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  1. Singletarget
  3. Rough Divide (OGCD, try to always keep 1 charge ticking) > No Mercy + Bow Shock + Sonic Break > Danger Zone / Blasting Zone (Always on CD, every second will be in line with the No Mercy combo) > [1+ cartridges] 6-hit combo > [2 cartridges] Burst Strike > [0 cartridges] 3-hit combo
  5. CDs: Aurora whenever taking light/heavy damage for a while. Heart of Stone every tankbuster. Rampart > Camouflage for regular usage, Nebula for rough times, or use Rampart+Camouflage / Nebula for trials/raids tankbusters. (Or Superbolide if shit goes down, do mind Benediction from WHM though, hard to time right)
  7. AoE;
  9. Target biggest target, rush in and get aggro on all with Demon Slice, follow up with Demon Slaughter if needed.
  10. Aurora pre-pulling, Rampart the moment you choose your place to stand, and start rotation;
  11. No Mercy + Bow Shock > Keep Danger Zone / Blasting Zone on cooldown against highest health target > [1 or 2 cartridges] Fated Circle > [0 cartridges] Demon Slice into Demon Slaughter
  13. If healer struggles hard, change whole rotation to Keen Edge -> Brutal Shell -> Keen Edge -> Brutal Shell -> Keen Edge -> Brutal Shell and so on while using cooldowns and switching targets.
  15. Try keeping Heart of Stone and Aurora on cooldown, Camouflage after Rampart's done, Nebula when Camouflage is done.
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