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Rough Walkthrough for Idiots like myself

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  2. "To merge the two chapters, all you have to do is copy the Graphics/Pictures directory from the old game to the new one.
  3.  To copy over your saves, copy the entire Save directory (not just a single save file) from the old game to the new one."
  4. -Dargoth
  8. Just compiling what I've done by brute force/ being told in thread.
  9. (There may be other branching paths and shit, but this is a way to progress if you're stuck.)
  11. This guide chooses Bonnie and the Pirates over the Leviathan and the Navy. This means that The Purple Sea Slug Girl and Yellow Seahorse Girl will be impossible to recruit following these instructions. Leviathan can still be recruited though (see Recruiting Queens section). You have been warned.
  13. 1.) Start off by going to the tunnel North of Luddite Village/San Ilia. If you see new monsters and dialogue, it's the right place.
  14. 2.) Go through and enter the town on the other side.
  15. 3.) Go through the town to the dock in the East side, and talk to the man in front of the boat.
  16. 4.) Talk to the nearby Seahorse Girl near some crates and she gives you a piece of paper.
  17. 5.) Talk to the boat guy again and he takes you to a new place.
  18. 6.) In this new city, go to the Castle's top floor and talk to the Gyarados looking girl. Can't miss her.
  19. 7.) Pick the top dialogue option and exit the castle, to say a dog girl.
  20. 8.) Follow the dog girl to the green haired seahorse girl, and she'll bring you on the pirate ship.
  21. 9.) Go to the bottom and talk to the cat, and then go to the middle floor and talk to the blonde seahorse in the food room.
  22. 10.) You will be brought back to the city with the Castle.
  23. 11.) Talk to the same girl to reboard the pirate ship, you can recruit the blue seahorse girl and the blonde haired one.
  24. 12.) Do the same thing as last time, and this time when you talk to the blonde haired seahorse girl, you'll be taken to an island.
  25. 13.) Go into the dungeon and get the scissors or whatever the fuck that was.
  27. Somewhere around this point, your party size increases to 10. Congrats.
  29. 14.) After some dialogue, you get put back on the pirate cave island, and are given control of the pirate ship. Enter dismounts.
  30. 15.) Expect random encounters in the water.
  31. 16.) There's a spooky tree on an island in the North. Doesn't seem like it does anything, feel free to skip.
  32. 17.) Way further to the Northeast is a temple area. Some free items here, the spider will not fight you.
  34. There's a trio of ghosts that seem to only spawn to the Northwest of Port Marle, on the water. Making a note for myself.
  35. ***WARNING - They can cast a song of instant death! Don't be fuckin around here if you don't know what you're doing!***
  37. ---All girls are confirmed to be recruitable up to this point, up to the Ghost Trio. I ain't fuckin with that yet, and neither should you unless you want to, I'm not your dad.---
  39. 18.) You're gonna wanna pull a real hard right. Q will bring up the map, you're headed for the Easternmost Continent, with the sand at the bottom (you can land your boat here), and a peninsula pointing East. Can't miss it.
  40. 19.) Next, you want to head up the continent in a big reverse C. Feel free to stop at places along the way (details on that below) but you don't have to at this point in the game.
  41. 20.) Go talk to the Queen in the Castle (Just go straight up after entering the Teal Castle looking place).
  42. 21.) If you try to retrace your steps, you get a camp scene at the bridge in the East.
  43. 22.) Everybody's here, no clue if you've got to talk to all of them, but Remi gives you the best grapes in the game, so don't miss that.
  44. 23.) At this point, I headed back to where my boat was parked to work on recruiting girls. There's a town we skipped, some of the conversation there might be important, who knows. There's certainly a lot of dialogue with NPCs, so you might want to, to be safe.
  45. 24.) Next, heading back up our 'C' path from before, we visit the cave along the East side. Again, this is probably optional, but Ilias says something here, so I'd go ahead and do it. You're not busy anyway, right? (Hindsight: No, this is a tunnel. Don't go here yet.)
  46. 25.) If you follow the rightmost path in this cave, you'll enter a room with two chests, the rightmost being a new type of mimic. ***Open at your own risk.***
  47. 26.) Time to get back on track. If you talked to the Queen, you saw a witch appear. Once she leaves, head to the town's West exit, and it will take you to the coliseum.
  48. ***WARNING - Make sure to save before entering! Apparently, the bosses here are very hard!***
  50.     Round 1: 3 Dark Elves
  51.     Round 2: Dullahan
  52.         -Rest-
  53.     Round 3: Bear, Wolf and P'orc Girls
  54.     Round 4: Cerberus
  56. 27.) After defeating Cerberus, the witch will appear to you. Keep fighting in the coliseum, and you will meet Alma Elma. After defeating her the witch will show up again with Granberia. Alma Elma will join you to fight her.
  58. Pro tip: If you struggle with the Granberia fight, a high cost pleasure skill alma elma has near the bottom left will pretty much kill her in one hit. If you can find the right one, the battle becomes trivial.
  60. 28.) Granberia has a huge amount of health! Defeat her and you will be transported back to the Queen.
  61. 29.) After some dialogue with people getting angry for reasons, head to the building up North of the city, which is a school.
  62. 30.) Along the way, you can recruit Dullahan and Cerberus by talking to them.
  63. 31.) Be prepared to fight on entering the school, you are immediately attacked on entry. After that, make your way to the right.
  64. 32.) Alma Elma is wearing a scarf to hide her horribly deformed neck. Talk to her, or don't if you're too cool for that.
  65. 33.) Continue upstairs and you will find the Witch from earlier. Watch an amazing feat of strength. Defeat Witch in glorious combat.
  66. 34.) You are brought back to the Queen once more, and have some dialogue. Head West afterwards.
  67. 35.) Take the top path first, you're looking for a glowing tree. Can't miss it.
  68. 36.) Kill the alraunes and head West in the area to find the Alraune leader. Talk to her to learn nothing unless you know nipnong.
  69. 37.) As far as I can tell, bottom option is the one to pick in order to propose peace.
  70. 38.) Head South and then East to find a mountain where the bugs are. The leader is at the top. Again, choose the bottom option(?)
  71. 39.) Go back to Plansect and choose the middle(?) option. A furry will appear to ruin your day, take care of that mess.
  72. 40.) The alraune leader will join you, and you get teleported to the bug leader to defeat another boss monster.
  73. 41.) The two bosses leave the screen. Peace has been restored, great job.
  74. 42.) Head South to the fork in the road.
  75. 43.) This time take the Southern path, which leads to Elk. Go to the East side of the town, where there are angels and watch a cutscene.
  76. 44.) You can't leave town, so go to the North and enter the Cathedral looking building for a cutscene in... Space? Hades? Who knows.
  77. 45.) A monster and angel appear, and I guess you gotta pick. Follow your gut and hope for the result you want? Far as I can tell, the top option  with the moonrune that looks like a backward C with a line on top (ra) is the angel option.
  78. 46.) Either way, afterward you are put back in the normal Elk and can leave. Rather than doing so, go where the angels were and hop in the canoe.
  79. 47.) Take the canoe to the sparkly in the East. This triggers a boss fight with Zeon, hope you're ready.
  80. 48.) After defeating Zeon, Head in the shape of a C up to an oasis (Undine's Spring).
  81. 49.) Make your way inward, beware the mimic on it's own little island (red chest). Undine is in the bottom left corner.
  82. 50.) ***WARNING -I strongly suggest saving here! You fight multiple bosses in a row.***
  83. 51.) Defeat Undine and then Erubetie. Exit the spring and return to Grangold (place with the coliseum).
  84. 52.) Talk once more to the Queen for a cutscene. Go back to Undine's spring and head West to the Ruins.
  85. 53.) Go to the North end of town to find Alma Elma and watch a cutscene.
  86. 54.) Head West to the castle and release Alice. Go through the castle, and make sure you save before you go to the Northmost door. Once you go this way, you can't go back, at least for a while.
  87. 55.) Go into town, to the pub. In order to go upstairs and meet Nero, you must choose the second dialogue option with the barkeep.
  88. 56.) Talk to Nero upstairs.
  89. 57.) Head East to the poison swamp (the one with the sparkle in front)
  90. 58.) Head West then North to find and recruit the witch.
  91. 59.) Not much else in the swamp besides a few items, leave and heal up at the pocket castle.
  92. 60.) You can now head North, past the golems. At the end, you fight one as a boss.
  93. 61.) Upon exiting the pass, Head West toward the city and you will get a camping scene.
  94. 62.) Talk to Remi again for free food.
  95. 63.) Enter the castle town, and head East to the bar (beer sign). Lazarus shows up here.
  96. 64.) After the cutscene, choose Lazarus' bottom dialogue option to recruit him and Merlin.
  97. 65.) You will be transported to a sewer opening after a cutscene. Enter it to progress.
  98. 66.) At the end, the king appears and Lazarus and Merlin will cover your back as you leave.
  99. 67.) Enter the castle, bandana man can heal you (first option).
  100. 68.) Find the staircase in the West and you will have a boss fight with Queen Ant. Seems like you can't free her, Alma or Alice yet.
  101. 69.) Heal at the pot, save your game, and head upstairs to fight Shiki Tamamo. You're not intended to win this fight.
  102. 70.) Next, you fight Lilith, who you are intended to beat. Normal Tamamo will heal you before this fight.
  103. 71.) Luka's kids show up, and after a cutscene, you're placed outside the castle, before eventually being moved to a feast with the Queen back in Grand Noah.
  104. 72.) Alive XV appears, and doesn't seem to do anything. Probably just hungry.
  105. 73.) At this point, you want to teleport back to the castle town with Lazarus, and talk to the king.
  106. 74.) He will open the gate to the West for you, so go West and talk to the guard.
  107. 75.) Go to the Volcano in the West and grab Salamander. Straight path, save before the boss fight at the end. You fight Salamander, then Granberia.
  108. 76.) Salamander will join you after you beat both. Now you want to head Northwest again, heading for a Tartarus.
  109. 77.) If you pass by several villages including Ladies' Village, you're going the right way. You eventually come to a desert pass dungeon containing red-haired oni.
  110. 78.) The tartarus you're looking for is a 2x2 square, and if you look at your map (Q), It's located right at the Westernmost tip of the Continent we've been on pretty much the whole time here.
  111. 79.) Make your way through the tartarus and when you pop out on the overworld, head East to the Town there.
  112. 80.) Defeat Lilith and Lilim (from the first game) in the house in the Northeast-ish part of town surrounded by knights.
  113. 81.) Meet the fabled Chad Luka and Witch Black Alice. After some cutscenes, go find him at the inn.
  114. 82.) You will be whisked off to go fight off invasion forces in Grand Noah. Beat the Queen Fairy.
  115. 83.) Teleport to San Ilia, Sabasa and Grangold and do the same thing. Grangold King will join you.
  116. 84.) Enter the castle town that you are teleported to after the cutscene.
  117. 85.) Make your way to the chest with the white flag. If you want to fight a superboss, you can fight Leviathan.
  119. The channel under the island should be open now, allowing you to access the open seas.
  121. 86.) You want to hunt down the Queens now that were involved in the invasions. You can do this in whatever order you want, but here are the locations:
  123.     far north east is vampire
  125.     far south west is aluraune and elf
  127.     middle island in the area you could always sail on has the spider princess area
  129.     mermaid cave is west of elk
  131. 87.) Since I had already been to the Spider Island, that's where I went first. On the map (Q), it's located Due North of the huge Tartarus in the ocean.
  132. 88.) Some of the spiders have binding and stop magic shenanigans, so be aware of that. Boss fight at the end with Spider Princess.
  133. 89.) Head back East to the Naval place (Place with leviathan).
  134. 90.) Next, I went to the Vampires' Castle, which is the very farthest Northeast Island. It's right next to the Northern Continent.
  135. 91.) First, Camilla is in a coffin downstairs. You need to fight her before you head upstairs and fight Elizabeth and Queen Vampire. Camilla and Elizabeth will join you after you beat her.
  136. 92.) Next, I went to where the alraune and elves are hiding out. You need to loop all the way back around and go to the Island that is the furthest to the Southwest, which is a really long way, even by boat.
  137. 93.) Ignore the smaller island to the Northwest for now. Go to the tree on the other island, go through the maze and beat the Queen Elf. Some blue alraune shows up, but she's much easier than the Queen.
  138. 94.) Go to the Northwest Island, and you'll have to fight the blue alraune again to get in.
  139. 95.) Take the time to grab the chests or don't, save and heal at the top before a double boss fight with Queen Alraune and then Alice the whatever-th.
  140. 96.) Last, I went and took care of the Mermaids, who are hiding in a cave west of Elk. I'd suggest teleporting, but you'd leave your boat way out in the middle of nowhere.
  141. 97.) The mermaids are at a mountain to the West of Elk. Defeat the Queen Mermaid at the deepest part, and you're done here.
  142. 98.) First, you need to go tell all 4 royals (in their respective castles, Grangold king is in his shed) that you won, and they give you a shiny thing.
  143. 99.) Next, you need to collect 3 orbs. One you get from Sphinx, one from Princess Elf and the last from Poseidon.
  144. 100.) Order probably doesn't matter, but Sphinx is easy to get to, so I got hers first. The scorpion outside will bring you right to her.
  145. 101.) Next, go to the town nearby the poison swamp (Where you found the Snake Witch) and go to the Eastern Beach. A sparkle will take you to Poseidon's dungeon. Fight her and get her orb.
  146. 102.) Last, you need to go back to the Queen Elf (Luckily you can teleport there with a Harpy Wing). After talking to her, we need to go to Yamatai to meet with the Princess Elf.
  147. 103.) I mentioned a tunnel at the start, that I said not to visit in hindsight. Go there now (Near Grand Noah).
  148. 104.) Once you make it through the tunnel, the farming town is Yamatai. Enter and talk to the old man (Village Chief) in the tea house (with the sign in front. Dullahan will speak if you talk to the right old guy).
  149. 105.) Head North to the shrines and go to the top. Talk to the white lamia out front, and then head inside.
  150. 106.) Luka's daughter is mucking about, and you'll have to fight Shirohebi.
  151. 107.) Go back and talk to the Queen Elf once more, then return to the Snake Shrine and the Princess Elf will be right out front.
  152. 108.) Follow her to get your orb. Now, to get the last orb you have to go back to the Succubus Village in the past.
  153. 109.) Visit the Inn, and Chad Luka is where you left him. Talk to him to recruit him (if you're on the Illias route), and bring him to the Mayor's house (has a maid in front).
  154. 110.) You can now use the guy's boat in the East part of town, so use it to go Northeat to Hellgondo. First, go through the tunnel.
  155. 111.) Go East to the small temple if you need healing. There's some dialogue, so you may need to go here, I don't know.
  156. 112.) Head West to Remina(?). You can rest up here, but the goal is the Monster Lord's Castle in the North.
  157. 113.) I was told that the game tells you not to fight Alice here. I'm not your dad, do what you want.
  158. 114.) You need to progress to the furthest part of the castle, there's a healing pool near the door to the left, which you may need.
  159. 115.) On the second floor, head to the East side and take the stairs up. The three stooges block your way ahead, so use a healing pot.
  160. 116.) After defeating the three stooges, go grab that sweet treasure, including the last orb.
  162. Right about here, I wasn't sure what to do, so I started doing things that I skipped earlier. Feel free to skip this point until the next text break to avoid sidequesting. (See step 129)
  164. 117.) At this point I went by Succubus Village, and there was something going on there. Not sure if it advanced the plot, but I took care of things here at this point and helped the Chief.
  166. Pro tip: Gnome will be your cheese grater if you wanna make some Succubus Parmesan, and (might?) help you get out of binds.
  168. 118.) After you make your way through the town, taking out the radical succubi, go into the basement of the Northmost house.
  169. 119.) Here you can choose whether you want to side with the purple succubus or the mayor from the original. I got rid of the purple one cuz what those teef do
  171. ***WARNING! You need to recruit the side that matches who you helped in Magistea (Witch Hunt) Village on your last playthrough. Doing both via NG+ does not work, due to flags being reset. You need to have sided with Lucia for the succubus mayor and Lily for Natasha, otherwise you won't be able to recruit them afterward.***
  173. 120.) At this point, I did the procedure to get into the Minotaur Castle. Talk to Cerberus in Grand Noah Castle if you didn't already, talk to the red haired man in the pub and then talk to the minotaur in the blacksmith and she gives you a letter.
  174. 121.) Now head Northwest until you reach a tunnel. Cerberus will speak when you enter if you went to the right place.
  175. 122.) On the other side of the tunnel, up North is the Minotaur Castle, you should be able to enter now.
  176. 123.) If you want to recruit the giant minotaur, farm other minotaur until you get 10 sukiyaki. You can tell which one because they drop it, it's on a black plate and the first kana looks like a "t" with a loop in it. Can't miss it. Once yu have them, bring them to the minotaur at the tunnel you entered through and she'll give you the item you need to recruit her.
  177. 124.) On the northmost stairs is a boss battle, so be prepared before talking to her. After beating her continue upstairs and defeat the porterhouse.
  178. 125.) Next, I went back to get Papi's Dragon Equipment upgrade. Go to the mine South of Grand Noah and get the Dragon Scale from the pile of bones.
  179. 126.) Next, get Papi in your party and talk to the Grand Noah Blacksmith.
  180. 127.) He asks you to show him a "Beginner's Medal" from the colosseum; go back to the colosseum, select the first option and select the top option to fight 3 battles in the Beginner rank; winning these 3 battles gets you a Beginner's Medal.
  181. 128.) Go back to the blacksmith, do the same talk option, he'll see you have the medal, they'll do their thing and you're done.
  183. So it looks like I didn't get all the orbs. Sorry for the confusion.
  185. 129.) In order to get the next orb, you need to go find Selene and do her quest. The city where you find Selene is right where Hellgondo (The Nothernmost Continent) nearly touches the continent South of it on the map (Q).
  186. 130.) After talking to Selene in her house, go North and talk to CAPTAIN Selene. Yes, there seem to be two.
  187. 131.) This will take you to her ship. Go to the bottom floor to get a key (Use the door, the rope ladder seems to do nothing).
  188. 132.) Follow the lefthand wall to reach a locked door with green chests. You need to be able to unlock those, but you need a door key first.
  189. 133.) The key is on the back half of the ship's deck. Get it and return to the locked room (Not the one with the chests, another one that's nearby).
  190. 134.) Inside are the Beelzebubs. Defeat them and go through a secret passage on the left (through the odd looking wall). Key get.
  191. 135.) Now go back to the treasure room with green chests, and open them. The far right one contains the orb, but pick up everything here.
  192. 136.) Go back to Selene's house and you recruit her. Then watch a cutscene of the Beelzebubs appearing in several places.
  193. 137.) Now that we have all 6 orbs, we can finally go back to the tower I mentioned earlier (Nearby the 2x2 Tartarus we visited).
  194. 138.) If you'd like, you can recruit Lazarus and Merlin by checking out the pub while you're in town. Then go to the tower.
  195. 139.) You should get a cutscene with Nero here if you got all of the orbs. Now, you should be able to land on the Easternmost continent (The snow covered one). Navigate your way to the East via the boat in the town where Selene was, and go there.
  196. 140.) Land on the North end, and enter the tunnel. TT loves his introductory tunnels. Talk to the White Rabbit and prepare to fight angels inside the cave.
  197. 141.) Make your way through the caves. There's a polar beartaur camp partway through where you can heal.
  198. 142.) Exit the tunnel and make your way to the village right nearby. You can heal and buy items here. Talk to the mayor in a house in the Northeast end of town.
  199. 143.) At this point, you may need some special eyewear, Delphinus is at it again. Head to the Shrine Southeast of town when ready.
  200. 144.) Make your way to the bottom to recruit Eden (if you're on the Illias route). Then make a 'C' around the continent to find a Temple. Go to the bottom here as well, to the big magic circle.
  201. 145.) Recruit loli versions of Mikaela and Lucifina (if you're on the Illias route), and then you can leave the temple.
  202. 146.) Head North and then West, and finally South. When you reach a bridge, you will have a campfire scene.
  203. 147.) Keep heading South and you will eventually reach a castle. Talk to the White Rabbit. Follow her afterward.
  204. 148.) Go through the lab and watch more cutscenes.
  205. 149.) Defeat Demonic Sonya. Defeat Perfectly Ultimate Great Sonya. Morrigan will join you (if you're on the Alice Route
  206. 150.) No really, go to the Nekomata Shrine.
  207. 151.) Go to the Nekomata Shrine.
  209. Jokes aside, the guide is over for the main storyline, so I'll cover sidequests now.
  211. 152.) First on my list was the Ladies Village Quest. Go to the mansion in the North and fight the blue haired girl. Talk to Cassandra and Emily and head to the mountain to the East.
  212. 153.) Go to the top and defeat Candy, and then report back to the mansion and it's mission complete.
  213. 154.) Next, I started recruiting the Queens and other special recruits. In Yamatai, talk to the Beelzebubs in the North to recruit them.
  214. 155.) Talk to the Pope in San Ilia after defeating the Mermaid Queen and then go talk to her until she restores the Kraken, and Kraken will join you.
  215. 156.) (if you're on the Alice route) you can go to the shrine in the Southwest of Hellgondo to recruit Lilith and Lilim from the original VN (or so I've been told)
  216. 157.) (if you're on the Alice route) you can apparently also recruit the three stooges and Black Alice, although I've not heard how.
  217. 158.) On the return trip to Succubus Village, you can get the 3 transformed Succubi from the VN.
  218. 159.) You can recruit the Golem in Grangold by speaking with the girl working on it near the city's entrance.. She needs four items. An Elixir, a magic gear, Yamatai sake, and finally a Chipapa (No bamboozle)
  219. 160.) If you'd like, you can visit the Monster Lord's castle and fight Black Alice (Not the witch version, the normal version, doesn't work while Heinrich is in the party). She has 3 forms and a lot of health, so be prepared.
  220. 161.) Next I did the Yamatai quest where you have to find the 4 perverts. You must first complete the Dullahan quest, which apparently involves rescuing the tanuki girl in the nearby cave.
  221. 162.) Talk to the village elder to finish the quest, then talk to him again to start the next.
  222. 163.) The 4 perverts leave. Here's where they were headed:
  224. Guy 1: 俺は、南へと旅に向かう。噂で聞いた、ハーピーの里でエンジョイするために。
  225. I will head to the south. Hearing some rumours, I'll enjoy some time in a harpy village.
  227. Guy 2: 俺は、ナタリアポートへ旅に出る。可愛い人魚さんとイチャイチャするのが目的だ。
  228. I'll head out to Natalia Port. I'm going to have some fun with the cute mermaids.
  230. Guy 3: 俺は、精霊の森へと冒険に向かう。エルフやフェアリーに、いたずらをされてみようかと思っている。
  231. I'll head out to the Forest of Spirits. I'm going to think about having some mischief with the elves and fairies.
  233. Guy 4: 俺は、サキュバスの村に行くよ。あそこには、男のロマンがある……なあ、そうだろ?
  234. I'm going to head over to the Succubus Village. A place like that is something every man dreams of... Right?
  236. 164.) Go hunt down each of them. Guy 1 is in the Inn (left of entrance, round the tree's back). Guy 2 is North of the Market, outside. Montecarlo is just South of the Forest of Spirits, so TP there. Guy 3 is down the left path at the start. Guy 4 is in the pub, on the right side of the room. Go back to the Elder and he'll give you a thing. You can now recruit Queen Ant.
  237. 165.)Next, I went back to the Tartarus that we visited to use the keycard. Enter from the past side (TP to Succubus Village Past), and you'll pass a wood door with a steel chest. You can open the door now.
  238. 166.) Next I went and recruited Succubus Witch. To do this you have to talk to the Battlefucker in the town near the poison swamp (house with the Vileplume flowers around it), and then go to the swamp and fight Cassandra and Emily.
  239. 167.) You recruit the two of them. Up in the North is Succubus Witch. Go fight her too. You can recruit her after the cutscene.
  240. 168.) Next I went to go recruit Sphinx. If you don't know where she is, I don't know what to tell you. Simply select the second dialogue option to recruit her.
  241. 169.) Next I went to get the World Tree fruit for poor Queen Harpy. To do this, you must have all of the orbs collected after beating all of the Queens. Head to the World Tree and talk to Queen Alraune. She will give you the fruit, so take it to the tower where Queen Harpy is, and you can recruit her.
  242. 170.) If you have recruited both Queen Bee and Queen Ant, you can go back to the Spider Temple and recruit Spider Princess. Go talk to her and ask her to join and say you'll cooperate (Top choice). In the next event top again to support her instead of Queen Bee and Ant.
  243. Basically, whenever you get prompted just hit the top option and you should be good. You'll have to fight the other two together, but it's not that tough.
  244. 171.) In order to recruit Queen Alraune, you first need to recruit Alra Priestess by talking to her. While you're here, you can also get the Canaan Sisters. Next, go talk to the Queen. Lastly, go to Gold Coast and find the sparkle that doesn't lead you to Poseidon. It should be in the Northeastern area. Watch Alra Priestess get pranked into oblivion and you're done.
  245. 172.) Queen Elf is easy enough to explain. Simply get a silver and gold trophy from the Coliseum and talk to her.
  247.     Survival:
  248.     Round 1: And Elf and Twin Faeries
  249.     Round 2: Fairy Trio (They will block Gnome, and other magic too I assume)
  250.     Round 3: 3 Elves
  251.     Round 4: 2 Shestas
  252.     Round 5: 2 Shinifas
  253.     Round 6: 2 Anglerfish
  254.     Round 7: Riot and See-Through
  255.     Round 8: 2 Worm Girls
  256.     Round 9: 2 Mini-crabs
  257.     Round 10: Vitae and Shinifa
  259.     You can stop at this point, you got the Gold Trophy. To stop, hit the bottom option twice when prompted (Rounds multiple of 5)
  261.     Next, you need to go to the second option during registration to get the Silver Trophy. (You need 4 people of the same race in your party front for the Silver Trophy). Still working on figuring this out.
  263. 173.) Next, I recruited Admiral Leviathan. You just need to bring Selene to her and she joins you after you beat her in battle.
  264. 174.) You can recruit Candy (The boss at the mountain near Ladies' Village) pretty easily. "Basically she's just asking for food. The first is chocolate. The second is cake. The third is a parfait... probably. I can't really remember but I'm pretty sure she said parfait. Anyways I believe you can purchase the last two from the village on the snow continent, assuming you don't have them already."
  265. 175.) In order to get the Cirque de Croix members, you must have beaten the game. You may also need Chrome in your party, so bring her.
  266. You'll acquire a keycard during the final part of the game. After defeating the final boss, head to the ruins that are southeast of the shrine (the one you collected six orbs for). Explore the area until you come across a stone building. Use the keycard to gain access. Head to the top and defeat Cirque du Croix. Afterwards speak with each member to have them join you.
  267. 176.) Next I got the Queen Fairy. To recruit her, you need to get the hide and seek trophy from finding Amira 21 times in various towns. She's always outdoors and never in deserted areas (like those near a Tartarus), so it's not hard to do.
  268. 177.) In order to recruit Shirohebi, you need to get a cat figure from Orochi Cave. You can Fight Orochi no Yamato here, and if you beat her you can recruit her. Be aware that on the left path from the start you can hop over the water. The cat figure is down the rope and behind a waterfall, in a blue chest. At the end of the water hopping area, the red chest is just a mimic.
  270. If you missed out on recruiting any mimics, including the new one, there's a small island directly to the west of the world tree (which is next to the Elf island in the southwest part of the map) were you can fight an endless supply.
  272. 178.) Next I went for porterhouse (The Giant Minotaur). In order to recruit her, you have to bring 10 sukiyaki to the Minotaur in the tunnel connecting to her castle after finishing her quest. You'll get an item that you can present to her to recruit her. You'll need to grind Minotaur enemies in the castle to get Sukiyaki (You can also steal it from them).
  273. 179.) I'm going to recruit Queen Vampire next, but before you do that, you need to max out Vanilla's shop and talk to her.
  274. 180.) The last shop upgrade from part 1 was getting Vanilla newts from the Witch Hunt Village shop. Make sure you have those, see the other guide if you don't. If you do, you need to go to Sphinx's pyramid and talk to the Scorpion there.
  275. 181.) Check out her item as if you were buying something, and when you exit they will talk. Next bring Vanilla to Page 65537 (The big book with the tentacles in the library area). They will talk and Vanilla's shop will be upgraded to carry Golden Needles and Grimoire pages. Remember that you need to visit and browse Vanilla's shop after every upgrade.
  276. 182.) The upgrade we need can be gotten by talking to the mermaid merchant in Plansect Village. This will add some Large Elemental Orbs to Vanilla's shop. The next upgrade for the last of the Large Elemental Orbs is in Grangold, talk to the merchant in the item store there. Next go to the shed where the Grangold King hangs out and talk to the witch there to complete this upgrade. There is another shop upgrade is Succubus Village. You just need to talk to the guy. The next upgrade is from the bottom elf in the Snake Shrine in Yamatai. Just browse her shop twice for the upgrade. Then go to the Snow Continent and do the same thing at the item shop.
  277. 183.) Now you need to talk to Salaan in Sabasa if you haven't already recruited her. The next things you need are apparently a carpet from the sheep island near the navy's castle and a wine from Lazarus, but I wasn't able to get either.
  278. 184.) To start the recruitment process for Queen Mermaid, you must first read the request board in the lobby of the Pocket Castle. The Princess Mermaid requests to make up for what she did appeared in the Castle. Go find her in the Pocket Castle and talk to her in the bottom floor of the ship (last maid dialogue option teleports you to the ship).
  279. 185.) Go up to the deck and watch a cutscene involving the Iron Maiden V1 (May need to have her recruited). Next, make your way to the center courtyard of the pocket castle and talk to Queen Alraune. She gives you some seeds, which you need to take to Natalia Coast.
  280. 186.) You can teleport to San Ilia to get there quickly. Go to the sparkling spot to plant the seeds. When the plants grow, go back to right in front of them. A mini crab girl will show up. Defeat her.
  281. 187.) Next a priest will appear in the same spot. Talk to him. After the cutscene, you can go recruit Queen Mermaid.
  285. ---On Break until information is received. Tidier layout and more sidequests soon(tm)---
  291. Temporary notes (May be missing some steps, is a total mess and contains spoilers [ofc]. Just putting this here for safekeeping):
  293. Talk to shrine maiden. Talk to cats until Luka responds to one. Talk to the shrine maiden again. She should walk up to a different cat.
  294. That's for the 4 shrines quest, which unlocks the samurai, ninja, and taoist jobs for everyone.
  296. 東方2hu秘伝書 - Ninja, Samurai, Taoist - Unlocked after completing the Yamatai events
  297. ガリアン部族の教え - Berserker - Unlocked after completing the Minotaur event: Talk to cerberus, then to a red haired man in the pub and then to the minotaur in the blacksmith shop and after that head west and cross the cave and then head to the castle.
  298. 魔法少女の契約書 - Mahou Shoujo - Unlocked after completing the Mahou Shoujo event
  299. 拳神の魂 - Advanced martial art classes/races - Get the champion title in Grandnoa's coliseum
  300. 武神の魂 - Advanced warrior classes/races - Speak with Remina's king
  301. 剛力の魂 - Advanced power classes/races - Report to Sara after defeating the Vampire Queen
  302. 疾風の魂 - Advanced speed classes/races - Report to Robo pope after defeating the Mermaid Queen
  303. 狩人の魂 - Advanced Hunter and Thief classes/races - Comes with the Red Orb
  304. 淫らな魂 - Advanced slut classes/races - Win all 35 battlefucker events. There's an event that you unlock after getting a message from Bonnie on the quest board. When you do, warp to the navy headquarters,
  305. jump on your boat and sail east until you see a boat, then board it..
  306. マキナの極み - Advanced makina classes/races - Speak with the lead scientist in San Illa's underground research center.
  307. 魔芸の極み - Advanced magecraft classes like, like Necromancer, Medium, and Puppeteer - Defeat the Cirque du Croix in the ruins south east of the Gold region's Tartarus.
  308. 科学の極み - Advanced scientist classes/races - Take Promestein and speak to the Remina scientists.
  309. スター魂 - Advanced dancer and bard classes/races - Defeat the Alraune Queen
  310. 裏ライセンス - Advanced jew and gangstar classes/races - Purchase from your pocket castle's casino after recruiting the Lazarus
  311. 魔導の魂 - Advanced magician classes/races - Talk to Grangold king after defeating the Spider Princess.
  312. リリィの研究成果 - Unlocks the Worm Summoner race - Complete either Lily or Lucia's side-quests.
  313. まねきねこ - Unlocks the Neko race - Take Amira and speak to Garf****/さ〇〇〇 in Yamatai.
  314. ゴーレムの印 - Unlocks the Golem race - Acquired after recruiting the Golem girl in Grangold.
  315. アポトーシスドグマ - Unlocks the advanced apostosis races and allows dolls to turn into the ultimate lifeforms - After completing the game, warp to the past succubus village, head out to the tartaros and unlock the door using the remina card key.
  317. Silver chest locations: I can think of the ones in Ilias Temple, the Puppeteer Cave, the Tartarus, the last dungeon, and the ruins where you find La Croix. There is one in the pyramid as well as well as one in the weapon temple (near the slums from part 1)
  319. Just so you know, you switched the order of events you should have done the quests in after the tournament event. According to Ilias, you should have done the minotaur and Yamatai quests before the magic academy one, and Amira states that the minotaur quest is easier than Yamatai.
  321. go down to the Makina lab and speak to the researcher for some items while you're here.)
  323. Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but you can get the item for the 3rd tier Scholar job (Seeker of Truth) at the lab in Remina Alt. Not sure if Promestein needs to be in the party or not, but talk to the guy next to the blackboard on the first floor.
  325. (Fyi something similar is needed for Grangold King's quest in case you're wondering. The one in the warehouse in the town is just a double.)
  327. There is some Eden sidequest triggered by talking to her (Unconfirmed)
  329. There's a sidequest that if you bring the Medal Queen to that mysterious grave in Luka's hometown (check the bulletin in the castle and when you see the Medal Queen there it means the event is ready), the ghost of the Medal King will appear.
  330. With this event, you'll unlock a second place to spend your medals. You can get basic stat seeds there, one for 2 medals. Also, you can get Hieldrich equipment and a strong sword, though you can only get them once per playthrough and they're damn expensive.
  332. 2.10 Update;
  333. One where Lucifina-chan makes Eden remember a past event an tells her at the end "Now do you understand?"
  334. One where Lolistein makes luka a vampire, he gets the vampire race
  335. And the last one is in Ludite's subterranean lab, where Morrigan explains a lot to the party like she did not come to para world from a Tartarus hole and then you battle Alma and recruit her.
  337. Recruiting Queens:
  339. Elf - Get a silver and gold trophy from the Coliseum.
  341. Vampire - Max Vanilla's shop, then talk to her. Go to Sabasa and evict the Assassin girl. Go to the Sheep island and get the carpet. Go to Lazarus (Should be in your pocket castle if you recruited him) and get the wine. Should be done (Might need to go back to Sabasa?)
  342. Adendum: If you don't know what to do with the Queen Vampire, you need to advance in Vanilla's merchant sidequest so that she'll become suitably skilled enough for the Queen Vampire to trust her with the task of establishing the Vampire Pub for her. I didn't complete Vanilla's sidequest, but advanced it all the way to the part where you gotta fetch the Black Alice painting. At any rate, once you do that, all the rest is just a fetch quest (Go to Salaan in Sabasa, go to the sheep island west of the navy port, and go to Lazarus in the pocket castle).
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