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  1. The Sinful Idiot
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roland_Barthes
  4. He wrote the essay "The Death of the Author".
  5. His idea is to ignore the author.
  6. The intentions of the author are not important.
  7. His idea is that any interpretation is equally important as what the author has written.
  8. This idea applies to everything in existence.
  10. In summary:
  11. As if before a conversation begins he states that no matter what you say he will hear what he wants to hear.
  12. Then he states that what he wants to hear is as important as anything you will say.
  13. There is no possibility of a relationship.
  14. Everything is now an object.
  15. He is obsessed with his ideas.
  17. That is disgusting.
  18. How is that an idea & not simple rudeness?
  19. Because he is French?
  20. I'm American I say, fuck the French there is nothing magical about cheese & wine.
  22. I was taught this.
  23. I read the essay in college.
  24. The professor acted as if it were self evidently true.
  25. For the Marxist this is an important idea.
  26. The radical feminists, lgbt activists, & post modernists like this idea.
  27. This idea enables them to re-appropriate texts to be used within their activist arguments even if the authors do not agree with that type of use of their work.
  28. They could have just argued their unalienable right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness like Jews & black people did.
  29. They run around and scream the author is dead when they purposefully take people out of context to personally attack them as some weird form of preemptive revenge strike or to defend the oppressed.
  30. These people imitate what they think smart people sound like, because they cannot perform the mathematics that science demands.
  31. So they settle for ideas without physical evidence & repeatable experiments.
  32. This is a dangerous idea because it ignores the consent, humanity and freedom of the author.
  33. It means that everything can be changed to serve the crazy person who is writing over the original text.
  34. They use this ridiculous idea to "save people" for an ideology.
  35. They state they can reeducate the text & humans for "the greater good".
  36. The author might not like it but it is for a good cause.
  37. This is the evil of communism & totalitarianism in general.
  38. No one gets to control, censor and re-write the ideas of the author that violates freedom of speech and is a copy right violation.
  39. If they can rewrite the thoughts of an author they can rewrite any citizen's thoughts that are offensive to their revolution.
  40. I find their ideology a threat to free people world wide.
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