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  1. Chapter 4
  2. The temperature progressively rising due the overheating radioactive core. If not stopped, it would overload and set off a nuclear explosion. Still recovering from Fusion Buttercup's punch, Kyle tried to stand back up using the wall as support, still clutching his stomach. Dexter was still inside his prison, a few meters from Kyle, trying to figure out a method of getting free. Fusion Buttercup was slowly walking towards Kyle with an evil and bloodthirsty grin on her face, slamming her fists together.
  4. "Like I said before," she said, "I've never seen you around. But of course, I've taken care of a lot of people so I might have just forgotten you."
  6. "Why do you want to know?" Kyle replied in anger.
  8. "Oh nothing~. It's just that something doesn't seem right about you. I don't know what it is, but I can just feel it."
  10. "How 'bout we cut the talk and get to the point where I blast you?" Kyle pointed his rifle at Fusion Buttercup with one hand as he leaned against the wall. He fired a simple shot of electricity, but Fusion Buttercup simply deflected the shot as if it was nothing.
  12. "Do you really think you can hit me with my strength?"
  14. "Maybe not... But I was just testing out the maximum potential this thing has on full blast." Kyle looked toward where Fusion Buttercup has deflected his shot. It was powerful enough to pierce the roof and leave a small hole. He smiled in now that it passed his test. "Heh, more than I needed..."
  16. "What are you-"
  18. Setting his eyes on the nearby control panel next to Dexter's cell, Kyle repositioned his arm and fired. Fusion Buttercup was too far away to react. If she moved now, she wouldn't be able to divert the plasma shot in time. Kyle's shot destroyed the console, the electricity surrounding Dexter's cage began to fade, and whatever was preventing Dexter from using his weapons was deactivated. The door's lock disengaged and it slowly opened.
  20. "I leave you." Kyle muttered as he fell on the ground unconscious. "Dexter, you better not waste this chance..."
  22. "Why you!" Fusion Buttercup exclaimed as she flew full speed towards Kyle.
  24. Dexter quickly ran and stood in front of Kyle. He pulled out a device from his pocket that transformed into an oversized wrench, using it like a sword or staff to block Fusion Buttercup. The two were now gripping and fighting over control of the weapon.
  26. "Oh look, the nerd... Well, it doesn't matter either. I'll just have to take you out first!"
  28. Dexter smirked. "Do you really think you can?"
  30. "What the hell are you talking about?"
  32. "You need to start paying attention and learn more about your enemies." Dexter pressed a purple button on the weapon. Restraints, hidden inside a secret panel immediately emerged and locked onto Fusion Buttercup's wrists. Once the restraints made contact, the Fusion's feet suddenly began to glow and she was instantly stuck to the ground. She tried using her laser vision on the braces to break free. It didn't work, not a single scratch on the metal surface.
  34. "W-What is this!" she exclaimed trying with all her might to move her feet.
  36. "This weapon has the ability to magnetize an individual to the ground. Focusing its power on a specific area such as your feet greatly increases its power, enough to hold someone even of your strength. And that's not all... Tell me. Do you know the advantages of wearing rubber gloves?"
  38. "I don't why that would-... Y-You wouldn't!"
  40. "Try me..."
  42. Dexter pressed a red button on his weapon. The wrench immediately discharged thousands of volts throughout Fusion Buttercup's body. The restraints release her hands once the entire process was finished. Smoke emitted from her body and small bursts of electricity sparked at small intervals. Dexter then activated another mechanism of the weapon. The wrench was coated in a bright red light and began vibrating heavily. Dexter swung the wrench directly at Fusion Buttercup, hurling her across the room upon striking her stomach. She fell on a pile of gas tanks after painfully hitting the wall. Dexter followed it up back drawing a pistol from his pocket and fired. It was too late for Fusion Buttercup to move once she recovered. The pistol shot had already created a spark. Fusion Buttercup was instantly engulfed in a huge explosion, powerful enough to leave a giant gaping hole within the reactor's wall.
  44. Confident that the battle was over, Dexter hurried over to Kyle and tried to awaken him by shaking him. Kyle only groaned as a response, no sign of actually waking up. Pulling a syringe from his coat, he injected a bright blue liquid into Kyle's body. After a few seconds, Kyle began to stir as he slowly opened his eyes.
  46. "Ugh...did you get her?" Kyle groaned.
  48. "Oh good, you're awake... Yeah, looks like it."
  50. "Great... Ow... What did you inject in my arm?"
  52. "Oh, um... It's a special serum that we managed to develop and synthesize a few months after you disappeared. It speeds up recovery in the subject's body, but..."
  54. "But?"
  56. "You lose part of your total life span..."
  58. "...No big deal...I guess... But you owe me a lot of explanations after this. But first, that reactor core. Can you fix it?"
  60. Dexter smiled. "Don't you remember who you're talking to? I'm 'Dexter, boy genius'! It should be no problem deactivating it." Dexter took command of the reactor controls. Kyle couldn't believe how fast he was going through the procedures. "I'm the one who built this thing. There's no way I'll let those guys use it for mass destruction on my watch!" Hurriedly pulling the lever next to him, Dexter activated the shutdown mechanism with only a few seconds to spare. The reactor was starting to cool down. "There, we stopped that catastrophe. You can contact Numbuh 2 now."
  62. "Right." Kyle radioed Number 2's SCAMPER through his Nanocom. "Numbuh 2? Came you hear me? Dexter's safe and we took care of Fusion Buttercup. You can pick us up now."
  64. "Roger that. I'm on my way, but it'll take a while. Sorry, I had to retreat because a flock of Tech Wings were closing in and I couldn't risk taking damage to the ship."
  66. "Numbuh 2's on his way." he told Dexter. "All we have to do wait for-" A short tremor suddenly began to resonate throughout Technology Square. It caught the boys off guard and caused them to fall on the floor. "What the hell? An earthquake?"
  68. "Our...real plan." a voice muttered. Amongst the clearing smoke, the two boys spotted the figure of Fusion Buttercup. She was still standing although it looked like she could collapse any second now with all the severe injuries covering her body.
  70. "You're a stubborn one to go down." Dexter said to her.
  72. "Heh...I'm already finished. It doesn't matter though. I did my purpose... I was just here to distract you all. Our Tech Tunnelers have been digging underground ever since we attacked, getting this place ready to collapse. It's too late to stop them now..." With those final words, Fusion Buttercup collapsed onto the floor and her entire body melted into a bubbling puddle of Fusion Matter.
  74. "Kyle," Dexter said, "give me your Nanocom real quick."
  76. Kyle detached the Nanocom from his wrist and handed it to Dexter as he pulled out his own. Dexter then proceeded to transfer a vast amount of information to into Kyle's, appearing as a bright beam of light made out of visible data. By the time Kyle got it back, the entire graphical user interface was completely revamped with many new options and features.
  78. "Remember when I said it was still a prototype? Well, this is the completed version. It has every current feature developed as well as ones not even released yet. Quick, aim your wrist towards the Fusion's remains."
  80. Kyle followed Dexter's directions and soon a small white beam shot out from the sensor mechanism of the Nanocom into the Fusion Matter puddle. The goop then began swirling until it became a floating sphere. Then in a flash of light, it was replaced by a small miniature figure. It was about the size of someone's head and had the exact same appearance as Buttercup albeit more cartoonish.
  82. "A Buttercup doll?" Kyle wondered aloud.
  84. "It's called a Nano." Dexter corrected him. "Fusions are created from items that belong and represent us. Once a Fusion is defeated, his or her remains can be used to form a Nano. Though not all Fusions can make Nanos. We were originally making progress on finding out why, but as you can see the advanced stages of the war had caused us to stop it... Anyway, right now, we only know of thirty-six possible Nanos that can be synthesized. Nanos are also made of Fusion Matter, but they don't follow those monsters' commands. Instead, they listen to us. This is beneficial as they all have three special, unique powers that allow us to take advantage over Fuse's army. Not many people use them as you need to defeat a Fusion and that's rare unless you're directly involve in fighting and are powerful or skilled enough to defeat one. Maybe you can master them all if you decide to fully join us." Another tremor suddenly shook the building once again. This time it was even more powerful. We'll save more explanations later. This place is not safe. You need to get out of here!"
  86. "Hey guys!" a voice exclaimed in a distance. It was Numbuh 2 and his SCAMPER coming through the hole created by the explosion. The ship carefully landed in front of Kyle and Dexter. Numbuh 2 quickly exited the moment the SCAMPER touched the ground. "Guys! Tech Square is starting to collapse! We can't hold it anymore! Get in the SCAMPER! Hurry!"
  88. Kyle hurried aboard along with Numbuh 2 as an even stronger quake began to shake the reactor again. He turned to see the floor collapse beneath the SCAMPER. Numbuh 2 was able to get the ship back in the air before colliding with the ground. Dexter was still safe as he was standing away from where the floor broke apart. Numbuh 2 held the ship in place waiting for Dexter jump on.
  90. "Dexter!" Kyle exclaimed. "What are you waiting for! Get on!"
  92. "No... You guys get out of here. There are still things I have to take care of in here. Fusion Buttercup invaded my laboratory and stole one of my most powerful weapons. I still need to find and destroy it before Fuse gets his hands on it. Numbuh 2..." Dexter paused for a moment. He was visible laughing to himself despite the situation he was in. "I never thought I would say this in my entire life... I want you to find Mandark and work with him to construct another time machine. Send Kyle back to where he needs to be. He doesn't belong here. Maybe he can rewrite this terrible mess of a future... I have an escape pod here in the reactor. Don't worry about me! Just go!"
  94. "But-!" The SCAMPER's doors automatically closed in front of Kyle as it began to take off..
  96. "We can't stay here any longer!" Numbuh 2 exclaimed. "Don't worry about Dexter. He can manage himself."
  98. Numbuh 2 turned the ship 180 degrees and headed full speed towards the battleship fleet retreating from Tech Square. Back at the reactor, Dexter turned and walked toward the core room's exit.
  100. A few minutes later, the SCAMPER landed on the mothership of the fleet, a large cruiser ship with the Dexlab insignia painted on it. Kyle and Numbuh 2 promptly exited once inspection was complete. Standing on the ship's deck them were some operatives, soldiers, and the like. On the front side of the deck were Buttercup, Numbuh 5, and what seemed like a samurai looking over what remained of Tech Square. Kyle went to see as well. He was devastated to see the entire district of Technology Square beginning to be submerged within the Fusion Matter-contaminated ocean. Further out, he could see that the entire city of Townsville was now gone. Kyle noticed that Buttercup and Numbuh 5 were showing tears in their eyes, trying their best to not lose themselves. Kyle wanted to ask them what happened, but he could tell they weren't in the mood to talk. The samurai was just keeping his eyes closed with arms crossed. Behind him, a communication terminal was beeping.
  102. "Come in." a voice said. Kyle was positive it was Dexter's. "I repeat. Come in. It's Dexter." Everyone nearby turned and went towards the terminal. Even some smaller ships nearby came closer to acquire a better signal. "As we all know, Tech Square has been lost, but the fight is not over. Maybe there's still hope. On board this ship is a boy named Kyle. I've only told a select few people about this, but a year ago, a sudden mishap partially instilled by my sister caused him to be sent here to this...devastating time period. I want some effort put into constructing a new time machine in order to send him back to the past where he belongs. Perhaps he can stop this catastrophe from happening. I've told Computress to send my blueprints. I'm counting on every single one of you. This is my final request. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Dexter out."
  104. Meanwhile, on one of the last remaining bits of Tech Square's floating land, Dexter turned off his communicator as he broke apart a small device in his hand and incinerated it with his pistol. He was sitting with his back against the earthen wall smiling and looking off into the vast green sky ocean.
  106. "Hehe... Perhaps I should've told the truth and informed those two that there was no escape pod..."
  108. With those final words, the ground below him collapsed, the bubbling Fusion Matter eagerly awaiting to embrace him.
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