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Operation Syria Press Release

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  1. Anonymous -- #OpSyria
  4. Greetings from Anonymous, the final boss of the internet. Recently it has come to our attention that
  5. the public, supporters of our movement and the general internet populace is slightly confused as to
  6. our intentions for Operation Syria.
  8. We wish to outline our position on the regime and the opposition so as to make things less complicated
  9. for those unaware of our intentions.
  11. We do not support the Syrian regime, namely for a few reasons:
  13. 1.) The Syrian regime has oppressed the people of Syria.
  14. 2.) The Syrian regime has used weapons of mass destruction against innocent people.
  15. 3.) The Syrian regime seeks to limit freedom of expression through the difficulty of internet access,
  16.     thereby limiting, in addition, freedom of information supply to the Syrian people.
  18. We stand with the people of Syria, not necessarily all the views of the opposition. Anonymous takes a
  19. very pro-information and pro-freedom approach to our operations and our planning. When it became clear
  20. that the Syrian regime was limiting the rights of the people, we responded accordingly, deciding that
  21. we would take the side of the populace.
  23. As we do frequently, Anonymous firmly stands on the side of the population, rather than the government.
  24. To support the Syrian regime would be to support an oppressive organization seeking to attack the liberty
  25. of an entire nation. Surely, it becomes clear, then, why Anonymous has so viciously been lashing out
  26. at Syrian government websites.
  28. To date, we have hacked into Syrian customs, launched DDoS attacks on numerous Syrian government websites,
  29. spread information on the situation at hand, and gone to war with the Syrian Electronic Army.
  31. As for the latter, we did so only after the Syrian Electronic Army declared war on Anonymous, and by extension
  32. you. We are not particularly interested specifically in one pro-regime hacktivist group, and as such,
  33. we are more preoccupied with getting our message out through attacking the government.
  35. Anonymous is a movement. It is an idea which does not manifest itself into the viewpoints and ranks of
  36. any small group of particular individuals. We do not represent the entire idea or protest of Anonymous, rather
  37. the #OpSyria arm of the AnonOps association of activists.
  39. Conflicting viewpoints on these matters are welcome, as we do not attack or declare any opinion to be wrong.
  40. As much as we are open with our position that we support the people of Syria, we wish to also make it clear
  41. that we serve a more significant, if not epic, purpose. Operaton Syria seeks to provide the world with information
  42. as its greatest ammunition. That being any information we've dug up with or without intrusions into systems.
  44. Operation Syria's greatest caliber round is the documents and the motivation we give to the international
  45. community to take a stand and stomp down the oppressor.
  47. You are Anonymous. You, too, are legion, simply by declaring your loyalty to the movement and the idea.
  48. You cannot join Anonymous, you cannot represent Anonymous, you cannot claim that Anonymous is taking one
  49. specific standpoint without further clarifying that opinions may differ all across the globe.
  51. Hopefully we have clarified these matters as they became important or relevant.
  53. If you wish to speak to activists in support of Operation Syria, join our internet relay chat:
  55. webchat.anonops.com/?channels=#opsyria
  57. or irc.anonops.com/6697 for SSL on an IRC client.
  59. We are Anonymous
  60. We are legion
  61. We do not forgive
  62. We do not forget.
  63. We are already here.
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