugging you.
  73. “You didn’t cum, though.”
  75. Hana chimes in “It’s not big deal-”
  77. “I was almost going to.” He gets embarrassed and looks away. “But you said not inside, and then not to, you know, yet, so...”
  79. “My turn?” Hana asks a little too eagerly.
  81. “Oh no. I’m getting my man off.” You growl. Not at her, just at the situation in general. Soft Hands is on his elbows, but you push him down. “And I hope he remembers the safeword.”
  83. He gulps. That’s not a yes or no, but eh, good enough. You lower yourself down. Oh. Sensitive still. But the look on his face is worth it. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to just tease you all night. I don’t thank Hana could handle that anyway.”
  85. “Not being able to handle it is what makes it so hot...” Hana mumbles.
  87. You ignore her comment and keep going. “I want you to cum for more, but not in me.” You go up, then come down. Slow and steady.
  89. “But, you’re on top.” He gasps, confused. You waited for him to talk before using your inner muscles to squeeze. You didn’t think it’d have this big of an effect. That’s exciting.
  91. “Problem?” You squeeze as you come up, and loosen as you go down. His reaction is priceless. You’re almost ashamed of how turned on that makes you. Almost.
  93. “I...” He tries to move. You pin his arms down.
  95. “Don’t cum inside me.” You command again, kissing him. You love how stuck he seems. How helpless he is under your power. Of course, it’s all pretend and if he says the safe word you’re done, but he’s not even hinting at it. He likes it too. “Hurry up.”
  97. He thrusts and bumps to try to get loose. You squeeze your legs hard to keep him there, then continue to try to milk him. He’s trying so hard. It’s delicious.
  99. “Laki. I can’t get out.”
  101. “Sounds like you’ve got a real problem.” You grin. “Because I’m going to punish you if you cum inside me.” You squeeze some more. Is he getting close?
  103. He bucks and thrusts and struggles. You really have to work your legs to keep him under you. It’s really working for you too. You’re losing yourself in a haze again.
  105. “Laki!”
  107. “That’s right.” You grind. “Say my name.” You work his dick as hard as you can. Come on. Give it to me.
  109. “Laki! I’m... I’m going to-” He grabs your hips and thrusts into you. That brings you right to the edge. Feeling him release inside sends you over. You’re so happy right now you could cry. This feeling, this moment, it’s magical. You both can barely keep your eyes open and focuses, but you still manage some eye contact as he twitches and thrusts and continues to blow his load into you. All you can do is make noise and grasp at the sheets as your body responds in kind.
  111. When it's finally over, you fall on top of him. Was that too far? Was it a cruel game to play for your first time? You move in to offer him a testing kiss. His grabs your face and gives you a sloppy but dry kiss full of passion before collapse back into his sweaty rut on the bed.
  113. “Wow.”
  115. “Yeah.” You roll to the side. “I’m going to have to punish you.” You’ll think of something. That was great. You’re pretty sure leaking. Not having him inside of you also feels strange now. You’re too exhausted to do much about it but faintly laugh. What a strange and free feeling this is. You’re as light as air, but unable to move because your body is too heavy. You feel like you’re forgetting something, too. “What did you think of that, Hanaaaaaaaaaaah!”
  117. Your hands grab at anything nearby as Hana eats you out. She just makes this little smug noise and keeps at it.
  119. “Fucking....fuck!” You twitch and put a hand in her hair. “Oh fuck!” Your body quakes and your legs wrap around her head.
  121. “Laki! You’re going to strangle her!”
  123. Hana’s hand gives a thumbs up to let Herb know it’s fine and she keeps at it. You have to fight the urge to kick her because she’s not stopping and your body can’t take much more of this. Her hand reaches up and plays with your nipple and it’s enough in your sensitive state to bring you around for a third time. You bite into Herb’s chest as gently as you can, which doesn’t feel that gentle, and you scream. Sparks fly in your head. You can’t think straight at all until she stops.
  125. “Yum.” Hana pulls herself out from between your legs. Her face is red from being squished. You don’t feel an ounce of guilt, though. You knew Hana was a bit freaky, but she’s really letting it out now.
  127. “You...you’re the worst.” You can’t hide your weak smile as you pant. You lazily swat at her general direction.
  129. “Are you okay, Herb?” She sits right next to him, making the bed sink.
  131. “Oh. Yeah.” His gasping is coming under control. You smile widely with pride. “I just need a few minutes.”
  133. “I meant the bite mark.” She leans down and kisses his chest gently. He assures her it’s fine. You’d think you’d feel excluded or jealous from this little show of affection, but it’s sweet. Hana’s growing on you. Not because she’s weak enough that you feel confident you can always get your way, but because she’s so much stronger than you in every way and she’s never used that against you. That’s why you fell for Soft Hands so hard.
  135. Fuck. Are you getting attached to Hana? It’s one thing to share with someone you respect, but liking her is a dangerous thing to do. Ah. Relax. You’re just in post-boning bliss. Hana makes you feel safe, that’s all. Not the same thing. You lean over and kiss Soft Hands on the cheek. He smiles and you feel even safer. It’s a shame you didn’t get to try a bunch of different positions, but you don’t mind. This isn’t as intense as you were building it up in your head. Well, no, that was intense, but it’s a place you can mess up in and they won’t care. There’s no pressure. Just lov-
  137. ...woah. Woah. Just safe, warm happiness that makes you content.
  139. There.
  141. “Well.” You summon the strength to get up from somewhere. “I’m going to the bathroom. Go ahead and start whenever. And Hana?” She looks up. “It feels even bigger than it looks.”
  143. -
  145. You lean on the bed, your metal legs raised up so you can be right close to him. The bed sinks. “Heh. I’m surprised nobody’s made any weight jokes yet.”
  147. “Fatty!” Laki’s voice barely carries from the bathroom. You and Herb both laugh.
  149. You reach for a can of soda you brought before. It strikes you that this temple actually had a vending machine, and your thoughts dwell a little on Keira in the next room. You wonder how she sees your limbs. It’s not technology that bugs her though, right? Just the way it can change people.
  151. Ah! Get your head together! You’ve been flicking your bean every chance you get thinking about this. You trace a small circle on his chest. “So, how do you want to...?”
  153. “Oh. I, um, however you want.” He pushes himself up.
  155. Hoo boy. Your mind floods with ideas. You hope you get to do it a lot after this, because there are a lot of things to try. But you want to keep it simple for now. And you want to please him. Herb’s a reserved guy and hard to read. You can’t really begrudge him for that. You’re even more reserved. But it makes you feel a little helpless. What does he actually want? Where’s the line on what he’d be grossed out by? “I can get on top, if you don’t want to try something else right now.”
  157. He pushes up a little more. “Oh, sure. Yeah, if you want to do that.”
  159. “Only if you do!” you sputter. Ah crap. You’re ruining the mood. Think of something! “Here, while you figure it out, I’ll get you started.” You start sucking on him. You hope that’s not too nasty. From his gasp, he likes it. You don’t mind the taste at all. Laki’s a hygienic girl, and the smell of Herb is starting to condition you to get turned on.
  161. “Hana!” He gasps again as gets harder and you go lower. Practice makes perfect, and you’ve been taking any chance you can for practice.
  163. You don’t know what else to do, though. You just keep doing it because he doesn’t tell you to stop. “I could just, do this, if you want. No pressure.” You hope he doesn’t say yes, but if he does, well, it could be worse.
  165. Laki steps out of the bathroom after what sounded like a quick wash. “Oh come on! Get to it!”
  167. You take Herb from your mouth. “Well, we couldn’t decide on a position so...”
  169. Laki rolls her eyes. “Hana, stand up. Face that mirror.” She points to the desk.
  171. “Yes ma’am!” You hop to it.
  173. “Soft Hands.” She pulls him up. “Come on. See Hana? See that shapely ass?”
  175. Oh gosh. You push it up a little.
  177. “Um, yeah.” He looks down. He’s looking right at it! Oh damn you want to die of embarrassment but this is so hot!
  179. “Look at her face. She wants you inside of her. Isn’t that right, Hana?”
  181. You look at them in the mirror, staying bent over the desk. You nod.
  183. “Say it.”
  185. “I want him inside of me.”
  187. “To him. And we can’t really hear you.”
  189. Holy damn Laki you’re the best! “P-please put it in me, Herb.”
  191. “Put what in where?” Oh, she’s cruel.
  193. You wiggle your butt. “Put your dick in my pussy.” You manage. That had to have sounded as silly to them as it did to you. Laki laughs. Oh man.
  195. But Herb doesn’t. His form fills the mirror as he takes position behind you. You arch your back in a submission he didn’t ask for but you want to give. “Ready?”
  197. “Yes!” Laki says for you as she comes behind him and lines him up. “Feel how wet that is?”
  199. You nod. “Yes. Please.” Your voice is already hoarse. You can’t take much more of this. But you don’t have to. He’s putting it in. “Oh!” You grab at the desk and almost fall. He pulls back and slowly pushes in again, going deeper, giving your body a chance to adjust.
  201. “Are you okay?”
  203. “Yeah.” Your voice squeaks. “Holy fuck.”
  205. “Right?” Laki laughs.
  207. Herb takes the encouragement and keeps going. You have to put all of your focus in just being able to stand up. You’re not in pain, but it’s hard. You can already see your face doing that embarrassing thing. You glance to his eyes in the mirror and they pierce right into you. He’s reading you, and thrusting based on your reactions. He can see what a slut you are. He’s enjoying himself. He’s enjoying you. There’s this almost unseen type of joy on his face. Not a smug domineering grin like Laki, but an almost boyish joy at how amazing he’s making you feel.
  209. “Yeah!” Laki encourages. “Come on, Hana. Tell him what you want.”
  211. “H-harder. Please.”
  213. Laki smacks you on the ass in response. “Laki!” Herb protests.
  215. “She likes it.”
  217. He looks to you. There’s shame in your eyes, but you don’t care. There’s way more lust. You’re in heaven. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” You moan and moan. He gives it to you harder. A quick but strong orgasm rocks your body. Herb almost slows down, but you must be giving him a good reaction because he instead picks it up even faster. You push back into him, but that's too much, and both of you fall backwards.
  219. You’re a mess on the floor. Your mind isn’t working right. There’s something to be concerned about but your body still spazzes a little. “Herb?” That’s right. “Are you okay?”
  221. “Yeah.” He holds his hip. “Little bump, but I’m fine. Are you?”
  223. You think you bruised your ass, but you can’t really tell. “I think so. Um, sorry.”
  225. “Come on.” Laki offers a hand to hold you up. She grunts with effort and has to adjust her footing. “Wait.” She drops you. “Lose the legs.”
  227. “Lose...” You look down. “Oh. Okay.” You sit back and undo the locking mechanism for one, then the other. Laki picks you up again, but this time you’re right off the ground. “Got some strength in you, Soft Hands?”
  229. She doesn’t wait for an answer before handing you over. He smiles awkwardly as he holds you up. You feel a strange exhilaration from being handled like this.
  231. “Is this okay?”
  233. “Yes!” You blurt out. “I, yes. I trust you.” You wiggle into position. Herb frees one arm from holding you up to line it up, and you’re lowered down. “Wow. Heh.” You do that dorky half-snort. He doesn’t seem to mind though.
  235. He gives you a quick kiss. He’s breathing heavy from holding you up.
  237. “Keep going.” You instruct as you take off your arm. It drops and you brace for the sound of it slamming against the floor, but Laki catches in. You give a look of thanks with one eye half open, but she gets it and just gives a smile back.
  239. “Harder?” He asks.
  241. “Harder.”
  243. Herb doesn’t ramp up this time. Instead, he adjusts, holds you out a bit and leans back, and jackhammers like his life depends on it.
  245. “HOLY SHIT!” You scream. Laki moves in to cover your mouth. You try to give an apologetic look or gesture or anything but you can’t. You’re being fucked so hard that nothing makes sense any more. The room bounces around and the only thing that’s even a little coherent is the building feeling that comes with every thrust. You think you’re going to die here and you’re entirely okay with it. It’s like your mind is laughing maniacally and your body is exploding like a building being demolished over and over again. The Laki blob says something to the herb blob and he picks up his slowing pace. You think you came. You think you’re coming. You don’t know anything anymore. It’s just tingles and spasms and screams into a hand. How long can this go?
  247. He tells you something. A warning. Something's going to happen. You think you know what he’s saying and you feel like you’re giving him approval but whatever it was has already left your head. It becomes clear as he suddenly stops and pushes deep into you. It’s warm. Hot. He holds you up and the pulsing goes on for a minute. Or however long it takes. You can’t tell any more. Your head is spinning.
  249. “I think you broke her.” Laki laughs. “Hana? Hana, are you there?”
  251. You bring your head up and things clear just a little. Bright, blue eyes meet yours. You giggle and kick your stumps. You don’t even know what else to do. Your one arm hands over his shoulder and you give him a quick kiss. Your mouth is dry and your face is covered in sweat so you don’t want to force that on him. He doesn’t mind. His hair is darkened with sweat too.
  253. “Good?” He asks.
  255. “Goooood!” You have no idea why you’re doing that voice. You laugh without waiting for them to react anyway though. You slide down him and come face to face with his softening, giant cock. “I got diiiicked.”
  257. Laki picks you up like a princess. “Come on. I’ll help you clean up.”
  259. “Good idea.” You can feel it leaking out and it is starting to worry you.
  261. Herb comes too. You all have a very quick shower, dry off, and stumble into bed. Well, not you. You got lowered on and you don’t even care about getting your legs or arm. You prefer to sleep with them, but not tonight.
  263. “We make a good team.” Laki says to you. She looks away after saying it.
  265. “Yeah.” You pull Herb’s hand onto your back, then hold Laki’s hand and snuggle in.
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