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  1. =Player: MiwAuturu=
  2. Character: Mannik Thanatos
  4. Mannik is a natural prodigy with the understanding of the magical arts; he is also true believer that “No magic is inherently evil, evil people use dark magic so it gets a bad name.”  This... and the fact that he practiced what he preached, got him into a considerable amount of trouble, and he ended up losing his right to attend the mages’ academy in the capital.  He left for Fair River, hoping to join the guild there, figuring they would have less moral issues with his magic so long as he was strong and wasn’t going to turn on his teammates.  Despite using magic long believed to consume a man’s mind with greed he seems completely unaffected by it.
  6. =Combat Stats=
  7. HP: 12/12 FP: 4
  8. ATT:10 DEF:4 VIT:4
  10. =RP-Attributes=
  11. Bod: 2
  12. Agi: 5
  13. IQ: 9
  14. Per: 6
  15. Cha: 8
  17. =Special Moves=
  18. Forced Revival:  As he lies dying Mannik forces his soul to retreat back into his body, giving him an extra boost to his life force (Second Wind)
  20. Soul Steal: Mannik leaches the life force from his enemies and adds it to his own (Leech)
  22. Death Blow: Mannik makes a massive attack on the enemies spirit hoping to finish the battle quickly (Perfect Strike)
  24. =Quirks=
  25. Elemental Attack: Dark magics work well against each other, gain a +2 ATT bonus when fighting other dark art, but a -2 ATT when facing the powers of light
  27. Quick-burning magic:  Mannik can de-activate the runes holding his magic back for a quick burst of power at the expense of his life energy (Charge or perfect strike do not require warming up, but he takes half the roll he makes as damage)
  29. =Quick Info=
  30. Mannik Thanatos, a black lab necromancer, rather friendly, despite the negative image that comes with such magic. Glass cannon.
  31. A:10 D:4 V:4
  32. B:3 A:5 I:9 P:6 C:7
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