Junpei Breaks His Dick.ODT

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  1. Disclaimer: Penile fracture is a real thing and it is not fun. Please be careful when you are masturbating vigorously or banging someone, as it might happen to you. You will hear a snap or a crack noise then your dick will immediately go flaccid and it will go all black and bruised looking along with massive pain in your dick. If this happens, please go to the emergency room as soon as possible. Please save your dick. (this was also written in 2014)
  3. Junpei Iori was a simple man with a relatively simple life in the SEES dorm.
  5. He went to school, did his best—well, he slacked off a lot in class but he at least tried to get the notes he missed while he was asleep or skipping out—in his studies. He liked to go to the arcade and do karaoke with his best friends and flirt with cute girls—unsuccessfully.
  7. Junpei masturbated.
  9. Maybe a little more often than other boys his age, but regardless, he masturbated and he masturbated often.
  11. He did it in the shower, he did it in his bedroom—in his desk chair, on the floor and on the bed. He did it in the school bathroom if there was a rather stubborn stiffy in class that wouldn't go away no matter how much he thought about his grandma Miyako naked—God bless her sweet soul.
  13. He did it with his left hand, he did it with his right hand, and sometimes he did it with both hands. Sometimes he focused on the tip, other times on the balls or just the shaft or maybe all of the above. He did it with water based lube or just a couple squirts from the bottle of Jergens on his bed stand, but more often than not it was either dry like the vaginas of the girls he tried hitting on with his lame pickup lines.
  15. Sometimes Junpei joked about how he could write a book about masturbation techniques, but it was undisputed that his friend, Kenji jacked off more than he did. Their friend Minato could vouch for that.
  17. Minato didn't like sleepovers anymore for that reason.
  19. Junpei sat himself on the edge of his bed, the bottle of Jergens at his side right next to the fresh box of tissues. His pants were mostly off along with his boxers that hung off of his right ankle. His TV was on and there was a Hitomi Tanaka compilation DVD menu on the screen.
  21. He was ready.
  23. He squirted as much lotion on his hand as he could before grasping his dick near the base. His fingers gave a few gentle squeezes as the other hand reached for the remote and hit play.
  25. The porno began and it cut the bullshit—none of that terrible acting in an awkward scene to set the piece. It had Miss Hitomi with her massive sweater meat bursting out of her blouse and the blurred out actors dick rubbing against her flesh. She moaned in that way that all porn actresses did in response to the action before the yogurt shooter was placed between the mammaries.
  27. Junpei began to stroke his dick; his motions were faster than what he normally started off with but he was hard already. He had this boner ever since the train ride back to the mainland, that busty girl in his class was pushing up against his back the entire ride. He thanked the heavens that he was right in front of the door so his boner wouldn't be pressing against anyone.
  29. Junpei let out a small groan when his thumb swiped over his leaking tip, smearing his pre over the sensitive flesh, in between strokes.
  31. He imagined that he was the one getting the awesome paizuri from the massive tittied woman. He imagined his dong being surrounded in bountiful bosoms.
  33. Shit was so cash.
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