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  1. Agumon lead Falcomon around the DATS compound. Now that the bird was essentially on their side, he had to know where everything was, and since everyone was busy keeping track of everything. He had volunteered to show him around. Around the parts that they had not explored on their own anyway. It had been two weeks already and they had fucked in literally every room that Falcomon knew of at this point. The bird had to admit that he was pretty interested in discovering new places for them to have fun in. They were frisky already, and would occasionally stop to slam each others into the wall and sloppily kiss and grope with one another.
  3. "This is the surveillance room," Agumon explained as they approached the small room. The door opened in a corner of the corridor and felt as though it had been shoved there because it was the last spot left when they thought of it. "Usually there's no one in there, but if you annoy Commander Satsuma, he'll put you on monitoring duty, and that's pretty dull... unless you catch Gaomon getting into a fight with one of the toilets or something," he snickered. "The toilet usually wins." Gaomon may have been far more intelligent than Agumon, none of the Digimon had ever really gotten the hang of using hi-tech Japanese toilets.
  5. He pressed the digipad and the door slid open silently. Certainly more silently than the loud grunts and shlurping noise from inside. Spread across the whole wall of screens was the pair themselves, Agumon slamming his cock wantonly in the Bird's rear port. "FUCK YEAH!" he growled, the volume so loud the walls seemed to shake. "YOU LIKE FEELING MY COCK, HUH, YOU WHOREMON!"
  7. The pair just stood there wide-eyed and dumbfounded. It was Falcomon who first got his senses back, shushing Agumon and pulling him inside so they could silently step up to each sides of the lone chair. They couldn't see who was watching the video. It had to be a Digimon or they would be able to see the human's head. With a grin and cocks getting even harder than they already were, they stepped up to each sides of the chair until Agumon finally piped up at a time when his filmed counterpart wasn't being too noisy:
  9. "Damn... we were pretty energetic that day, weren't we?" he chuckled.
  11. "Yeah... My butt was so sore I had to sleep suspended to a tree to avoid leaking your load all over..." Falcomon answered with a wistful sigh.
  13. Kudamon couldn't stop himself, he felt that he was quite close already. How could he help it? Watching those two going at it... he always hated how nobody in the base liked surveillance duty so Satsuma asked him to do it Never did he imagine that he would see such a hot show! Two Digimon, two MALE ones, something he always imagined was a forbidden thing... and there were Agumon and Falcomon doing it, right in the room. And more than one time; the white ferret, at first, wondered if he should report to Satsuma, but, as he watched, he found himself stroking to the show. Before he realized it, this became a secret ritual to him, his own private porn room... nobody could find out about it. After all, he was Kudamon, the white knight of the group, the most correct one, the partner of the director! That's why, in the first times, he always make sure to lock the door. But, as the days moved by, he got sloppy, forgetting to lock the door today... and, he was fapping his white foreskinned penis as hard as he could, driving himself with the idea of being him the one fucking that bird ass or, with caution curiosity, taking it from Agumon.
  15. That's why, being so much into it, he just said "Yeah, very energetic!" when he hears a voice, but noticing that it was a fucking voice, as in someone that was there with him... then Falcomon's voice joined in, making the ferret look to his sides, in horror. N-no, it couldn't be... !
  17. "G-g-g-guys, t-this... it's not what it looks like!" he blushed hard, never in his life, he was so embarrassed and flustered! Immediately the ferret got up to reach the keyboard and tries to close the video.
  19. Sadly for him, Falcomon was a ninja bird and far quicker, so that the lithe male found himself slamming into the bird's outstretched wing, his far too short arm incapable of reaching the keyboard. Falcomon wasted to time pushing the chair back to make it even more impossible for Kudamon to reach the keyboard. They stepped between him and the screen. He couldn't hear what they said because of the sheer volume he put the speakers at. At least until Agumon fumbled with the control knob to tune it down.
  21. "--never realized that what we did was recorded?"
  23. "Nope. Never really cared. I mean, Gaomon used that camcorder a bunch of times, remember?"
  25. "That's not the same!" Falcomon chuckled.
  27. Apparently, and kind of unsurprisingly, Agumon had never made a connection between "cameras everywhere" and "fucking everywhere". Not that either of the males in front of him seemed to care, really. If the dripping lengths they sported as they spoke without seemingly paying attention to Kudamon were any indications, they certainly approved. Agumon's length was shorter: around five inches, but with a particularly impressive glans. It was so thick that when fully hard he could barely pull the foreskin over it at all. Falcomon's member was more on the lean side, with a strong curve and a long foreskin with big veins. He also made by far the most precum out of the two.
  29. "Well, guess I lost our bet..." Agumon shrugged.
  31. "What did we bet again?" Falcomon asked, stepping over so their cock grinded together along their mouth as spit was swapped in a very hot french kiss.
  33. "A week's exclusive time with Ikuto, I believe~" Falcomon chuckled.
  35. Kudamon gasp as the bird pull the chair away, making it impossible to him to do anything now. Not that he could do much, as it was very obvious what he did... however, as Agumon tune down the sound and he heard as they discussed... they... they didn't saw any problem with that?! And... .Gaomon was in it too? Wait, did he mentioned Ikuto? B-but he was just a boy right?! It was too much to the ferret, divided with the idea of protecting his image as a holy Digimon and... seeing the two males kissing, right there, right now, in front of him. Just being in the actual presence of such a thing felt more intense, as much as their hard cocks throbbing against each other. He blushed, still on the chair, not sure if he should fap and appreciate the show silently or make a run for it... the door was unlocked. What if more showed up?! This was already too messed up, it was supposed to be a hidden fapping session to appeal to his needs. He just kept staring at them and at the door, not sure where to do, what to do...
  37. Agumon eyed Kudamon out of the corner of his eyes as he tried not to work himself too hard. Yes, he wanted to cum, but there was no reason to blast off  right now. "Look, he's so scared... you should talk to him~" he said as he pulled back, a bridge of spit between their lips and one of pre between their cocks, both of which broke when he stepped away and to the door to lock it. Falcomon casually padded over and grabbed the Ferret's cock to slowly stroke it.
  39. "What DOES it look like that it isn't?" he asked in a conversational tone. "From the look on your face, you didn't know about Gaomon and Ikuto... I gotta say I'm surprised. Ikuto is the most cockhungry male I've ever met. And easily the most perverted out of everyone in this building..." he continued, almost seeming to forget about his finger feathers stroking methodically over the wet cock.
  41. "Yeah... Remember when we poured so much cockjuices over him that it took three _completely_ soaked towel before he could even walk over to the showers without dripping all over? Think he has the video of that? Gaomon will totally want it for his collection..." Agumon piped up as he walked back to the pair and leaned his head onto the armrest to stare directly into Kudamon's crotch instead of the smaller male's face.
  43. Falcomon chuckled at the memory: "Doing that in the holding cell really wasn't the brightest idea, was it?"
  45. "Maybe not, but doing the prison rape thing was the hottest!"
  47. Kudamon was quite a mess now, confused with everything he was hearing about and also, those new sensations... never before someone else stroke his dick for him like that. Falcomon's feathers felt quite soft in such an area, making him gasp with shame and lust each time, his head spinning just thinking about everything they were discussing: they had sex with each other so constantly... gaomon seems to be involved as well... a-and... even Ikuto... but he was just a cute, innocent human boy! That couldn't be right... "S-stop... Falcomon... Agumon!...you two... that can't be... digimons aren't supposed to be... that lewd... a-and doing... .things with... human boys... !" he managed to say, which was quite hard! That damn feathery hand on his white cock – with a yellow ring around it, contrasting with the white foreskin in a nice, peculiar way – made him throb like every second, he knew he was dripping quite some pre already...
  49. Falcomon made sure not  to ever stop stroking at Kudamon's length. "Oh, I wouldn't say we do things _with_ Ikuto so much as _he_ does thing _to_ us," Falcomon chuckled. Agumon walked over to the console and started typing. It took him a while, but eventually a video came up on the screen. Gaomon was in the showers. Naked. Both his gloves and bandana were gone, which not many males had had a chance to see. It seemed to have been early in the morning. Then another silhouette walked in. There was no doubt that it was Ikuto, his tattooed, muscular childish body walking right behind Gaomon with a small erection that he proceeded to shove right into the yipping, and soon moaning Canine's butt. "Me and him, we grew up doing it together and with many others. You've been in the human worls way too long, Kuda. You forgot that being a Digimon, we can do so many things humans can't~"
  51. The ferret's eyes widened, as he never saw Gaomon so... so naked, without his gloves or bandana. But of course, his shock was just not big enough if compared to seeing the naked human boy, his body and penis all exposed, just coming forward and... fucking the digimon rght there. Both still being showered, Ikuto holding on the back of the canine, gaomon looking like to be embarrassed but making such a lustful expression... Kudamon's cock was completely rockhard, the little ferret knowing he was going to cum any second. It wasn't his fault, but being pawed off by someone else while being show those things?! How was he supposed to last long. "No... I... I bet you corrupted him... you took his innocence... made him crazy for sex with digimon... " as he talked, his penis throb, as if he was just saying what he WANTED to be the case, though maybe he didn't knew if this was more disturbing or even hotter than the truth.
  53. Falcomon abruptly pulled his wings back, strings of precum covering and connecting his finger feathers, which he then brought to his beak to slurp the stuff off loudly. "I didn't corrupt him and you know it. Ikuto grew up being a Digimon. What would YOU do if you were denied to do the things every other digimon you know do?" he pointed out, then walked in turn to the console, leaving Kudamon to his own device and with no one anymore to stroke him. Being less familiar with the system (not to mention distracted when the horny dino started to give _him_ a handjob), it took him a bit to find the video he wanted. This one was in the control room. Ikuto had climbed on top of his "brother", and was squirming lightly. You couldn't see anything actually lewd because of the boy's cape, but it was obvious he had lowered his shorts and Falcomon's cock was burried deep inside him. "See? We couldn't make him do anything worse than he gets up to on his own. We can barely keep him from ganking your partner's pants down!"
  55. While Kudamon was already missing that foreign hand on his needy cock, it's not like he knew Falcomon didn't do it on purpose, he just wanted to show other video to make his point... right? And he did, Kudamon didn't knew any of those videos with Ikuto... made him wonder why those two seem to know about it beforehand and even where exactly they were stored in the large database.  Heck, they even mentioned Kazuma as if he had something involved in this travesty! Ignoring that comment, he just moved his eyes to stare at Falcomon stroking the dino... as he expected, Agumon's big, orange foreskinned penis looked more even more attractive and hot in person that eyeing at the camera – usually when going in Falcomon's butt or beak -. And it wasn't alone, as right next to it, Agumon was stroking Falcomon's... the bird's member, with its vibrant brown color and fat bird balls under it; how many times he didn't saw it being used in a similar way to Agumon's? Two male digimons, two penises, so close to each other...  he found himself just starting at the show, while fapping himself with his own hands.
  57. It wasn't so much that the videos were kept in a secret part of the  database. rather no one usually looked at them unless there was someone on surveillance duty or some surveillance review. And obviously there was never anyone that early in the morning. "I think you'll learn to keep a closer look on Ikuto from now one, huh? He's not as good as me, but he can be pretty damn sneaky~" Falcomon turned around, Agumon's claws still on him and makihg slick noise as a small puddle was forming in the floor. He chuckled at Kudamon, then, just to mess with him, pretended to notice something behind the weaselly male.
  59. Kudamon kept stroking himself, knowing he was about to reach one of his biggest climaxes, wondering for a second if he really should talk to Ikuto about what he discovered... when Falcomon gasped and looked surprised behind him; w-what did someone entered the room?! Maybe... Kazuma?! The ferret quickly jumped from the chair, landing on the table turning around and unable to find anything, the door still closed without the sign of anyone entering the room... from the angle, both of the other digimons could see Kudamon's white butt and his balls, though it's not like he planned on giving such a show. "Hey, there's no one here! Youre trying to give me a heart attack damnit?!" he turned around to face the duo, quite angry but with a hard-on and red cheeks... still a very cute digimon.
  61. Agumon and Falcomon guffawed at his rather predictable reaching. Agumon let go of the drupping cock and walked over to Kudamon, pushing his face clsoer and closer to Kudamon. There was cock on his breath, and yet he was clearly still intent on kissing the white and yellow male. Their lips met and the precum-covered paw cupped Kudamon's lips as that huge tongue tried to press into the smaller male's maw. After too short a liplock, Agumon pulled back. "You look so fucking cute when you're all flustered and off your game... You know, our bet was about whether you actually ever masturbated. I lost. Good thing I did, too... I would have never seen your cute cock otherwise~" he reached with the falcomon-lubricated paw and ran his claws up and down Kuda's length. Falcomon stepped up himself: "Wanna make another bet? I bet you he's still a virgin~" Agumon rolled his eyes and glanced curiously at Kudamon. "I would only give you a plate of Sayuri's fried eggs!" Clearly Agumon didn't believe he was on the winning side of that bet.
  63. The ferret wasn't expecting Agumon to come close when he turned around, as he was immediately kissed by the dino. His eyes widened, surprised with it... he never kissed other digimon before. And Agumon's maw was bigger, but still, while it did felt nice, there was something... something strange with his taste. Salty... d-did he and Falcomon... ?! He was still amazed with so much depravity, tasting that strange mix of digi saliva and maybe pre or whatever it was, when those claws teased his member; he hated how he couldn't avoid a gasp, his member twitched cutely as Agu's claws journey though it. And now, he didn't knew what was worse; that sudden praise on his "cute" cock or... that both believed he was virgin. "o-o-o-o-o course I'm not a virgin!" Kudamon retorts, getting angry and more embarrassed as he was so out of his usual calm, mentor like figure when the subject was sex.
  65. "Oh reaaaaaally now?" Agumon smirked massively. Whether his mood was picking up because suddenly he might get an extra plate of tamagoyko out of it (no one would be surprised that food could distract him form sex, after all) or because he didn't believe a word of what Kudamon had just said was an exercise in forensic psychology. Falcomon interjected with the obvious question, one that should get Kudamon eitehr very excited or exceedingly worried: "And how are you going to prove it? We're not going to settle a bet just upon your word, are we? What would you have said if we'd asked you to settle the first one?" he pointed out. "You got videos in there to prove me wrong?" he asked, pointing at the console behind himself. "Or do you have more... hands-down mean to prove it?"
  67. Uh-oh, they wanted proof?! The nerve... why he needed to prove anything to those perverts? And worse, he couldn't fall back now, what they would do if they discover he was lying? Acting like some human teenager would do, Kudamon decided to keep up the lie, crossing his arms and trying to look like a badass. "It was from my time in the digital world, so of course I don't have a film or something. The last time, I did it with... a gatomon and a floramon." He said, from the first names of female digimons that came to his mind.
  69. Agumon's face fell. Obviously this wasn't what he had hoped to hear. Falcomon pointed at Agumon with a triumphant "Ha! I knew it. He's totally never had a cock shoved in him!" Agumon crossed his arms with a grumble. He seemed far more upset at the prospect of losing Tamagoyakis than that he wouldn't get to have fun with Ikuto for a whole week. Again, this wasn't so surprising. Neither should it have been all that surprising that to the pair of slutty faggots, sex with females like Kudamon had pretended to boast didn't count in the least. However, Agumon seemed to perk up a little when a thought crossed his mind. A lewd one no doubt judging by the angry throb it got out of his cock. "Well... since you were so eager to watch us have our fun... would you like for us to fix that obviously unacceptable lack of experience on your part?" he asked, leaning close anough that Kudamon could again smell the cock on his breath.
  71. A cock shoved in him?! Of course not! That's what both meant with virgin? Kudamon didn't expected that, it's like sex with girls didn't counted for those two... why he bothered to come up with that story then? He sighed, starting to get a headache as both started to discuss, until he feels that strange breath over his face, as Agumon leaned closer and gave that lewd suggestion. "F-fix? Fix... how?" he asked, not sure if he even wanted to hear the answer to his own question. However, he did looked interested in the proposal, as his own hard cock would tell.
  73. It really wasn't difficult to guess that Kudamon was a virgin, or at least terrified that other people might have noticed that he had any interest in other males. For starters he was the only one of the digimons on base who never ever showered or bathed with their partner. That was a pretty big giveaway if THAT was the only time that he refused to be anywhere near the human. Agumon reached down again, but instead of grabbing for Kudamon's genitals, he reached a little lower. One of his clawtip went to trace lightly over the tight, white tailhole. "Oh, come one~" Falcomon suddenly piped from the other side. "DO you really wanna hear us say it? You look like if we did, you might blast off all over yourself, and that would be _such_ a waste of good cockjuice~"
  75. The white ferret's eyes widen and he gasp under the shock, never before he touched such a place himself, but Agumon just went ahead and did! He cutely jumped to the side, feeling excited and embarrassed, a mix of emotions really; all the things he saw in those videos coming back to him under the assumption he would actually, this time, be one of the actors and not just a viewer. "Yes... I... I want to hear you guys... you know... SAYING it." Kudamon asked scratching his face, not sure why he asked for that; maybe would be a way to get him even more into it?
  77. Agumon and the avian shared a grin and leaned forward right over Kudamon's body, their lips meeting hotly just inches from his face. Close enough that his sensitive nose could straight up smell the cum and pre on their breath as their tongues wrestled in his face, strands of drool falling from the corners of the horndogs' mouths into his lap. While he was distracted, it was Falcomon that went ahead to grope him again, pressing his finger-feather even more firmly against Kudamon's butthole, enough to tease and threaten, yet not so much that there was any risk of it piercing the virginal ring unless the ferretish male really worked for it. Having worked him up even more without saying anything, they focused their attention back onto their "victim":
  79. "Well, we ARE going to fuck your throat and wreck your ass, of that make no doubt..." Agumon started.
  81. "If only because you WILL beg us to do it, and you know that as well as we do..." Falcomon continued.
  83. "So the only choice you get in the matter is who gets first go at ya~" the dinosaur lewdly concluded.
  85. Kudamon almost groaned like a little girl when both males got on the table with him and Falcomon teased his rear even further! Both were really serious about this... were all digimon who discover sex so lewd? Would he became one of them? Acting like that, without caring for consequences? Haha, not him, of course...
  86. Still, his cock throb with the idea of really letting his fantasies going wild. "W-wel... Agumon... could you lay down? I want to see your... your thing standing up." He asked with a cute blush on his face, thinking of sampling the erection between the dino's legs that Falcomon simply didn't seem to get enough out. From the smell of their breaths, he was sure that both already tasted each other, so... why he shouldn't give a try?
  88. Agumon arched an eyebrow, with Falcomon giving just the slightest of pout as the male got down on the floor and lay on his back. The thick erection jutted from his crotch straight up, foreskin all bunched tightly behind the shiny, slick, engorged head. It was just as thick as the first time and one might have wondered how a small guy like Kudamon was going to even fit it inside his maw, assuming that was his plan. Falcomon stood aside, ready to stop the smaller male from laying so much as a single finger on the penis. they had promised him he would beg for it, and they were going to make sure he did!
  90. Kudamon was more eager that he wanted to show, jumping from the table and going over to Agumon with big agility; the ferret knelt right in front of the hot orange dino, amazed at that penis. It looked so... so real. Indeed, the real thing was different from just seeing it on video. For ex, the orange foreskin was more thick that he assumed from the videos! And he was a bit bigger too, Kudamon wasn't even sure if he could do something like deep throat him and-w-wait, what was he thinking of!? He wasn't one of those horny digisluts! He would take his time. And so, he tried to reach the penis that fascinated him with his two little paws.
  92. ...Only to find an extended wing suddenly barring the way and hiding the throbbing erection from his sight like a rudely appeared theater curtain. Falcomon waggled a finger from his other winged arm at the ferret: "No no no, you weren't listening, little padawhore," he chuckled, leaning forward to grind his member lightly into Kudamon's cheek. The short contact was enough to completely soak the short, soft fur into the overly generous pre produced by the bird.
  94. "Remember, we said you were going to _beg_ for it. And not just beg that we'd allow you to simply suck at Agumon's meat like a little starved carnivore. Beg to have your mouth and throat invaded and ravaged until it seems like you'll blast off without even touching yourself as you get turned into a perfect little cocksheath~"
  96. It was obvious from the lustful expression on Falcomon's face he was not even being insulting or demeaning in saying that: he considered himself and Agumon to be just as much of a pair of fuckholes as Kudamon was to become. In fact it was clearly not so much describing what was going to happen to Kudamon that was getting Falcomon worked up but the thought of having something similar done to himself.
  98. "What... ?!" the cute mon exclaimed, stepping back to escape from that sudden bird cock that defiled his cheek, with its proper musk and... no, now he needed to focus in there... what falcomon just said... what he wanted him to do.It was absurd! Embarrassing or humiliation  weren't even enough of a word to cover for it! Maybe that's what the damned bird wanted? Did he and Agumon had to do something similar before... ?
  99. Still, the expression Falcomon was something he only saw in the videos, quite erotic and turned him on more that he though; it didn't helped that he was close to the bird's own cock... damn it. Maybe he could give a try?
  100. "... please... please Agumon. Let me... suck on your... y-you know." He did tried, not even sure if he should look at the dino or bird, so tried to keep switching his gaze between them.
  102. Agumon just laid there, on his back, his cock still pointedly hidden from the white and golden male's sight by Falcomon's wings. The bird clearly seeking to tease him further by denying him even the view of what he so clearly desired. And all through this the dinosaur just pulled his arms up and behind his head to make himself more comfortable with an infuriatingly patient expression on his face as he observed the small battle of wills that opposed the ninja bird and the knightly ferret.
  104. "Close..." Falcomon trailed a single feather through the pre he had smeared across Kudamon's face and brought it up to his own beak, slurping the fluids with lewd, hungry noise as more of the stuff kept dripping regularly from his foreskin overhang. "But no cockcigar~" he concluded with a chuckle. "C'Mon. Say it. Say the words. Tell us not what we want to hear. Tell us what you know you so badly want to say. What you so badly wish WE WILL DO to you."
  106. "Uh... !" the male ferret was getting embarrassed even more now, understanding exactly what Falcomon and probably Agumon wanted to hear.There was no way out now... but...
  108. Did he want a way out?
  110. He was also a digimon and belonging to the same group as them. Didn't he fap to those two doing so many things on camera? It wasn't wrong if he just wanted to have the same, to... be the same as them. And they seemed to welcome it, in fact. So... gathering all the courage that he could, the white male, usually so smart and well behaved tried his best to just blurt it all out at once: "FINE! You wanna hear what I want?! I Want to feel your bodies like you do with each other! I want to play and suck on your COCKS, to feel my face covered with you guys' seed, marking me as nothing more than a DIGISLUT! I want to feel one of you fucking me, making me beg for cock as if I was a female in heat... ! And I want to do the same with both of you, to feed you my own cock and fuck you as if you two were nothing but a bunch of DIGISLUTS! Because that's what you two are damn it! I want to... to be a digislut too... " he concluded, his face quite red, the poor ferret never been so embarrassed before after speaking such things to two other digimons! He looked to the ground, waiting for Falcomon's answer.
  112. Agumon looked over at Falcomon, who had stepped off halfway into Kudamon's rather inflamed ranting to fiddle at the console.
  114. "We got it?"
  116. Falcomon didn't say anything, but soon enough Kudamon's face appeared on every single of the monitors in the room and his voice started to repeat the oath he had just pronounced. A couple more key presses and it was set up on a loop.
  118. "Just so you don't forget it~" Falcomon smirked over his shoulder. He turned around and made his way back to the smaller male, where he scooped him right off the floor. "Now as for the turning-you-in-to-a-cockslut part..." he held Kudamon upside down, his nose just barely touching a bead of precum that had gathered at the tip of Agumon's penis. The ferret could now stare down the flesh barrel of Agumon's cannon, piss slit just barely reachable by an extended tongue.
  120. "Open wide, little padawhore~ The life of a cocksheath is a very... fulfilling one~" Falcomon joked and proceeded to begin lowering Kudamon down over the length.
  122. Kudamon stared in complete disbelief at those large monitors, each of them repeating his most embarrassing moment... he was so shocked, all the cute ferret could do was stare at them, not even reacting hearing Falcomon's words... well not until the bird grab and hold him off, making him hang over Agumon's cock "What in the..?!" he exclaims surprised, but getting the idea after hearing that order. It's not like he had much choice now, was it? So, as the ferret was being lowered towards that orange, healthy dino cock, Kudamon blushed and opened his mouth as much as he could...
  124. Agumon looked Kudamon right into the eyes and nodded encouragingly as the thick knob at the tip of his penis started pressing against the male's lips. It was easy, thanks to their size difference, for Falcomon to hold Kudamon aloft with one wing, the other pressing at the back of the slinky male's head to forces more of that glans into the newly slutty male.
  126. "Enjoy the taste while you still can~" Agumon teased him. "It's hard to do it when you're getting throatfucked." what he meant by that soon became clear as Falcomon gave little time for Kudamon to get used to the cock in his maw, spurting pre and already threatening to fill what little space remained with his fluids. The bird was already pushing further down, trying to force the thick, throbbing pole of flesh right up the smaller male's throat. Trying to make a cocksheath out of him as he had promised.
  128. He didn't ignore the other's need, though, his beak nuzzling lovingly against Kuda's own erection and his tongue reaching out to lightly lap at it, though it wasn't anywhere as efficient as the wet, drooling slab that hid inside Agumon's, maw. It poked out to lick the scalie lips before he let out a moan.
  130. "ngg... ." Kudamon tried to speak, but it was useless; All he did was send vibrations though the head of that dino cock in his mouth! He barely could taste the pre, though it was more hot and salty that he expected... were all cocks like this one? How about humans, like Ikuto, how did they tasted like? His little mind was exploring with questions, as he continued to try to taste the head of his friend's member, just before struggling; Falcomon was pushing more in him. Seems he really meant what he said about throatfucked! Kudamon had to sudden control his gag reflex, feeling more of that digi penis go past his lips and rub the back of his throat! He closed his watery eyes, not sure how to feel... until he open them again, groaning around Agumon's prick. Was that Falcomon? It needed to be! He felt the  other male lapping at his own member! Agumon moaned at that point, so he must like this. Kudamon tried to suck it, while still battling his gag reflex, which was ironically very hard, with that bird teasing his own member!
  132. The pressure increased and increased. An unstoppable force meeting an immovable dick, and Kudamon was caught between the two as the penis pressed harder and harder against the back of his throat. It was inevitable that it would give out eventually, but neither of the two males watching him with throbbing, horny erections seemed to think the tears from the straining were justification enough to stop this forceful pushing.
  134. "You can't become a cocksheath until your nose is grinding RIGHT in Agumon's sweaty crotch~" Falcomon teased the smaller male.
  136. His beak would occasionally tugs gently at the foreskin or the scrotum of the ferret-like mon. Only for a couple seconds before it returned to tasting the penis with a curious, eager tongue that wasn't quite eager enough to actually take in the penis.
  138. "C'mon. The sooner you get all that down your cute, bulging throat, the sooner you can have Falcomon slamming his cock into your tight little virgin sluthole~" Agumon grinned, those lewd words spilling so easily from that innocent mouth.
  140. Until his little nose is... ? But that was impossible! While Kudamon never really saw many cocks to compare, Agumon was clearly too big for him to take it down this throat... not that he could voice his opinion right now. In fact, squirm and moan with that fucking dinocock in his mouth, eager to fuck his throat, was all he could do, thanks to that beak and tongue. Falcomon could easily take him in if he wanted, but he was just... teasing. What a damned bird! And worse, the white ferret was kind of LOVING this! Why else would his cock be painfully erect and dripping pre? Why else would he still trying to swallow more of that beautifull orange penis, with that lewd pink mushroom head? Why else he felt like just giving in to his instincts and not think much besides cock today? Yes... he wanted more! And wanted to try one of them in his... virgin sluthole too...
  142. Extending his little paws forward, he hold at the base of the digipenis, trying to hold on it to, at least, give him some control as he was trying to swallow more and not force his control of his gag reflex. With his teary eyes, the male digimon struggled, but he was managing to do it, to deepthroat the orange dino.
  144. The white male found he needed to hold his breathe as the thick head popped into his throat, blockng his airwways as it did so, so without preventing the strong scents coming off the dino's musky crotch from invading his nose. Agumon arched his back, moaning loudly with a scrunched up face form the presure of his cockhead behind serviced by the smaller digimon.
  146. "Ooh FUUUUUCK... He's TIGHT!" he announced a rather obvious fact.
  148. "Well, duh..." Falcomon groaned in effort, trying to push and force more of the length up the ferretmon's throat.
  150. He was pretty damn eager to see the white anus swallow his cock too, and so he was getting a little rough. Is Ikuto could take Agumon, a digimon like Kuda was able too. Basic logic, right? He moved his beak up to slurp his tongue over Kudamon's ass, encouraging him to loosen up and take AGumon to the balls. To show them his dedication to a slutty life.
  152. Of course he was tight and-NGSAAHH!! The poor ferret had to battle with himself,almost in panic as that stupid cock basically began to suffocate him... good thing it was temporary, though for a few seconds, all he could smell or feel was nothing but pure digimon cock. Kudamon wondered if Agumon just had sex with Falcomon and that was all his scent or not... but before he could even imagine the answer, his eyes widened; w-whoa what was that in his ass? It was... wet, and firm... w-was it... the bird's tongue? Certainly it should be! Was the bird getting ready to ram his tongue in, beak and all? Damn, he was maybe even more lewd that he imagined, even after seeing those videos. But thinking now, he was the one who almost always seem to... control the action with Agumon, or suggest them to do something. Seems he was the guy with ides even now. And kudamon's cock, throbbing with need after that lick, probably agreed that he should hold on those ideas.
  154. Falcomon kept the pressure on Kudamon. The small guy seemed to be fighting him for every millimeter that went into his mouth. The orange length throbbed and twitched, purting cum down the ferret's throat.
  156. "Hhhnnng..." Agumon groaned. It was torture. Delightful, pleasurable torture, but torture nonetheless. His claws scraped against the floor, clearly itching for that moment when he would be capable of just grabbing Kudamon and thrust into his mouth without any care. For the moment when Kudamon would truly and irreversibly be a cocksleeve like the rest of them.
  158. That bird tongue continued to slurp and circle and tease over Kudamon's anus. Once or twice his moved down to lick at the sweaty balls and dripping length, but it wasn't log before it went back to preparing the tailhole for Falcomon. The biird may have been making puddles everywhere with his pre, he subscribed fully to the old gay adage: no such thing as too uch lube.
  160. "C'mon, Kuda~~~" he begged, stopping his slurping for a moment. "Are you gonna leave me hanging? I want to fuck you like a total slut too~~~ Look at AGumon~ Why can't I have that? Why won't you take him to the root?" he whined.
  162. Kudamon never heard Falcomon speak with such a kinky tone... did he use it with Ikuto and the other mons when he was doing dirty things? Well, it worked with him; Kudamon was too horny, beyond the point of no return, now craving for more cock and wanting to be nothing but a cock sleeve at this point. He wanted to feel how it was to be fucked by other digimon!  He still struggled, but now that he put his mind into it, it was strangely easy to, eventually, put the rest of agumon's cock in his mouth and throat! Was it the power of determination, or because he actually was very close and didn't noticed? He couldn't tell, but hey, now he could reach even the dino's orange, pudgy sack. And he did, squeezing the two orbs!
  164. Again Agumon arched his back hard, then as he opened his eyes, he stared into Kudamon's, the reptiles' widened by amazement.
  166. "Yggdrasil! Look at that, Falcomon! He actually took it all!" he anounced, reaching over to squeeze the white and golden male's neck in curiosity.
  168. Kudamon could feel the sweaty scales rubbing against his nose, and the veiny sack twitch from his touch as more fluids poured down his throat. Falcomon lowered the flexible male's rear end to the floor and let go of his head, but not his tail, which he held up as he already lined his hole.
  170. "That was the easy part, Padawhore..." he panted in excitement, sharing a naughty grin with Agumon. "You can take the cock, yes... but can you _really_ take what we can dish?"
  172. The lizard was already reaching for Kudamon, ready to soon start throatfucking him roughly, but before his paws had grabbed the smaller male, Falcomon's foreskin was pressing, bunching against Kudamon's anus, the cock pushing harder and harder against the hole. Inevitably it would have to give in. To let the warm, slippery length...
  174. Finally he was let go!Sorta... sure, he was kinda arched there as he still was taking all of  Agumon's penis down his throat and all, but at least he was free. Or so he thought, before feeling Falcomon putting in action what were just words before. He really was doing It, Kudamon felt his cheeks started to get red, about to be penetrated by his first time... ! He tried to ignore the bird penis trying to force his ring to give in, sucking on Agumon's cock; now that he managed to deepthroat him, he was pulling back, until only the head was inside. He sucked on it lightly, his little paws playing with the cock itself, before he took it off from his mouth. "Just give it to me! I can take anything!" he said loud, staring at Agumon but clearly speaking with both digimons, as he open his maw to take the head of that dick again, and once again, was going down on it!
  176. Agumon groaned lewdly from the sucking and the stimulation. Falcomon's own intent pressing of his cock agaiinst Kudamon's tailhole also paused as they heard the male's demand. Agumon stared at Kuda, solent for a few seconds, they his lips spread into a toothy, predatory smirk.
  178. "Reallyyyyyyy now?" he asked, then glanced up at Falcomon and gave a curt nod.
  180. "We'll be the judges of that, little Padawhore!" the bird added, taking a firm grip on Kudamon's hip and slamming himself forward without warning or care for the smaller male. The hole roughly spread over the intruding, leaking penis and Falcomon gasped, but didn't pause. Immediately he pulled back and started violating the newfound whore's anus without any sort of respite.
  182. "Gnnnhhhh... Mama.... he's tight and warm and sooooo slutty~" he groaned, his words muffled by his clenched teeth.
  184. Agumon didn't waste much time either. Kudamon's large ears made for convenient handles for the dinosaur to grab onto and slam the male's face down into his crotch. This time he forced himself to the root in one swift shove, and didn't give Kuda any time to get used to it as he immediately went on fucking his throat with the same roughness and horniness that Fslcomon did his ass. Betweenthem he was no longer a male. No long a digimon. He wa snothing but their fucktoy.
  186. Kudamo wasn't excepting that both were so rough on him at same time! It as so much that the little ferret almost felt himself drown again in Agumon's cock and musk, but he managed to hold... ah... that feeling in his ass... was it Falcomon's dick? It felt so much bigger that he expected, inside of him. And it kinda hurt at first but after so much damn thrusts, he began to get used to it; maybe he was stronger back there that he thought? Or he really had talent to be a slut, as they say? While he didn't knew, the new padawhoere began to suck on Agu's pole, though it's not like the dino needed any help. Not when he was using his poor ears as a lever of some sort, fucking his mouth with everything he got! Damn... why he was still so hard despite this? Yes, he wanted it but... that much? W-what if he end up cumming just for being fucked?!
  188. "Still... Aaah... Think you can... uuughh... take anything?" Agumon teased their toy. After all this action and all this teasing, he knew neitehr of them would last very long, especially given just how hard they were givng it to Kuda, forcing far more roughness onto them than even they typically got up to, but hey, as Agumon had poointed, it wasn't their idea... other than accurately predicting that he would be the one begging and demanding it, that is.
  190. Falcomon leaned over to whisper sexily into Kudamon's ears. All the more so that hjis words, like Agumon's, were interspersed with paused so he could pant and groan and moan.  In fact, it wasn't so much that Falcomon was thrusting into him, but rather he was holding onto Kudamon with both wings and easily moving him back and forth over his slimy cock like the smaller male was literally nothing but a sex toy.
  192. "Feel that? Feel how it seems to just ripples over you? How it feels even where we are not touching you at all? This is what it's like to be a Digislut. To live for cock. To desire only the pleasure of others. To forget all about your own own until suddenly you realize yes, you've blasted all over yourself and you don't even care at all because you were too busy taking cock.  Is it as you dreamed it would be?"
  194. Kudamon couldn't talk, but Falcomon's words on his ears were so intense... almost as much as being used in that way. Both males taking advantage of his body, especially the bird, moving it like that, forcing his cock to new depths with each move and forcing him to adapt quickly. And everything was so new, so hot... he couldn't take it anymore! It's not like he was planning to cum like this, feeling his cherry be popped so brutally by Falcomon while Agumon took some liberties with his mouth, but hey some things just happened. And it did with him, as the male groaned around Agu's cock, as his own swell and throb, releasing cum all over the place.
  196. Almost as soon as he finished talking Falcomon knew Kudamon was going to blast. And immediately he regretted to having flipped the small male. The cocksleeve over so he could send his cum flying into the air. Instead it mostly splattered on the floor, a little of it landing on Agumon's legs and balls. The hole contracted, squeezed around the bird's penis and he redoubled his effort, balls smacking hard against Kudamon for several more thrust until he too started to release, an avian thrill of pelasure exiting hiw wide open beak as he kept thrusting until his balls had nothing to give any more, every last drop of his semen pumped deep into Kudamon or splattered back by the rough sex. Agumon was the last to cum, and his load was easily the largest of the three. He forced his thick cock deep into Kudamon's throat and held him there, face scrunched in pleasure as the splurt of seed travelling his lenght made it throb and twitch hard. He only released his grip on Kudamon's ears only he was confident there was not so much cum left to go that the small male was likely to choke on it.
  198. "Congratulation," Falcomon announced in a pant. "You're officially a complete cockwhore and digislut~"
  200. It was such a strange, but arousing feeling; Kudamon felt the orgasms of the other males in both of his ends! His rear getting filled by Falcomon's seed, feeling him up quite fast, though the male still moved his body on his cock. And juuust as he was done, he had to try not to gag when Agumon's hot cock began to release his own seed right dep down his throat, with the other digimon milk still fresh and dripping from his abused ferret butt. Only when he probably was done with him he let his ears go, cumming on his mouth a last time, making the ferret taste his hot seed just before swallowing it.
  202. Now, he was on the floor, panting heavily, with cum over his butt, dripping from it, on his belly, on his chin and cheeks. No matter how he looked, he knew anyone would think of him as nothing more but a digislut. "I'm... a... digislut..." he said panting, with a silly smile on his face.
  204. "Damn right you are!" Agumon sat himself up and cupped Kudamon's chin with his claws to rise it. To lift it to where he could kiss the ferret boy. His tongue immediately darted into the mouth. A small mouth that suddenly felt even tighter, the tongue almost causing all the same sensation as Agumon's cock as it scoured his mouth for what remained of the dripping, slimy semen. He pulled back with a suckle on Kudamon's lower lip.
  206. "Hmmm... Throatfucking: passed with flying. Kissing: can still be improved~"
  208. He chuckled, even though it was obvious the male was just too overwhelmed to properly kiss back. He'd get in the swing of it eventually. Or he wouldn't. It would be fun either way. Agumon rolled on all fours, drool dripping from his erect cock and tail raised as he pushed Kudamon out of the puddle of his own cum.
  210. "C'mon. He gotta clean that up or the humans will ask question~" he explained with a naughty grin, his tongue coming out again to start lapping up Kudamon's flavor.
  212. Falcomon looked at the wreched hole with a small humming, then reached into his vest. One of the inner pocket had some anal beads in it, which he casually started to pop inside Kudamon's butt.
  214. "There ya go~" he announced before joining the pair on all fours. "Now you won't make an even bigger mess while we clean yours~"
  216. Kudamon couldn't really do anything when the orange dinosaur simply sat on the floor and raised him up... only to kiss him right on his mouth! And he just sucked the orange male's cock, which came in it and all! So lewd... but the ferret did enjoyed it, kissing back, or at least tried to, still tired from such an ordeal. Really, he more just let Agumon's large tongue do as it pleased, making him groan right around it. However, the dino broke up the kiss as abruptly as it started, before he just rolled on all fours, pushing the ferret away from his lewd pool.  The digimon just stayed on the clean floor, staring at the other mons as they discussed between themselves. What... ? Humans asking questions? That couldn't happen! Then before he could try talking to them about what to do, Falcomon got something in his vest, he didn't knew what that thing was... but he got nervous as the bird approached him and his behind, making him gasp as something entered him!
  218. At first he wondered if it was Falcomon's cock again, but no, the feeling was very different; it was smaller, colder and... two... w-wait... three? He had three of those little things up there, making him feel quite full! "W... what are... those things... ?!” he asked panting to the bird, his own cock throbbing painfully as if it liked the intrusion.
  220. "What, those? Just anal beads~" Falcomo explained... without really explaining anything, he was well aware. "I don't think I have buttplugs small enough for you in there," he chuckled further, "and besides I figured you could use something more... exotic for your first time~"
  222. Not even half the set of beads were nestled in Kudamon's ass. The bird traced around the rim of the anus. If the ferret digimon enjoyed them getting in so much... ho boy was it going to be fun pulling them out! He was tempted pushing another in, but decided getting distractd would be a bad idea. He kneeled next to Kudamon and went on all fours, gently pushing the quadruped's head, guiding it toward the puddle.
  224. "C'Mon~ You're not gonna get upset at tasting yourself, are you?" he joked. There was little need for a bet to guess that Kudamon had never before even tasted himself. Of course, at this point, it would have been rather... improper for him to calk at the idea, after letting the two larger male use and even abuse his bodys, so his clear pleasure given the amount he had spilled.
  226. Agumon was slurping up the cum like a semen vacuum. While falcomon's beak got in the way, he could still help. If he didn't start contributing soon, Kudamon might find himself mocked and shamed for missing on the opportunity.
  228. Kudamon couldn't resist as he was being pushed towards the... puddle of digiseed? He still was getting used to those so-called anal beads to really think of anything else but just go with whatever they both wanted to do with him. He had become a digislut after all... he heard the lewd suggestion with a bit of shame, but when he sees Agumon just doing it, realizing how kinky the dino looked while in that position and licking the puddle, he decided to just go along with it. After all, he already sucked cock, so he already tasted seed straight from the source. Blushing with that thought, the ferret was on all fours, his face close to the seed all over the floor and... he found himself lapping on it. It was a mix of taste some of Agu's, a bit of Falcomon's and, of course, a lot of his own. And... he liked it.
  230. After a short bit, the video feed the repeatedly showed Kudamon's promise to become a total digislut was suddenly ended. The silence filled the room like a gunshot, and it became clear that the only lapping noises left were those made by the ferret digimon. Agumon and Falcomon stood against the console looking down at him as though at a adorable little puppy.
  232. "D'awww, see that, agu? We made that. We made little slut~" Falcomon announced in a tone usually reserved to proud fathers.
  234. "We sure did~" Agumon agreed. They were lightly stroking their ember, catching the precum onto their paws and wings as they enjoyed the sight of Kudamon finishing the cleanup job.
  236. "Oh, don't worry your cute, incredibly slutty and tight little ass~" Agumon sniggered. "the door's locked, remember?"
  238. The pair just stood there and waited, slowly stroking their again erect members. As Kudamon stared, they casually swapped and started stroking each other instead. They didn't even need to look down. They must have done this hungregs times. They were clearly waiting for Kudamon to finish, but just to drive the point hom, it was Agumon who spoke up.
  240. "Well, aren't you gonna finish your meal?" he joked. "Need lotsa protein to make you strong and big~" he didn't flex his muscles. Instead the pair made their cocks flex before playfully grabbing each other's balls.
  242. "Plus as much as you enjoyed having your holes _reamed_ like a total fuckslut... I seem to recall you saying, what was it again?" he turned to Agumon, who promptly pressed a key to show Kudamon on widescreen:
  244. "And I want to do the same with both of you, to feed you my own cock and fuck you as if you two were nothing but a bunch of DIGISLUTS!"
  246. Kudamon announced loudly.
  248. "And we would LOVE to know if you can give it as well as you take it~" the lizard concluded.
  250. While he only stared at both, relieved that it wasn't someone that somehow found his way in the room, he was surprised about what he said himself in the screen; indeed, he wanted to know how it felt inside of another digimon... both Agumon and Falcomon seem to love when either fucking or being fucked by the other. He already experienced how it felt to be the one getting it, as his ass could tell, so it was fair to know how it felt to be the one giving! As he stares at the two stroking each other, Kudamon step towards them, gasping; ahh those things... they seem to move inside of him! How weird... he then try to keep his mouth shut as he made his way to the other digimons, his cock already hard and eager.
  252. "You two are really... hot digi sluts. So you both want my dick THAT bad?" he asks, surprised with the lewdness of his words, as if he was trying to show some dominance, despite his small body... not to mention how he took both of their cocks just before this!
  254. The pair snickered some more. "Oh, look at you, such a cute little padawhore~" Falcomon joked, letting go of Agumon's cock to pet Kudamon... and spread Agumon's precum all over the smaller male's fur. "But you don't get to come anywhere near our asses until that floor is shiny and clean enough to... well, slurp even more cum off it!" he teased him.
  256. "I don't think he's gonna be as bad a top as Ikuto was at first, though..." Agumon commented idly as Falcomon returned his wing to the orange penis, then fed the dino his own precum.
  258. "Oh yes," Falcomon chuckled at the memory, before explaining for Kudamon's benefit: "Would you believe that little cockwhore was convinced for years that he wouldn't ever be able to cum without a dick in his ass?"
  260. Hearing that idea, Kudamon’s eyes shone with lust! He didn’t even let the dino finished as he went back to lick at the floor just after the dinosaur messed his fur, quite more eager than before. It seems that he was wondering how an active digimon feels more that he thought... but indeed, how Falcomon felt, inside of him? He kept imagining as he licked the floor, hearing the silly comments that both made at his expense. Those two bastards... Kudamon wondered if he would get the choice, but even if he did, who should be the first to be fucked by his digihood?
  262. He was so lost in thought he didn’t noticed that soon there was nothing else to lick…whoa he already licked it all? Embarrased, he stood up and faced the other mons. “There, it’s all clean!”
  264. "See? Now THAt is a proper cumslut right there~" Falcomon jokingly pointed at Kudamon. "He looks practically _disappointed_ he's out of cum to guzzle down. Man, and can you believe he's got the pretention to show us how its done?" he continued openly mocking the smaller digi-slut's ambitions.
  266. In truth it was all a ploy, to trick Kudamon into going after the bird. Not because Falcomon was specifically eager to fees Kudamon,s best efforts (though _was_ genuinely curious), but rather because it felt unfair to him that AGumon hadn't had a chance to fuck the little guy yet, and what other times is one's anus as vulnerable as when you're busy shoving your cock into someone else?
  268. By this point Kudamon was getting quite annoyed by the words of that bird, to think he could be like that when it’s in his slut mode…still, with his proud white penis erect after so much um licking and verbal abuse, he was sure he already knew who he wanted to give it a try. “SHUT UP! I will show you who’s the slut here. Bend over bird!” Kudamon demanded, getting on nearby falcomon and using his whip like body to jump in the air and “slap” at his black member. “or else…!” by this point, after so much debauchery, the little digimon was completely being ruled by his dick and desires.
  270. Falcomon was easily fast enough to dodge the attempted attack upon his privates. He leaned down until his cummy breath washed over Kudamon's face.
  272. "Or _what_, little padawhore?" he chuckled. "You're gonna refuse to let me fuck your tight little ass ever again?" The made his snort. "Like you could resist~"
  274. His wing reached over to scoop the Kudamon right off the floor and give his very erect and dripping cock a couple strokes.
  276. "But the I guess it would be a waste of good juices if we didn't let you spill them in a proper hool, would it?" He teased Kudamon and proceeded to force a third of the anal beads into the small male's anus. "You're gonna have to give me a minute, though~"
  278. Why that was soon became clear once Falcomon had put the smaller male back down and turned around: a transparent plastic ring was poking out f his ass. What was that? He didn't waste a second demonstrating. A finger feather sklipped inside and tugged, forcing fiive anal beads and a slutty moan out of the avian. The larges of them was the size of an egg, the smallest just a little smaller than a grape. Judamon would notice it was almost identical to what Falcomon had used to plug his ass. At first Falcomon went down on all fours, ass raised high up, then chuckled.
  280. "Wait, what am I doing? you'll never be able to reach~" he explained and rolled onto his back, holding his legs up and spread like a picture from a magazine. "Gimme your worst~" he demanded
  282. Kudamon sure was taken by surprise! Good thing the worst Falcomon did to punish him was to stroke his erection…and tease his little anus, forcing more of those beads inside. Damnit, he was getting used to it by now…! However, that all go away when Falcomon posed like that, just for him, after making sure his tailhole was clear and ready. Such a slutty pose…only looking at the bird like he never did before made his cock throb I anticipation. Did he wanted it that bad…?
  283. Well, he certainly wanted a piece of that ass, Kudamon though, as he practically jumped on the avian mon, not wasting guide in guiding his cock on his hole as he hold on the bird’s raised leg. In fact, he was so horny and clumsy he tried, but couldn’t hit right inside…when he saw those two going at it though the videos they made it seem so easy!
  285. Falcomon watched the overexcited male tying to get in. He even loosened his back end so it'd spill some of the mixed seeds from the previous time he'd been fucked. By Gaomon and Agumon that very morning. A small grin spread his beak open. "What's wrong? Your experience with Gatomon and Floramon didn't prepare you enough for this?" he teased further. "Here, Padawhore, just let daddy Falco help you~" he snickered and reached forward with a wing. He made sure to peel back Kudamon's foreskin completely before he lined it up with his hole. That was sure to make it a damnably memorable first time~ Meanwhile, Agumon had been completely forgotten, and that was fine with him as he padded over to stand behind Kudamon...
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