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Magnificent Mackenzie 1.05

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  1. Magnificent Mackenzie [EX Class][+Speed][Gestalt]
  2. Prerequisites: Unite with Origin
  3. Static
  4. Your Coordinator and Martial Artist classes are replaced with the Gestalt Class Duke (Coordinator + Martial Artist).  Whenever you take a feat in Duke, you gain both a feature in Coordinator and in Martial Artist.  This only takes one class slot.  If you run out of feats in one class but not another, you gain the remaining feat and a General Feat.
  7. Adlibbing it[+Speed]
  8. Prerequisites: Be an absolutely fabulous actor
  9. Static
  10. You may use any variation of Innovation Templates #1 or #3.  The listed frequency applies to the whole template for you, so you may only use Template #1 once per Scene, or Template #3 EoT.
  12. We Fight as One[+Speed]
  13. Prerequisites: Duke
  14. Static
  15. Effect: You may apply any Coordinator feats in Duke to yourself, as if you were a Pokemon (no additional cost). You may spend 1 AP on your Pokemon's turn to have that Pokemon use Whirlwind Strikes, subbing in a Struggle attack or an instance of Innovation Template #3 for Rock Smash if they do not have Rock Smash.  When you attack alongside one of your Pokemon as a combination attack, both attackers deal +5 damage.
  17. Swiftest Sword[+Speed]
  18. Prerequisites: Blade Mastery
  19. Static
  20. You gain the moves Slash and Sacred Sword as Weapon Moves.
  22. Of Course We Can Do That! [+Speed]
  23. Prerequisites: Be Incredibly Multitalented
  24. At-Will - 2 AP - Free Action
  25. Trigger: You or your Pokemon use a Damaging Move
  26. Effect: Choose a different Damaging At-Will or EOT Move known by the triggerer. The Triggering Move is “Move A” and the chosen Move is “Move B”. Resolve the attack using the Range, Damage Base, and Class of Move A, but the Type, AC, and Effect of Move B. The Frequency of Both Moves is expended.  You may use any Move Mackenzie knows (not from a piece of equipment) and have it be Move B for a Pokemon using this.
  28. Break a Leg! [+Speed]
  29. Static
  30. Effect: You gain the Apotheosis The Grand Show
  32. Apotheosis: The Grand Show
  33. Type: Normal
  34. AC: -
  35. Class: Status
  36. Range: Field
  37. Effect: The Grand Show must be declared at the end of a round.  On the following round, all allies move at the user's initiative tick.  Additionally, all allies gain the effect of We Fight As One's Combination attack damage bonus for attacks on a given target, and the bonus gains an additional +2 for each attacker past the second, which applies to all attackers.
  39. Example: Mackenzie uses The Grand Show.  Everyone moves at the same time.  Mackenzie, Melanie, Eileen, and Mako attack the same target.  That's 4 attackers on the same target, and 2 past the second, so the bonus to all those attacks is 5+2+2=9.
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