Dec 9th, 2019
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  1. Welcome to the BloomNetwork's SCP:Secret Laboratory server! Join our discord at
  2. Here are some rules to get you started off.
  3. -No Team Killing (If there are any team killers, create a support ticket in the discords ticket chat with -new)
  4. -Don't Hack
  5. -Don't Say the N-word
  6. -Don't Be Racist (Don't use racial slurs or make fun of peoples ethnicity)
  7. -Don't Threaten People
  8. -Don't Reveal Other Peoples Locations (States, Countries, Cities, or Addresses)
  9. -Don't Reveal Other Peoples Personal Information (Full Names, Occupations, or Locations as stated above)
  10. -Don't Mic Spam (Play music or hold down your push to talk button without talking)
  11. -Don't Earrape
  12. -Don't Advertise
  13. -Don't Ban Evade
  14. -Don't Accuse Admins of Cheating/Admin Abusing (With out evidence)
  15. -Don't Play Pornography (Audio from porno's)
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