Dawn Ray'd Fanbois and The Cuckening of Black Metal

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  1. Original review:
  4. If you need a reason why people can't take album reviews seriously these days, it's because of inbred piece of shit reviewers like the beta male that wrote this review.
  6. First off, it's barely a review as much as it is kissing ass to the politically-enhanced lyrical content. The reviewer whines about "Nazis" and how he can't listen to Peste Noire or Mgla (two bands that are far superior to Dawn Ray'd in a musical sense), and then later on, he whines about Nergal saying he is "Anti Antifa" (this doesn't mean fascist you fucking idiot, it means you're against mobs larping as anti-fascists).
  8. It makes me wonder how hackjob writers manage to go outside of their Reddit/Twitter/Tumblr circlejerks and get work posting political propaganda while masquerading as a music reviewer. Nobody's buying into this shit except for closeted jerkoffs that feel like the world's out to get them. Boo fucking hoo. They care more about border hoppers while fearmongering the hell out of their fellow citizens anyways, why does their opinion matter?
  10. When Bill Peel loses his reviewing privileges, then the world can start to improve, even by just a margin.
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