Char's Counter Attack

Bigwood Sep 14th, 2012 62 Never
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  1. [12:32:01] <Darcius> did I tell the story about
  2. [12:32:08] <Darcius> the guys who were playing buster brothers
  3. [12:32:16] <Darcius> and I said "your bubbles are so bobble" to them?
  4. [12:32:22] <Giantree> please share
  5. [12:32:31] <Darcius> well I was just trolling these guys at the arcade is all
  6. [12:32:40] <Darcius> because I was on the P2 side of SF3 machine
  7. [12:32:43] <Darcius> and they were to my right
  8. [12:32:51] <Darcius> and then they were there again yesterday, so
  9. [12:33:04] <Darcius> I loudly described my "sweet new idea" for a "sweet youtube vid" while sitting beside them
  10. [12:33:09] <Darcius> so that they could overhear and be trolled
  11. [12:34:26] <Darcius> the idea consists of making a series of youtube short videos with names like "Char's Counterattack" and filling the tags with "char's" "counterattack" "counter" "attack" "char" "gundam" "gundams" "movie", etc. then, its separated into "Part 1" through 10 where each vid is 10-15 minutes long, with screenshot images of the actual char's conterattack movies as thumbnails.
  12. [12:34:44] <Darcius> but then, when you go into a video, its just 30 seconds of me hitting pieces of charcoal briquette against my kitchen counter
  13. [12:34:50] <Darcius> zoomed in on the char attacking action
  14. [12:34:53] <Darcius> char's counter attack
  15. [12:35:10] <Darcius> so after I finished boisterously explaining my "sweet idea", they just stood up and left
  16. [12:35:20] <Darcius> right in the middle of a level they had still not been defeated in
  17. [12:35:24] <Darcius> in Buster Bros
  18. [12:36:34] <Darcius> but I would have just the right tags
  19. [12:36:38] <Darcius> to get 1st place in the search every time
  20. [12:37:22] <Darcius> then I would comment inside my own vids talking to people
  21. [12:37:34] <Darcius> and I would completely deny my video series' obvious intent to troll
  22. [12:37:37] <Darcius> and just talk about how
  23. [12:37:47] <Darcius> I wanted people to feel how it is to be
  24. [12:37:51] <Darcius> a counter being attacked by char
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