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  1. Chloe: me and my owner got weird today
  2. Britney: oh?
  3. Chloe: cause i called them friend
  4. Chloe: they thought it was weird to own someone who is a friend as well
  5. Britney: huh... =/
  6. Chloe: we swapped genders and it was fixed
  7. Chloe: cause he was imagining chloe in real life
  8. Chloe: she
  9. Chloe: now they are cool
  10. Britney: oh i see
  11. Britney: well you're going to need to whitelist me :3
  12. Chloe: sorry
  13. Chloe: there you go
  14. Britney: cool
  15. Britney: oh your collar is owner locked
  16. Britney: well mine is too i guess so not surprising
  17. Chloe: yeah kia did it today
  18. Britney: stand up for a moment
  19. Britney: im going to change you
  20. (Chloe stands up)
  21. (Chloe kneels down)
  22. (Chloe stands up)
  23. Chloe: yes Mistress
  24. Britney: also is it ok if I remove the chastity?
  25. (Chloe's vibrating egg stops vibrating.)
  26. Chloe: yes its an rp thing i can throw it back on and pretend i never took it off
  27. Britney: is any of the demon stuff a part of you as chloe?
  28. Britney: like how I never like having my ears off
  29. (Chloe kneels down)
  30. (Chloe stands up)
  31. Britney: ok just rp
  32. Chloe: nope
  33. Chloe: yeah just rp
  34. (Britney unlocks and removes the metal chastity belt from Chloe's pelvis.)
  35. (Britney removes the vibrating egg from Chloe's vulva.)
  36. (Britney removes the vibrating nipple clamps from Chloe's nipples.)
  37. Britney: cute~
  38. Chloe: Thank you Mistress you have good taste
  39. Britney: (hold on, jenne wants me to walk Lily with her, our dog
  40. Chloe: ok i will be here
  41. Britney: (im back)
  42. Chloe: k
  43. Britney: oh you look just precious in those clothes i bought you
  44. Britney: come give mistress a hug
  45. Chloe: (my glasses are part of my character
  46. Britney: (i intentionally left those alone)
  47. *Chloe gives mistress a hug*
  48. *Britney holds chloe close and gently strokes her head*
  49. Chloe: oh Mistress
  50. *Chloe Nuzzles Mistresses hand*
  51. *Chloe kisses mitress deeply*
  52. *Britney leans in and locks lips with chloe, kissing her softly*
  53. *Britney pulls away*
  54. *Chloe pouts*
  55. Britney: oh don't fret dear, I bought some other things for you to wear tonight~
  56. Chloe: yes Mistress
  57. *Britney strokes chloe's shoulders and moves her hand to slip chloe out of her dress*
  58. Chloe: oh Mistress
  59. Chloe: i love it
  60. Britney: it's only the beginning
  61. *Britney starts to grope chloe's breasts*
  62. Chloe: Yes Mistress
  63. *Chloe Moans lightly from the touch*
  64. Britney: mmm i love these titties, they fill my hand nicely
  65. Chloe: Thank you Mistress
  66. *Britney teases chloe's nipples*
  67. Chloe: oh it feels so good Mistress
  68. *Britney lightly pinches and presses on chloe's nipples while shifting her breasts around, fully enjoying herself*
  69. Chloe: ouchee
  70. Britney: there we go ~ nice and perky~
  71. Chloe: my nipples are so hard for you Mistress
  72. *Britney reaches into her bag and withdraws a smaller bag filled with remote control eggs*
  73. Britney: before i show you your new outfit, i need to get you ready~
  74. Chloe: Yes Mistress
  75. *Britney grabs some tape and places an egg on each of Chloe's nipples*
  76. Britney: (im going to use the clamps but they are taped)
  77. Chloe: (ok)
  78. Britney: perfect~
  79. *Chloe nods*
  80. *Britney traces chloe's breast with a finger, then slides it down between her cleavage, past her navel, and rests it on chloe's sex. She begins to prod with her fingers*
  81. Britney: how is my girls naughty little hole this evening
  82. Chloe: Wet Mistress
  83. Britney: wet indeed
  84. Britney: lets get you out of these
  85. *Chloe nods*
  86. *Britney slides down chloes underwear and off of her body*
  87. Chloe: Thank you Mistress
  88. *Britney starts to play with chloe's folds, lightly pinching them as her fingers become covered in Chloe's juices*
  89. Chloe: oh Mistress im so wet for you
  90. *Britney smiles smugly*
  91. *Chloe lightly starts moaning*
  92. *Britney reaches into the egg bag and inserts 2 eggs into Chloe's sopping wet pussy. they slide in easily with all the natural lubrication*
  93. (Britney uses a vibrating egg on Chloe's vulva.)
  94. Britney: one~
  95. (Britney uses a vibrating egg on Chloe's vulva.)
  96. Chloe: oh Mistress tow eggs you sneaky devil
  97. Britney: two~
  98. *Britney looks at her hand covered in chloe's juices*
  99. Britney: clean this slave
  100. *Britney shoves her hand into chloe's face*
  101. Chloe: yes Mistress
  102. *Chloe starts sucking her juices off Mistresses hand*
  103. *Britney watches chloe, content with her efforts*
  104. *Chloe takes whole hand in her mouth and gags*
  105. Britney: ah!
  106. *Britney pulls her hand out*
  107. *Britney gives chloe a smack on the ass*
  108. Chloe: is it clean to your liking mistress
  109. Chloe: ouchee
  110. Chloe: Sorry i should have asked if i could suck your whole hand
  111. Britney: you got carried away
  112. Chloe: im sorry Mistress
  113. Chloe: yes i did
  114. *Britney grabs chloe's panties and finds a dry spot. she wipes her hand off*
  115. *Britney bunches the panties into a wad*
  116. Britney: if you're so eager to have things in your mouth you can have this
  117. Chloe: no not again Mistress
  118. Britney: I wasn't asking
  119. Britney: you will open your moth
  120. Britney: now
  121. Chloe: no
  122. *Britney presses the panties up against chloes's closed lips and starts to spank her hard*
  123. *Chloe screams ouchee and mouth opens*
  124. *Britney pushes the panties in when chloe cries out*
  125. *Britney holds chloe's mouth closed and grabs some tape*
  126. Chloe: trys to spit out
  127. (Britney uses a duct tape on Chloe's mouth.)
  128. (Britney fully tapes Chloe's mouth with double layers.)
  129. *Britney quickly wraps several layers of tape around chloes mouth*
  130. *Chloe steps on Mistresses toe on accident out of excitement*
  131. Britney: grrr
  132. *Britney grabs chloe's collar by it's ring and pulls down on it forcing the girl to bend over*
  133. Britney: i give you all of these nice gifts and you dare disobey me
  134. (Chloe kneels down)
  135. *Chloe shakes her head*
  136. *Chloe presents ass to mistress*
  137. *Chloe even pulls cheeks apart*
  138. Britney: (i was trying to find the sheet, but i realize it wa sin the zero two chat, is name calling ok?)
  139. Chloe: i aiaa niee ehem eo aou anain
  140. Chloe: (my limits are)
  141. Chloe: (no cutting, baby play animal play, no piss no blood no shit
  142. Chloe: ehae ih aaa
  143. Chloe: (that is all)
  144. Britney: (ok cool)
  145. Chloe: (i fucking love name calling)
  146. *Britney looks down at chloe presenting herself*
  147. Britney: that's right you little slut
  148. *Chloe nods in agreement*
  149. Britney: don't worry i have the perfect thing for your ass
  150. *Britney pulls out a large butt plug and holds it up for chloe to see*
  151. Britney: i think this will fill that hole nicely
  152. *Chloe screams in terror*
  153. *Britney applies a generous amount of lube to the plug*
  154. *Chloe do it already bitch this is in my mind*
  155. Britney: (bends down and grabs ahold of Chloe's corset as she lines up the plug
  156. *Britney bends down and grabs ahold of Chloe's corset as she lines up the plug*
  157. *Britney pushes the large plug into chloe's ass*
  158. *Chloe squeals in pain*
  159. *Chloe moans loudly*
  160. Britney: excellent, it fits perfectly~
  161. *Britney gives chloe a hard spank as she gets back up*
  162. Chloe: (im gonna piss you off a bit)
  163. Britney: (sure)
  164. (Chloe uses a bitchsuit on Britney's arms.)
  165. (Chloe adds a intricate padlock on Britney's arms bitchsuit.)
  166. (Chloe removes the duct tape from her mouth.)
  167. Britney: (can you at least describe how....?)
  168. Chloe: (you wont be bound long)
  171. Chloe: really bitch should i
  172. Britney: WHAT?
  173. Britney: you can't treat me this way! you are in so much trouble missy
  174. Chloe: should i release you cunt
  175. Chloe: should i really
  176. Britney: if you know what's good for you
  177. Britney: I spend all this money on you and this is the thanks I get?
  178. *Chloe kisses Mistress and pushes panties in your mouth*
  179. Britney: hemmmff!!
  180. Chloe: will you hurt me if i let you go
  181. Chloe: spit my panties out
  182. *Britney spits out the panties*
  183. Britney: oh you're gonna get it alright
  184. Chloe: why would i let you go then
  185. Britney: ...
  186. *Britney steams for a bit*
  187. Britney: fine...
  188. Chloe: by the way the lock was never locked
  189. (Chloe removes the bitchsuit from Britney's arms.)
  190. Chloe: oh fuck you got out
  191. (Britney disconnected.)
  192. (Britney entered.)
  193. Chloe: oh fuck you got out
  194. Britney: that's right
  195. *Britney reaches innto her bag and grabs the "present"*
  196. *Chloe kisses your boots*
  197. Britney: too late for that now
  198. Chloe: im so sorry
  199. Chloe: Mistress
  200. *Britney grabs chloe's and forces her into the leotard*
  201. (Britney uses a latex strait leotard on Chloe's arms.)
  202. (Britney adds a intricate padlock on Chloe's arms latex strait leotard.)
  203. *Britney clicks the locks closed*
  204. Chloe: im sorry Mistress
  205. Britney: no
  206. Britney: i dont wanna hear anything out of that filth hole of yours
  207. Chloe: Im really sorry Mistress
  208. Chloe: im sorry i called you a Bitch
  209. Chloe: i was mad
  210. *Britney removes her panties and bundles them with chloe's and forces them massive wad into chloe's mouth*
  211. Chloe: you didnt let me tongue kiss you
  212. *Chloe opens mouth*
  213. *Britney grabs a ballgag and stuffs it on top of chloe's already filled mouth*
  214. (Britney uses a harness ball gag on Chloe's mouth.)
  215. *Britney some of the panties' edges peak out from behind the ball, her mouth completely stuffed*
  216. Chloe: fah meheaehh em heaae
  217. *Britney grabs chloe by her collar and forces her to her tiptoes*
  218. (Chloe stands up)
  219. Chloe: em heaae meheaehh
  220. Britney: this was supposed to be out lovely little evening together slut but now it's a punishment
  221. Britney: you. do. not. bind. me. without permission
  222. Britney: understood?
  223. Chloe: (are we going to do both im just curious
  224. *Chloe nods*
  225. Britney: (i might be nice, after i let my anger out heh)
  226. Britney: (unless you dont like this)
  227. Chloe: (ok)
  228. Chloe: (no iwanted you to punish me
  229. Chloe: (that was the point)
  230. Britney: (i figured)
  231. Britney: now come here bitch
  232. *Chloe comes to Mistress*
  233. *Britney pulls chloe along till she stands under a loop in the ceiling*
  234. *Chloe makes pleading eyes*
  235. *Britney grabs some rope and ties it to the ring in chloe's collar, tying it with very little slack so chloe can't get flat footed on the ground*
  236. Britney: and no cheating
  237. *Britney removes chloe's heels*
  238. *Chloe nods*
  239. *Chloe stays on her tip toes*
  240. *Britney produces a blindfold and locks it behind her gag, then adds a lock to the gag*
  241. (Britney uses a studded blindfold on Chloe's head.)
  242. (Britney adds a metal padlock on Chloe's head studded blindfold.)
  243. (Britney adds a metal padlock on Chloe's mouth harness ball gag.)
  244. Chloe: em heaae meheaehh
  245. *Britney slaps chloe's breasts*
  246. Britney: look at this slutty body of yours
  247. *Chloe squeals in pain*
  248. *Chloe nods*
  249. *Britney smiles*
  250. Britney: god i love watching you squirm
  251. Britney: in fact
  252. *Britney turns on all 3 eggs at once to a medium setting*
  253. (Chloe's vibrating nipple clamps start teasing her lightly.)
  254. (Chloe's vibrating nipple clamps build up to a moderate pace.)
  255. (Chloe's vibrating egg starts teasing her lightly.)
  256. (Chloe's vibrating egg builds up to a moderate pace.)
  257. Britney: why don't you dance for me you little ho bag
  258. *Chloe trys to stay on tie toes but the eggs are to powerful force her to hurt herself to*
  259. *Chloe stands back on tip toes*
  260. *Chloe begins to spin wildly having no control of her body*
  261. *Britney grabs a crop and brushes it against chloe*
  262. Britney: you feel this? this is your only means of forgiveness
  263. *Chloe nods*
  264. *Chloe still spinning wildly*
  265. Britney: you will count the lashes. if you lose count we start over
  266. *Chloe nods*
  267. *Britney waits for an opening as chloe struggles around*
  268. *Britney delivers a strikes straight across chloe's ass*
  269. Chloe: e-eme
  270. Britney: count properly, what do you say bitch
  271. Chloe: e-eme meheaehh
  272. Britney: good
  273. *Britney smacks chloe again with the crop*
  274. Chloe: e-eae meheaehh
  275. *Britney hits chloe's chest this time with the crop*
  276. Chloe: e-ehaee meheaehh
  277. Chloe: e-eekheeeeeee
  278. *Britney hits under chloe's butt, on her thighs, with the crop*
  279. Chloe: m-meea meheaehh
  280. *Britney hits chloe again on the ass*
  281. Chloe: m-mefe meheaehh
  282. *Britney hits chloe's thighs again*
  283. Chloe: h-hek meheaehh
  284. Chloe: e-eekh
  285. *Britney hits chloe's ass again*
  286. Chloe: h-hefem meheaehh
  287. *Britney takes a pause and admires the view, letting tension build*
  288. *Chloe is scared of the quiet*
  289. Britney: fuck you're hot
  290. *Britney smacks chloe again on the ass with the crop*
  291. Chloe: e-eemhe meheaehh
  292. *Britney hits chloe's chest again*
  293. Chloe: m-meme meheaehh
  294. *Britney delivers an upward strike right onto chloe's snatch*
  295. Chloe: e-eem meheaehh
  296. Chloe: m-meemh emm hkeeah em feem
  297. *Britney looks somewhat satisfied*
  298. *Britney remove's chloes gag and pulls out the panties*
  299. (Britney removes the harness ball gag from Chloe's mouth.)
  300. Chloe: i-im sorry Mistress i will never tie you without permission
  301. Britney: that's right you won't
  302. Britney: god watching you turns me on
  303. Chloe: y-yes M-Mistress i am your slut and will never tie you up with out asking
  304. *Britney unties chloes collar from the ceiling, but hold it up with her hands to keep chloe from resting*
  305. Chloe: M-Mistress im also sorry i called you a bitch im t-the bitch your the M-Mistress
  306. *Britney smiles with satisfaction*
  307. Britney: that's right bitch
  308. Chloe: Y-Yes Mistress i am your bitch
  309. *Britney takes off her skirt*
  310. Britney: now come along
  311. Chloe: Y-Yes Mistress
  312. *Britney pulls chloe over to a nice comfy chair*
  313. *Britney sits in the chair and forces chloe to her knees*
  314. (Chloe kneels down)
  315. Britney: are you going to behave or am i going to need to make you behave
  316. Chloe: i-i will behave Mistress
  317. Britney: do not disappoint me
  318. Britney: now
  319. Chloe: y-yes Mistress
  320. Britney: you will service me my little cumdumpster
  321. Chloe: y-yes Mistress
  322. *Britney sits near the edge of the chair and pushes chloe's head into her groin*
  323. *Chloe can i start Mistress*
  324. Britney: well go on, get to it
  325. Britney: i dont have all day
  326. *Chloe Starts flicking her clit*
  327. *Chloe forces tongue into Mistresses divine pussy*
  328. Britney: mmmm~
  329. Britney: good work slut keep it up
  330. *Chloe nods*
  331. *Chloe thrusts tongue and out hitting Mistresses g spot with her tongue*
  332. Chloe: i-in and out
  333. *Britney starts to pant and moan softly*
  334. Britney: mmmmm~
  335. Chloe: s-starts abcs on your g spot
  336. Chloe: a-a
  337. Chloe: b-b
  338. Chloe: c-c
  339. Chloe: d-d
  340. Chloe: e-e
  341. Chloe: f-f
  342. Chloe: g-g
  343. Chloe: h-h
  344. Chloe: i-i
  345. Chloe: j-j
  346. Chloe: k-k
  347. *Britney grabs chloe's hair and forces chloe's head deeper into cunt*
  348. *Chloe takes the signal to go faster*
  349. *Chloe starts going faster*
  350. Britney: haa... haa...
  351. Britney: good girl
  352. Britney: keep going, your meal is almost ready
  353. *Chloe starts swirling her tongue like a tronado left and right and up and down inside Mistresses Pussy*
  354. Britney: mmm! fuck
  355. *Chloe bits clit a little*
  356. Britney: haaa ahnnn here it comes slut, enjoy it
  357. Britney: hnnn!!!!
  358. *Britney cums into chloe's mouth*
  359. *Chloe trys to pull away but cant*
  360. *Britney hold chloe's head firmly in place*
  361. *Chloe trys to spit cum out*
  362. Britney: what do you think you're doing
  363. *Chloe make me eat it*
  364. *Britney pulls chloe's head back so she face the ceiling, with her other hand she cover's chloe's mouth and holds her nostrils shut*
  365. Britney: swallow
  366. Britney: now
  367. *Chloe trying to breath but cant*
  368. Britney: you will swallow
  369. *Chloe face turning blue*
  370. Britney: eat my cum you love so much
  371. Britney: NOW
  372. *Chloe no use and swallows the cum so she can breath*
  373. *Britney lets go and pushes chloe back onto the floor*
  374. Chloe: y-yes Mistress
  375. Chloe: i-im sorry it was salty this time
  376. Britney: what good is a cumdumpster who doesn't swallow, honestly
  377. Chloe: Y-Yes Mistress i will be a good cum dumpster
  378. Chloe: s-sorry
  379. *Britney smiles*
  380. Britney: good slut
  381. Chloe: I-I will never fight your cum a-again
  382. Chloe: i-i am your cum dumpster and my m-mouth is used as you cum dumpster
  383. Chloe: y-your
  384. Britney: that's right
  385. Chloe: M-Mistress thank you for letting me swallow your divine cum
  386. Britney: im feeling in the mood
  387. Britney: why donn't you have a seconnd helping
  388. Chloe: a-anything for you Mistress
  389. *Britney sits on chloe's face and presses her pussy against chloe*
  390. *Chloe starts licking faster then before*
  391. Britney: mmm yes
  392. *Chloe starts doing tornado again in your pussy*
  393. Britney: im getting hot
  394. *Britney takes off her sweater and bra*
  395. *Chloe goes faster and spins tongue quicker*
  396. Britney: here's some more motivation you horny slut
  397. (Chloe's vibrating nipple clamps start buzzing strongly!)
  398. (Chloe's vibrating egg starts buzzing strongly!)
  399. Chloe: o-oh Mistress
  400. *Chloe licks faster then sonic can run*
  401. Britney: (pffft)
  402. Britney: oh fuck
  403. Chloe: M-Moans loudly as she l-licks Mistresses pussy
  404. Britney: what a naughty little tonuge you have, i've trained you well
  405. *Chloe nods*
  406. Britney: nnn
  407. *Chloe starts turning her head to get more leverage*
  408. *Britney moans and ejoys herself, feeling her pleasure building*
  409. *Chloe pushes as deep as her tongue can go*
  410. Britney: ahhh, haaaaa, nnn!!
  411. *Chloe licks your g spot fast*
  412. Britney: here it comes fucktoy!
  413. Britney: hnnn!!!
  414. *Chloe cum on my face to make me your cum whore*
  415. *Britney throws her head back and arches her back as she cums once again all over chloe's face*
  416. *Chloe swallows cum as it enters her mouth*
  417. Britney: haa.... haa....
  418. *Chloe starts sucking cum out of Mistresses pussy cleaning it*
  419. Britney: that's a good little slut
  420. *Britney looks down and smiles, proud of her pet*
  421. *Chloe swallows cum one more time*
  422. Britney: that's enough
  423. *Britney lift herself off of chloe and rest in the chair for a moment*
  424. Chloe: w-wipe the cum o-off m-my face and push it in m-my mouth Mistress
  425. *Britney smiles as her fucktoy's request*
  426. *Britney walks over and pulls chloe back up onto her knees*
  427. *Britney wipes chloe's face with her finger and delivers all the fluids into chloe's mouth*
  428. Britney: that's a good girl~
  429. Chloe: m-mistress may i swallow
  430. Britney: no
  431. Britney: savor it for a moment
  432. *Chloe nods*
  433. *Chloe gargaling cum*
  434. Britney: good, you may swallow now
  435. *Chloe swallows cum*
  436. *Chloe opens her mouth and presents it to Mistress*
  437. Chloe: M-Mistress a-am i a good cum d-dumpster
  438. *Britney grabs chloe by her chin and inspect her mouth, satisfied that she appears to have swallowed every last drop*
  439. Britney: yes
  440. *Britney pets chloe's head*
  441. Britney: good toy
  442. *Chloe nuzzles mistresses hand*
  443. Chloe: T-Thank you Mistress
  444. Britney: i think you've earned yourself a reward
  445. Chloe: T-Thank you Mistress
  446. Britney: open your mouth
  447. *Chloe opens mouth wide*
  448. Britney: sluts don't need to talk
  449. (Britney uses a pump gag on Chloe's mouth.)
  450. (Britney pumps Chloe gag.)
  451. (Britney pumps Chloe gag.)
  452. *Chloe nods*
  453. (Britney pumps Chloe gag.)
  454. Britney: there
  455. Britney: now that that hole is take care of
  456. *Chloe nods*
  457. Britney: Present your dirty pussy, give me a show. i wanna see you beg
  458. *Chloe presents pussy to mistress*
  459. *Chloe begins to dance in front of mistress*
  460. *Chloe rubbing her pussy on Mistresses thigh*
  461. *Britney smiles sinisterly*
  462. *Chloe drops to the floor and pops back up*
  463. (Chloe's vibrating egg jumps up to maximum intensity!)
  464. (Chloe's vibrating nipple clamps jump up to maximum intensity!)
  465. *Chloe starts rubbing up and down Mistresses body*
  466. Britney: enough
  467. *Chloe moans loudly*
  468. *Chloe stops dancing*
  469. *Britney pulls chloe back onto her thigh and pulls down on her collar, forcing chloe to sit down and press the plug deeper into her*
  470. *Chloe feels plug go deeper and squeals in pain*
  471. *Chloe Moans loudly*
  472. Chloe: a-aaaaaaa
  473. Britney: now you will cum for me like the cumslut you are
  474. Chloe: a-aaaaaaa
  475. *Chloe nods*
  476. *Britney moves her legs up and down lifting chloe up and down slightly*
  477. Chloe: a-aaaaaaa
  478. Chloe: a-aaaaa
  479. *Britney spanks chloe's ass and pumps her gag again, filling her mouth completely*
  480. (Britney pumps Chloe gag.)
  481. *Chloe feels mistress body against hers and becomes exstremely aroused*
  482. Chloe: m-mmmmmmm
  483. Britney: i wanna look into those lust filled eyes of yours whore
  484. (Britney removes the studded blindfold from Chloe's head.)
  485. *Chloe blushes in embarrashment*
  486. *Britney pulls off the blindfold and watches chloe, smiling*
  487. *Britney spanks chloes ass as she makes chloe bob up and down on her leg*
  488. *Chloe stares into Mistresses beautiful eyes and smiles*
  489. *Chloe screams in pain*
  490. *Chloe starts squirming despretly wanting to cum*
  491. Britney: go ahea dlsut
  492. Britney: cum
  493. *Chloe cums all over mistresses boot*
  494. *Britney watches happily as chloes orgasms*
  495. Britney: thaaat's right
  496. *Chloe starts cumming again*
  497. Britney: ah ah
  498. *Britney pulls chloe off of her*
  499. Britney: not yet
  500. *Britney lift chloe up and carries her to bed*
  501. *Chloe nods*
  502. *Britney lays chloes in the bed on her back, she attaches ankle cuffs to chloe and ties them to the bottom corners of the bed*
  503. *Britney she takes another rope and loops it through chloe's collar ring, tying the other end to the headboard with no more than a couple inches of slack so that chloe won't immediately choke herself*
  504. *Chloe attempts to struggle but cant*
  505. *Britney pets chloe's head*
  506. *Britney weaves a towel under chloe's butt*
  507. Britney: now, i'm going to go enjoy a movie, and you are going to sit here and cum until you never again forget who you belong to and who's in charge
  508. *Britney grabs a blindfold and slides it over chloe's eyes*
  509. (Britney uses a leather blindfold on Chloe's head.)
  510. Chloe: (that was awesome)
  511. *Britney grabs a vibrating wand and sets it to random pattern mode. she presses it against chloe's sex and tapes the wand against chloe's leg*
  512. Britney: have fun my little fuck toy~
  513. *Britney turns out the lights and leaves chloe to moan and squirm in the dark for the next hour and a half*
  514. Britney: (aaaaand done)
  515. Britney: :3
  516. Chloe: (one sec have clean myself up
  517. Britney: (hahaha
  518. Chloe: (im back)
  519. Britney: (wb
  520. (Britney removes the leather blindfold from Chloe's head.)
  521. (Britney removes the pump gag from Chloe's mouth.)
  522. Chloe: (thnak you)
  523. Chloe: s-sorry i got h-hard
  524. Britney: that's ok
  525. Britney: i did too lol
  526. Britney: i just didnt do anything about it
  527. Chloe: i-i had too it w-was to hot
  528. Chloe: t-treat m-me like that everytime thats what i like
  529. Chloe: t-that hit all m-my fetishes
  530. Britney: hehe
  531. Britney: you didn't like, slightly disobey
  532. Chloe: i-i will do t-that again
  533. Britney: so i got "angry"
  534. Chloe: i-it m-made you think didnt it
  535. Chloe: n-no p-plan n-needed
  536. Britney: haha yeah
  537. Chloe: i-i will force ideas out o-of you
  538. Britney: i was just like
  539. Britney: "shit... no real limits, maybe ill try and get really aggressive
  540. Chloe: g-go r-right a-ahead
  541. Chloe: i-i would l-love that
  542. Chloe: i-i will send my k-kink list again
  543. *Britney turns off your eggs*
  544. (Chloe's vibrating nipple clamps start teasing her lightly.)
  545. (Chloe's vibrating nipple clamps stop vibrating.)
  546. (Chloe's vibrating egg starts teasing her lightly.)
  547. (Chloe's vibrating egg stops vibrating.)
  548. Britney: would you mind copying all of the chat log and putting it in a pastebin or something for me?
  549. Chloe: and by the way that was my subby side my real subby side
  550. Britney: just a little bratty~
  551. Britney: heh
  552. Chloe: yep
  553. Chloe: no one has ever broke me yet
  554. Chloe: i let them have me
  555. Chloe: and im picky
  556. Britney: I also enjoy that feeling of being forced to do things i dont necessarily want to when im in subspace
  557. Chloe: i can dom you next time if you want
  558. Britney: sure
  559. Chloe: cause i dont want it to be just for me
  560. Britney: normally if i punish someone it doesnt go on too long
  561. Chloe: send your kink list so i can look at it
  562. Britney: so it was fun to instead make it the whole session
  563. Chloe: so i dont hit your limits again
  564. Chloe: i love to be punished
  565. Chloe: would you like me to tell you what i was thinking when i swallowed the cum the first time
  566. Britney: oh yeah i kinda came up with the slight breath play on the fly
  567. Britney: what were you thinking?
  568. Chloe: i wanted you to
  569. Chloe: but when you said i was being a bad cum dumpster
  570. Chloe: i actually was like piss in my mouth
  571. Chloe: but i know i dont like that really but i was in my subby space
  572. Chloe: we will switch who is domming everytime
  573. Britney: yea sure
  574. Britney: that sounds fine
  575. Chloe: so we dont run out of ideas
  576. Britney: i had a lot of fun, im glad you did too
  577. Chloe: i love that side of you
  578. Britney: i didn't know i had it in me
  579. Britney: maybe i was just mimicking some other doms i've seen haha
  580. Chloe: i pissed you off cause i new you had it in you
  581. Chloe: impicky with who i play with
  582. Britney: hehe
  583. Britney: im honored then
  584. Chloe: yeah only 4 others get this fine ass
  585. *Britney giggles*
  586. Chloe: but i dom 3 of them
  587. Chloe: so 2 get this
  588. Britney: you look good in pink :)
  589. Chloe: you and win
  590. Chloe: oh and Kia
  591. Chloe: but shes even softer then you
  592. Chloe: should i wear pink again
  593. Britney: if it's the kia i've seen roaming around, she seemed on the softer side
  594. Britney: pink looks so cute with blond hair :3
  595. Chloe: ok just for you
  596. Chloe: im going back to pink
  597. (Britney removes the latex strait leotard from Chloe's arms.)
  598. (Chloe locks a metal chastity belt on her pelvis.)
  599. (Chloe stands up)
  600. Britney: my original plan was once i had all your holes nice and filled to put you in that leotard, but we changed the tone when you tried to wrestle control ;)
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