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CEH Chat 3-24

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  1.         07:36Mike P
  2.         HI Everyone! Day 2 soon to begin 
  4.         07:45David Loadman
  5.         Morning.
  6.         07:56Mike Rodrick
  7.         Good Morning everyone
  8.         07:56Duane LaDuke
  9.         yup, good morning, afternoon, and evening to all 
  11.         07:57Mike Rodrick
  12.         More cryptography coming up. Then footprinting!
  13.         07:58Mike P
  14.         HI Presenters!
  15.         07:58Shawn Prater
  16.         Hello everyone! Hope everyone is ready to finish Cryptography
  17.         07:59William Saunders
  18.         working on it.. .slow morning for me
  19.         07:59Shawn Prater
  20.         That's what copious amounts of coffee is for
  21.         07:59William Saunders
  22.         be bck closer to showtime
  23.         07:59William Saunders
  24.         yep :
  25.         07:59William Saunders
  27.         08:00Shawn Prater
  28.         I say that, but I drink Coca Cola over coffee
  29.         08:00Shawn Prater
  30.         Going to die of diabetes tomorrow lol
  31.         08:10William Saunders
  32.         nice
  33.         08:10William Saunders
  34.         minus the dying part
  35.         08:13Erin Griffith
  36.         dying makes the value of this video go down quite a bit
  37.         08:14Shawn Prater
  38.         Ugh, don't tell my boss that. I'm trying to get him to stay motivated to let me keep watching/learning this lol
  39.         08:15Chris McGrath
  40.         morning all!
  41.         08:16Michael Guido
  42.         Grüß Gott!
  43.         08:16James Ortega
  44.         Morning All
  45.         08:16Brian Hutchins
  46.         Morning James, hope you have some leftover pot roast for us 
  48.         08:17James Ortega
  49.         LOL @Brian. Nope, gone. Kids don't leave anything for anyone.
  50.         08:17Brian Hutchins
  51.         It was worth a shot!
  52.         08:19Shawn Prater
  53.         Question for the "students": Anyone taking excellent notes?
  54.         08:19Brian Wollesen
  55.         Good morning 😊
  56.         08:20Shawn Prater
  57.         If anyone is taking notes, and is an excellent note-taker, I would like to steal them.... with my actions.
  58.         08:20James Denney
  59.         Good morning, everyone. 
  61.         08:20Shawn Prater
  62.         Morning James, Brian
  63.         08:21James Ortega
  64.         Hey Shawn
  65.         08:21Shawn Prater
  66.         Sir?
  67.         08:22Mike P
  68.         Hey James
  69.         08:22James Ortega
  70.         Hey Mike!
  71.         08:23Brian Hutchins
  72.         Hopefully no work interruptions today 
  74.         08:24James Ortega
  75.         No rain in the forecast for Gainesville today.
  76.         08:24Gaston Borelli
  77.         Hello everyone
  78.         08:24Joseph Pellegrino
  79.         Hello everyone. Good morning.
  80.         08:25William Saunders
  81.         @james... doesn't mean it wont materialize out of thick muggy air
  82.         08:26James Ortega
  83.         This is true
  84.         08:26Mike P
  85.         I'm ready, even got my mountain dew today!
  86.         08:27Claudius Stute
  87.         Goodmorning all
  88.         08:27Brian Hutchins
  89.         I should go fill up with coffee
  90.         08:29Michael Wellman
  91.         Good Mornign
  92.         08:30James P
  93.         Morning folks
  94.         08:30Michael Wellman
  95.         Morning James
  96.         08:31James Ortega
  97.         Hey @Mike
  98.         08:31Robert McDuffee
  99.         Good morning all
  100.         08:31Claudius Stute
  101.         WOnder what TV show they are talking about...
  102.         08:32Chris McGrath
  103.         Coffee check all set! 
  105.         08:32Jason Phillips
  106.         You'll find out when you see Sean's shirt
  107.         08:32Robert McDuffee
  108.         @Claudius talking about 24
  109.         08:32Claudius Stute
  110.         kk
  111.         08:32William Saunders
  112.         oh.... i liked the episodes I saw... but never got into that show
  113.         08:33William Saunders
  114.         I have sooo many shows to catch up on
  115.         08:33James Ortega
  116.         24 is awesome
  117.         08:33Brian Wollesen
  118.         ☕️
  119.         08:33Philip Taylor
  120.         Second Cup of Coffee loaded, Kindle edition of book on hand, ready to go
  121.         08:33James Ortega
  122.         Multi-tasking. Busy closing some tickets.
  123.         08:34William Saunders
  124.         yep. I charged up my tablet before i went to sleep at 2am this morning 
  126.         08:34Michael Robins
  127.         Love the Shirt!
  128.         08:34William Saunders
  129.         so I should be good to follow alongi nthe book as well
  130.         08:34William Saunders
  131.         LOL
  132.         08:34Ian Masters
  133.         .
  134.         08:34Claudius Stute
  135.         Philip: How much was the book for the Kindle?
  136.         08:35William Saunders
  137.         i think it was like 28?
  138.         08:35William Saunders
  139.         i forget
  140.         08:35Claudius Stute
  141.         looking it up now
  142.         08:35Brian Hutchins
  143.         Everyone know Star WARS trumps Star TREK...
  144.         08:35William Saunders
  145.         $28.49
  146.         08:36Michael Robins
  147.         na, they are both good in their own right! @Brian
  148.         08:36William Saunders
  149.         i'm still tempted to get the paperback one as well
  150.         08:36James Ortega
  151.         @Brian, no. Trek rules.... Sorry... 
  153.         08:36William Saunders
  154.         I need to start getting my physical book collection started
  155.         08:36Shawn Prater
  156.         Come on! We have stuff to learn!
  157.         08:36Shawn Prater
  159.         08:37Brian Hutchins
  160.         LOL
  161.         08:37Chris McGrath
  162.         @James agree Trek trumps
  163.         08:37William Saunders
  164.         Star wars is better acted... exceptiong .... Anakin
  165.         08:37James Ortega
  166.         sfi.org
  167.         08:37William Saunders
  168.         That said.. .Star trek = better story
  169.         08:37Michael Robins
  170.         Although I have to say I prefer Blue shirts over the Gold... haha
  171.         08:37William Saunders
  172.         don't tell my buddy though
  173.         08:37Philip Taylor
  174.         Stargate!!
  175.         08:38William Saunders
  176.         .....
  177.         08:38William Saunders
  178.         no
  179.         08:38Brian Hutchins
  180.         Farscape!
  181.         08:38William Saunders
  182.         ^^ great show... don't try to watch it again though
  183.         08:38Fabian Lazarte
  184.         Good morning!
  185.         08:39Chris McGrath
  186.         @Fabian good morning
  187.         08:39Fabian Lazarte
  188.         Good morning @Chris! I am excited about this show, I've been reading the book. Good stuff
  189.         08:40William Saunders
  190.         i wonder how many will be in the chat room today
  191.         08:40Curtis Morrow
  192.         Good Morning
  193.         08:40Ian Masters
  194.         i'm new here ... is it always so relaxed?
  195.         08:40Michael Robins
  196.         Any bets on how long the Red shirt will last in this episode...
  197.         08:40Chris McGrath
  198.         Yes cool stuff indeed and like using roku channel too though at work now lol
  199.         08:40Claudius Stute
  200.         FIrefly
  201.         08:40James Ortega
  202.         Morning to all newcomers.
  203.         08:40Brian Hutchins
  204.         Firefly! Yes!
  205.         08:41Nathan Copeland
  206.         Battlestar Galactica
  207.         08:41Chris McGrath
  208.         @James morning!
  209.         08:41Mike P
  211.         08:41James Ortega
  212.         Mike you are a red shirt so your fate is sealed.
  213.         08:41Ian Masters
  214.         good evening from osaka, japan
  215.         08:41Matt Stuart
  216.         MAKE IT SO!!
  217.         08:42William Saunders
  218.         my two biggest disappointments that they ended too soon: Firefly and Alphas
  219.         08:42Chris McGrath
  220.         @Ian evening! (bows) 
  222.         08:43Ian Masters
  223.         @ chris mcgrath no need for formality
  224.         08:43Chris McGrath
  225.         LOL
  226.         08:43James Ortega
  227.         Operations/engineering colors for Sean
  228.         08:45Kevin Blanc
  229.         Are there any plans to update the new CISSP content anytime soon?
  230.         08:46Michael Robins
  231.         Wish I could hang around but I have to go onsite to a client. Hopefully I can come back on later.
  232.         08:46William Saunders
  233.         hope all goes well Michael
  234.         08:47Michael Robins
  235.         Need a lightweight audio stream so I can listen on the way and not use all my data.
  236.         08:47David Goodin
  237.         Good morning
  238.         08:47Michael Guido
  239.         What is the new mainstream encryption ?? SHA-3
  240.         08:48James Ortega
  241.         SHA1 is being abandoned. Everyone is moving to SHA256 (SHA2)
  242.         08:50Mike P
  243.         DEbatable whether there is anything really wrong with SHA1 still
  244.         08:50Mike P
  245.         But. If you can use SHA2 why now
  246.         08:50Mike P
  247.         not
  248.         08:51Shawn Prater
  249.         Cryptolocker would be a perfect example of Asymmetric, correct?
  250.         08:51Nathan Copeland
  251.         @Kevin - Adam Gordon was involved with the creation of the new CISSP material, so when he was here filming with us, he included the new stuff in his presentation so we'd be up to date
  252.         08:51Mike P
  253.         I think it was the other way around
  254.         08:52Darryl Hughes
  255.         I agree with Mike P
  256.         08:52William Saunders
  257.         Thanks Nathan
  258.         08:52Chris McGrath
  259.         Thanks Nathan
  260.         08:52Kevin Blanc
  261.         Great cheers Nathan
  262.         08:53Mike P
  263.         Can I recommend a book. I read it a couple months ago,
  264.         08:54Mike P
  265.         http://www.amazon.com/Everyday-Cryptography-Fundamental-Principles-Applications/dp/0199695598/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427205198&sr=8-1&keywords=Everyday+Cryptography%3A+Fundamental+Principles+and+Applications
  266.         08:54James Ortega
  267.         Called "EC"
  268.         08:55Chris McGrath
  269.         Thanks Mike checking out now.
  270.         08:55Mike P
  271.         Also if you want to learn about PKI and how to setup your secure web server.https://www.ssllabs.com/index.html
  272.         08:55William Saunders
  273.         wow... thats a pretty drastic price difference in the paperback to kindle
  274.         08:56James Ortega
  275.         Great site @Mike
  276.         08:56Mike P
  277.         It's good for testing your SSL and how it's setup
  278.         08:56Eric Rivers
  279.         I have to wonder the future of encryption. I think it was back in January that David Cameron was talking about banning encryption. I think Cameron has dropped the whole thing
  280.         08:57Mike P
  281.         I learnt allsorts getting my site to A+.
  282.         08:57Chris McGrath
  283.         Thanks Mike great site.
  284.         08:57Ian Masters
  285.         very nice summary of https
  286.         08:57Shawn Prater
  287.         Yeah, good lick banning encryption
  288.         08:57Shawn Prater
  289.         luck, even
  290.         08:57Mike P
  291.         @Eric - I think someone told Cameron how stupid he sounded. I suspect his advisor on the topic is down the job center
  292.         08:58Eric Rivers
  293.         I thought it was funny at the time.
  294.         08:59Michael Guido
  295.         Microsoft has fciv.exe which generates MD5 or SHA1 or BOTH on the cmd line
  296.         09:00Mike P
  297.         You should hash passwords, not to protect the site from hackers, doesn't stop them. It just stops them reading the orginal password. This helps protect your password if used on multiple sites
  298.         09:00Mike P
  299.         In theory a rainbow table can retrieve the original password (string)
  300.         09:00Mike P
  301.         But salting the password (string) almost elminates that
  302.         09:00Philip Taylor
  303.         Why would hash and not salt
  304.         09:01James Ortega
  305.         Salting hashes will thawte rainbow tables
  306.         09:01Mike P
  307.         @philip - Good point. There is no real good reason
  308.         09:01William Saunders
  309.         even when you salt it you can still pop it pretty quickly with a good gpu and hashcat
  310.         09:01James Ortega
  311.         Hash & Salt need to be separate.
  312.         09:02Brian Wollesen
  313.         Salt + password hash so they can't use rainbow table
  314.         09:03Shawn Prater
  315.         Hmm thanks guys, lots of good information in chat.
  316.         09:03Mike P
  317.         @william - it's almost impossible to reverse a hash
  318.         09:03William Saunders
  319.         quantum computing is coming up soon too... that's pretty exciting
  320.         09:03Mike P
  321.         aslong as the hash alogrithm is a good one of course
  322.         09:03Mike P
  323.         Quatum will change the playing field yes
  324.         09:04William Saunders
  325.         and yes... it is pretty crappy
  326.         09:04Shawn Prater
  327.         you can still see known passwords... Right? Like, if I use a password of password, the md5 result is the same.
  328.         09:04William Saunders
  329.         attempting to reverse a hash that is
  330.         09:04Mike P
  331.         shouldn't use MD5 for passwords
  332.         09:04Mike P
  333.         hasing for proof of origan is fine for MD5
  334.         09:05Brian Wollesen
  335.         With salt you need to brute force the password. Without salt you just look up the password hash in a table
  336.         09:05William Saunders
  337.         it's got to be better than SHA1 or SHA2 though... because it has a 5 
  339.         09:05Mike P
  340.         like matching an executable downloaded is not corrupted or modified
  341.         09:05James Ortega
  342.         PKI
  343.         09:05Mike P
  344.         @Brian - Yes correct
  345.         09:05Mike P
  346.         although you need to generate the tables
  347.         09:06Mike P
  348.         The PKI trust chain has been demonstrated (again) when someone mistrusts their authority is can cause issues: https://threatpost.com/ca-linked-to-chinese-registrar-issued-unauthorized-google-certificates/111774
  349.         09:07Brian Wollesen
  350.         I forgot the name of the hash, but you need to use a slow hash to make guessing harder
  351.         09:07James Ortega
  352.         Certificate Authorities. No Diginotar
  353.         09:08Claudius Stute
  354.         Steve Gibson's SQRL looks intresting
  355.         09:08Chris McGrath
  356.         @Mike interesting article thanks.
  357.         09:09Mike P
  358.         Any developers out there (c#) here is a great page demonstrating how to implement what is AES
  359.         09:09Mike P
  360.         https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.security.cryptography.rfc2898derivebytes%28v=vs.110%29.aspx
  361.         09:09Mike Rodrick
  362.         Another good read on cryptography is http://www.amazon.com/Cryptography-InfoSec-Pro-Guide-Beginners/dp/0071794255, written by non other that Sean Oriyano
  363.         09:12Joseph Pellegrino
  364.         @Claudius. I agree SQRL looks very interesting. Way more interesting than what Microsoft and yahoo are doing with authentication.
  366. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  367.         09:13Mike P
  368.         I'm looking at implementing SQRL at work. As with all security implementations, I prefer to wait a while 
  370.          Although reading through Steve's stuff it looks pretty solid
  371.         09:14Claudius Stute
  372.         here the info in SQRL: https://www.grc.com/sqrl/sqrl.htm
  373.         09:14James Ortega
  374.         FIDO Alliance is the other one.
  375.         09:15Claudius Stute
  376.         Hopping they will use SQRL at my company, getting sick of changing my pass word every 90 days on 5 different devices
  377.         09:15Mike P
  378.         @claudius 
  380.         09:16James Ortega
  381.         Agreed Awesome @Claudius
  382.         09:18James Ortega
  383.         Those are for EV certs.
  384.         09:19Jeff Sellers
  385.         SQRL looks interesting
  386.         09:19Mike P
  387.         EV = Extended Validation (Green bar) DV = Domain Validation (secure connection to domain, but cannot gurantee the destination is who they say they are)
  388.         09:20James Ortega
  389.         EV mad $ even from digicert
  390.         09:20Mike P
  391.         https://www.globalsign.com/en/ssl-information-center/types-of-ssl-certificate/
  392.         09:20Brian Wollesen
  393.         When Steve got the idea for SQRL he dropped everything to work on it. And he's giving it way.
  394.         09:21Joseph Pellegrino
  395.         Steve Gibson is da man!! Great work for the community. 
  397.         09:22Brian Hutchins
  398.         Holy crap, just got a phone call talking about "maintenance on my windows computer"
  399.         09:22Mike P
  400.         Steve is great, but he makes his money from consulting, which includes appearing on Twit
  401.         09:22Michael Guido
  402.         i would like a free certificate
  403.         09:22Mike P
  404.         @Brian 
  406.         09:22Mike P
  407.         @Brian - Did you give them your priovate key 
  409.         09:22Brian Hutchins
  410.         Oh totally, they are going to remote in now
  411.         09:22Mike P
  412.         Free SSL from here by the way: http://www.startssl.com/?app=1
  413.         09:22Mike P
  414.         I have never used them, I would rather pay for quality
  415.         09:23Mike P
  416.         The reason you pay more, is your paying for the "trust"
  417.         09:23Brian Wollesen
  418.         Ev is special because they go throu extra work to make sure the identity is correct
  420. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  422.         09:32Ian Masters
  423.         are we still using SSL?
  424.         09:32James Ortega
  425.         @Fabian There was an incident a few years back DigiNoTar
  426.         09:32Mike P
  427.         but not public. So unless you can install the Root CA certificate on the clients machine it's not much use
  428.         09:32Ian Masters
  429.         i thought we were using TLS
  430.         09:32Mike P
  431.         @Ian - Most servers use TLS now
  432.         09:32Chris McGrath
  433.         @Shawn thanks for the share pretty cool
  434.         09:33Mike P
  435.         TLS and SSL use certificates to work
  436.         09:33James Ortega
  437.         No more SSL v3. Poddle attack
  438.         09:33William Saunders
  439.         which I'm sure is not easy for such a large company
  440.         09:34Mike P
  441.         He's talking about Amazon. I highly recommend you go and have a look at Amazon's cert. You will learn alsorts about what cipher suites they might be using
  442.         09:34Mike P
  443.         TLS is (incorrectly) known by some as SSL 4. They are not the same, but close
  444.         09:34Josiah Mory
  445.         good call @mike p
  446.         09:35James Ortega
  447.         NetScape as of '1999
  448.         09:36Mike P
  449.         https://www.globalsign.com/en/digital-signatures/
  450.         09:38Mike P
  451.         Outlook example instructions: https://support.office.com/en-in/article/Send-a-digitally-signed-or-encrypted-message-a18ecf7f-a7ac-4edd-b02e-687b05eff547
  452.         09:41James Ortega
  453.         Prime numbers.
  454.         09:43Mike P
  455.         Mike Rodrick covers it well in those videos
  456.         09:44James Ortega
  457.         More on primes https://primes.utm.edu/mersenne/
  458.         09:45Mike P
  459.         The crypography on their Security + and CISSP videos covers a lot of detail
  460.         09:45Mike P
  461.         I highly recommend to watch them if you are genuinely interested in the topic
  462.         09:45Chris McGrath
  463.         Thanks guys!
  464.         09:45Mike P
  465.         Thanks guys!
  466.         09:45James Ortega
  467.         LLAP
  468.         09:46David Goodin
  469.         Awesome episode, thanks!
  470.         09:46James Ortega
  472.         09:46Fabian Lazarte
  473.         Good show guys so far
  474.         09:46Claudius Stute
  475.         good stuff
  476.         09:46Fabian Lazarte
  477.         yes, it was me 
  479.         09:46James Ortega
  480.         There is a fingerprint generated
  481.         09:47Mike P
  482.         @James is correct
  483.         09:47Winston Croft
  484.         Good show. Thanks guys...
  485.         09:48Mike P
  486.         The best way to fake it, is issue the user a fake one from a rogue CA
  487.         09:48Mike P
  488.         https://threatpost.com/ca-linked-to-chinese-registrar-issued-unauthorized-google-certificates/111774
  489.         09:48James Ortega
  490.         That is why the root CA don't give out certs. They certs are given out by intermediaries.
  491.         09:49Mike P
  492.         That's the link I posted earlier
  493.         09:49Mike P
  494.         It's exactly what Mike is talking about now
  495.         09:49Shawn Prater
  496.         Hey guys, about Salting vs MD5, can you use the same salt string over and over? Is that secure?
  497.         09:49James Ortega
  498.         There is why there is a cert chain to prevent this.
  499.         09:49Mike P
  500.         @James - The main reason root CA's don't issue is incase the certificate needs revking.
  501.         09:49James Ortega
  502.         Remember PGP Signing parties.........:)
  503.         09:49Mike P
  504.         this would mean all issued certs would need issuing again
  505.         09:50Mike P
  506.         @Shawn, not much point if your reusing the salt
  507.         09:50Shawn Prater
  508.         Figured as much, thanks @Mike
  509.         09:51James Ortega
  510.         That is also, why browser support HSTS.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Strict_Transport_Security
  511.         09:51Mike P
  512.         @James - Good link
  513.         09:51Fabian Lazarte
  514.         thank you
  515.         09:51Michael Guido
  516.         It would be nice to get a certificate issued directly by the drivers license authority - bet they could generate some revenue.
  517.         09:51James Ortega
  518.         Thanks @Mike. Very bad DigiNoTar.
  519.         09:52Mike P
  520.         One warning before any web guys switch on HSTS. Make sure you intend to keep using a secure website. You can't turn it off, unless you take the time down to zero
  521.         09:52Josiah Mory
  522.         What do you think about google trying to push the certs and other web technologies along?
  523.         09:52Mike P
  524.         Any user who has been after HSTS is switched on will always attempt a secure connection, even if your site no longer offers it
  525.         09:53Mike P
  526.         @Josiah - a great thing. Should have been done years ago
  527.         09:53James Ortega
  528.         NMAP = Finger printing.
  529.         09:53Josiah Mory
  530.         @Mike P interesting....seems to be bullying somewhat though
  531.         09:53Josiah Mory
  532.         Smoke Break1
  533.         09:53Josiah Mory
  535.         09:54Mike P
  536.         @Josiah - Are you talking about them offering everything. Or suggesting everyone else should use SSL? My opinion is if a site wants you to enter something it should be secure. If not I wouldn't enter the details
  537.         09:56Josiah Mory
  538.         @Mike P warnings when sites don't offer SSL, particularly for sites that are not gathering info
  539.         09:57Josiah Mory
  540.         I mean I think it is good don't get me wrong, just the timetable they forced is pretty rough
  541.         09:58Steven Wooding
  542.         I always like Gibson's example of the Hong Kong Post Office CA. Would you trust them? Probably a good idea to disable obscure CAs from your browser.
  543.         09:59James Ortega
  544.         LOL. We can hear them.... 
  546.          Cannon big heated debates.
  547.         09:59Josiah Mory
  548.         @Steven Wooding haha agreed
  549.         10:00Shawn Prater
  550.         in mysql, you can post into the database using md5 (see image:http://cdn.inmotionhosting.com/support/images/stories/edu/moodle/pass-reset-phpmyadmin/moodle-password-reset-phpmyadmin-md5.gif). How do you add salt?
  551.         10:01Mike P
  552.         @Shawn - Not sure on this. I've only ever done it in the software it's self
  553.         10:01Mike P
  554.         Might be worth looking up the documentation as to what the MD5 type is and does in MySQL
  555.         10:01James Ortega
  556.         I'm looking at the pic too and don't see an option to add salt in there.
  557.         10:01Mike P
  558.         The mics are on guys 
  560.         10:02Mike P
  561.         Any good Shawn? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5903702/md5-and-salt-in-mysql
  562.         10:02James Ortega
  563.         @Mike you killed the mics.
  564.         10:02Steven Wooding
  565.         They need flashing fairy lights, like they have in the TWiT studios when the room mic is on 
  567.         10:02Josiah Mory
  568.         lol goodbye mics
  569.         10:02Mike P
  570.         Haven't read the article fully as MySQL isn't something I use. Prefer (dare I say it) MS SQL
  571.         10:03Fabian Lazarte
  572.         I think they do that in purpose @Mike P
  573.         10:03Fabian Lazarte
  574.         at least most of the times they do
  575.         10:03Mike P
  576.         Nah Jason turned them off. I think they wanted a back chat about us chatroomers 
  578.         10:04James Ortega
  579.         Awesome that will work @Mike
  580.         10:04James Ortega
  581.         That value will have to added in the console not the gui.
  582.         10:04James Babiak
  583.         Greetings everyone
  584.         10:04William Saunders
  585.         I have a feeling now that we are getting into the more hands on stuff and less of the theory the chat room will quiet down a bit
  586.         10:04Robert Brunner
  587.         Lunch break?
  588.         10:04William Saunders
  589.         not yet
  590.         10:05William Saunders
  591.         short break... back to start footprinting shortly
  592.         10:05Robert Brunner
  593.         Thanks
  594.         10:05Shawn Prater
  595.         @Mike Thank you, that's exactly what I was wondering!
  596.         10:06Mike P
  597.         @Shawn - No probs 
  599.         10:06William Saunders
  600.         chapter 4 if you are following along in the book(pg195)
  601.         10:06Mike P
  602.         I don't have the book, but I suspect they are going to demonstrate a hash validation tool?
  603.         10:07William Saunders
  604.         I think they wer movingo n to the footprinting based on their last statement
  605.         10:08Mike P
  606.         'Nmap' type footprinting?
  607.         10:08William Saunders
  608.         most likely
  609.         10:08Josiah Mory
  610.         is there an ebook too?
  611.         10:08James Ortega
  612.         Karen's Hasher.
  613.         10:09William Saunders
  614.         yes... it's ~28 from amazon
  615.         10:09Mike P
  616.         @Joshiah - That's for the author to answer 
  618.         10:09Mike P
  619.         If he wants a bit more cash 
  621.         10:09Josiah Mory
  622.         haha
  623.         10:09James Ortega
  624.         5x5
  625.         10:09James Ortega
  626.         colorful metaphors
  627.         10:10William Saunders
  628.         it is on google play as well... he might get more from that
  629.         10:10Mike P
  630.         Jason spins peoples heads when he wants too 
  632.         10:10James Ortega
  633.         steganography
  634.         10:11Josiah Mory
  635.         one last complaint about the chat room lol
  636.         10:11Josiah Mory
  637.         convenient when those mics go off;)
  638.         10:13James Ortega
  639.         #NSA Prism system accounts for 91% of the raw data they collect.
  640.         10:13Mike P
  641.         @James insane isn't it
  642.         10:14James Ortega
  643.         LOL @Mike. I am doing a presentation next month about global surveillance.
  644.         10:14Mike P
  645.         I suspect he's going to mention it in a minute. But when he mentions WireShark Don filmed a short set of videos available on the Library which covers what you need to get up and going
  646.         10:15James Ortega
  647.         Wireshark is great. Shannon Morse has great tutorials on it.
  648.         10:15William Saunders
  649.         mmm shannon morse
  650.         10:16James Ortega
  652.          She recently got married.
  654. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  656. James Ortega   
  657. Wireshark is great. Shannon Morse has great tutorials on it.
  658.         10:15William Saunders
  659.         mmm shannon morse
  660.         10:16James Ortega
  662.          She recently got married.
  663.         10:16William Saunders
  664.         and all the fans cried 
  666.         10:16James Ortega
  667.         Yep myself included.
  668.         10:16Mike P
  669.         haha
  670.         10:17Michael Guido
  671.         where is the way-back-when-web archive ; the URL
  672.         10:17Chris McGrath
  673.         Yes Shannon morse hack5 love her
  674.         10:17James Ortega
  675.         force open blocked system
  676.         10:18James Ortega
  677.         not responding to pings
  678.         10:18Mike Rodrick
  679.         @Michael http://archive.org/web/
  680.         10:19Michala Liavaag
  681.         Hi all, just got home - how much have I missed today?
  682.         10:19Mike P
  683.         Hey Michala, lots 
  685.         10:19Fabian Lazarte
  686.         you missed good stuff, hopefully you can catch up later
  687.         10:20Michael Guido
  688.         thanks, and Hak5 is kewel Thumbs-Up!
  689.         10:20William Saunders
  690.         Mainly we finished up chapter 3 and cryptography
  691.         10:20William Saunders
  692.         they just started footprinting in the past few minutes
  693.         10:20Michala Liavaag
  694.         Ah darn - will have to watch that back tomorrow then
  695.         10:21Chris McGrath
  696.         @Michael agreed
  697.         10:22James Ortega
  698.         #NSA breaks the law everyday!
  699.         10:22James Ortega
  700.         No pressure cookers.
  701.         10:22William Saunders
  702.         Well... James' door just got kicked in. it was nice knowing him.
  703.         10:22Mike P
  704.         @James "allegedly"
  705.         10:23James Ortega
  706.         Seriously though everyone is one on a watch list of some kind.
  707.         10:23Michael Guido
  708.         TRUTH - can't be handled by most of humanity... na nooo naa noooo
  709.         10:24Fabian Lazarte
  710.         ouch.
  711.         10:24James Ortega
  712.         Color metaphors
  713.         10:24Josiah Mory
  714.         oh man
  715.         10:24Josiah Mory
  716.         that is rough
  717.         10:25Michael Guido
  718.         Paraphrased from ' A few good men ....
  719.         10:27James Ortega
  720.         whois, nameserver,
  721.         10:28James Ortega
  722.         Yes/no. Private info can be placed in there.
  723.         10:28James Ortega
  724.         external company can masked records
  725.         10:29Josiah Mory
  726.         many certs require physical address too
  727.         10:29Mike P
  728.         nslookup is great for very basic lookups about a domain
  729.         10:30Darryl Hughes
  730.         Maltego from www.paterva.com great for intelligence gathering
  731.         10:30Mike P
  732.         if your in chrome now, press F12. You will open up the developer window. Click "Network" and the actual HTML page, you can see all the headers from their webserver. As he just mentioned
  733.         10:30James Ortega
  734.         Thanks @Darryl
  735.         10:31Chris McGrath
  736.         @Darryl Thanks
  737.         10:31Fabian Lazarte
  738.         Cool @Mike P
  739.         10:31Jeff Sellers
  740.         That would only matter if you hosted your own webserver and email server
  741.         10:32David Beem
  742.         @Mike P: I'm in Chrome (Chromebox), where is the F12 key? 
  744.         10:32James Ortega
  745.         A generated report will be expected
  746.         10:32Mike P
  747.         haha I knew as soon as I sent it I would get an Apple thrown at my face 
  749.         10:32Mike P
  750.         or chrome in your case
  751.         10:33Shawn Prater
  752.         @David - your F12 key is at the store... along with the other real computers 
  754.         10:33Chris McGrath
  755.         @Mike P lol
  756.         10:34Shawn Prater
  757.         I love it! Thanks SEan!
  758.         10:35David Beem
  759.         You can get the function keys back, but it is a little work. Better to use the menu or Chrome OS shortcut keys (Ctrl+Shift+x) for viewing the same data.
  760.         10:35Shawn Prater
  761.         @Sean - As far as footprinting and final reports to your clients.... how much of your footprinting information is in that security analysis report? ... 50%? 60%?
  762.         10:36Fabian Lazarte
  763.         Is there a formal format for reporting?
  764.         10:37Mike P
  765.         @FAbian - Good question!
  766.         10:38Chris McGrath
  767.         social engineering
  768.         10:38Josiah Mory
  769.         lubrication can help too
  770.         10:38Josiah Mory
  771.         little achohol can help the stories flow
  772.         10:39Chris McGrath
  773.         @Josiah no doubt 
  775.         10:39Michael Guido
  776.         the stuff you hear being discussed at lunch in a sit down fast food restaurant.... amazing
  777.         10:39Michala Liavaag
  778.         Aye aye captain
  779.         10:39James P
  780.         Any tools recommended for footprinting?
  781.         10:40Shawn Prater
  782.         @Sean - CEH Material mentions going into company dumpsters LOL
  783.         10:40Chris McGrath
  784.         LOL
  785.         10:40Mike P
  786.         http://www.pentest-standard.org/index.php/Intelligence_Gathering#Defense_technologies_.28L1.2FL2.2FL3.29
  787.         10:40Josiah Mory
  788.         It is amazing what information you can get from people is insane. Supposedly, both target and home deopot hack were possible because employees gave out passowrds to "employees"
  789.         10:40Chris McGrath
  790.         loose lips sinks ships 
  792.         10:41Darryl Hughes
  793.         for social engineering check out www.social-engineer.org complete framework,also monthly podcast is good
  794.         10:41James Ortega
  795.         shoot them in the foot by posting online their company directories.
  796.         10:42Chris McGrath
  797.         @Darryl thanks interesting
  798.         10:42James P
  799.         Thanks @Mike P
  800.         10:42Jeff Sellers
  801.         It is amazing how quickly people will give strangers their passwords
  802.         10:42Mike P
  803.         Social Engineering is quite simply put, cheap. It's cheap for the attacker. And remarkably easy
  804.         10:42Michala Liavaag
  805.         Yeah, I had to speak to a contractor who put all the detail about what they were working on for us on their LinkedIn profile
  806.         10:42William Saunders
  807.         $elf1e2o15
  808.         10:42William Saunders
  810.         10:42Michael Guido
  811.         finding UserID in published Word or Excel or PDF files.....
  812.         10:42Ronnie Wong
  813.         1...2...3...4...same as my luggage!
  814.         10:42James Ortega
  815.         No you can't baseband keeps it on.
  816.         10:43Mike P
  817.         I've already tried that one William. Didn't work 
  819.         10:43Mike P
  820.         Hey Ronnie, snap!
  821.         10:43Mike P
  822.         @Michael - Yeah it's surprising what companies leave it the meta data in office files
  823.         10:43Chris McGrath
  824.         @William hey that's my password! 
  826.         10:43William Saunders
  827.         @mike I must have typed it wrong
  828.         10:43Mike P
  829.         You can sometimes even find the machine name the file was last saved :S
  830.         10:44Josiah Mory
  831.         the internet is opposite to privacy
  832.         10:44Josiah Mory
  833.         by nature
  834.         10:44David Beem
  835.         Back before you thought you needed security.
  836.         10:44James Ortega
  837.         You can turn off GPS that is for the OS but not the baseband software. It's responsible for gps and sms, cell.
  838.         10:44Fabian Lazarte
  839.         The German government is gong back to typewriters for some things
  840.         10:45James Ortega
  841.         @Fabian I think it was the Russians
  842.         10:45Philip Taylor
  843.         There is a hack for the typewriters too
  844.         10:45Shawn Prater
  845.         @Sean What is the footprinting "pot of gold". What do you consider the most valuable information you try to get when footprinting
  846.         10:46Mike P
  847.         @Shawn - I would guess it depends what your being paid to find
  848.         10:46Chris McGrath
  849.         Have to go guys thanks for the great show will have to catch up later.
  850.         10:46Shawn Prater
  851.         @Sean Says you buddy 
  853.          hahaha
  854.         10:46Mike P
  855.         Bye Chris!
  856.         10:47Chris McGrath
  857.         Thanks Mike!
  858.         10:47Claudius Stute
  859.         Need a live audio stream. Have to go run errands.
  860.         10:47James P
  861.         Be aware of the data you are sharing geolocation is embedded on photos if enabled YIKES
  862.         10:47Mike P
  863.         @James - yep very true and good point
  864.         10:47Fabian Lazarte
  865.         I asked is there is a formal format for reporting..
  866.         10:48Josiah Mory
  867.         haha
  868.         10:48Mike P
  869.         @Fabian's question was good
  870.         10:48Mike P
  871.         about the structure of the report, and if there is anything formal to follow
  872.         10:49Shawn Prater
  873.         @Sean - Thank you!
  874.         10:50Brian Wollesen
  875.         Any online examples?
  876.         10:50Jeff Sellers
  877.         what kind of info can you get if the website and mail server is hosted somewhere else?
  878.         10:50Michala Liavaag
  879.         @Brian yes. https://www.offensive-security.com/penetration-testing-sample-report.pdf and http://www.sans.org/reading-room/whitepapers/bestprac/writing-penetration-testing-report-33343 I just found using google
  880.         10:50Brian Wollesen
  881.         Thanks
  882.         10:50Mike P
  883.         @Jeff - What you wanting to find out. That's what we've been talking about
  884.         10:51Mike P
  885.         Looking at the headers of the mail server and web server give you basic stuff
  886.         10:51Fabian Lazarte
  887.         are pen-tester more of a subject of scrutiny if something happens?
  888.         10:51Michala Liavaag
  890.         10:51James Ortega
  891.         LOL Smart cookie!
  892.         10:51Robert Brunner
  893.         Just give him a red bull
  894.         10:52Mike P
  895.         Cya!
  896.         10:52Michael Guido
  897.         nist.gov
  898.         10:52Fabian Lazarte
  899.         My client's mortgage got hacked. I came to do regular maintenance and the police was there. Somebody got access to my client's conversation with his mortgage. The police asked who else has access to his email..oops...me! But I am innocent!
  900.         10:52James Ortega
  901.         @nist = subversion.
  902.         10:52Claudius Stute
  903.         See you all at 1330!!
  904.         10:52James Ortega
  905.         No longer can be trusted
  906.         10:55Jeff Sellers
  907.         @Mike P It just hit me about the email server you can get all of the email addresses. Just took a second for it to sink in.
  908.         10:55James Ortega
  909.         I'm out Chow til 1330
  910.         10:55Mike P
  911.         what addresses?
  912.         10:55Michala Liavaag
  913.         Quick skim through and the newer version of the Offensive security example is more in line with the Sans example than the old one, https://www.offensive-security.com/reports/penetration-testing-sample-report-2013.pdf
  914.         10:55Mike P
  915.         You can only see the header of email containing the information you are suppose to see that is relevant to your email
  916.         10:56Mike P
  917.         in otherwords BCC's will not be shown
  918.         10:56Mike P
  919.         Thanks Michala that saved me sometime later 
  921.         10:56Mike P
  922.         Been bookmarking many links today
  923.         10:58Michala Liavaag
  924.         Yw, I have a few from yesterday to read through and will have to have a read of that social engineer framework. Listened to their cast but never visited the website!
  926. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  928.         10:58Michala Liavaag
  929.         Yw, I have a few from yesterday to read through and will have to have a read of that social engineer framework. Listened to their cast but never visited the website!
  930.         11:24Shawn Prater
  931.         @Mike P (Or whoever) - It'd be nice if we can send copies of the chat logs to ourselves 
  933.         11:25Mike P
  934.         Hey shawn I don't actually work for ITProTV. Mike Rodrick is the presnter Mike
  935.         11:26Mike P
  936.         They have a guy called Rob whose the developer, might be worth suggesting it as a feature.
  937.         11:30Michala Liavaag
  938.         Chat log +1
  939.         11:34Brian Wollesen
  940.         Will wire shark follow stream work?
  941.         11:35Mike P
  942.         for what?
  943.         11:35Mike P
  944.         ah the chat you mean
  945.         11:35Mike P
  946.         aslong as the chat isn't https
  947.         11:35Mike P
  948.         which I don't think it is
  949.         11:36Mike P
  950.         you would end up with all the HTML
  951.         11:36Brian Wollesen
  952.         Captur packets filter chat from the stream. Can't test on my ipad
  953.         11:36Mike P
  954.         im going to try now
  955.         11:37Mike P
  956.         Test
  957.         11:42Mike P
  958.         Not very friendly to read:
  959.         11:42Mike P
  960.         21a a["{\"type\":\"msgChat\",\"data\":{\"uid1\":\"9598\",\"uid2\":\"c-0\",\"name\":\"Mike P\",\"name_to\":\"Public Chatroom\",\"message\":\"Test\",\"message_id\":\"m_9598_c-0_1427215042120\",\"color\":\"#222222\",\"upl\":\"javascript:void(0)\",\"up\":\"//0.gravatar.com/avatar/ab3a823f73317696d69d3518ce3d7675?s=96&amp;d=http%3A%2F%2F0.gravatar.com%2Favatar%2Fad516503a11cd5ca435acc9bb6523536%3Fs%3D96&amp;r=G\",\"r\":\"{\\\"0\\\":\\\"all users\\\",\\\"subscriber\\\":\\\"subscriber\\\",\\\"bbp_participant\\\":\\\"bbp_participant\\\"}\"}}"] 0
  961.         11:42Mike P
  962.         You could write some insane Regular Expressions 
  964.         11:43Josiah Mory
  965.         um lol
  966.         11:43Brian Wollesen
  967.         😳
  968.         11:46Mike P
  969.         Nope tried the mobile-chat.php path which the Drupal chat plugin uses. It just tripped off their Sucuri firewall
  970.         11:46Mike P
  971.         Lesson: That was a form of active scanning 
  973.         11:47Mike P
  974.         oh well. I suggest we all ask for a save chat feature and see if it can be implmeneted some how
  975.         11:50Robert Brunner
  976.         mike p, lol you are too much!
  977.         11:50Mike P
  978.         just read through iflychat and I think they would be able to do something
  979.         11:50Mike P
  980.         Just killing time
  981.         11:58Mike P
  982.         Hi Jason how's things?
  983.         12:01Mike P
  984.         By the way anyone got the Amazon stick? Any good?
  985.         12:02Jason Phillips
  986.         me?
  987.         12:02Mike P
  988.         Yeah.
  989.         12:02Mike P
  990.         You not said much on chat in along time.
  991.         12:02Jason Phillips
  992.         good, i guess. reading on this French air crash,
  993.         12:02Jason Phillips
  994.         im the quiet non-typing type
  995.         12:03Mike P
  996.         Looks bad
  997.         12:04Jason Phillips
  998.         "Sylvia Loehrmann, a German education minister in a region that includes Haltern, said on German television she believes students and teachers were on board the doomed Germanwings flight."
  999.         12:04Jason Phillips
  1000.         not good
  1001.         12:04Mike P
  1002.         oh dear sounds awful
  1003.         12:05Jason Phillips
  1004.         in the meantime, these guys have 25 minutes to play their games before we start again.
  1005.         12:05Mike P
  1006.         Whose winning?
  1007.         12:06Jason Phillips
  1008.         no idea. rob is at it now.
  1009.         12:07Jason Phillips
  1010.         rob said he's definitely not winning.
  1011.         12:07Nathan Copeland
  1012.         Mike has the current hi score
  1013.         12:07David Beem
  1014.         The security nerd arcade game, instead of asteroids it is malicious data packets coming at you.
  1015.         12:07Mike P
  1016.         Arn't all arcade games for nerds 
  1018.         12:07David Beem
  1019.         Or instead of space invaders, it is unethical hackers.
  1020.         12:08David Beem
  1021.         Dig Dug become data mining.
  1022.         12:08Nathan Copeland
  1023.         Time Pilot isn't just a game.....it is something....more.
  1025. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  1027. Shawn Prater
  1028. @Sean - What are some goals you set for yourself, usually, during this phase of your process?
  1030. 12:42James Ortega
  1031. I've been so busy I haven't even eaten yet. I'll have to find time soon. 
  1035. 12:43James Ortega
  1036. Oh, I'm in his search results to the upper right.
  1038. 12:43James Ortega
  1039. What is this app called?
  1041. 12:44James Ortega
  1042. URL?
  1044. 12:44William Saunders
  1045. inteltechniques.com
  1047. 12:44Claudius Stute
  1048. http://inteltechniques.com/
  1050. 12:44James Ortega
  1051. Thanks dude.
  1053. 12:44Tim Rabeler
  1054. Thanks
  1056. 12:44Philip Taylor
  1057. How do filter out common names where you have contaminated results?
  1059. 12:45James Ortega
  1060. Bing???????? What? LMAO!
  1062. 12:46Brian Hutchins
  1063. http://inteltechniques.com/OSINT/user.html
  1065. 12:46Philip Taylor
  1066. Bing is behind yahoo search (whoever uses that???)
  1068. 12:46James Ortega
  1069. Thanks @Brian
  1071. 12:46David Goodin
  1072. Dogpile.com is good
  1074. 12:46James Ortega
  1075. Google does personalized searches even if you aren't logged in.
  1077. 12:47William Saunders
  1078. is dogpile still around?
  1080. 12:47David Beem
  1081. How soon before we see an ad on TV that says it searches all of the relevant sites? 
  1085. 12:47Tim Rabeler
  1086. Yes, that is annoying about google
  1088. 12:48Fabian Lazarte
  1089. Tor?
  1091. 12:48Michael Guido
  1092. i count 177 connections in chat from this mornings session
  1094. 12:50James Ortega
  1095. Spokeo.com can do the same thing.
  1097. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  1099.         12:55Fabian Lazarte
  1100.         That's very clever.
  1101.         12:55James Ortega
  1102.         SQL should be able to get anything.
  1103.         12:56Tim Rabeler
  1104.         Any jobs for UnEthical Hackers?
  1105.         12:56Tim Rabeler
  1107.         12:57James Ortega
  1108.         Zip Recruiter.
  1109.         12:57Michala Liavaag
  1110.         They advertised on SN for awhile didn't they?
  1111.         12:57William Saunders
  1112.         sure. get me a dump of the NSA, CIA, MI6..... etc. data
  1113.         12:57William Saunders
  1114.         @tim
  1115.         12:57William Saunders
  1116.         btw this is non paid 
  1118.         12:58James Ortega
  1119.         Good Luck @Will
  1120.         12:58William Saunders
  1121.         and if you are to get caught we will disavow all knowledge
  1122.         12:58James Ortega
  1123.         DHS is always looking for peeps
  1124.         12:58Josiah Mory
  1125.         amazing what you can find out in the open
  1126.         12:58James Ortega
  1127.         Yes, TWIT network uses Zip Recruiter
  1128.         12:59Michala Liavaag
  1129.         https://opencorporates.com/
  1130.         12:59Wes Bryan
  1131.         Yes @ Josiah
  1132.         12:59Wes Bryan
  1133.         scary sometimes
  1134.         12:59Tim Rabeler
  1135.         DHS is always looking for UnEthical hackers too. Not for jobs though in most cases. Just to fill up 8x8 rooms
  1136.         13:00James Ortega
  1137.         Thanks @Michala
  1138.         13:01James P
  1139.         Thanks Michala good info
  1140.         13:02James Ortega
  1141.         ChoicePoint is another company that has mass amounts of data on us.
  1142.         13:02Wes Bryan
  1143.         Thanks Michala that is and impressive database
  1144.         13:03Michala Liavaag
  1145.         Thank open data and transparency agendas 
  1147.         13:04James Ortega
  1148.         There are whole good on google hacking & syntax.
  1149.         13:04James Ortega
  1150.         Books
  1152. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  1154.         13:04James Ortega
  1155.         There are whole good on google hacking & syntax.
  1156.         13:04James Ortega
  1157.         Books
  1158.         13:04Mike P
  1159.         Im back 
  1161.         13:04Wes Bryan
  1162.         Welcome Back Mike!
  1163.         13:05David Beem
  1164.         I've got to step away for a bit, I'm asked to do the male task of getting boxes down off a high shelf.
  1165.         13:06Mike P
  1166.         Make sure you make a big deal of it 
  1168.         13:10Shawn Prater
  1169.         Also, flex after you do it.
  1170.         13:12Michala Liavaag
  1171.         @James O I've got a nice little cheat sheet from SANS which I keep by my PC; it's old so they don't all work anymore. https://www.sans.org/security-resources/GoogleCheatSheet.pdf
  1172.         13:13James Ortega
  1173.         Thanks @Michala
  1174.         13:13Michael Robins
  1175.         nice @Michala
  1176.         13:14Michala Liavaag
  1177.         Also I found Johnny Long's presentation on Google Hacking really helpful
  1178.         13:14Shawn Prater
  1179.         Very awesome @michala
  1180.         13:18Shawn Prater
  1181.         @Michala, this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3dzVl40lQA
  1182.         13:19Michala Liavaag
  1183.         Yep - that's the one. You can download the slides fromhttps://www.blackhat.com/presentations/bh-europe-05/BH_EU_05-Long.pdf
  1184.         13:20Mike P
  1185.         Nice one thanks
  1186.         13:20Shawn Prater
  1187.         OH! I have a link for you guys....
  1188.         13:20Shawn Prater
  1189.         http://opensecuritytraining.info/Training.html
  1190.         13:21Shawn Prater
  1191.         Lots of great slides, information on lectures.... a lot of good info here on various subject matter
  1192.         13:21Michala Liavaag
  1193.         Ah yes 
  1195.         13:21Mike P
  1196.         Thanks Shawn
  1197.         13:22Shawn Prater
  1198.         Not a problem, just glad I can contribute lol
  1199.         13:22James P
  1200.         Thanks @Shawn
  1201.         13:22Fabian Lazarte
  1202.         Thanks Michala!
  1203.         13:23William Saunders
  1204.         AKA GoogleFu
  1205.         13:23Michala Liavaag
  1206.         Like it
  1207.         13:23Mike P
  1208.         Playing with advanced search shows you many of them
  1209.         13:24Shawn Prater
  1210.         intitle:"index of"............
  1211.         13:24Mike P
  1212.         site: is a good tag to use
  1213.         13:24Mike P
  1214.         Link: as well for back links
  1215.         13:25Shawn Prater
  1216.         I think malicious websites have flooded intitle use though
  1217.         13:25Mike Fleeman
  1218.         Johnny Long
  1219.         13:25Mike Fleeman
  1220.         Google Hacking book author
  1221.         13:26Philip Taylor
  1222.         Google used to offer an online class on how to search
  1223.         13:26James Ortega
  1224.         Johnny Long sounds familiar. He ran a non profit.
  1225.         13:26Shawn Prater
  1226.         Weren't some colleges offering Google classes at one poinjt?
  1227.         13:26Josiah Mory
  1228.         lol I use these all the time
  1229.         13:26Mike Fleeman
  1230.         hackers for charity
  1231.         13:27Shawn Prater
  1232.         ^ You can't even get mad at that, I mean, you can... but... Cyber Robinhood? I mean.... ugh... bad form, but still
  1233.         13:29Shawn Prater
  1234.         hackers for charity is a thing? *researches* I thougth that was an offhanded comment
  1235.         13:30Michala Liavaag
  1236.         Anyone here work for Honda? One to report as security vulnerability 
  1238.         13:30Michael Guido
  1239.         How do you deal with HONEYPOTS?
  1240.         13:30Mike P
  1241.         Social engineering would be the next move
  1242.         13:30Josiah Mory
  1243.         wow
  1244.         13:32Mike P
  1245.         IP restriction would help.
  1246.         13:32James Ortega
  1247.         Someone needs to get fired.
  1248.         13:32Mike P
  1249.         Httptrack downloads sites
  1250.         13:32James Ortega
  1251.         There used to be a search to get cc#.
  1252.         13:33Michael Guido
  1253.         go penguins
  1254.         13:34Mike P
  1255.         Site:
  1256.         13:35James Ortega
  1257.         sharepoint
  1258.         13:35Mike P
  1259.         Put a '-' in front of the keyword to exclude it
  1260.         13:37James Ortega
  1261.         Nagios
  1262.         13:37James Ortega
  1263.         Splunk
  1264.         13:38Shawn Prater
  1265.         TheDude
  1266.         13:38Shawn Prater
  1267.         I dont think that one has a webservice though
  1268.         13:38Fabian Lazarte
  1269.         firewall trouble
  1270.         13:39Fabian Lazarte
  1271.         omg!!
  1272.         13:39Fabian Lazarte
  1273.         that's crazt
  1274.         13:39Fabian Lazarte
  1275.         crazy
  1276.         13:39Shawn Prater
  1277.         Freaking seriously?
  1278.         13:39Mike P
  1279.         Oops 
  1281.         13:39Michala Liavaag
  1282.         *shakes head in disbelief*
  1283.         13:39Shawn Prater
  1284.         No, seriously...... look at all the SSH
  1285.         13:39Fabian Lazarte
  1286.         Linux!
  1287.         13:39Fabian Lazarte
  1288.         unix
  1289.         13:40James Ortega
  1290.         Linux
  1291.         13:40Fabian Lazarte
  1292.         it is a *nix system
  1293.         13:40Shawn Prater
  1294.         hahahahahahahaha
  1295.         13:40Claudius Stute
  1296.         yup
  1297.         13:40Shawn Prater
  1298.         My heardbrain hurts from this
  1299.         13:40James Ortega
  1300.         LOL
  1301.         13:40Fabian Lazarte
  1302.         holy crap
  1303.         13:40Michala Liavaag
  1304.         it is!
  1305.         13:40Michael Robins
  1306.         "root"
  1307.         13:40Fabian Lazarte
  1308.         "roo"
  1309.         13:40Fabian Lazarte
  1310.         "root"
  1311.         13:41Fabian Lazarte
  1312.         yes
  1313.         13:41William Saunders
  1314.         httpd
  1315.         13:41Michala Liavaag
  1316.         bash
  1317.         13:41Fabian Lazarte
  1318.         "nobody" is also common in *nix systems
  1319.         13:41James Ortega
  1320.         Hard time seeing the screen what was the operator.
  1321.         13:41Kevin Blanc
  1322.         as is the output from top
  1323.         13:41Fabian Lazarte
  1324.         we are doing it too.
  1325.         13:42Kevin Blanc
  1326.         oh wait thats my system 
  1328.         13:42Winston Croft
  1329.         apache
  1330.         13:42James P
  1331.         Good stuff
  1332.         13:42David Beem
  1333.         Even telling you brand and models.
  1334.         13:42Fabian Lazarte
  1335.         the funny thing is that the firewall is red, reporting trouble.
  1336.         13:42Shawn Prater
  1337.         BURN THE WITCH.... but no seriously..... this is crazy
  1338.         13:42Kevin Blanc
  1339.         lmao
  1340.         13:43Josiah Mory
  1341.         this is like script kiddie stuff too
  1342.         13:43Shawn Prater
  1343.         Cisco 7200..... jesus
  1344.         13:43Josiah Mory
  1345.         any one could follow these steps
  1346.         13:43James Ortega
  1347.         Splunk is great for getting data.
  1348.         13:43Michala Liavaag
  1349.         http://cobra.ordata.com/bb/help/bb-ack.html
  1350.         13:43Shawn Prater
  1351.         Yeah, that's the thing...... I've never thought this way... I never sat down.... and reallyt hought this was so easy
  1352.         13:44Brian Hutchins
  1353.         Is is running CentOS
  1354.         13:44Carl Howard
  1355.         Wonder how many of us can hit that dashboard before it crashes...
  1356.         13:44Fabian Lazarte
  1357.         how do you know @Brian?
  1358.         13:44James Ortega
  1359.         Put an ACL on the app.
  1360.         13:46James Ortega
  1361.         That is a bunch of open webcams too
  1362.         13:46Brian Hutchins
  1363.         Under the HTTP page, it says Server: Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS)
  1364.         13:46Mike P
  1365.         It's amazing how poorly some systems are setup.
  1366.         13:46Eric Bartel
  1367.         Dell product
  1368.         13:46Michael Guido
  1369.         +1 for Splunk (but $$$)
  1370.         13:46Shawn Prater
  1371.         Wisconsin U?
  1372.         13:46Eric Bartel
  1373.         http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/application-management/big-brother
  1374.         13:46Michala Liavaag
  1375.         shodan good for that
  1376.         13:46James Ortega
  1377.         I have Splunk running here.
  1378.         13:47Fabian Lazarte
  1379.         that was crazy cool
  1380.         13:47Philip Taylor
  1381.         Yep, that is univ of wisc, madison
  1382.         13:47James Ortega
  1383.         Someone please repost the operator?
  1384.         13:47Shawn Prater
  1385.         As you said yesterday "Get off my lawn"
  1386.         13:48Michala Liavaag
  1387.         status:green "big brother"
  1388.         13:48James Ortega
  1389.         LOL
  1390.         13:48Mike P
  1391.         That system admin just got a shed load of traffic!
  1392.         13:48James Ortega
  1393.         Yes, Thanks
  1394.         13:48James P
  1395.         I see the drones and satellites coming now
  1396.         13:48James Ortega
  1397.         LOL @Mike
  1398.         13:49Fabian Lazarte
  1399.         too late Sean..
  1401. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  1403.         13:48James Ortega
  1404.         LOL
  1405.         13:48Mike P
  1406.         That system admin just got a shed load of traffic!
  1407.         13:48James Ortega
  1408.         Yes, Thanks
  1409.         13:48James P
  1410.         I see the drones and satellites coming now
  1411.         13:48James Ortega
  1412.         LOL @Mike
  1413.         13:49Fabian Lazarte
  1414.         too late Sean..
  1415.         13:49Kevin Blanc
  1416.         they just been ddos'd lol
  1417.         13:49Mike P
  1418.         Server status red then
  1419.         13:49James Ortega
  1420.         There's already spiders doing this anyways
  1421.         13:50Josiah Mory
  1422.         is that illegal if it is public though?
  1423.         13:50Mike Rodrick
  1424.         http://www.exploit-db.com/google-dorks/
  1425.         13:50Mike P
  1426.         Looking forward Shawn to when you demo Bank of America tweaks lol
  1427.         13:50Michala Liavaag
  1428.         yes for helping with risk assessments
  1429.         13:51Michala Liavaag
  1430.         Oh wait - time delay - you already posted before you said you were posting!
  1431.         13:51James P
  1432.         Thanks @Mike
  1433.         13:52John Donahue
  1434.         let us know when the black van pulls up outside
  1435.         13:52Philip Taylor
  1436.         If you are doing a class then you may have more latitude as long as you show but don't modify
  1437.         13:52Josiah Mory
  1438.         I mean I get it, but it seems like leaving a wallet on the sidewalk and expecting it not to be looked at
  1439.         13:52Michala Liavaag
  1440.         Ugh - what sort of IT admin uses a password of 6 characters with their name and 3 numbers?
  1441.         13:53James Ortega
  1442.         Or a cellphone that is out and you aren't gonna do forensics on it.
  1443.         13:53William Saunders
  1444.         couldn't be worse than who I used to work for
  1445.         13:53William Saunders
  1446.         it was just an obfuscated version of the company name
  1447.         13:53Philip Taylor
  1448.         Dont laugh about the black vans. They are building a new branch of the Metro in DC and a couple years ago they cut fiber that wasn't on the map and 15 minutes later 3 black SUVs showed with lots of guys with guns asking lots of questions
  1449.         13:54James Ortega
  1450.         Grey hacker mode
  1451.         13:54David Beem
  1452.         http://httpd.apache.org/server-status: "Yes, this page is deliberately public, there is no need to report it to our security team and if you do we'll just ignore the report"
  1453.         13:54Mike P
  1454.         Thanks Davis!
  1455.         13:54James Ortega
  1456.         In some countries VPNs are illegal
  1457.         13:54Philip Taylor
  1458.         I know one or two who use crappy passwords with the excuse that who would want to hack our stuff
  1459.         13:54Mike P
  1460.         Stupid isn't it James
  1461.         13:55Mike P
  1462.         @philip all to common. Especially people who leave defaults
  1463.         13:55Philip Taylor
  1464.         Silver line in Tysons Corner
  1465.         13:55James P
  1466.         Watch for the pizza delivery guy or flowers you did not order
  1467.         13:55Kevin Blanc
  1468.         I found that an admin had put up a citrix web access gateway a couple of years ago with admin admin will on the console, told him and 3 month later.. still no change, they can me lazy as hell
  1469.         13:55James Ortega
  1470.         Yeah, it's bad. UAE, Iran are the major players.
  1471.         13:55Michala Liavaag
  1472.         Feeling like a security n00b for failing to engage VPN before browsing to some of these sies...
  1473.         13:56Philip Taylor
  1474.         Worked for an small ISP a few years ago and we had constant attacks from certain countries
  1475.         13:56Michala Liavaag
  1476.         @Kevin isn't that a disciplinary offence?
  1477.         13:56Kevin Blanc
  1478.         yep
  1479.         13:56James Ortega
  1480.         Also, in the UK they arrest peeps for posting "questionable" material on FB.
  1481.         13:56Fabian Lazarte
  1482.         I asked before that having a CEH certification makes you more prompt for scrutiny in case something goes bad?
  1483.         13:56Brian Hutchins
  1484.         Yup, living in the DC metro area is fun
  1485.         13:57Claudius Stute
  1486.         I use to live in Ashburn durring that time.
  1487.         13:57Mike P
  1488.         True James. Although not quite as common as the media make out
  1489.         13:57Kevin Blanc
  1490.         also should be a shooting offence
  1491.         13:57David Beem
  1492.         @Philip Yeah, that's still going on.
  1493.         13:57Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1494.         I would like a CEH book, please. 
  1496.         13:57Michala Liavaag
  1497.         Please - more segments today 
  1499.         13:57James Ortega
  1500.         I keep track of this. Why? Those incidents encourage others to change laws.
  1501.         13:58Fabian Lazarte
  1502.         It happened last week to me
  1503.         13:58Philip Taylor
  1504.         Once you put the CEH on your LInkedin page you will get noticed if nothing else by someone using your town and hacker in a search when looking for who broke into a local site
  1505.         13:58Michael Guido
  1506.         depends on the role you play in your company
  1507.         13:59James Ortega
  1508.         EC Council used to ask for which employer requires you to have this knowledge.
  1509.         13:59Fabian Lazarte
  1510.         my client's mortgage company got hacked and I went to do regular maintenance and the police was there and asked, who has access to the system?... Guess who was the first suspect?
  1511.         13:59James Ortega
  1512.         Everything is done with common sense.
  1513.         14:00John Donahue
  1514.         I just give them Sean's name
  1515.         14:00James Ortega
  1516.         It was like you had to sign an affidavit.
  1517.         14:01Michala Liavaag
  1518.         Perhaps their revenues were taking a hit *cynic*
  1519.         14:01Fabian Lazarte
  1520.         right.
  1521.         14:02James Ortega
  1522.         There aren't enough security professional out there. 1 Million short as of now.
  1523.         14:02James P
  1524.         It is like the people who have their CWP 
  1526.         14:02Mike P
  1527.         Great stuff Shawn. Can we have your mic on as its a little quite. Thanks.
  1528.         14:02Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1529.         Revenue is everything, right?
  1530.         14:03Fabian Lazarte
  1531.         the mortgage company got hacked therefore hackers intercepted my client's conversation with them, but I setup Office 365 for them, so they asked, who else has access to your email? Well..It left me thinking who can I protect myself?
  1532.         14:03Fabian Lazarte
  1533.         is there insurance for IT's?
  1534.         14:03Michala Liavaag
  1535.         In the UK there is a big push for more cyber security professionals but they are focused on academic side too much for my taste
  1536.         14:03Michala Liavaag
  1537.         A lot of people with real world business experience who could relsih career change
  1538.         14:04Michael Guido
  1539.         @James - who is holding back the hiring ??
  1540.         14:04James Ortega
  1541.         There is a push for it here too. I saw the other day that the FBI was looking.
  1542.         14:04Michala Liavaag
  1543.         @Fabian Some professional bodies have discounts for liability insurance if you are a member of one
  1544.         14:04Mike P
  1545.         I think being knowledgeable in software development helps. It's helped me loads
  1546.         14:04James Ortega
  1547.         @Mike not enough ppl w/ knowledge skill set to do the jobs required. Not enough training.
  1548.         14:05Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1549.         I am getting my second master degree in Computer Security in addition to my general Computer Science masters. After a few years working in IT for insurance company. Lot of things to work on when finished.
  1550.         14:05Michael Guido
  1551.         not ENOUGH ppl with CERTS
  1552.         14:05Michala Liavaag
  1553.         Is it nt enough people with CERTs or hands on experience?
  1554.         14:05Michael Guido
  1555.         Thankfully ITPro is helping me get them!!
  1556.         14:05James Ortega
  1557.         It's actually the skillset.
  1558.         14:05Michala Liavaag
  1559.         @James yeah
  1560.         14:06Mike P
  1561.         Real world experience trumps every time. Whether you agree or not. That's what employers want.
  1562.         14:07James Ortega
  1563.         I have tons of experience but no degree over 25 yrs in IT.
  1564.         14:07Shawn Prater
  1565.         Yes, but certifications are the gateway to real world experience
  1566.         14:08Shawn Prater
  1567.         I say that, but all I have is the A+, and I've been working level 3
  1568.         14:08Josiah Mory
  1569.         @Mike P what is the software development that you do?
  1570.         14:08James Ortega
  1571.         Johnny did a lot of work in Africa
  1572.         14:08Michael Guido
  1573.         And CERTS are a check mark on an audit control, etc
  1574.         14:08Eric Bartel
  1575.         certs are proof you can pass a test.
  1576.         14:08James Ortega
  1577.         Same here @Shawn
  1578.         14:09Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1579.         Did the feed freeze or is it my network that is slow....
  1580.         14:09William Saunders
  1581.         slow
  1582.         14:09James P
  1583.         Does getting your CEH mean you are certified as ethical? LOL
  1584.         14:09Mike P
  1585.         C# asp.net development primarily, but alsorts. Primarily in ensuring my development team meet security requirements to meet gov contracts
  1586.         14:10Shawn Prater
  1587.         Feed is stable for me on Roku
  1588.         14:10William Saunders
  1589.         I have 0 certs right now
  1590.         14:10William Saunders
  1591.         I am planning on linux+, sec+, sscp, ceh
  1592.         14:10William Saunders
  1593.         probably net+ as well
  1594.         14:10Shawn Prater
  1595.         Just get your A+, it's worth getting at least that. Easy test. Passed it my first day of college... back in 03... lol
  1596.         14:10Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1597.         It must be my cell network 3G that is giving up. Grr
  1598.         14:10Eric Bartel
  1599.         20+ years experience zero certs.
  1600.         14:10Josiah Mory
  1601.         @Mike P cool
  1602.         14:10James Ortega
  1603.         Good Luck guys! We've all been there.
  1604.         14:11James Ortega
  1605.         & gals!... 
  1607.         14:11James P
  1608.         A+ is in 2 parts now ~$700
  1609.         14:11Michael Guido
  1610.         tesla
  1611.         14:12Shawn Prater
  1612.         Holy crap.... seriously James?
  1613.         14:12James Ortega
  1614.         That's whats holding me back is the funding.
  1615.         14:13James P
  1616.         Me too @James
  1617.         14:13James Ortega
  1618.         I was ready to take the Net+ but again no $. 
  1620.         14:13Fabian Lazarte
  1621.         insane
  1622.         14:14Michael Guido
  1623.         what AV client are you tempting??
  1624.         14:14Michala Liavaag
  1625.         crap
  1626.         14:14Fabian Lazarte
  1627.         unbelievable
  1628.         14:15Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1629.         Restart browser and i can watch again. Juju....
  1630.         14:15Fabian Lazarte
  1631.         use typewriter for passwords
  1632.         14:15Claudius Stute
  1633.         wow
  1634.         14:15Mike P
  1635.         Lastpass
  1636.         14:15Michala Liavaag
  1637.         Vote for Keepass here
  1638.         14:15James Ortega
  1639.         LOL @Fabian
  1640.         14:15Josiah Mory
  1641.         gosh
  1642.         14:15Claudius Stute
  1643.         I like Lastpass
  1644.         14:15James Ortega
  1645.         Lastpass
  1646.         14:15Josiah Mory
  1647.         lastpass here too
  1648.         14:15Shawn Prater
  1649.         I know what to say.......... stop putting dumb stuff on an outwardly facing server LOL
  1650.         14:15Philip Taylor
  1651.         Lastpass
  1652.         14:15James Ortega
  1653.         Been a member for years
  1654.         14:16Claudius Stute
  1655.         and 2 factor authentication
  1656.         14:16Carl Howard
  1657.         sorry, I missed how you got to the google hacks onhttp://www.hackersforcharity.org/
  1658.         14:16Josiah Mory
  1659.         but any password manager is good
  1660.         14:16John Donahue
  1661.         I'm changing my password to password1 right now.
  1662.         14:16Brian Hutchins
  1663.         @Carl http://www.hackersforcharity.org/ghdb/
  1664.         14:16Claudius Stute
  1665.         New pass word: 12345
  1666.         14:16Philip Taylor
  1667.         Certifications are the keys to the HR departments not the IT folks who value experience
  1668.         14:17James Ortega
  1669.         I try to encourage my customers to use different passwords
  1670.         14:17Carl Howard
  1671.         LastPass Is a great tool for generating strong passwords and uses one way encryption.
  1672.         14:17Fabian Lazarte
  1673.         we know now that Mike uses Bank of AMerica
  1674.         14:17Alan Wamser
  1675.         ITPRO tv students get hacked for opening up malware infected password file 
  1677.         14:17Claudius Stute
  1678.         Spaceballs!!!
  1679.         14:17James Ortega
  1680.         I'll smack you if your password is "Monkey"
  1681.         14:18Fabian Lazarte
  1682.         "incorrect"
  1683.         14:18Brian Hutchins
  1684.         all levels of wrong
  1685.         14:18Philip Taylor
  1686.         Pull out the desk drawer and look for the post it note
  1687.         14:18James P
  1688.         Sry guys and gals Comptia has the cost of A+ for $194 so I am not sure
  1689.         14:19Shawn Prater
  1690.         @James that sounds more correct
  1691.         14:19James P
  1692.         I heard it was in 2 parts 1. Software 2. Hardware
  1693.         14:20James Ortega
  1694.         I think I paid $125 back in '03
  1695.         14:20Shawn Prater
  1696.         Yeah
  1697.         14:21Michala Liavaag
  1698.         Wind turbines???
  1699.         14:21James Ortega
  1700.         That will start getting into SCADA systems.
  1701.         14:21William Saunders
  1702.         webcams are VERY weak
  1703.         14:21David Goodin
  1704.         I can't remember what i paid for A+, it has been almost 20 years
  1705.         14:21Philip Taylor
  1706.         Next thing is car hacking
  1707.         14:21Fabian Lazarte
  1708.         will IPv6 make things more secure of the opposite?
  1709.         14:21James Ortega
  1710.         Webcams & IPcams are joke. LMAO!
  1711.         14:21William Saunders
  1712.         Some of the big names have hardcoded admin creds
  1713.         14:21Shawn Prater
  1714.         So are copiers. You'd be surprised what info is on the HDD of a well used copier, with poor authentication
  1715.         14:21Fabian Lazarte
  1716.         *or
  1717.         14:22David Beem
  1718.         And DVD systems typically have numeric-only passwords.
  1719.         14:22Philip Taylor
  1720.         Clear violation of health car regs
  1721.         14:22David Beem
  1722.         *DVR*
  1723.         14:22David Goodin
  1724.         @Shawn, I agree network printers are also vulnerable
  1725.         14:22James Ortega
  1726.         NEST is another one. Kill your A/C and make it ice up.
  1727.         14:22James P
  1728.         Are webcams weak in security by design or is it how they are implemented?
  1729.         14:23Shawn Prater
  1730.         Yeah yeah yeah lol
  1731.         14:23James Ortega
  1732.         @James P. Both
  1733.         14:23James Ortega
  1734.         Like a proxy
  1735.         14:24Claudius Stute
  1736.         Nice
  1737.         14:24James P
  1738.         Thanks @James -Nanny cams are a joke too!
  1739.         14:24James Ortega
  1740.         the chilling affect.
  1741.         14:24Fabian Lazarte
  1742.         good link!
  1743.         14:25Mike P
  1744.         IP cams are ok if implemented securely. Mine are behind my lan. Only accessible to vpn. And all outgoing communications disabled to stop "phoning home"
  1745.         14:25Josiah Mory
  1746.         cool
  1747.         14:25James Ortega
  1748.         The naughty nanny cam... 
  1750.         14:25Shawn Prater
  1751.         Tor is useful too
  1752.         14:25James Ortega
  1753.         Aviation Browser
  1754.         14:26James Ortega
  1755.         You can use TAILS
  1756.         14:26Claudius Stute
  1757.         https://www.epicbrowser.com/ has a bad cert...
  1758.         14:26James Ortega
  1759.         @Clauduis that could be due to HSTS.
  1761. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  1763.         14:26James Ortega
  1764.         Aviation Browser
  1765.         14:26Shawn Prater
  1766.         Tor is useful too
  1767.         14:26James Ortega
  1768.         You can use TAILS
  1769.         14:27Claudius Stute
  1770.         https://www.epicbrowser.com/ has a bad cert...
  1771.         14:27James Ortega
  1772.         @Clauduis that could be due to HSTS.
  1773.         14:28Michala Liavaag
  1774.         Are you going to go ahead and do a couple more segments today?
  1775.         14:28Michael Guido
  1776.         Would you want to spin up a fresh VM for foot printing a new or repeat client??
  1777.         14:28Mike P
  1778.         @claudius cert seems fine to me
  1779.         14:29James Ortega
  1780.         Probably one more segment
  1781.         14:29Mike P
  1782.         Just checked with crl checking on as well.
  1783.         14:29Claudius Stute
  1784.         @Mike I had to add an acception
  1785.         14:29Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1786.         Book?
  1787.         14:29Fabian Lazarte
  1788.         @Shawn, do you think IPv6 will make things more secure?
  1789.         14:29Michael Robins
  1790.         awesome show guys!
  1791.         14:29Mike P
  1792.         Normally that's a bad idea
  1793.         14:29Kevin Blanc
  1794.         Great show cheers guys
  1795.         14:30Michael Robins
  1796.         Guess the Red shirt survived this time!
  1797.         14:30Josiah Mory
  1798.         Awesome show guys
  1799.         14:30Mike P
  1800.         Check the thumbprint on grc.com to see if it's been tampered with
  1801.         14:30David Goodin
  1802.         Another great show with a lot of good info, thanks
  1803.         14:30James P
  1804.         Great show guy!
  1805.         14:30Claudius Stute
  1806.         @Mike Ya, I know. It worked after I reloaded the page twice. No aception needed
  1807.         14:30Manoj Balachandran
  1808.         Still giving away books?
  1809.         14:30Michala Liavaag
  1810.         Cool thanks
  1811.         14:31James Ortega
  1812.         I said both
  1813.         14:31David Beem
  1814.         "Security" cameras, ironically.
  1815.         14:31Kevin Blanc
  1816.         embedded devices tend to have bad security usually
  1817.         14:31Mike P
  1818.         Just make sure you setup the camera safely. Like any it device. It's going to get more important with Internet of things
  1819.         14:31Robert McDuffee
  1820.         Does/Will IPV6 make networks more secure or have no affect?
  1821.         14:31James Ortega
  1822.         VPN into them.
  1823.         14:32David Goodin
  1824.         Security cameras should be on their own vLAN
  1825.         14:32Fabian Lazarte
  1826.         I asked the same Robert ..waiting for answer.
  1827.         14:32Mike P
  1828.         IP camera should not be public. Vpn only!
  1829.         14:32Rocky Peritt
  1830.         Great show!
  1831.         14:32Kevin Blanc
  1832.         yup
  1833.         14:32Mike P
  1834.         ipv6 will be more secure. Google about ipsec you will see why
  1835.         14:32David Goodin
  1836.         absolutely, no outside access to any security camera
  1837.         14:32Josiah Mory
  1838.         yeah they are pretty dumb usually
  1839.         14:32James Ortega
  1840.         Go tomcat.
  1841.         14:33Manoj Balachandran
  1842.         Is yesterdays recording available now?
  1843.         14:33James P
  1844.         Great info guys. Thanks a lot
  1845.         14:33William Saunders
  1846.         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8DjTcANBx0
  1847.         14:33Fabian Lazarte
  1848.         what about IPV6
  1849.         14:33Kevin Blanc
  1850.         and once popped opens up your whole lan 
  1852.         14:33Fabian Lazarte
  1853.         is it more secure?
  1854.         14:33James Ortega
  1855.         Excellent Link @Will
  1856.         14:34Brian Wollesen
  1857.         no nat in ipv6
  1858.         14:34David Goodin
  1859.         I don't think the fathers of the internet even though of securing it, they probably just wanted to get it all working in the first place
  1860.         14:35James P
  1861.         Thanks for the link @William
  1862.         14:35Mike P
  1863.         Check out IPv6 class on their library
  1864.         14:35William Saunders
  1865.         yw
  1866.         14:35Mike P
  1867.         ronnie and Don cover it
  1868.         14:35Michael Guido
  1869.         Would you want to spin up a fresh VM for foot printing a new or repeat client??
  1870.         14:35James Ortega
  1871.         /64
  1872.         14:35Michala Liavaag
  1873.         @William - thanks for the link, will watch later
  1874.         14:35Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1875.         Yeah, but Nat keeps you a little more safe
  1876.         14:35Brian Wollesen
  1877.         good luck scanning the whole internet with ipv6
  1878.         14:36Fabian Lazarte
  1879.         good point @Brian
  1880.         14:36James Ortega
  1881.         You can use ZMAP.
  1882.         14:36Robert McDuffee
  1883.         @David Look for the book Where Wizards Stay up Late for a good history of the Internet and the people that built it.
  1884.         14:36James Ortega
  1885.         Cliffhanger
  1886.         14:36Brian Wollesen
  1887.         i prefer being behind nat
  1888.         14:36Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1889.         Book Book Book
  1890.         14:36William Saunders
  1891.         @brain... build massive botnet... divide up work eqaully... profit
  1892.         14:36Brian Hutchins
  1893.         Good read @Robert
  1894.         14:37Michala Liavaag
  1895.         @Robert thanks - added to my to read wish list
  1896.         14:37Brian Wollesen
  1897.         i don't have one
  1898.         14:37David Goodin
  1899.         @Robert, Actually I just got that book. Plan on reading it on vacation in a couple of weeks.
  1900.         14:37James Ortega
  1901.         ZMAP https://zmap.io/
  1902.         14:37Brian Wollesen
  1903.         thanks
  1904.         14:37James P
  1905.         Q: Having no NAT with IPv6 means everyone can get to you from the internet, no filtering right?
  1906.         14:38Mike P
  1907.         Nap.org is a good network scanner or zen map for the guy lovers
  1908.         14:38Mike P
  1909.         Jame, not if your router and firewall is setup correctly
  1910.         14:38David Goodin
  1911.         I have a number of books I need to read, already have 3 marked for vacation. I usually read a book a week but with my CISSP studies I've fallen behind
  1912.         14:38Brian Wollesen
  1913.         with nat you need to send a packed befor they can send to you
  1914.         14:38Mike P
  1915.         Check their IPv6 video they go through it all.
  1916.         14:39Fabian Lazarte
  1917.         nap.org is an AIDS organization. @Mike P
  1918.         14:39James P
  1919.         Thanks @Mike P
  1920.         14:39Mike P
  1921.         Nmap.org stupid ipad correct
  1922.         14:39Mike P
  1924.         14:40David Goodin
  1925.         I hate iPad auto-correctness
  1926.         14:40Mike P
  1927.         Tell me about it. I've sent some embarring emails
  1928.         14:40David Goodin
  1929.         Same here, LOL
  1930.         14:40Mike P
  1931.         Embarrassing !
  1932.         14:40William Saunders
  1933.         what's an iPad?
  1934.         14:40Brian Hutchins
  1935.         I love the site "damn you autocorrect"
  1936.         14:41Mike P
  1937.         @brian it's good isn't it
  1938.         14:41Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1939.         Book........ 
  1941.         14:41David Goodin
  1942.         iPads are great for reading and watching videos, I rarely use it for anything else
  1943.         14:42James Ortega
  1944.         I love my nexus 7 v2.
  1945.         14:42Brian Wollesen
  1946.         brain dead... break time brb
  1947.         14:42Shawn Prater
  1948.         Hey @James, you can put Kali Nethunter on that nexus
  1949.         14:42James Ortega
  1950.         Anyone have the Neus 9?
  1951.         14:42William Saunders
  1952.         i used to love my nexus 7 v1... until two months after I had it... i had it in my pocket and sat down in an old victorian style chair
  1953.         14:42James Ortega
  1954.         Really @Shawn. Interesting.
  1955.         14:43William Saunders
  1956.         the edge of the screen caught the armrest... no more screen
  1957.         14:43Shawn Prater
  1958.         @James https://www.kali.org/kali-linux-nethunter/
  1959.         14:43Claudius Stute
  1960.         Hope that end before SecurityNow starts
  1961.         14:43Mike P
  1962.         500th episode!
  1963.         14:43Claudius Stute
  1964.         Yup
  1965.         14:44Joseph Pellegrino
  1966.         Hope it's a good one. SN#500
  1967.         14:44Mike P
  1968.         ive booked the family tv for that one!
  1969.         14:44Michael Guido
  1970.         does SN have a live broadcast?
  1971.         14:44Mike P
  1972.         twit have the live broadcasts
  1973.         14:44Claudius Stute
  1974.         At 1630edt
  1975.         14:44James Ortega
  1976.         Thanks @Shawn
  1977.         14:44Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1978.         SN in two hours
  1979.         14:44Mike P
  1980.         9:30pm UK time
  1981.         14:44James Ortega
  1982.         SN does. live.twit.tv @ 430pm today
  1983.         14:45Claudius Stute
  1984.         2030UTC
  1985.         14:45Daryl Robillard
  1986.         http://twit.tv/show/security-now
  1987.         14:45Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1988.         22.30 GMT+1
  1989.         14:46Richard Magnor Stenbro
  1990.         Just after MacBreak Weekly that is on now
  1991.         14:46James Ortega
  1992.         time.is is good for keeping track
  1993.         14:47David Beem
  1994.         Andy Ihnatko has the ultimate backdrop.
  1995.         14:47Claudius Stute
  1996.         Right, 1630edt is 2030UTC
  1997.         14:48James P
  1998.         SN is how I heard about ITPRO.tv. Steve and Leo rock!
  1999.         14:48Claudius Stute
  2000.         Same here
  2001.         14:48Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2002.         Me too
  2003.         14:48Mike P
  2004.         I think we all did james
  2005.         14:48Michala Liavaag
  2006.         Deja vu
  2007.         14:48Joseph Pellegrino
  2008.         Me too!!
  2009.         14:48Daryl Robillard
  2010.         You bet!
  2011.         14:48James Ortega
  2012.         they sure do.
  2013.         14:49Philip Taylor
  2014.         They are great
  2015.         14:49Ronnie Wong
  2016.         We're glad to have TWIT fans with us!
  2017.         14:49Josiah Mory
  2018.         I head about it there too
  2019.         14:49Mike P
  2020.         Hi again ronnie
  2021.         14:49Ronnie Wong
  2022.         I also go by...."batman!"
  2023.         14:49Ronnie Wong
  2024.         no not really.
  2025.         14:50Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2026.         We need books.... 
  2028.         14:50David Beem
  2029.         I have two Dell S2409W monitors, one on IT Pro TV & one on TWiT right now.
  2030.         14:50Claudius Stute
  2031.         @James thanks for the time.is site
  2032.         14:51Shawn Prater
  2033.         Yes! Books! Signed by Sean = NERD CRED!
  2034.         14:51James Ortega
  2035.         I have the same monitor Dave.
  2036.         14:51Brian Hutchins
  2037.         We should all get them 
  2039.         14:51Ronnie Wong
  2040.         Richard...there's a secret to getting the books...
  2041.         14:51Ronnie Wong
  2042.         bribes! 
  2044.         14:51Shawn Prater
  2045.         *hands Ronnie $10
  2046.         14:51Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2047.         No problem. What do you want. 
  2049.         14:52Brian Hutchins
  2050.         I tried, but James ate all the pot roast, so I couldn't send them a food bribe...
  2051.         14:52James Ortega
  2052.         LOL
  2053.         14:52Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2054.         Sign the book
  2055.         14:52James P
  2056.         Ronnie rocks! (bribe enough?)
  2057.         14:52Mike P
  2058.         He has signed them. He did it earlier
  2059.         14:53Fabian Lazarte
  2060.         @Shawn, do you use backtrack?
  2061.         14:54James Ortega
  2062.         Much Love for Viv!
  2063.         14:54Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2064.         Bribe for book...
  2065.         14:54Shawn Prater
  2066.         *googles* filetype:xls book drawing winner site:ITpro.tv
  2067.         14:54William Saunders
  2068.         @fabian.... the CEH guy's name is Sean. not Shawn.
  2069.         14:54Michala Liavaag
  2070.         LOL@Shawn
  2071.         14:54William Saunders
  2072.         LOL @ Shawn
  2073.         14:55James Ortega
  2074.         Hey, she's doing all of the work.
  2075.         14:55Fabian Lazarte
  2076.         sorry
  2077.         14:55Fabian Lazarte
  2078.         thanks William
  2079.         14:55Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2080.         Stop
  2081.         14:55Fabian Lazarte
  2082.         @Sean, do you use backtrack?
  2084. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  2087. 14:53Fabian Lazarte
  2088. @Shawn, do you use backtrack?
  2090. 14:54James Ortega
  2091. Much Love for Viv!
  2093. 14:54Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2094. Bribe for book...
  2096. 14:54Shawn Prater
  2097. *googles* filetype:xls book drawing winner site:ITpro.tv
  2099. 14:54William Saunders
  2100. @fabian.... the CEH guy's name is Sean. not Shawn.
  2102. 14:54Michala Liavaag
  2103. LOL@Shawn
  2105. 14:54William Saunders
  2106. LOL @ Shawn
  2108. 14:55James Ortega
  2109. Hey, she's doing all of the work.
  2111. 14:55Fabian Lazarte
  2112. sorry
  2114. 14:55Fabian Lazarte
  2115. thanks William
  2117. 14:55Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2118. Stop
  2120. 14:55Fabian Lazarte
  2121. @Sean, do you use backtrack?
  2123. 14:59Michael Robins
  2124. I wish clients would quit calling me so I could just watch the show!
  2126. 14:59Michala Liavaag
  2127. How very inconsiderate of them 
  2131. 15:00James Ortega
  2132. Packet internet groper.
  2134. 15:00William Saunders
  2135. protip. set your phone to DND... better to ask forgiveness than permission right?
  2137. 15:00Shawn Prater
  2138. @Sean - How much do penetration services run for small, medium, and large businesses?
  2140. 15:00Mike P
  2141. @william haha
  2143. 15:00James Ortega
  2144. Amplification Attacks
  2146. 15:00James P
  2147. isn't that pig? lol
  2149. 15:01Mike P
  2150. A good admin should be using these tools
  2152. 15:01Shawn Prater
  2153. @Sean - Not asking for super specifics, just an idea how much a company might charge
  2155. 15:01James Ortega
  2156. That is why it's PING today
  2158. 15:01Mike P
  2159. offensive monitoring of your network
  2161. 15:01Shawn Prater
  2162. VNC Injections are my favorite
  2164. 15:01Mike P
  2165. Many devices disable ping now. Which is a shame but sometimes needed
  2167. 15:02James Ortega
  2168. NAMP can send packets to devices that have their pings off.
  2170. 15:02Mike P
  2171. @shawn. Depends size of the company. And what they want you to search and discover
  2173. 15:02James Ortega
  2174. Give me raw sockets
  2176. 15:03Mike P
  2177. Telnet is useful for contacting ping disabled devices as you connect to the port.
  2179. 15:03James P
  2180. PING came from the Navy sonar. The packet internet grouper came from that 
  2184. 15:03Mike P
  2185. That's all we should be using telnet for today lol
  2187. 15:03Shawn Prater
  2188. Basic domain, client/server scan, and role evaluation on the servers?
  2190. 15:04James Ortega
  2191. Yep @James P
  2193. 15:04Shawn Prater
  2194. SQL, AD, WSUS, Remote Services
  2196. 15:04Shawn Prater
  2197. Small business
  2199. 15:04Mike P
  2200. A company is likely to want you to test a specific part of their system. You might not know that though. And with any trade it's how good you are compared to what they pay you
  2202. 15:04James P
  2203. *groper
  2205. 15:04Shawn Prater
  2206. ah
  2208. 15:05Shawn Prater
  2209. Still gives me no idea 
  2213. 15:05David Goodin
  2214. I use domain tools and net craft http://www.netcraft.com as well
  2216. 15:06Mike P
  2217. Snook up on windows is my go to tool
  2219. 15:06Mike P
  2220. nslookup
  2222. 15:06Mike P
  2223. rather
  2225. 15:06Michala Liavaag
  2226. Some relevant firefox addins I use are: netcraft anti-phishing toolbar, HackSearch, Header Spy, Server Spy, Show IP, W3Spy.net Websites Information
  2228. 15:06William Saunders
  2229. has over 30K domains
  2231. 15:08Mike P
  2232. You can hide your details on .com domains.
  2234. 15:08Mike P
  2235. Most registrars charge for the privelage
  2237. 15:09David Goodin
  2238. Hover.com does not charge extra
  2240. 15:09Matthew Smith
  2241. hover.com rocks
  2243. 15:09Mike P
  2244. Thanks David. I hate paying to protect a clients details or even mine.
  2246. 15:09David Goodin
  2247. @Mike, I agree
  2249. 15:10David Goodin
  2250. I switched all of my Godaddy domains over
  2252. 15:10Claudius Stute
  2253. We need a transcript of this chat in the show notes. Alot of good info here
  2255. 15:10James Ortega
  2256. No more GoDaddy either. After they supported SOPA. I kicked them the curb after that.
  2258. 15:10Mike P
  2259. Rob - any chance there is a way to get the chat details to people?
  2261. 15:11Michala Liavaag
  2262. EC council has a named contact...
  2264. 15:11David Goodin
  2265. @James, that was the main reason I left as well
  2267. 15:11David Goodin
  2268. EC Council got hacked too
  2270. 15:11James Ortega
  2271. Then those punks backpaddled.
  2273. 15:12John Donahue
  2274. Shodan has a nice Chrome addon
  2276. 15:12Matthew Smith
  2277. @James. I left Godaddy.com as well b/c SOPA
  2279. 15:12James Ortega
  2280. I had a buddy of mine that had over 30 domain names and he moved.
  2282. 15:13Mike P
  2283. Dnssec should be briefly covered here.
  2285. 15:13David Goodin
  2286. @Mike, yeah, noDNS should also be covered
  2288. 15:13Mike P
  2289. If not ITProTV have it in security+ and windows 410 videos
  2291. 15:13James Ortega
  2292. DNSSEC is a bear to setup and that's why it isn't whidely used.
  2294. 15:13Matthew Smith
  2295. @James. What a nightmare. I am in a similar situation with NetSol. They were bad before, but even worse after web.com bought them.
  2297. 15:14Mike P
  2298. Only setup dnssec on a lan. I suspect one day the whole internet will have it
  2300. 15:14Mike P
  2301. split brain DNS is very common in business environment.
  2303. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  2305.         15:14Mike P
  2306.         Only setup dnssec on a lan. I suspect one day the whole internet will have it
  2307.         15:14Mike P
  2308.         split brain DNS is very common in business environment.
  2309.         15:15James Ortega
  2310.         the root servers have DNSSEC on them.
  2311.         15:15David Goodin
  2312.         I have been through split brain DNS hell
  2313.         15:15Mike P
  2314.         Internal clients are hidden from the web side. Therefore external people can't scan through your DNS cataloging your whole internal IP address range
  2315.         15:16Michala Liavaag
  2316.         Felicity in Arrow has lots of GUI
  2317.         15:17David Goodin
  2318.         @Michala, yeah LOL
  2319.         15:17Josiah Mory
  2320.         I was watching hackers the other day
  2321.         15:17William Saunders
  2322.         ugh,... i'm starting to crash... my eyelids are sooo heavy
  2323.         15:17William Saunders
  2324.         lol @josiah
  2325.         15:17Josiah Mory
  2326.         makes hacking look so glamorous
  2327.         15:17William Saunders
  2328.         zer0cool is da best
  2329.         15:18Brian Hutchins
  2330.         I'm a fan of Acidburn
  2331.         15:18Mike P
  2332.         Dnssec helps stop searching through someone's DNS zone file.
  2333.         15:18David Goodin
  2334.         @Josiah, that movie got me interested in hacking in the first place. I remember seeing it in the theater
  2335.         15:18Jeff Sellers
  2336.         @David, That one and Sneakers
  2337.         15:18William Saunders
  2338.         Shaggy?
  2339.         15:19David Goodin
  2340.         @Jeff, yeah I forgot about that one
  2341.         15:19William Saunders
  2342.         Sneakers was actually somewhat realistic
  2343.         15:19Matthew Smith
  2344.         +1 for Sneakers
  2345.         15:19David Goodin
  2346.         I have both movies
  2347.         15:19James Ortega
  2348.         Swordfish
  2349.         15:19David Goodin
  2350.         @William, I agree
  2351.         15:20James P
  2352.         Sneakers was good
  2353.         15:20Mike P
  2354.         If your wanting a global view of a current domains DNS. For example your moving servers. Use whatsmydns.net
  2355.         15:20Matthew Smith
  2356.         I am glad to find them available digitally. I was only then able to toss my VHS machine
  2357.         15:20Mike P
  2358.         its very useful site
  2359.         15:20William Saunders
  2360.         two most accurate hacking movies: The Matrix(trinity is using nmap) & the social network(famesmash section)
  2361.         15:21Mike P
  2362.         Shawn. I heard having a lower ttl on DNS is safer. As it lowers the time for poisioning DNS to stick. Is that true?
  2363.         15:22David Goodin
  2364.         @William, I remember that now. Matrix is awesome for so many reasons 
  2366.         Don't remember seeing the Social Network
  2367.         15:24David Goodin
  2368.         so DNSSEC for non-repudiation?
  2369.         15:24Mike P
  2370.         Dnssec just proves the persons result really came from them
  2371.         15:24Brian Hutchins
  2372.         Oh that's right, The Imitation Game is out today, thanks random itunes email!
  2373.         15:24Mike P
  2374.         your validating the response
  2375.         15:25Mike P
  2376.         The 410 and 411 videos cover this being setup. In fact mike presents that one
  2377.         15:25Michala Liavaag
  2378.         @David yes - I believe so if my definitions are correct
  2379.         15:26David Goodin
  2380.         @Michala, cool thanks!
  2381.         15:28Mike P
  2382.         Http response headers give loads of info about the server
  2383.         15:29Kevin Blanc
  2384.         fierce also a good dns tool
  2385.         15:29Shawn Prater
  2386.         ^
  2387.         15:30Brian Hutchins
  2388.         Maintenance day...
  2389.         15:30Mike P
  2390.         Any answer to my ttl DNS question?
  2391.         15:31Philip Taylor
  2392.         How long a break?
  2393.         15:31David Beem
  2394.         Black screen.
  2395.         15:31David Goodin
  2396.         Going to grab a late lunch, cya in a bit
  2397.         15:31David Beem
  2398.         I'll refresh.
  2399.         15:31Brian Hutchins
  2400.         yes refresh
  2401.         15:32Christopher Clarke
  2402.         macbreak is still on picks. we still got time till Security Now
  2403.         15:32Josiah Mory
  2404.         There are lots of awesome tools
  2406. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  2408.         15:32Christopher Clarke
  2409.         macbreak is still on picks. we still got time till Security Now
  2410.         15:32Josiah Mory
  2411.         There are lots of awesome tools
  2412.         15:32James Ortega
  2413.         Yep, Mac is still going.
  2414.         15:32Mike P
  2415.         Thanks
  2416.         15:32David Beem
  2417.         My travel router arrived.
  2418.         15:32Claudius Stute
  2419.         vidio down for anyone else?
  2420.         15:32James Ortega
  2421.         Yep
  2422.         15:32Kevin Blanc
  2423.         nope all good here
  2424.         15:33Philip Taylor
  2425.         no video issue here
  2426.         15:33Daryl Robillard
  2427.         I had to press F5
  2428.         15:33James Ortega
  2429.         Refresh
  2430.         15:33Claudius Stute
  2431.         @David which one?
  2432.         15:33Winston Croft
  2433.         video and sound down
  2434.         15:33Kevin Blanc
  2435.         oh wait forzen for me but audio working
  2436.         15:33Carl Howard
  2437.         Mine is frozen
  2438.         15:33Philip Taylor
  2439.         Can be useful to lower it if you are about to make changes
  2440.         15:33Josiah Mory
  2441.         all good
  2442.         15:33Carl Howard
  2443.         Have sound though
  2444.         15:33Claudius Stute
  2445.         Black schreen here
  2446.         15:33Philip Taylor
  2447.         Set back when done
  2448.         15:33William Saunders
  2449.         f
  2450.         15:33Mike P
  2451.         The shorter time before a client relooks up the record.
  2452.         15:33Mike P
  2453.         Thanks anyway
  2454.         15:33David Beem
  2455.         I've seen DNS poisoning on our customer's DSL modems.
  2456.         15:33William Saunders
  2457.         lol
  2458.         15:33Claudius Stute
  2459.         Audio ok
  2460.         15:33Michala Liavaag
  2461.         Refresh brought it back for me
  2462.         15:33Jason Phillips
  2463.         refresh your browser
  2464.         15:34William Saunders
  2465.         I did f and instead of typying f5 hit f then the f5 button
  2466.         15:34James Ortega
  2467.         It's corrected here.
  2468.         15:34Carl Howard
  2469.         Refreshed the page and all green
  2470.         15:34David Beem
  2471.         Pointing DNS server entries to their equipment.
  2472.         15:34Claudius Stute
  2473.         Page refreash fixed everything
  2474.         15:34Kevin Blanc
  2475.         f5 and im all good
  2476.         15:34Claudius Stute
  2477.         @David which travel router did you get?
  2478.         15:35David Beem
  2479.         Hoo Too TripMate Nano.
  2480.         15:35David Beem
  2481.         I saw good recommendations for it.
  2482.         15:36James Ortega
  2483.         brb
  2484.         15:36Claudius Stute
  2485.         @David I use a WL-330NUL, works good, but looking for one that I can use open VPN on.
  2486.         15:36Claudius Stute
  2487.         http://www.asus.com/us/Networking/WL330NUL/
  2488.         15:36David Beem
  2489.         No idea, this is my first exposure.
  2490.         15:36Claudius Stute
  2491.         It's the size of your thumb
  2492.         15:37David Beem
  2493.         ASUS also does good wireless gear.
  2494.         15:37David Beem
  2495.         Yeah, I know they get small.
  2496.         15:37Mike P
  2497.         Second asus
  2498.         15:37Claudius Stute
  2499.         @David: I want to connect it to ProXPN when sitting in hotels. So looking for a new travel router
  2500.         15:38David Beem
  2501.         I have an ASUS Chromebox and just got their portable S1 projector.
  2502.         15:38Michael Guido
  2503.         nice
  2504.         15:38David Beem
  2505.         Before that, I only had P2 - P4 motherboards and accesories from ASUS.
  2506.         15:39Mike P
  2507.         @claudius why not just teather ur smart phone
  2508.         15:39Michala Liavaag
  2509.         Ooh, that looks nice. We're looking for a decent small travel projector to play Artemis (spaceship bridge simulator)
  2510.         15:39Claudius Stute
  2511.         @Mike I travel out of the county a lot.
  2512.         15:40Mike P
  2513.         Just switch on the wifi?
  2514.         15:40Claudius Stute
  2515.         @Mike and LTE is spotty in some of the places I go in the US
  2516.         15:40Claudius Stute
  2517.         @Mike that's too easy LOL. (Din't think of that)
  2518.         15:41David Beem
  2519.         Yeah, the projector is very portable, but of course isn't going to have a high-output lamp....
  2520.         15:41Michala Liavaag
  2521.         @David is it worth the money?
  2522.         15:41David Beem
  2523.         But a very good picture when the lights are dimmed or off.
  2524.         15:41David Beem
  2525.         I'm tight with money, so it had to be.
  2526.         15:42David Beem
  2527.         I like the USB power out too.
  2528.         15:42Michala Liavaag
  2529.         @David, thanks for recommendation. I'll show it to my husband later
  2530.         15:42David Beem
  2531.         It has a 19V charger, but is able to run for at least a movie or two.
  2532.         15:43David Beem
  2533.         I have a portable projection system now that doesn't need to be plugged in.
  2534.         15:43Fabian Lazarte
  2535.         Thank you @Cloudius! Great gear for ITs!
  2537. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  2539.         15:54Fabian Lazarte
  2540.         Linux OS?
  2541.         15:55Mike P
  2542.         subdomains are chained together so you might be able to work out another.Accounts.uk.microsoft.com for example. Guess the U.S. One?
  2543.         15:55David Beem
  2544.         Cut my teeth on IIS 4.0
  2545.         15:55Mike P
  2546.         I spend hours on IIS each day
  2547.         15:55Mike P
  2548.         its lovely 
  2550.         15:56Mike P
  2551.         Randomly stopped app pools are always fun
  2552.         15:56Joseph Pellegrino
  2553.         FYI Security Now #500 is starting now. 
  2555.         15:56Philip Taylor
  2556.         Development platform?
  2557.         15:57Mike P
  2558.         @philip what you mean?
  2559.         15:57Philip Taylor
  2560.         No public version runs on Linux
  2561.         15:57Philip Taylor
  2562.         Does not mean they don't have a version?
  2563.         15:57Kevin Blanc
  2564.         will catch sn podcast but thanks
  2565.         15:57Shawn Prater
  2566.         Virtual Machine
  2567.         15:57Brian Hutchins
  2568.         VM's?
  2569.         15:57Kevin Blanc
  2570.         anyone listen to security weekly also?
  2571.         15:57Fabian Lazarte
  2572.         http://www.iis.net/learn/get-started/whats-new-in-iis-85
  2573.         15:58Mike P
  2574.         Win 2012 r2
  2575.         15:58Shawn Prater
  2576.         ^ Specifically R@
  2577.         15:58Shawn Prater
  2578.         R2**
  2579.         15:58Mike P
  2580.         Shawn yep
  2581.         15:58Philip Taylor
  2582.         Forgot about that
  2583.         15:59Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2584.         Yes.
  2585.         15:59Mike P
  2586.         Why would a vm show IIS as Linux?
  2587.         15:59Fabian Lazarte
  2588.         so, the Load Balancer is Linux but the web server is IIS.
  2589.         15:59Shawn Prater
  2590.         It was my first thought, really
  2591.         15:59Mike P
  2592.         its more likely load balancing and the fingering is finding the Os of that
  2593.         15:59Richard Magnor Stenbro
  2594.         Bye. Leaving for SSN now. Will se recording later.
  2595.         15:59Mike P
  2596.         oh Shawn just said the same
  2597.         16:00William Saunders
  2598.         @Miket NAT VMs on linux
  2599.         16:00Shawn Prater
  2600.         ^
  2601.         16:00Fabian Lazarte
  2602.         they are one of the biggest contributors for the Linux Kernel
  2603.         16:00Carl Howard
  2604.         Strange, I have had my domain for 18 years and netcraft does not find it???
  2605.         16:00Michael Guido
  2606.         could the admin set a fake banner????
  2607.         16:00Mike P
  2608.         Ok. Not sure why it would return that. Never tried 
  2610.         16:00Shawn Prater
  2611.         You can run anything on linux, it depends on how much work you wanna put into it
  2612.         16:01Mike P
  2613.         @michael faking host headers is dead easy
  2614.         16:01Brian Hutchins
  2615.         possibly caching (proxy) servers
  2616.         16:01Mike P
  2617.         you can trick google analytics into reporting a IIS 9.0 for example 
  2619.         16:02Michael Guido
  2620.         thought I'd seen that reading something...
  2621.         16:02Brian Wollesen
  2622.         wine on linux to run windows programs.
  2623.         16:02Mike P
  2624.         Have a look at itprotv sites. Press F12 in chrome and view network. You can see their headers there
  2625.         16:02Michala Liavaag
  2626.         CMS info I guess could rep target if we get an admin portal
  2627.         16:02Mike P
  2628.         within a minute you will know loads about what this site is running on versions etc
  2629.         16:03David Beem
  2630.         Making BIND report a different (or no) version.
  2631.         16:03Michael Guido
  2632.         LOL
  2633.         16:05David Beem
  2634.         Yep.
  2635.         16:05Michala Liavaag
  2636.         Wasn't me, may have been David
  2637.         16:05David Beem
  2638.         What happen when you way-back the way-back?
  2639.         16:05Gary McCrillis
  2640.         mr Peabody and sherman
  2641.         16:06Mike P
  2642.         Inception for real david
  2643.         16:06David Beem
  2644.         No, somebody did mention it (yesterday?), but it wasn't me.
  2645.         16:06Michael Guido
  2646.         isn't there a significant effort to cleanse the wayback site? PII, PHI, etc....
  2647.         16:07Fabian Lazarte
  2648.         https://web.archive.org/web/19981111184551/http://google.com/
  2649.         16:07Michael Guido
  2650.         boy I would love to get pictures from my old aol family site!
  2651.         16:07David Beem
  2652.         The "Google in Spain" endgame will be interesting.
  2654. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
  2656.         16:05Gary McCrillis
  2657.         mr Peabody and sherman
  2658.         16:06Mike P
  2659.         Inception for real david
  2660.         16:06David Beem
  2661.         No, somebody did mention it (yesterday?), but it wasn't me.
  2662.         16:06Michael Guido
  2663.         isn't there a significant effort to cleanse the wayback site? PII, PHI, etc....
  2664.         16:07Fabian Lazarte
  2665.         https://web.archive.org/web/19981111184551/http://google.com/
  2666.         16:07Michael Guido
  2667.         boy I would love to get pictures from my old aol family site!
  2668.         16:07David Beem
  2669.         The "Google in Spain" endgame will be interesting.
  2670.         16:09Michala Liavaag
  2671.         LOL
  2672.         16:09David Beem
  2673.         In the U.S., episodes of Cops, Intervention, Lockup, etc. are getting dated, so people are seeing how bad they were 10 to 20 years ago.
  2674.         16:09David Beem
  2675.         I've got VB5, but then again, I've got VB1, VB2, VB3, VB4, and VB6.
  2676.         16:11Michala Liavaag
  2677.         Eek... so how does one remove stuff from waybackmachine?
  2678.         16:11Mike P
  2679.         That doesn't surprise me. How do you store everything!
  2680.         16:11Shawn Prater
  2681.         The internet is storage 
  2683.         16:11Shawn Prater
  2684.         so, with the internet.
  2685.         16:12David Beem
  2686.         @Mike P: And the money I spent on all of that!
  2687.         16:13Michael Guido
  2688.         got homework to do - there might be a fee or even - from a CEH perspective - be able to tell our client
  2689.         16:13William Saunders
  2690.         looking at /b there is stuff all the way back to 2011
  2691.         16:13William Saunders
  2692.         not much but it is there
  2693.         16:15Michael Guido
  2694.         what about HR looking back at future employees OLD facebook sites ( ouch ) ecetra ecetera etc
  2695.         16:16Josiah Mory
  2696.         I don't thnk you can remove from way back
  2697.         16:16Michala Liavaag
  2698.         I've found some old stuff there from my first experiments with internet... wasn't security conscious back then
  2699.         16:18Claudius Stute
  2700.         Congrats!!
  2701.         16:18Michala Liavaag
  2702.         Congrats Mike P 
  2704.         16:18Kevin Blanc
  2705.         congrats
  2706.         16:18Fabian Lazarte
  2707.         Congrats!
  2708.         16:18Michael Guido
  2709.         grats
  2710.         16:18Jeff Sellers
  2711.         Congrats
  2712.         16:18Brian Hutchins
  2713.         Grats Mike!
  2714.         16:18Shawn Prater
  2715.         Go mike!
  2716.         16:18Michael Wellman
  2717.         congrats
  2718.         16:18Duane LaDuke
  2719.         thanks for the great show and info
  2720.         16:18Josiah Mory
  2721.         Nice Mike P
  2722.         16:18Philip Taylor
  2723.         Go Mike P
  2724.         16:18Mike P
  2725.         Ah thank guys!
  2727. From <http://itpro.tv/live/>
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