My Big Daddy Kain't Be This- Oh Wait

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  1. [16:47:12] <Kain> The sun rises over- just kidding, you're in Treno, the sun doesn't do shit. Later-early the next morning-night you all get up, have some breakfast, and say goodbye to the people you gotta say goodbye to.
  2. [16:48:02] <Kain> It's about time to move on. But have you thought about where you're headed, exactly?
  3. [16:48:16] <Natalie> 'South until we see a dungeon on the world map'
  4. [16:49:17] <Kain> The target location is a forest suspended high up in the mountains west of South Gate and Dali, and east of New Cleyra. A passage between the two towns, running through the mountain itself, has connected the Nezumi and Alexandrian territories, and the question remains on how you plan to approach the forest.
  5. [16:49:50] <@Amaryllis> BREAKFAST TODAY is potato cakes, pudding (the british kind not the sweet dessert thing), lightly salted and grilled tomatoes with small ribbons of basil, and a serving of herring each. THOU SHALT NOT DENY THE BREAKFAST BLOG
  6. [16:50:18] <Natalie> >ribbons
  7. [16:50:26] <Theta> "Well given where we are would it not be easiest to make our way to the South Gate and then simply take the road west?"
  8. [16:50:51] <@Amaryllis> "That is the well-traveled route and so likely the safest."
  9. [16:51:04] * Natalie popped up at the news of Ammybreakfast and- oh nope it's already scarfed down. Burp. "You mean there's another way to get there?"
  10. [16:51:22] <Kain> You could always steal an airship.
  11. [16:51:47] <Natalie> >steal
  12. [16:51:48] <Natalie> SOLD
  13. [16:51:55] <Theta> what do we look like jihad rats?
  14. [16:51:56] <Natalie> ... Just kidding we can't hear GM narration.
  15. [16:52:35] <Kain> There's a matter of climbing the mountain itself.
  16. [16:53:35] <@Amaryllis> Let's find chocobos to ride.
  17. [16:53:43] <Natalie> Black chocobos.
  18. [16:54:36] <Natalie> (Also am I the only one who noticed Aori going missing?  Lack of his confirmation is why I haven't friendship'd yet)
  19. [16:54:50] <Natalie> (that was an excuse to ping btw)
  20. [16:54:59] <Theta> (Probably distracted by stuff) "The mountain I have no solid suggestion for however."
  21. [16:55:09] <@Lenore> (hi)
  22. [16:55:30] <Theta> "I suppose there is the brute force method of simply scaling it or maybe there is a caveway through it."
  23. [16:55:37] <Natalie> (session's still going and I'm spplying stronger together, k?)
  24. [16:55:39] <@Lenore> "Noah left, right?"
  25. [16:55:45] <@Lenore> (Oh you are?)
  26. [16:55:48] <@Lenore> (hot damn)
  27. [16:55:49] <Natalie> (Scroll up)
  28. [16:56:00] <Natalie> (I said I wouldn't do it unless all players wanted me to)
  29. [16:56:16] <@Lenore> (I agree to being friendshipped)
  30. [16:56:33] <Natalie> (k then you gooves are all now free to apply that wherever, I'll do it... eventually)
  31. [16:56:58] <@Lenore> (Hey Kain, question, it's all right to go past the "max" for my level with stats from Stronger Together, right?)
  32. [16:57:04] <@Amaryllis> "I sent a letter for him yesterday, but I think it will be a few days before he gets back to me." Ammy replies.
  33. [16:57:35] <Natalie> "Well we could always ask for help from..."
  34. [16:57:39] <Natalie> "From...."
  35. [16:57:46] <Natalie> "..."
  36. [16:57:50] <Natalie> "Nope, no clue!"
  37. [16:58:06] <Kain> (I think it is, yes)
  38. [16:58:20] <Kain> (The max only applies to your levelup stat boosts)
  39. [16:58:35] <Kain> (not to things like soul eater or stronger together or buffs)
  40. [16:59:03] <Theta> (There's a max? D:)
  41. [16:59:28] <@Lenore> (It's essentially what you'd get if you put the maximum into a stat every level)
  42. [16:59:42] <@Lenore> (So it's always 10+(Level-1))
  43. [17:00:07] <Kain> (Max attribute is to prevent you from stacking both attribute points into the same stat every other level if you're maxing a certain stat)
  44. [17:00:22] <Kain> (don't worry too much about it, most players don't even notice)
  45. [17:02:23] <Kain> Well, you're certain to figure it out! Breakfast blog out of the way, goodbyes said... The girls, Ambrosia included, and Fimble bid you farewell for now!
  46. [17:03:00] <Kain> Whatever you're deciding to do, South Gate is likely the first step on that road.
  47. [17:03:12] <Kain> Any last minute things before you leave Treno?
  48. [17:03:22] <Natalie> Of course!
  49. [17:03:52] * Natalie waves everybody goodbye with a bunch of sparkles from her Ruby. "You all have my blessing, 'kay? We'll be back!"
  50. [17:04:30] * Theta simply says farewells "We will have to return after finishing this task anyhow, so see you soon!"
  51. [17:04:35] <Kain> "Goodbye!" "Good luck, Papa~" "Goodbye, everyone!" "..."
  52. [17:04:37] <Natalie> (Hey Kain, were you the one who got mad at Bitter Dance or was that someone else?)
  53. [17:04:48] <Kain> (Anise wasn't it)
  54. [17:04:57] <Natalie> (Yeah I'm asking BECAUSE Anise said it was someone else)
  55. [17:05:21] <Natalie> (mystery 4evr)
  56. [17:05:22] <Kain> (shurg)
  57. [17:05:41] * @Amaryllis said her goodbyes as well, though now she's focused on the task of how to get to this forest. "Lenore, you still have ropes and other climbing equipment within your hat, do you not? I do not like the idea of simply scaling the mountain in that way though."
  58. [17:05:59] <@Lenore> "Of course I do!  It's a pain to unload my hat, after all!"
  59. [17:06:25] <Kain> (dem bottomless pockets)
  60. [17:06:30] <@Amaryllis> "However," Ammy turns toward Theta, "you were able to build an entire house with your geomantic powers. Could you not simply carve stairs into the mountainside to allow us to walk up?"
  61. [17:06:31] <Theta> (Bitter Dance?)
  62. [17:07:11] <Kain> (A boss song from Star Ocean 3)
  63. [17:07:17] <Natalie> (It's a Motoi Sakuraba song notorious for having an obscene amount of samples in it)
  64. [17:07:26] <Natalie> (also one of my attacks because they're all named after sakruabas)
  65. [17:08:17] <Theta> "Potentially but we'll have to see."
  66. [17:08:21] <Theta> "The land itself might resist it."
  67. [17:08:32] <Theta> "Either way I doubt it's something we can really do much about until we arrive."
  68. [17:08:38] <Kain> The streets of Treno seem as dark as they ever were, especially with you all down a companium, but somehow the future looks bright.
  69. [17:08:51] <Natalie> Companium.
  70. [17:09:00] <Kain> bluh
  71. [17:09:03] <Kain> companion
  72. [17:09:06] * Kain squints
  73. [17:09:13] <Natalie> No that's a good word, let's use it more often
  74. [17:09:43] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps with a stop in New Cleyra, we could hire a guide or at least inquire about how to approach the mountain."
  75. [17:10:52] <Natalie> "Nnnn... I wish I had more crazy powers and stuff to help with this sorta thing."
  76. [17:11:07] * Theta seems indifferent to the suggestion, seems a bit anxious to get trailblazing
  77. [17:11:30] <@Amaryllis> (I figured we were already on the road and just chatting up these suggestions as we went)
  78. [17:11:56] <Natalie> (^, we are on the green road)
  79. [17:12:02] <Natalie> (... only we're actually crossing those hills)
  80. [17:12:44] <Natalie> (I'm playing the former anyway due to being a blasphemer)
  81. [17:14:13] <Kain> And the grassy plains of the steppe stretch out in front of you, the night giving away to a blazing red sky as you march towards South Gate.
  82. [17:14:27] <Kain> The light is almost blindingly bright, you haven't seen the sun since leaving Lindblum.
  83. [17:14:48] * Natalie is the light, this is nothing
  85. [17:15:06] <Natalie> ... Only not really.
  86. [17:15:12] <Natalie> 1,1>Lindblum
  87. [17:16:06] <Theta> (Well, yeah, that's correct.)
  88. [17:16:24] <Natalie> (Oh, yeah, that is correct)
  89. [17:16:25] * Theta shields his eyes as they continue. "Ngggh."
  90. [17:17:02] * @Amaryllis conjures up a bit of intuitive magic based on the twilight spell, dimming the light a bit to give everyone time to slowly adjust.
  91. [17:17:18] <Kain>
  92. [17:17:35] * @Lenore has gone through this once! Not as bad as the first time. Still bad though. "Nnnnrrrgh."
  93. [17:17:44] * Natalie defies the 'only not really' and spends the time ACTUALLY trying to challenge the sun with her forehead.
  94. [17:17:51] <Natalie> She isn't winning.
  95. [17:18:15] <Kain> Kid, the sun has been doing this for millions of years and this planet isn't even over six thousand.
  96. [17:18:34] <Natalie> Stupid sun.
  97. [17:18:36] <Kain> The dawn gives way to bright day, your march reaching into some hours long.
  98. [17:18:51] <Kain> This is always the most tedious part of any trip, actually WALKING between the places.
  99. [17:19:30] <Kain> But South Gate is visible in the distance, and you begin to draw near.
  100. [17:19:32] <Natalie> For real, hypercat thinks of plenty of entertaining things to do or fun stuff to make the trip more exciting, such as running off thinking there's a treasure chest behind every tree.
  101. [17:19:54] * @Amaryllis passes the time telling various stories to the others during the long walk, though she winds down a bit as she tires from the unrelenting pace of their travels.
  102. [17:19:55] <Natalie> Or rushing headfirst into every random battle without abusing savestates like the player's been doing thus far, that's the only reason we haven't had world map battles yet.
  103. [17:20:06] <Natalie> Or tickling Lenore and holding everybody up for no reason.
  104. [17:20:47] <Kain> You eventually reach the gate, a wooden drawbridge headed up by a platoon of Lindblum-outfitted guards. They greet you as you approach, but you notice the drawbridge is up.
  105. [17:21:13] <Natalie> On 3...
  106. [17:21:14] <Natalie> 2...
  107. [17:21:15] <Natalie> 1...
  108. [17:21:17] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  109. [17:21:28] <@Amaryllis> "Greetings."
  110. [17:21:46] <Kain> Guard: "Heya. Good day to you, folks. Heading through? We just need to see your Gate Pass and you can head on in."
  111. [17:22:17] * Theta looks to the others, confused.
  112. [17:22:28] * Natalie does too. "Okay, let's just show them our..."
  113. [17:22:31] <Natalie> "..."
  114. [17:23:09] <@Amaryllis> (we have one of those, right?)
  115. [17:23:17] <Kain> You don't seem to.
  116. [17:23:26] <Kain> Guard 2: "...snrrrrk" He has trouble keeping a straight face.
  117. [17:23:42] <@Amaryllis> (is it usual to need one of these? It'd be an odd thing for a Lindblumer to forget about)
  118. [17:24:06] <Kain> Guard: "...Man, you ruined it! Nah, it's been a few years since the Regent revised the travel codes here, people don't need gate passes anymore. Sorry 'bout that, just having a bit of fun."
  119. [17:24:26] <Kain> Guard: "There is -nothing- to do out here anymore. Guess that's something to be glad about..."
  120. [17:24:32] * @Lenore staaaare. "That...wasn't that funny..."
  121. [17:24:37] <Natalie> "..."
  122. [17:24:39] <@Lenore> "...was it?"
  123. [17:24:47] * Natalie cracks up. "Are you kidding, Lenny? That was hilarious!"
  124. [17:25:09] <Kain> Guard: "Lower the bridge!" he calls back.
  125. [17:25:19] * Natalie flashes a thumbs-up to the guards. "Thanks a bunch! Keep up the good work!"
  126. [17:25:20] <Kain> Clankclankclankclankclank, the drawbridge begins to lower.
  127. [17:25:23] <@Lenore> "...oh.  All right." She blinks a few times.
  128. [17:25:31] <Kain> Guard: "Hah, thanks. You all have a good trip."
  129. [17:27:38] <Kain> Thunk.
  130. [17:27:46] <Kain> The bridge is finally lowered, and you can pass on through.
  131. [17:28:34] * Theta doesn't quite get the joke but shrugs and continues on
  132. [17:28:51] <@Amaryllis> "Thank you. We intend to pass through the mountains near here, near new Cleyra. Do you know of an easy place to begin scaling them or a cave passage that leads up through the peaks?"
  133. [17:28:59] * Natalie spearheads, ready for Gilgamesh to attack on this big drawbridge. Just kidding she's not ready for that but the player is.
  134. [17:29:39] <Kain> Guard 2: "Uhhh, hm. Isn't that around the place where people went missing? I think the slopes are easier to navigate on the Cleyra side, yeah. I haven't heard of a cave system leading up."
  135. [17:32:40] <@Amaryllis> "What sorts of people went missing? Were any ever found, or the circumstances of their disappearance discovered?"
  136. [17:33:06] <Kain> Guard: "It's been Nezumi mostly, I hear. New Cleyran citizens at first, then dragon knights sent to investigate."
  137. [17:33:30] * Natalie tugs on the new ribbon she's totally wearing in a cute, fashionable way.
  138. [17:33:56] <Kain> Guard: "No one's been found, people are starting to think it's because the place is cursed."
  139. [17:35:24] <@Amaryllis> "Sounds like quite the story then. We shall take the utmost care ourselves."
  140. [17:35:52] <Natalie> "Nnnnn.  I KNEW there was something!"  Nat handhips, having just got tricked into possibly performing acts of heroism.  Silly Renegade.
  141. [17:36:26] <Natalie> "Come on, Ammy, hurry up!"
  142. [17:36:33] * Natalie runs off ahead, waving the guards behind.
  143. [17:36:41] <Theta> "I supose we'll see for ourselves when we get there." he continues along at a fairly casual pace.
  144. [17:36:49] <Kain> A bit of walking takes you past some a recent overhaul of the pathway around. New construction has a large, sturdy bridge replacing the only shitty one, which was really a bunch of planks that didn't even provide a complete pathway to the other side.
  145. [17:37:09] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, please, we still have quite the journey ahead of us, and there is no need to hurry and waste our energy now." Ammy shuffles after her.
  146. [17:37:37] <Natalie> "It's okay, I have more energy than I even w-"
  147. [17:37:42] * Natalie slams into a tree or something.
  148. [17:37:44] <Kain> Ammy should be glad they decided to fix the place up a bit, I think she'd be too fat to jump when the ? prompt came up
  149. [17:37:55] <@Amaryllis> ;_; She's not fat.
  150. [17:37:57] <@Lenore> "Ah!  Natty, are you okay?"
  151. [17:38:00] <@Lenore> (meankain)
  152. [17:38:19] <Natalie> Totally fat.  "Um... where were we going again?"
  153. [17:38:39] <Kain> Just bigboned. Don't worry, Noah knows true beauty is within.
  154. [17:39:02] <@Amaryllis> somean. Ammy is just lethargic sometimes. ;_;
  155. [17:39:22] <Natalie> This is bestain right here, +10 tree approves
  156. [17:40:15] <Theta> (chubby moe)
  157. [17:40:30] <Kain> In any case, the path splits at one point, one way taking you further west towards Dali, the other leading to South Gate station with the roads up from the basin and the aircar terminal, where Ammy and Nat came before.
  158. [17:40:35] <Natalie> (I'm going to start tallying how many big bridges we cross without fighting Gilgamesh)
  159. [17:40:50] <Kain> Dali is notably the town where Queen Brahne set up a secret Black Mage factory ten years ago.
  160. [17:42:07] <Kain> And it's where you'll be heading if you're going for New Cleyra, unless you intend to descend the Basin and then go back up through Gizamaluke's Grotto.
  161. [17:42:36] * Theta looks down the path to Dali "Certainly seems the safer option."
  162. [17:42:36] <@Amaryllis> Which path would take us more directly to our destination?
  163. [17:42:37] * Natalie trusts the Geomancer to be the Geographer because that is a fun play on words.
  164. [17:42:51] <Kain> geogramancer.
  165. [17:43:00] <Natalie> Geomagrapher.
  166. [17:43:50] <@Lenore> "Which way Theta~?"
  167. [17:44:16] <Kain> Suddenly, everyone is relying on the one who knows his way around the LEAST, amnesiacs excluded.
  168. [17:44:24] <Natalie> "We should probably just take whichever one's faster but uhhhh..."
  169. [17:44:26] <Theta> (I find that very funny yes.)
  170. [17:44:33] <Natalie> (All because of one play on words)
  171. [17:44:45] <Natalie> QUESTION
  172. [17:44:48] <Natalie> Where is Mr. Prickles?
  173. [17:44:51] <Theta> "Well, personally it makes sense to me to head this way because it is the more traveled route, and if needs be we can still cut to New Cleyra from it."
  174. [17:45:04] <Theta> "Also I don't know what the other way is :B"
  175. [17:45:05] <Kain> Prickles is shambling behind the rest of you, head buried in a world map.
  176. [17:45:07] * @Amaryllis is going to suggest taking the more direct route, whichever that is, but the player doesn't know which of those that is yet!
  177. [17:45:20] * Natalie totally ditches these losers to find out what he thinks then.
  178. [17:45:41] <Kain> Prickles: "I think the tunnel near Dali would be faster." he says after a moment.
  179. [17:46:03] <Natalie> "Nnnn, works for me, thanks!"
  180. [17:46:15] * Natalie gives him a complimentary head-pat and darts off ahead of the others oh boy.
  181. [17:46:51] <Kain> Indeed, going through the basin would not only be roundabout vertically but horizontally too. THANK GOODNESS FOR TUNNELS
  182. [17:47:05] <Kain> Heading towards Dali, then?
  183. [17:47:09] <@Amaryllis> "I believe we should..." Ammy stops and sighs as Nat runs off, then goes to chase after her.
  184. [17:47:22] <Natalie> ADVENTURE
  185. [17:47:42] <Kain> Prickles: "W-wait, Ms. Natalie, don't rush off by yourself!" The cactuar sprints after. :<
  186. [17:47:52] * Natalie pauses.
  187. [17:48:05] <Natalie> ... And picks the cactuar up for a ride.  "Shoulder okay?"
  188. [17:48:30] <@Lenore> "I'd always trust Mr. Prickles~"
  189. [17:48:42] <Natalie> Always bet on Prickles.
  190. [17:48:55] <Natalie> Blow it out your... not even sure what you can do with that one
  191. [17:50:41] <Kain> Prickles rides away on his noble steed.
  192. [17:50:47] <Natalie> Meow.
  193. [17:51:09] <Kain> In any case, you're greeted by the guards at the west gate, too, this one a simple portcullis that they raise to let you through.
  194. [17:51:55] <Kain> The sun is high overhead, and beating down hard on all of you as you further trek across the plains, and what it's worth FFIX's world map just wasn't very interesting at times, but I can't shift all of the blame to that.
  195. [17:52:01] * Theta shrugs and follows
  196. [17:53:23] * Natalie seems disappointed that these guards aren't as funny and waves on the way through; also she finds something weird about Prickles being able to talk normally but can't remember quite what's so strange about it. Good thing she doesn't ask any of the rest of the group about it! Yes, I'm feeding you tears.
  197. [17:53:30] <Kain> After what feels like hours and hours, you arrive early afternoon near the village of Dali. Windmills and huge tracts of farmland dominate your vision here, with people pulling new-fangled machinery around by chocobo to till, plant, and harvest. Life has gotten good, and productivity is through the roof.
  198. [17:54:10] <@Lenore> "Oooooh, this place is pretty cool~"
  199. [17:54:21] <Natalie> "Yeah, looks perfect for a nap!  .. But we're almost there, right?"
  200. [17:54:38] <Kain> It used to be a really sleepy farming town, and in many respects it still is, just a bit more modernized.
  201. [17:55:29] <@Amaryllis> About what time is it getting now?
  202. [17:55:40] <Kain> All that walking's been pretty tiring, and you're not entirely sure if you can make it to New Cleyra before nightfall, but you can certainly try to press on if you like. It's around three pm or so.
  203. [17:56:22] * @Amaryllis checks the sun to estimate the time. We can do that now out of Treno. She takes a quick breather at least, as they enter the town. "Shall we press on or spend the rest of the day here?"
  204. [17:56:38] <Kain> A cargo ship or two passes overhead, carrying delicious veggies to Alexandria and other places across the Mist Continent.
  205. [17:57:17] <Natalie> "Naps are great, but... uh, doing the thing we were going to do is too."  Nat wobbles a little.  "Nnnn, I guess it's up to you."
  206. [17:57:27] <Kain> Despite the costs of the war reparations and other things, Alexandria's prosperity has only improved since Brahne's death.
  207. [17:57:58] <Theta> "I don't see why we wouldn't myself."
  208. [17:58:34] * @Amaryllis takes a deep breath and looks to the road again. "Then let us continue." She considers trying to find a place to rent a chocobo, but then considers all the difficulties in bringing it back here afterwards and decides against.
  209. [17:59:05] <Kain> Too bad these people aren't smart enough to train a chocobo to come back when dismounted.
  210. [17:59:25] * Natalie yawns at least once but follows behind Ammy, maybe letting Prickles ride on her head or something by now unless he's really heavy. Like neck-snapping heavy.
  211. [17:59:36] <Kain> The secret mage factory might still be under the town, though it's probably been repurposed all these years later.
  212. [18:01:52] <Kain> You keep pressing on towards the mountain then after a few moments of rest, though the ache is beginning to settle in. As you approach the mountain, you can see a massive tunnel, almost wide enough for a small airship to fly through. In fact, a personal one-seater probably could. Some men in yellow hardhats are arguing near the entrance.
  213. [18:02:51] <Kain> "-don't know what to tell you, the machinery is just malfunctioning. We need to call in a mechanic to have a look at it." "Malfunctioning isn't the right word, side tunnels don't just dig themselves because of 'malfunctions'."
  214. [18:02:54] <@Lenore> "Nnnn, my legs are starting to hurt..."
  215. [18:03:31] <Theta> "Well, workers here means this place cannot be entirely unsafe, might as well rest here if we need be?"
  216. [18:03:53] <Kain> There seems to be a bit of a small reststop here at this end of the tunnel, for workers to stay and for equipment to be stored. There's a large storage hanger, meant for some massive vehicle, as you can tell by the treadmarks on the ground nearby.
  217. [18:04:01] <Natalie> "Should we talk to those guys first?  Sounds like something's up."
  218. [18:04:13] * @Amaryllis nods in agreement with Lenore. She's been quietly suffering the past mile or two, though she's pressing on for Nat's sake.
  219. [18:04:28] <@Lenore> "Sounds like a great idea!"
  220. [18:04:49] * Natalie is tired as fuck because I mean, you can't be Carbuncle and actually actively want to keep not-napping, but getting close is good enough!
  221. [18:04:53] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps they may know more about these disappearances as well."
  222. [18:08:21] * Natalie takes initiative since nobody else is and approaches. "Hi!"
  223. [18:09:05] <Kain> The workers, a ratman and a human, look over at the obnoxious kid bothering grown men on the job. The nezumi at least tries to be polite about. "..Hi."
  224. [18:09:44] <Kain> Nezumi: "You need help with somethin'...?"
  225. [18:10:03] <Natalie> Amnesiac diplomancy time?  Amnesiac diplomacy time.  "Yeah, we're about to travel through here I think- is something happening?"
  226. [18:10:45] * @Amaryllis finds a place to sit and rest as Nat does Nat things.
  227. [18:11:07] * Natalie continues to wear prickles for a +1 diplomacy bonus (hopefully).
  228. [18:12:22] <Kain> The human grunts and shakes his head. "New tunnels that haven't been on the schedule are being dug by the tunnel borer. Every time we investigate, it shuts down and we find it empty. This guy's trying to say it's a malfunction, I think it's some kind of sabotage. We're just here to make sure this place stays safe to travel through, and -something- is undermining that."
  229. [18:13:36] <Natalie> "Ohh," Nat bends forward a little bit with hands-at-hips, not doing much to avoid reinforcing the childlike image she obviously has.  "So you mean there's a chance there's some kind of monster in there or something?"
  230. [18:14:01] <Kain> "Yeah, you'd obviously know about that, huh." he makes a glance at Prickles.
  231. [18:14:24] <Kain> The nezumi shakes his head. "Look, I'm telling you. I saw it running with no one inside. It's got to be a malfunction."
  232. [18:15:06] <Kain> The ratman looks at all of you and sighs. "The tunnel -should- be safe if you're passing through, just try to be careful. We're still investigating this."
  233. [18:15:19] * Theta plops down as well and stretches a bit. "Is it bad the cave seems appealing cause my eyes are used to the dark now."
  234. [18:15:58] <Natalie> "Hmm?"  She headtilts, forgetting he's on top.  At least there's a shoulder to land on!  "Well, alright, gotcha.  How about this, if there's a monster we'll beat it up and bring it back when we leave, is that okay?"
  235. [18:16:24] <Kain> Cactuar roll!
  236. [18:16:36] <Kain> "Yeah, sure, whatever kid don't get killed."
  237. [18:16:47] <Natalie> 2d6 WAIT WHAT'S MY CACTUAR SKILL
  238. [18:16:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, WAIT WHAT'S MY CACTUAR SKILL: 6 [2d6=2,4]
  239. [18:16:55] <@Lenore> "Let's go, then~"
  240. [18:17:04] <Kain> I meant Prickles rolled, but
  241. [18:17:09] <Kain> 2d6 what about his cactuar skill
  242. [18:17:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, what about his cactuar skill: 5 [2d6=1,4]
  243. [18:17:09] <Natalie> Yes, that was me making a joke
  244. [18:17:17] <Kain> oh wow he's even worse
  245. [18:17:22] <Kain> shame on you Prickles
  246. [18:17:25] <Kain> you are bad at cactuar
  247. [18:17:44] <Natalie> He probably has like +50 cactuar though, as opposed to Nat's like... -2?  -3?
  248. [18:17:48] <Natalie> It's pretty low cactuar.
  249. [18:18:05] <Natalie> "Weren't we going to um, rest or something first, Lenny?"
  250. [18:18:07] <Kain> Ahead of you, the tunnel seems to stretch on endlessly, the other end only being a faint point of light in the distance.
  251. [18:18:33] * @Amaryllis stands up and stretches as well with a small groan. Now that she's had time to sit down and rest her legs, walking more suddenly seems a lot less appealing. "I suppose there is no other choice than to see what awaits us there as we travel on."
  252. [18:20:09] * Theta slowly gets up. "If we encounter Lich in a hardhat I might just scream."
  253. [18:20:13] * @Amaryllis pulls out her lantern and lights it with a thought, her other hand hanging at her side. A twitch of her fingers calls her knife to hand, then dismisses it just as quickly.
  254. [18:20:33] <@Lenore> "Oh, we were?"
  255. [18:20:34] <Kain> Oh hey good idea.
  256. [18:20:43] <Natalie> "Weren't we?"
  257. [18:21:01] * Natalie shrugs and continues anyway, yawning.
  258. [18:22:12] <Kain> The tunnel is an impressive bit of work, having been bored through a solid mountain by a machine. Its size is uniform, with little lanterns hanging overhead as you walk.
  259. [18:22:36] <Kain> A few birdcages near the entrance contain little chocobo chicks very similar to Ammy's.
  260. [18:22:44] <Kain> Huh, wonder what that's about.
  261. [18:22:49] * @Amaryllis has the best lantern. She keeps it out anyway regardless of whether it's needed or not.
  262. [18:23:02] <@Amaryllis> (those poor chocochicks ;-;)
  263. [18:23:08] <Theta> (delicious)
  264. [18:23:08] * Natalie has the second best lantern. Her player hasn't asked the GM whether or not it's viable to use it as a flashlight yet.
  265. [18:23:12] <Natalie> Oops!
  266. [18:23:18] <Natalie> Good thing Ammy's here!
  267. [18:23:24] <Kain> natlight
  268. [18:23:26] <Theta> (NAT KEEP YOUR PANTS ON)
  269. [18:23:43] <Kain> (RUBY LIGHT *unzips pants*)
  270. [18:23:47] <Natalie> (jerks)
  271. [18:23:57] <@Lenore> (I giggled)
  272. [18:24:21] <Kain> As you walk along, you notice some rather out of place side tunnels here and there, dug haphazardly.
  273. [18:24:22] * @Lenore snaps her fingers and then all of them are glowing softly, occasionally giving out a spark.
  274. [18:24:33] <Natalie> Treasure chests?
  275. [18:24:57] * Natalie opts to be the party member who learns the 'Treasure Sense' skill from a skill manual at... oh crap, they must have missed that one.
  276. [18:25:05] <Kain> You look for treasure chests, but nope... nope... wait a minute... (!)
  277. [18:25:14] * Natalie presses X
  278. [18:25:41] <Kain> Nat finds a flask of Holy Water in the rubble of one of the side tunnels.
  279. [18:25:49] <Kain> ...weird.
  280. [18:26:03] <Natalie> Sniffsniff.  "Huh.  Wonder what this was doing here?"
  281. [18:26:18] <Kain> Not too long after you've passed this point, you hear some shouting from the way you came.
  282. [18:26:23] <Kain> ...followed by some very loud rumbling.
  283. [18:26:58] <Theta> "We just got caved in, didn't we."
  284. [18:27:01] <Natalie> (Go figure.  Side tunnels, always a boulder puzzle)
  285. [18:27:36] <@Amaryllis> "That should not be much of an issue for you, should it?"
  286. [18:28:17] <Natalie> (Oh cool that's inventory spot #10, took long enough to fill you up fuck I forgot to buy more phoenix downs)
  287. [18:28:24] <Theta> "I wouldn't imagine so, but does make me wonder what just happened."
  288. [18:28:43] <@Lenore> "Should we go check, then?"
  289. [18:28:43] <@Amaryllis> "Shall we investigate?"
  290. [18:28:52] * @Amaryllis starts back the other way.
  291. [18:29:03] <Kain> The whirring of metal gears, the sounds of drills spinning... something large has entered the tunnel behind you! An enormous machine rumbles into view, armored to the teeth and possessing two enormous drills on either side, with a large single tread running down the middle. As it approaches, the side tunnel Nat just came out of collapses.
  292. [18:29:14] <Kain> And... it's heading straight for you guys!
  293. [18:29:19] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  294. [18:29:23] * Natalie stance
  295. [18:30:09] <@Amaryllis> "Are you kidding Nat?" Ammy is the one to drag this time, taking her out of the path of the thing.
  296. [18:30:16] <Kain> ...doesn't seem to show any sign of stopping either.
  297. [18:30:22] <Natalie> "But it looks like a monst-"
  298. [18:30:29] * Natalie gets dragged.
  299. [18:30:32] <@Amaryllis> "Let us at least wait until it begins digging a new side tunnel and then strike it from behind."
  300. [18:30:36] <@Lenore> "Oh...oh dear."
  301. [18:30:44] <Kain> It's wide enough that there doesn't seem to be room to duck to the side! Oh god, you're going to have to try and find a side tunnel that hasn't collapsed aren't you
  302. [18:30:45] * @Lenore starts running!
  303. [18:31:06] <Natalie> "Ohhhhhh."
  304. [18:31:28] * Natalie starts running and the player regrets having just replayed Brave Fencer Musashi. WHOAAAAAAA, 4JUMP!!
  305. [18:31:45] <Natalie> ... Only maybe without actual jumping.
  306. [18:31:52] <@Amaryllis> Or make a tunnel. Ammy starts dragging Nat along as she runs too.
  307. [18:32:09] <@Amaryllis> "Theta, can you dig us a hiding spot?"
  308. [18:32:18] <Natalie> Nat probably outspeeds Ammy within a few seconds and does the dragging herself.  Gotta go fast.
  309. [18:32:33] <Kain>
  310. [18:32:43] <Kain> Athletics checks for everyone!
  311. [18:32:43] * @Amaryllis almost trips and stumbles as Nat outpaces her and takes the lead.
  312. [18:32:49] <Theta> (oops I went to use the restroom at a fun time didn't I)
  313. [18:33:09] * Natalie YANKS Ammy forward as this happens and continues... might be dragging Lenny too if she's slow maybe.
  314. [18:33:23] <@Lenore> 2d6+0 hahaha nope Natty better drag her
  315. [18:33:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, hahaha nope Natty better drag her: 3 [2d6=1,2]
  316. [18:33:32] <@Amaryllis> (hey tree wanna ask if we can split athletics ranks or something for dragging?)
  317. [18:33:35] <Theta> 2d6+3 athletics before acting I suppose
  318. [18:33:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, athletics before acting I suppose: 13 [2d6=5,5]
  319. [18:33:37] <Natalie> 2d6+8 Can I make an uncalled-for athletics roll?
  320. [18:33:38] <@Amaryllis> 2d6 lol ammyletics
  321. [18:33:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, Can I make an uncalled-for athletics roll?: 15 [2d6=1,6]
  322. [18:33:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, lol ammyletics: 7 [2d6=4,3]
  323. [18:33:40] * @Lenore PANT PANT PANT
  324. [18:33:51] <Natalie> Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure be average.
  325. [18:34:42] <Kain> Theta and Nat can outpace the thing for now, though Ammy is a bit too fat I mean lethargic, and poor Lenore is probably tired from all of that walking. Oh god, it's getting closer. Drag them, Nat, drag theeeeem.
  326. [18:34:54] <Natalie> SHOULD I MAKE MORE DRAGROLLS?
  327. [18:35:00] <@Amaryllis> (;_;)
  328. [18:35:09] <Natalie> ... Actually where is the closest side-tunnel?
  329. [18:35:20] <Natalie> Is it close enough to 1,1kick them inside?
  330. [18:35:22] <Kain> About twenty meters down the tunnel from here.
  331. [18:35:26] <Natalie> ok so no
  332. [18:36:48] <Natalie> 2d6+8 making another one anyway just so we can see how average dm wants to be today
  333. [18:36:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, making another one anyway just so we can see how average dm wants to be today: 17 [2d6=5,4]
  334. [18:36:54] <Kain> As the thing draws closer, the rumbling brings down some boulders overhead as they dislodge from the tunnel roof. Another Athletics check for Ammy, Lenore, and Nat too since she's dragging them.
  335. [18:37:04] <Kain> Okay, that can be yours
  336. [18:37:05] <@Amaryllis> 2d6 oh no
  337. [18:37:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, oh no: 9 [2d6=4,5]
  338. [18:37:15] * Theta looks back, then darts back to Lenore, scooping her up and poofing underground, Burrow!
  339. [18:37:25] <Kain> Oh there's a smart guy.
  340. [18:37:32] * Natalie relinquishes Lenny then!
  341. [18:37:36] <Theta> (I just had to look up the wording for it again)
  342. [18:37:38] <@Amaryllis> (can I cast melt on it and roll cooking?)
  343. [18:37:47] <Natalie> (oh god I lol'd)
  344. [18:38:08] <Kain> Nat easily drags Ammy out of the path of the boulder, approaching the side tunnel rapidly! Theta safely hides Lenore underground.
  345. [18:38:18] <@Lenore> 2d6
  346. [18:38:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6: 6 [2d6=3,3]
  347. [18:38:24] <@Lenore> (totally forgot hahaha)
  348. [18:38:40] <Kain> Nat, you manage to drag Ammy close to the side tunnel!
  349. [18:38:42] <Kain> what dooo
  350. [18:38:45] <@Lenore> (Not like it matters because FUCK YEAH THETA)
  351. [18:38:47] * Natalie uses this time to fling Ammy inside, duh.
  352. [18:39:00] <Kain> GESPENTSO
  353. [18:39:01] <Kain> KIIIIIICK
  354. [18:39:20] <Natalie> ... And then maybe also dive in too like a sissy, as fun as staying behind to fight it would be.
  355. [18:39:54] * Theta chills out with Lenore in the hole for a bit as it passes over. "Sorry if it's cramped in here."
  356. [18:39:55] <Kain> Ammy is flung inside, and she and Nat hide within as the tunnel borerer passes by. It seems to screech and halt as it passes, and it tries to turn around.
  357. [18:40:22] <Natalie> "Uhhh... I don't think this is gonna work."
  358. [18:40:29] <Kain> It backs up... inches forward... RAMS the wall to its left, backs up... after a moment it somehow manages to turn around, but it seems damaged.
  359. [18:40:38] <@Lenore> "It's fine!" Pant.  Pant.   "Besides, we get some alone time here, don't we?" Pant.
  360. [18:40:45] * @Amaryllis tumbles into the tunnel as she's flung. Breathing heavily, she pushes herself up to a sitting position. "Better...hope..." It doesn't seem like she's up to more running right now.
  361. [18:40:53] <Natalie> "Maybe it's trained to dig up rubies?"
  362. [18:40:59] <Kain> As it turns back towards you all, the metal comprising its shell begins to twist and melt, a twisted face forming along the armor.
  363. [18:41:04] * Natalie says this with clawed hands and a scary :D kind of face.
  364. [18:41:09] <Natalie> >:D?
  365. [18:41:10] <Kain> "I will noooot be deniiiiied...."
  366. [18:41:10] <Natalie> whatevs
  367. [18:41:28] <Kain> ...well fuck.
  368. [18:41:31] <Kain> It's possessed.
  369. [18:41:38] <Kain> NEXT TIME ON FFIX-2
  370. [18:41:45] <Kain> The battle against Doomtread!
  371. [18:41:49] <Natalie> cute
  372. [18:41:54] <Theta> "Well, uhm, I guess. Wait why now and not at my - oh neverminditshaunted."
  373. [18:42:26] <@Lenore> "...oh dear."  Pant.
  374. [18:43:01] <Kain> See you next week!
  375. [18:43:15] <Theta> NAT
  376. [18:43:16] <Theta> SUPLEX IT
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