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Jul 31st, 2015
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  1. Hello,
  3. I'm sure the biggest part of the readers will already know this, but Microsoft changed their privacy terms in Windows 10 (hence why everyone can update to it for free). They are now allowed to record your voice, take pictures with your webcam , see what you type (yes, keylogger like), what pages you visit etc. and send it over to them for 'investigation', lel.
  5. Hereby I post a small list, which you should start following at the installation part, which will help you to increase your privacy.
  7. Before/During Installation
  8. Do not use Express Settings. Hit Customize, and make sure everything is turned off.
  9. It's strongly preferred that you use a local account with Windows 10.
  11. After Installation
  12. Head to Settings > Privacy, and disable everything, unless there are some things you really need.
  13. While within the Privacy page, go to Feedback, select Never in the first box, and Basic in the second box.
  14. Head to Settings > Update and Security > Advanced Options > Choose how updates are delivered, and turn the first switch off.
  15. Disable Cortana by clicking the Search bar/icon.
  16. (Optional) Disable web search in Search by going to Settings, and turning off Search online and include web results.
  17. Change the name of your PC by going to Start (or hitting the Windows key), typing About PC, and clicking Rename PC.
  18. Slightly Complex
  19. Open up the Command Prompt by launching cmd as an administrator, and enter the following:
  20. sc delete DiagTrack
  21. sc delete dmwappushservice
  22. echo "" > C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis\ETLLogs\AutoLogger\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl
  23. Open up the Group Policy Editor by launching gpedit.msc as an administrator. Go through Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds. Double click Telemetry, hit Disabled, then apply. NOTE: This only truly works in the Enterprise edition, but the final step provides a decent enough workaround for Pro users.
  24. While still in the Group Policy Editor, go through Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > OneDrive, double click Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage, hit Enabled, then apply.
  25. While still in the Group Policy Editor, go through Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender, double click Turn Off Windows Defender, hit Enabled, then apply.
  26. Open up the Registry Editor by launching regedit as an administrator. Go through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollec​tion, select AllowTelemetry, change its value to 0, then apply.
  27. First, download the Take Ownership tweak and enable it. Then, head to the Hosts File by going through C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc, take ownership of the hosts file, and add all of the IPs from this page into the file.
  29. To You
  30. Replace Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer with Firefox, Chromium, or any forks/variations of them.
  31. Replace Windows Media Player with VLC or MPC-HC
  32. Replace Groove Music with Foobar2000, Winamp, or MusicBee.
  33. Replace Photos/Windows Photo Viewer with ImageGlass or IrfanView.
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