Should I Study at Noryangjin? - 03

Jul 3rd, 2020 (edited)
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Should I Study at Noryangjin?

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Kang Han-Soo / 강한수 MC
Seo Yeon-Joo / 서연주 FMC
Choi Ji-Yeon / 최지연 MC's Senior / Crush
Jeon Hyo-Jin / 전효진 Big Breasted Blonde Girl
Jung Si-Eun / 정시은 Cutie working at the PC Bang
Kim Ki-Seok / 김기석 Fuckboy
Mi-Jin / 미진 English Teacher


"Would you love me if I become a doctor, politician, lawyer or a journalist..?"
One day, when Han-Soo was wasting his time like always, he heard his first love whom he met by chance joined a study that was notorious for its passing rate of 0,1%. Will Han-Soo be able to obtain both love and pass his public exams at the same time while getting tempted by countless women and their strange studying techniques?

누와루: Author (Nuwaru)

미나짱: Artist (Cheng Nyang)

Script Information:

Han-Soo H
Yeon-Joo Y
Ji-Yeon J
Hyo-Jin HJ
Si-Eun S
Ki-Seok K
Mi-Jin M
Classmate C1, C2....

{Inner talk / Thought}

Note and other stuffs

Chapter - 03

H: {It's really pretty but how could you wear this kind of stuff?}

H: {Is it really comfortable..? Wearing a thong like this when you're sitting during the whole day?}

H: ?!

H: {Haaaa! Who could come in at such a bad time?}

H: {Why does it have to be this woman?!}

H: {It'll be a big deal if she notices it!!}

H: {I've to look composed!!}

Hide! (Bubbles on the right)

Y: !

H: Oh... Good morning...


Y: Ah.. Yeah...


H: Oh by the way... The laundry was already all dry so I took it out in advance.

H: {Oh man.. Why am I so bad at acting..?}

~ Stare...

H: Your clothes.. I'm sorry for touching them without without asking first but I thought you forgot them..

H: {Why.. Why is she staring at me like this..?}

H: {Are you suspecting me because you saw me earlier?}

H: {I need to get rid of the underwear in my pocket.. She gonna kill me if she finds out.}

H: Well.. Later..


H: Looks like a horn!*
T/N: It's author making fun of his and artist's work, Han-Soo put a thong in his pocket but it's looking like he's hiding a horn in it.

H: {Wha..What???}

H: Hmm..?

H: Wh.. Why?

H: {CRAP!}

{Look at the eyes!}

H: {Did I get caught?}

Y: About what happened at the study room... You know, I wanted to...

H: Oh... Yeah...

Y: I'm so sorry...

H: {What?}

Y: I was going to apologize right away but... The big guy jumped in and...

H: Ah, no... It's okay... The misunderstanding was cleared away, so...

Y: I'm sorry..
H: Hahaha..

Y: I was so embarrassed that I...

H: See ya...

H: Wow... That could've been a real disaster, sigh...

H: {If I got caught this time, I'd be dead...}

{That's a relief..}

H: Sigh, Kang Han-Soo... Fortunately you didn't get caught...

H: {She apologized for what happened... I didn't think she would do it..}

H: {Since last time she ran away like a thief..}

H: {Come to think of it, I was the one in the wrong...}

H: {What should I do now..?}


M: Well ~ There were many key points in today's lesson right?

M: In particular the last part, so I'll emphasize it one more time.

M: I'll give you a tips to make it easier, so remember it!

M: Five kinds of nouns ~

M: Proper, abstract, common, collective, possessive

(Go, Chu, Bo, Jip, Mul*)

T/N: It's kinda fucked up but some English teacher in Korea are using this method to remember the different kinds of nouns:
'고' for '고유명사': proper noun
'추' for '추상명사': abstract noun
'보' for '보통명사': common noun
'집' for '집합명사': collective noun
'물' for '물질명사': possessive noun
They use this this abridged sentence '고추보집물' which means 'Red Pepper Nest' (slang: erected dick's nest) to make it easier to remember '고추가, 보지를 만나면 , 물이 나온다!' which literally means 'When your erected penis meet a pussy, love juice comes out!' Yeah that's special... But it's also a well known sentence in the movie 'Once Upon a Time in High School' (말죽거리 잔혹사)..

M: Please remember that ~

See you next time ~

C1: Thank you so much teacher!!

C2: Thank you teacher.

H: {Wow... Once again the English teacher is wearing such revealing clothes...}

H: {Red pepper's nest, what does it mean..?}

H: {So sexy...}

M: Han-Soo! Any problem with that?

M: You teacher can't wear what she wants?

H: Uh?!

H: {Crap! Did she hear me earlier?!}

M: You were talking about my clothes being too revealing, shouldn't I say the same about you?

H: Wha.. What..?!

H: !

H: Haaa! Teacher!


M: See ~

H: Mi-Jin Teacher...

H: Huh...!

M: All right ~

H: Teacher, we're still in the classroom...

M: So?

M: Does it really matter?

H: Ugh!

H: Sigh..




H: Uh?!

H: Ah, teacher..! I'm getting close to..

H: Ugh!!



H: Argh!!

H: Cumming!!

M: Ugh!!

H: Aaaah -




M: Ptoey..

M: Fufufu...

M: Hahaha!

M: Hahaha!

M: Hahaha!

C: Bwahahaha!

K: Isn't that funny? Kekeke...

K: K: Hey Hyo-Jin ~ How about studying "common and collective noun" together today?*

T/N: What's cheesy in this sentence is Ki-Seok asking Hyo-Jin if she wants to study common and collective noun (보통명사 & 집합명사) with him today while emphasizing the '보' (Bo / slang for pussy) and '집' (Jip / slang for bitch) in this sentence making it sounds like he was asking her what was the alias of her 'pussy' and to find a synonym of bitch '보 통명사' (Alias of your pussy) / '보통명사' (Common noun) & '집 합명사' (Synonym of bitch) / '보통명사' (Collective noun).

C1: Kekeke ~

C2: Really ~

YJ: What do you mean ~ ?

K: K: Oh no, I found a better one ~ I need you to study "proper noun", "abstract noun" and "possessive noun" ~*

T/N: Same shit as before (고유명사, 추상명사가 & 물질명사) with him emphasizing the '고' (Go / slang for penis) , '추' (Chu / slang for balls) and '물' (Mul / slang for love juice).
Basically he's telling her how his dick is famous in the campus, his balls tasty and her love juice delicious...

YJ: I won't do it ~

C3: Low class...

C1: It's fucking hilarious hahaha!!

C2: So funny!

H: {What's so funny about studying in group?}

H: {I'm sure of my decision, Study Groups are useless.}

What's so funny?

H: {Never mind. Did I forget I'm a Dokgodai*?}

T/N: 'Dokgodai' (독고다이) means you'll die alone. You're on your own, it also is similar to a solitary love.

H: !

Sigh ~

Come here ~

H: Me...?

Hahaha ~
Since I'm in good mood, I'll pay today's meal!
Yeah ~ I want to eat burgers ~

M: Yes, you.

M: You said you failed the exam last year, right?

H: Yeah...

M: If that's the case why are you still day dreaming during the lesson instead of focusing?

Talk about becoming a civil servants!

H: Pardon?

H: What do you mean by day dreaming? I was entirely focused on your lesson!

Would you like to see my notebook and check by yourself?!

M: Fine, I'll give you a test. What did I tell you to remember at the end?

H: Uh... About that.. Proper.. Abstract nouns...

Red pepper..?

M: Go, Chu, Bo, Jip, Mul! It's not even been a hour and you already forgot everything?!

Do you really want to become a civil servant?


H: I promise, I'll work hard from now on!!


M: Don't work harder just do it right! Understood?!

M: I'm saying this because I saw you eyeing Ki-Seok's study group.

H: When did it ever catch my attention..?!

Ah no no ~

M: Among all the students who joined Ki-Seok's study group, do you know how many of them passed the final exam?


H: Ah.. How many..?


M: So you better throw away the thought of breaking through that record*

T/N: This teacher.. In addition to giving a piece of advice to Han-Soo about giving up the idea of joining Ki-Seok's study group she also find the time to crack a joke.. In the Korean version there is a wordplay about not thinking about having fun with female students.. It explains her action with her fingers...

M: OK??


H: Uh.. Understood...

M: If you understand, then...


M: Don't think about anything else during my lesson!

H: Ha! I promise!!


M: I'm leaving ~

Bye ~


M: If you feel kinda lonely, don't join any study groups, just call you teacher and I'll help you ~




H: {Wow...}



H: {Hehe ~ It'll be soon the time to have a dinner with Ji-Yeon ~}

H: {Huh... The campus restaurant is a bit weird...}

I'm so sick of it...

H: {Since it's our first day studying together, what about pasta?}


I'll pay the bill ~

Bella Ciao ~

H: {You... What're you thinking about...}

H: {Step by step, there is no rush...}

H: {Oh...}

H: {Chicken..?}

H: {You can't eat chicken without drinking a beer...}

Haha ~

H: {And then after few beers...}

H: {Noona will get drunk...}

J: Han ~ Soo...


J: Do you want to study with me at the Goshiwon today?

Come here, sit next to me.

H: Ah... I...

H: So... To study what?

J: Go, Chu, Bo, Jip, Mul.*

T/N: Same wordplay than earlier with the Red Pepper's Nest and the 5 different kind of nouns.


H: Fu...

Day dreaming...

H: Fufufu..

H: {It'll be hard with an empty purse...}


H: {Looks like we'll have to eat at the cafeteria...}

J: Han-Soo ~

H: Hey, Noona ~!



J: Sorry, I made you wait for a long time, haven't I?

H: No it's fine, shall we go?

J: Over there Han-Soo.



K: Hey ~ Han-Soo ~

H: ?!

K: How are you?


H: {What the hell is going on...?}


H: {Why Ji-Yeon would be together with Ki-Seok...?}



H: {WHY?????}

To be continued...
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