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Josh Holly aka TrainReq 1st Radio Interview Transcript

italkyoubored Mar 3rd, 2015 (edited) 254 Never
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  1. The following is a supplement to a post devoted to celebrity hacking, #TheFappening ring, and The Daily Capper predator ring, which can be found here:
  2. https://italkyoubored.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/irving-wallaces-the-fan-club-the-fappening/
  4. Audio taken from here:
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQEIzEi1ZXo
  7. Host names taken from here:
  8. http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/bestof/2007/award/best-hip-hop-morning-drive-radio-show-553749/
  10. JPhilla: Tell us what you did.
  12. TrainReq: Basically, I was the guy that ended up getting access to Miley Cyrus's email...and ended up placing the pictures on my hard drive, and later leaking them.
  14. JPhilla: So, those pictures of Miley Cyrus in the shower, and with her shirt lifted...all those pictures you're responsible for?
  16. TrainReq: Pretty much, yeah.
  18. Joeyboy: So, are you basically a hacker?
  20. TrainReq: Uh...yeah, I guess...I guess I'd be considered a hack, yes.
  22. Lady La: How long ago were you able to acquire the pictures?
  24. TrainReq: These pictures are actually, I guess, back in November or something...they were actually sent to Nick Jonas, from the boyband the Jonas Brothers, which is quite funny the way she denies ever going out with Nick.
  26. JPhilla: How old is the hack? How long ago did you do this job?
  28. TrainReq: This actual job...probably, in December. And I kinda got bored, just hacked her email for boredom. I knew I'd find something juicy in it. And I saw a raunchy picture. Maybe two at the front of her email. And I was like, huh. And I went back of her email, found some stuff in there, and I was saving it on my computer, and the leakage...I kinda did a few days ago, over the weekend, on a Saturday. And then overnight, it spread like wildfire, like overnight. And I meant for it to be just on a form called "Digitsl Gangster", which I'd like to give a shout-out to.
  30. Joeyboy: Is this your biggest hack, Miley Cyrus?
  32. TrainReq: Yes...actually, I'd have to consider it one of the biggest things I've pulled off.
  34. JPhilla: What kind of email extension does she have?
  36. TrainReq: It was a gmail.
  38. Joeyboy: What kind of emails did you see? Was it messages from her and Nick Jonas?
  40. TrainReq: Uh yes, pretty much.
  42. Joeyboy: Was it typical teenage texts, hey, when are we going to go out, how's the tour, or was it, did she get real sensual, seduction with it?
  44. TrainReq: Believe it or not, even though these photos I've seen in her email was [sic] close to nude, none of them were nude, and I was like, huh. 'Cause she didn't go all the way with it...the emails that were texts back and forth are just like, "Oh, I miss you," blahblahblah. The pictures were actually pretty juicy...
  46. JPhilla: Okay, so of those three Miley Cyrus pictures you leaked...how many more do you have?
  48. TrainReq: I have quite a few more...that no one has seen yet. There are several pictures that no one has gotten hold of yet, but I kinda want to save onto those, maybe, quite possibly sell them for a really good price.
  50. Lady La: Yeah, that's what I was gonna say.
  52. JPhilla: I have like twenty bucks in my pocket, if you send us one.
  54. Joeyboy: I'll double that, forty dollars.
  56. TrainReq: Yeah.
  58. Joeyboy: What are they of Miley doing?
  60. TrainReq: Um, actually, y'all going to be the first ones to hear about this...one of the non-leaked pictures was, she was in a mirror, she had nothing on but a blue shirt and panties on, and she was pretty much taking a picture of her buttocks.
  62. JPhilla: She wearing a thong?
  64. TrainReq: White panties. Yeah, I guess you could see clearly through. They're semi-see through.
  66. Lady La: They're kinda sheer?
  68. TrainReq: Yeah. Slightly...
  70. Joeyboy: Is she hiking them up her butt, to make them like into, uh, a thong?
  72. TrainReq: No. No. It's not that raunchy at all, but it's more of a side picture, but you can see her right butt cheek.
  74. Joeyboy: Is that the most raunchiest one of all the pictures you saw, you hacked into?
  76. TrainReq: Um, actually I'd say the shower one was pretty raunchy, because you can clearly tell that she was wearing absolutely nothing but the long white t-shirt. So, I'd say by far the shower picture...well, I think the panty picture...nah, they're about the same, but I'd say the shower picture, yeah.
  78. JPhilla: Brother, I got your info. We'll be in touch, alright?
  80. TrainReq: Alright peace, bro.
  82. JPhilla: Alright.
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