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Feb 23rd, 2019
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  1. **What you are about to read is a document found on the internet, from an obscure internet based organization created around the beginning of 2020 and lasting till around 2023 called the Electronic Army of the White Nation. The creators of this organization are unknown, though many who would later go on to create the White Nation Liberation Army were intimitely familiar with EAWN, if not directly involved.**
  3. **What was different about this organization from perhaps more historically important organizations like Dr. Pierce's Nationalist Alliance was an emphasis on the struggle for ideology. The EAWN talked about the need to battle the enemy in the "ideological plane," emphasising that if the White Nation could not win this battle, our people would forever be controlled by the Zionists.**
  5. **With this understanding, they tried relentlessly to make inroads into any and all 'right-wing' ideological spaces online, whether controlled by Zionists openly or not. It is believed they were the ones responsible for the murders of a number of Republican politicians, particularly hispanic ones that supported Israel. It is not known what happened to the people behind this organization, as the website simply disappeared from the internet in August of 2023.**
  9. The time for waiting is over. Our people are depserately seeking an escape from the "American" nightmare. Generations of our youth have been brainwashed on the lie that the niggers have been cheated in this life by something we did, or something our ancestors did to their ancestors. Our young people are being to sent to die for the lies of Kikes, who would gladly sacrifice the entire youth of the White Nation to save a single Kike.
  11. We are group of White Nationalists from different backgrounds, who through discussion on the few internet forums available to us, have come to plainly see that the primary problem of our movement (at this stage) is an *ideological* one.
  13. Our primary *ideological* enemy at this stage hides openly amongst us. It is the 'right' wing religious nutball, the "American" patriot, defenders of capitalism, Zionists, and various other conspiracy-mongering scum, who are paid handsomely to distract our people with lies. These people, knowingly or unknowningly (and most often knowingly), do the ideological grunt-work in "right" wing spaces online, promoting thoughts and ideas that tend to pacficy our people into inaction, even into acceptance and identification with the Zionist Occupation Government.
  15. The primary goal of our organization is to reach the masses of the White Nation with the most militant messages possible, to eventually mobilize them into a war with the "American" government. Our message is one of violence; a guerrilla war, lasting years and killing hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people is the only way out for the White Nation. Anyone not on board with this message is an enemy to us.
  17. We have outlined in detail what we believe the coming White Nation Liberation War will look like, and it will ultimately start off as a decentralized conflict. At this point in time, we declare ourselves the ideological leaders of this war, simply because we look around us and see that we are doing the most to make it happen.
  19. We do not jealously guard this leadership, however. We openly tell the masses of the White Nation that our future leader will emerge out of the armed struggle against "America." A thousand pages of millitant manifestos are worth less than a single well-placed IED. We see our goal as giving the future leader of our Nation the ideological building blocks capable of leading our people into a war against the Zionists.
  21. The correct ideology *is* the ideology that will lead our people into mass violence against the government. The only way to *uncover* this ideology is through ideological struggle online, with the forces surrounding our people, trying to misdirect them, or convince them the ZOG is good for them. This *ideological battlefield* is where the line that will drive our people to National Liberation will be born.
  23. There are some outlines to what we believe this ideology will ultimately look like. These issues we have seen form an ideological dividing line between *us* and the various fakers. They are as follows.
  25. 1 - The enemies of "America" are the potential allies of the future White Nation Liberation Army.
  27. When the conflict between the masses of the White Nation and the "American" government is finally out in the open, the US government will do everything in its power to prevent us from seeking material aid from its numerous enemies around the world. We must do everything in our power to reach out to them, to tell them the truth about what is happening, and to expand the military conflict with the Washington regime as wide as possible. It does not matter if they share our ideological outlook; all that matters if it they can help us destroy the Zionists.
  29. The White National Liberation War will be the culmination of the world-wide war against Zionism. The outcome of our nation's liberation will decide the fate of the world, and it is best to make as many friends as possible. Either the White Nation will die so "America" will live, or "America" will die so our people have a future.
  31. 2 - There is no electoral path to our victory.
  33. It is no secret that our people have no where else to go but to the Republican Party to attempt to redress their grievances with the System. The Party of Lincoln, the original Nigger-Intergrationists, is a party controlled by religious Zionists, who would sooner turn all the male youth of the White Nation into faggots, and marry off all the female youth to niggers, than to lift a finger to help our people, espeically if they thought it would benefit Israel. The reality is these people are *even more* hostile to us than the Democratic Party, and anyone advocating our people's participation in electoral ZOG politics must be dealt with.
  35. A party without an army is worthless. No party in the history of the world that has done anything worthwhile did it *without* an army. The one and only thing a White Nationalist political organization should be thinking about is how to go about creating an army. Anyone who is not on board with this is a flake or a faker, and we have use no for them.
  37. 3 - We have to teach our people what a Nation really is.
  39. A long time ago, a semi-prominent White Nationalist once declared the slogan "Our Race is a Our Nation." Nothing could be further from the truth!
  41. By any standards about what a race is, the Ashkenazi Jewery of Europe fit the definition of what we mean by the white race, but they are the mortal enemies of Europeans everywhere, including in "America." Our struggle is not a *race* struggle; we could care less how many European-Jews are killed by Arabs (or members of any other race).
  43. There is a hole in our people's identity around this issue. There are many in the "American" government who believe they are protecting the white race when they defend Israel, who think niggers in "America" our still our slaves, who support spick immigration because they think it will improve our economy. These people are delusional in the extreme, and must be killed.
  45. The English-speaking European Nation, the people we are referring to when we speak of the White Nation, are found all over the world. The US, "Canada," Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, etc, all belong to a single nation. It is this NATION we are seeking to unite, under the rule of a single nationalist party, capable of defending the real interests of our people against the Zionists.
  47. We do not wish the other European Nations any ill will, but it is not our duty to mold other European Nations into one like ours will be . We are *not* an internationalist organization, but we will not allow Zionism to continue existing anywhere in the world.
  49. For now, we will maintain a web presence, making a whose-who of the forces in and around White Nationalism, in order to faciliate ideological struggle towards guerrilla war against the Zionists, and to expose the fakes to the youth of the White Nation. Future articles will deal more in depth with analyzing the ZOG, our liberation, and what we can do about it.
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