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  1. It is true that the number of workers is increasingly likely to have stress according to modern work patterns. There could be several reasons for this, and I consider it to be certain measures to tackle this problem.
  2. In recent years, many enterprises force their employees working for extra hours. This has meant that workers have no time to relax which is very crucial and necessary if the company's leaders wish that their employees working more effective. The second reason is that some companies do not have compulsory regimes. For example, if the company do not have maternity leave. As a result, there are more pregnant workers choose to leave their jobs due to the depressions in working which contributes to less efficiency and production.
  3. Fortunately, the reasons that I mentioned above all have solutions. Many large enterprises could have gym facilities and massage therapies. This may help workers relax after the long time of working hours. Furthermore, enterprises should cut off overtime and encourage their employees reunion with families. One more solution is that the company's leaders should promulgate some required compulsory regimes. Giving time to maternity leave, for example, it could help workers satisfy with their jobs and therefore loyalty with their companies. All of these solutions could lead to positive attitudes in working places.
  4. In conclusion, although there are some reasons for employees to be stressed, I personally believe that these reasons are all have measures to deal.
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