NoirBerdly Christmas

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  1. >Justice.
  2. >Justice is the cure for the epidemic of degeneracy and lack of decency.
  3. >No sir not even during these holly jolly seasons does it stop people from breaking school rules.
  4. >It sickens me, wearing hats, eating candy in class, and distractions in the classroom Environment!
  5. >Even my partner Noelle has succumbed to the false impression of innocence saying, “C’mon Berdly it’s almost Christmas.” Bah, what a thinly veiled excuse for disorder and chaos.
  6. >Like always, I am the bringer of justice and order, protector of the innocent, and champion of order. I am. Detective Berdly.
  7. >After school, I sit in my den by the warm crackingly fireplace, blowing on my bubble pipe and and drinking my sparkling apple juice. Like the true intellectual I am I read Sherlock Holmes and Aristotle. When suddenly, I heard a rapping on my door.
  8. >I begrudgingly got up from my father's lavish and luxury chair to the door and open the door inviting a chilled Noelle and bitter cold into my home.
  9. >”Noelle?” I said slamming the door behind her, gritting my teeth from the chilling wind that slipped by.
  10. >”G-good a-afternoon B-b-berdly.” Noelle said shivering, her teeth chattering in a rymetic like fashion.
  11. >”Yes, good afternoon Noelle, what beckons you to come here?” I said giving her a demanding glare.
  12. >Noelle let out a quick sneeze before answering her nose turning from a dull brown to a bright Red almost instantaneously. She wiped her twitching nose with her coat sleeve. “Uhm...Someone stole Toriel’s Christmas pie.” she said finally.
  13. >I rolled my eyes to where it almost felt like they could leave my skull and let out a sigh. “Did Kris take it,” I said, leading her to the warm den, it’s warm glow drawing Noelle like a moth to a flame.
  14. >She knelt by the fire rubbing her hands and arms for moment. “Most likely but he’s been missing for hours and Toriel didn’t see him come home from school.”
  15. >I paused. This is an odd one a Kris late from curfew and a lost pie. “It’s unlikely that Kris would have stolen the pie, it would’ve been in the oven correct?” I said while caressing my chin with My hand pondering on the unusual circumstances we found ourselves in.
  16. >”What is she paying us with.” I asked without a second thought.
  17. >”Berdly!” Noelle frowned placing her hands on her hips, Sweet Angel she reminds me of my mother, “It’s Christmas Eve and you can’t do this one thing for Mrs. Dreemurr!?” I grumbled.
  18. >”Alright, Alright, We’ll find Kris and the pie.” I walked towards the stairs. “Go home and collect Your things, notepad, pellet gun, etc.” As I walked up the stairs to my living quarters I couldn’t help but ponder more on the case, how could Kris be missing hours before the pie was?
  19. >After putting on my duster coat and hat with ear muffs I met Noelle at Toriel’s house. My Partner decided to wear a bright green Bah humbug Christmas sweater. Candy cane beanie, And gingerbread man ear muffs.
  20. >I was disgusted by the lack of professionalism but pressed on, there bigger fish to fry.
  21. >I knocked on Toriel's door and was greeted by the large monster woman.
  22. >”Oh hello children.” She said with that voice smooth as silk and could calm anyone even Noelle before an exam.
  23. >”Ma’am, we’d like to ask a few questions before we begin the investigation.”
  24. >”Oh well, come in then.” She opened the door wider with a blast of bright Christmas lights and loud Christmas songs escaping the house like their life depended upon it.
  25. >I cringed a little before entering the cavalcade of festive slock, Noelle on the other hand looked like she was right at home.
  26. >We sat down in the living room, surrounded by plush snowmen and Santas.
  27. >”Alright so when did you make the pie.” I asked nudging Noelle to ready her notes.
  28. >”I made it but a few hours ago, it’s still warm in fact.”
  29. >”Was the pie still in the oven when Kris should’ve been home.”
  30. >”Yes.” She started to look a bit uneasy and worried with the mention of her son.
  31. >”Do you have any idea where he could be?”
  32. >”I called all the parents to ask about  their little ones but they don’t know where they are either!”
  33. >I looked at Noelle she looked as puzzled as I.
  34. >”Right, thank you, we’ll get right on that ma’am.” I got up quickly, I don't want to be entangled in The maze of Christmas decorations and festive barrage of music.
  35. >Later we went to the apartment complex to ask around there were no kids aside from Monster kid.
  36. >”Yeah uh, I don’t know where anybody went dude, h-heh.”
  37. >He’s obviously lying.
  38. >”Do you know the mothers of these kids WEEP for their daughters and sons?” I said painting a Grimace on my face.
  39. >”U-uh l-look I’m not a snitch dude.” He said sweating like a pig in the August sun.
  40. >”Snitching? Really. Then I’ll have to get it out of you!” I brandish my pellet gun, this baby strings but it really stings in the cold.
  41. >His eyes widened. “Okay! Okay dude, just don’t fricken shoot me!” He said with a sigh.
  42. >”All the cool kids are having a bonfire in the woods.” He said looking around nervously.
  43. >”Why is this classified information.” I asked stilling showing off my gun.
  44. >”Look man, that’s all I can say if I talk anymore they’ll give me a swirly and make me walk out In the cold!” His eyes darted around the street frantically.
  45. >Noelle piped up after finishing scribbling down the conversation. “Don’t worry Monster Kid we’ll make sure no one will give you a swirly.” she said giving him a warm reassuring smile that Pierced the bitter cold.
  46. >”R-really? Wow I guess you guys aren't as big of dorks as I thought!” he said cheerfully.
  47. >Our looks soured but as walked away to trek through the woods.
  48. >We had our clothes and flesh sliced, poked, and prodded by the thicket and branches.
  49. >The cold adding to the misery, Noelle looked like she was about to weep at the pain and her sweater being torn up.
  50. >Just another victim to add to the case.
  51. >”Berdly I wanna go home.” Noelle said meekly.
  52. >”As do I, but we gotta find kids and the pie.” I said shivering to the nipping cold.
  53. >Noelle gave a soft whimper before her look changed from misery to surprise.
  54. >I followed her eyes to see a campfire in the distance.
  55. >”C’mon!” I said drawing my gun and rushing to the fire, Noelle following suit drawing her pink pellet gun wrapped in tree lights. Just another thing to add to her report.
  56. >We cornered the ne'er-do-wells and pointed our weapons of mass destruction.
  57. >”Alright everyone freeze!” I said examing the campfire and what do you know, an empty pie tin and crumbs scattered across the snow.
  58. >Susie her face covered in what appeared to be blue berry filling spoke up mouth full of pie. “What do you want snot beak?” She said gulping down her food.
  59. >”You’re under arrest for thief!” I said drawing handcuffs from my pocket.
  60. >”Please.” Noelle said looking at Susie with a chipper look, Susie blushed a bright pink that stood about from the ghostly white forest.
  61. >Jockington groaned. “Man, I don’t even have hands.” he said looking at his tail disappointedly.
  62. >I groaned. “Look just come with me for questioning!” I said my face burning red with anger.
  63. >”Please.” Noelle said with that sing-song tone.
  64. >The two complied as we lead them to my home and prepared them for questioning.
  65. >”Why did you steal the pie.” I asked giving Susie a serious glare.
  66. >She looked down in shame. “.....I was hungry….” she said with shame and anger in her voice.
  67. >I was puzzled at that response Susie is known for destruction of property at best, but stealing for actual hunger? This is new.
  68. >”What about your parents?” I asked dropping my serious attitude.
  69. >Susie looked away her expression told a story of pain and discomfort.
  70. >I sighed. “Alright...well if you help us find Kris and confess to Toriel, I’ll won’t play apart in punishing you.”
  71. >Susie gave a slight nod, as I turned to Jockington.
  72. >”As for you, go home I don’t wanna hear any trouble from you til January.”
  73. >Jockington gives me a cool smile. “Sure dude I’ll just let myself out then!” he bounced away slamming the door behind him as I looked over back to Susie and saw Noelle comforting her.
  74. >”Can you give us a bit more detail on why you’re hungry Susie?” Noelle said holding Susie’s hand and rubbing it soothingly.
  75. >”He’s just an asshole.” Susie said bluntly crossing her arms and frowning.
  76. >”He ignores me and it’s not fair, it’s not my fault for any of his problems, I didn’t make him drink!” Susie began to show tears, tears of anger, bitterness, and grief.
  77. >Noelle soothed Susie quietly holding her and rubbing her back rymeticly.
  78. >It’s on days like these I remember why she’s my partner.
  79. >Noelle looked to me her eyes told me to back off for a moment, as I did, I went to the den and got some Christmas cookies that were on the coffee table and returned to Susie.
  80. >”Here.” I said awkwardly offering them to Susie, she didn’t care about my approach she was more than happen to devoré the mess of colorful, sugary, treats.
  81. >”Alright, enough moping around we gotta find Kris.” Susie said dusting the crumbs off her person and quickly left.
  82. >We looked around town searching for Kris, the Diner, Lake, Cemetery, Under Noelle’s bed.
  83. Every nook and cranny you could think of, nowhere to be seen.
  84. >”Damn...” Susie said before looking at me. “He could only be at two other places, listen you goto bunker and I’ll be back.”
  85. >”How can I trust you not to just run home and escape justice.” I said questionly.
  86. >”Listen here Nerd-” she was cut off by Noelle.
  87. >”No fighting! Now Berdly I trust Susie enough to let her go find Kris and I know Susie wouldn’t break my trust for her right?” She looks to Susie for reassurance.
  88. >Susie loses her tough girl act for a moment. “R-right.”
  89. >”Now, let’s move out!” She said marching to the direction of the bunker.”
  90. >I followed suit before giving Susie one last look and a nod as she gave a thumbs up and ran to the school.
  91. >We walked for what felt like hours until we saw prints, human sized prints.
  92. >”This is it, we’re on the right trail.” I said kneeling to examine the tracks.
  93. >Noelle nodded and gave a sneeze. “Let’s just hurry up before I get any sicker.”
  94. >We eventually hit the bunker the trail ended there with handprints on the door.
  95. >”How are we gonna get in there without a li-” Noelle shows her gun and turns on the lights as they glowed a bright green and red.
  96. >She gave a smug smirk as I groaned before opening the heavy steel doors.
  97. >The darkness was unwelcoming and something felt ...wrong.
  98. >Like this place wasn’t meant to exist and we were not meant to go inside there.
  99. >Noelle held my hand instinctively.
  100. >I gripped it tightly as we walked inside slowly as the sun's light faded with each step until the Christmas lights were all we had for light.
  101. >”I’m getting some serious deja vu.” Noelle said gripping the pellet gun tightly.
  102. >We walked down the long hallway until we saw a large room with beds scattered around and a screen with a faint green glow.
  103. >”Don’t. Touch. Anything.” I said as we tipped toed around the room.
  104. >”Kris?” Noelle cried. “Kris!”
  105. >We heard a loud crash and scraping noises with a loud boom.
  106. >The slow creep turned to frantic fleeing on the drop of a hat as we ran down a random hall and saw a light illuminating a room as we rushed into the room.
  107. >We slammed the door behind us and looked to what awaited us.
  108. >It was Kris sitting in the corner of the room quietly weeping.
  109. >Noelle sat with Kris and hugged him and soothed him. “What’s wrong Kris?”
  110. >He looks up eyes and nose red. “H-huh what are you doing here?”
  111. >”We’ve came to get you buddy,” She rubbing his back. “Your mothers worried sick, let’s get you home okay?”
  112. >”Alright, alright….” He said getting up and rubbing his face.
  113. >”Do you wanna talk about it first before we go home?” Noelle said giving him a festive tissue.
  114. >”....Christmas is a hard time for since mom and dad separated…” He said looking down at the floor.
  115. >”Oh’s not your fault you know that.”
  116. >”I know, it’s just ...I don’t have Asriel to comfort me, he’s gone and it’s my first Christmas without him…” He started to tear up again.
  117. >Noelle embraced him holding him tightly. “I understand, Kris I really really do.”
  118. >”Y-you do?” He said his crimson red eyes meeting with hers.
  119. >”Yea dad can’t come home for Christmas...being bed ridden.” Her almost intoxicating joy melted to grief.
  120. >The two started to weep and comfort each other. I was close to crying myself this was a cesspit of misery.
  121. >Today has been a hard one for a lot of people, Susie, Noelle, and Kris and I can’t help but envy them in a way. I can only sympathize but I cannot truly understand their pain on this supposed pure and perfect Holiday.
  122. >I broke the almost impenetrable sadness. “Alright you two, that's enough.” I said rubbing the tears away from my eyes.
  123. >”C’mon we gotta get you home.” I said helping them up and escorting them out of the bunker.
  124. >It’s once erie and unnatural feeling washed away with the tears of my two comrades.
  125. >The walk to Kris’s house was quiet and I done something I will regret to the day I die.
  126. >I cleared my throat and began to sing a carol. “Oh Christmas Tree” off key and with a cold.
  127. >Noelle commended me for the effort and began to sing along with her beautiful and sweet voice.
  128. >Kris soon joins in the merry singing as we walk and eventually find Susie waiting at a street Corner with Ralsei in his mint green cloak as his eyes light up like the decoration around us and Susie flashes a smile at stretched across her face as they linked up with us and sang along as we went to Toriel’s house.
  129. >As for Toriel? Well she was happy to see Kris and forgave Susie for the exception that she’d help make the next pie which she gladly complied. Ralsei supervising her and adding a cake to the mountain of cavities that was the desert.
  130. >Noelle and Kris watched Santa Claus comes to town.
  131. >I smiled and began to turn away and prepare for my Christmas Eve of quiet and isolation.
  132. >”Aren't you going to join us Berdly? Your mother said it was alright to stay for dinner.” Toriel said lifting a fresh baked ham from the oven it’s smell inviting.
  133. >”Well I-” I was interrupted by a chorus of warm invitations to stay.
  134. >I surrended to their beckoning calls.. “Alright fine.” I said seating myself next to Noelle.
  135. >”Just this once.”
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