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  6. NNTNN January 15, 2017
  8. >Trump tweets: "Statement by me last night in Florida: “Honestly, I don’t think the Democrats want to make a deal. They talk about DACA, but they don’t want to help..We are ready, willing and able to make a deal but they don’t want to. They don’t want security at the border, they don’t want....." "...to stop drugs, they want to take money away from our military which we cannot do.” My standard is very simple, AMERICA FIRST & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"
  9. >Trump gives weekly address
  11. >Trump has phone call with Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar to discuss ways to strengthen United States-Qatar bilateral relations on security and economic issues
  12. >Trump tweets: "Senator Dicky Durbin totally misrepresented what was said at the DACA meeting. Deals can’t get made when there is no trust! Durbin blew DACA and is hurting our Military."
  14. >Fifth Democrat announces plan to boycott Trump's State of the Union
  15. >Hope Hicks to meet with House Intel in Russia probe
  17. NNTNN January 14, 2017
  19. >Trump tweets: "The Wall Street Journal stated falsely that I said to them “I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un” (of N. Korea). Obviously I didn’t say that. I said “I’d have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un,” a big difference. Fortunately we now record conversations with reporters..." "...and they knew exactly what I said and meant. They just wanted a story. FAKE NEWS!"
  20. >"DACA is probably dead because the Democrats don’t really want it, they just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our Military."
  21. >"I, as President, want people coming into our Country who are going to help us become strong and great again, people coming in through a system based on MERIT. No more Lotteries! #AMERICA FIRST"
  22. >"“President Trump is not getting the credit he deserves for the economy. Tax Cut bonuses to more than 2,000,000 workers. Most explosive Stock Market rally that we’ve seen in modern times. 18,000 to 26,000 from Election, and grounded in profitability and growth. All Trump, not 0..." "..big unnecessary regulation cuts made it all possible” (among many other things). “President Trump reversed the policies of President Obama, and reversed our economic decline.” Thank you Stuart Varney. @foxandfriends"
  24. >FCC chairman: False Hawaii missile alert ‘absolutely unacceptable’
  25. >Palestinian leader Abbas says vows 'we will slap back' at Trump
  27. >Bipartisan NJ lawmakers urge Zinke to refrain from offshore drilling
  28. >Lewandowski says he will testify this week in House Russia probe
  29. >Trump gives statement on Democrats refusing a deal on DACA before dinner at Mar-A-Lago
  30. >Trump admin releases undocumented teenager to obtain abortion
  31. >Hawaii says lack of adequate fail-safe measures led to false missile alert
  33. NNTNN January 13, 2017
  35. >Trump tweets: "Yesterday was a big day for the stock market. Jobs are coming back to America. Chrysler is coming back to the USA, from Mexico and many others will follow. Tax cut money to employees is pouring into our economy with many more companies announcing. American business is hot again!"
  36. >"The Democrats are all talk and no action. They are doing nothing to fix DACA. Great opportunity missed. Too bad!"
  38. >"I don’t believe the Democrats really want to see a deal on DACA. They are all talk and no action. This is the time but, day by day, they are blowing the one great opportunity they have. Too bad!"
  40. >Hawaii falseflags an incoming ballistic missile - "LOL, we pressed the wrong button"
  41. >FCC commissioner: "We will investigate Hawaii missile false alarm"
  42. >Chelsea Manning files for Senate run in Maryland
  43. >Trump tweets: "So much Fake News is being reported. They don’t even try to get it right, or correct it when they are wrong. They promote the Fake Book of a mentally deranged author, who knowingly writes false information. The Mainstream Media is crazed that WE won the election!"
  44. >Trey Gowdy resigns as House Ethics Committee member
  46. >'Shithole' is projected onto Trump hotel
  48. NNTNN January 12, 2017
  50. >Trump tweets: "The so-called bipartisan DACA deal presented yesterday to myself and a group of Republican Senators and Congressmen was a big step backwards. Wall was not properly funded, Chain & Lottery were made worse and USA would be forced to take large numbers of people from high crime....." "....countries which are doing badly. I want a merit based system of immigration and people who will help take our country to the next level. I want safety and security for our people. I want to stop the massive inflow of drugs. I want to fund our military, not do a Dem defund...." "....Because of the Democrats not being interested in life and safety, DACA has now taken a big step backwards. The Dems will threaten “shutdown,” but what they are really doing is shutting down our military, at a time we need it most. Get smart, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"
  51. >"The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made - a big setback for DACA!"
  52. >"Sadly, Democrats want to stop paying our troops and government workers in order to give a sweetheart deal, not a fair deal, for DACA. Take care of our Military, and our Country, FIRST!"
  53. >"Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country. Never said “take them out.” Made up by Dems. I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians. Probably should record future meetings - unfortunately, no trust!"
  54. >WH Drug Policy Office releases funding opportunity announcement for Drug-Free Communities (DFC) support program
  55. >Pence has phone call with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki
  57. >Trump proclaims January 15, 2018, as the Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday
  58. >Trump travels to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
  59. >Trump waives Iran sanctions for what administration says is the 'last time'
  60. >DoD has press briefing
  61. >Tillerson meets with Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minster Adel al Jubeir
  62. >(((WSJ))) claims Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Star’s Silence
  64. >Kentucky becomes first U.S. state to impose Medicaid work provisions
  65. >Trump Signed H.R. 518, H.R. 954 and H.R. 2611 into Law - 518: “EPS Improvement Act of 2017”; 2611: “Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site Boundary Modification Act”
  66. >Trump travels to Palm Beach
  67. >O'Keefe claims 'Trump asked me to get Obama’s college records'
  68. >WH physician says Trump in 'excellent health'
  69. >DNC vice chair calls for Dems to back 'clean' DREAM Act
  71. NNTNN January 11, 2018
  73. >Trump officials move to allow Medicaid work requirements
  74. >Trump tweets: "Disproven and paid for by Democrats “Dossier used to spy on Trump Campaign. Did FBI use Intel tool to influence the Election?” @foxandfriends Did Dems or Clinton also pay Russians? Where are hidden and smashed DNC servers? Where are Crooked Hillary Emails? What a mess!"
  75. >"In new Quinnipiac Poll, 66% of people feel the economy is “Excellent or Good.” That is the highest number ever recorded by this poll."
  76. >"“House votes on controversial FISA ACT today.” This is the act that may have been used, with the help of the discredited and phony Dossier, to so badly surveil and abuse the Trump Campaign by the previous administration and others?"
  77. >"“45 year low in illegal immigration this year.” @foxandfriends"
  78. >"With that being said, I have personally directed the fix to the unmasking process since taking office and today’s vote is about foreign surveillance of foreign bad guys on foreign land. We need it! Get smart!"
  79. >Democrats planning protests for Trump’s first State of the Union
  80. >Tillerson meets with Norwegian Foreign Minister Soreide
  81. >Trump has interview with WSJ
  83. >House passes NSA spying bill
  84. >Melania announces key additions to East Wing Staff
  85. >State Department has press briefing
  86. >WH has press briefing
  87. >Bannon to appear before Congress committee for Russia probe
  88. >Trump leads a prison reform roundtable
  89. >Trump says NAFTA revisions could pay for border wall
  90. >Trump announces Presidential Delegation to Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum
  91. >Trump has phone call with President Emmanuel Macron of France
  93. >Trump says FBI agent Peter Strzok committed treason in WSJ interview
  94. >"""Report""" claims Trump referred to immigrants from Haiti and African countries as coming from “shithole countries"
  95. >Fiat Chrysler to invest $1 billion in Michigan plant, add 2,500 jobs
  96. >Pence gives remarks to Airmen and their families at Nellis Air Force Base
  97. >Pence gives remarks at the Grand Opening of AFWERX
  98. >Walmart announces raises and bonuses and announces store closures
  99. >Trump tweets: "Thank you Adam Levine, The Federalist, in interview on @foxandfriends “Donald Trump is the greatest President our Country has ever seen.”"
  100. >"Small Business Poll has highest approval numbers in the polls history. All business is just at the beginning of something really special!"
  101. >"Chrysler is moving a massive plant from Mexico to Michigan, reversing a years long opposite trend. Thank you Chrysler, a very wise decision. The voters in Michigan are very happy they voted for Trump/Pence. Plenty of more to follow!"
  102. >"Democrat Dianne Feinstein should never have released secret committee testimony to the public without authorization. Very disrespectful to committee members and possibly illegal. She blamed her poor decision on the fact she had a cold - a first!"
  103. >Haiti ambassador: US official summoned to explain 'shithole' remark
  104. >Trump tweets: "The Democrats seem intent on having people and drugs pour into our country from the Southern Border, risking thousands of lives in the process. It is my duty to protect the lives and safety of all Americans. We must build a Great Wall, think Merit and end Lottery & Chain. USA!"
  106. NNTNN January 10, 2018
  107. MORNING
  108. >Trump has phone call with President Moon Jae-In of the Republic of Korea
  109. >Trump tweets: "It just shows everyone how broken and unfair our Court System is when the opposing side in a case (such as DACA) always runs to the 9th Circuit and almost always wins before being reversed by higher courts."
  110. >"The fact that Sneaky Dianne Feinstein, who has on numerous occasions stated that collusion between Trump/Russia has not been found, would release testimony in such an underhanded and possibly illegal way, totally without authorization, is a disgrace. Must have tough Primary!"
  111. >"The single greatest Witch Hunt in American history continues. There was no collusion, everybody including the Dems knows there was no collusion, & yet on and on it goes. Russia & the world is laughing at the stupidity they are witnessing. Republicans should finally take control!"
  112. >Trump holds first 2018 Cabinet meeting
  113. >Says he'll have a 'strong look' at libel laws in response to book
  115. >Pence to travel to Republic of Korea, Japan, and lead presidential delegation to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games
  116. >Mueller team adds prosecutor specializing in cybercrime
  117. >"""Report""" claims Trump to continue Iran deal sanctions relief
  118. >Trump welcomes Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg to the WH
  119. >Trump declines to commit to Mueller interview
  120. >Trump holds a joint press conference with Prime Minister Solberg
  121. EVENING
  122. >Trump Signs the Interdict Act - Aims to give the U.S. Customs and Border Protection more chemical screening devices at entry ports and mail facilities
  123. >Trump tweets: "Good news: Toyota and Mazda announce giant new Huntsville, Alabama, plant which will produce over 300,000 cars and SUV’s a year and employ 4000 people. Companies are coming back to the U.S. in a very big way. Congratulations Alabama!"
  125. NNTNN January 9, 2018
  126. MORNING
  127. >Senate hearing on health issues of Cuban diplomats takes place in Cuba
  129. >Trump calls on Congress to bring back earmarks
  130. >Trump signs H.R. 267 into Law - AKA the It was my great honor to sign H.R. 267, the “Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park Act”
  131. >Trump signs EO on Supporting Our Veterans During Their Transition From Uniformed Service to Civilian Life
  132. >Trump meets with bipartisan members of the Senate on immigration
  133. >Says "I’ll take the heat" for immigration bill
  134. >WH has press briefing
  135. >Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of State
  136. EVENING
  137. >Trump announces intent to nominate Paul C. Ney Jr. of Tennessee to be the General Counsel of the Department of Defense
  138. >Presidential Memorandum for the Director of National Intelligence
  139. >Zinke removing Florida from offshore drilling plan
  140. >U.S. approves anti-ballistic missile sale to Japan amid North Korea threat
  141. >Trump tweets: "As I made very clear today, our country needs the security of the Wall on the Southern Border, which must be part of any DACA approval."
  142. >California AG calls on Zinke to remove state from offshore drilling expansion
  143. >Trump lawyer sues BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS for defamation over dossier
  145. NNTNN January 8, 2018
  146. MORNING
  147. >Trump tweets: "African American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in our country. The Hispanic unemployment rate dropped a full point in the last year and is close to the lowest in recorded history. Dems did nothing for you but get your vote! #NeverForget @foxandfriends"
  148. >Trump officials end immigration protection for 260K Salvadorans
  149. >Pence to travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel
  150. >Trump signs H.R. 560, H.R. 1242, H.R. 1306, H.R. 1927, S. 1393, S. 1532, S. 1766
  152. >Dana Loesch interviews Pence
  153. >Trump departs Washington, DC. en route to Nashville, TN
  154. >Press Gaggle by Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley en route to Nashville, Tennessee
  155. >Trump gives speech at American Farm Bureau
  156. EVENING
  157. >Nominations sent to the Senate today
  158. >Trump signs EO on Streamlining and Expediting Requests to Locate Broadband Facilities in Rural America
  159. >Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of the Interior
  160. >House Foreign Affairs chairman to retire
  161. >Trump renominates McFarland to be ambassador to Singapore
  163. NNTNN January 7, 2018
  164. MORNING
  165. >Trump tweets: “Leaving Camp David for the White House. Great meetings with the Cabinet and Military on many very important subjects including Border Security & the desperately needed Wall, the ever increasing Drug and Opioid Problem, Infrastructure, Military, Budget, Trade and DACA.”
  166. >”I’ve had to put up with the Fake News from the first day I announced that I would be running for President. Now I have to put up with a Fake Book, written by a totally discredited author. Ronald Reagan had the same problem and handled it well. So will I!”
  167. >Miller goes on CNN - Tapper won’t let get “3 minutes of truth” and cuts interview short
  168. >Trump tweets: “Jake Tapper of Fake News CNN just got destroyed in his interview with Stephen Miller of the Trump Administration. Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!”
  170. >WikiLeaks shares full text of Wolff's Trump book
  171. >Trump tweets: “The Fake News Awards, those going to the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media, will be presented to the losers on Wednesday, January 17th, rather than this coming Monday. The interest in, and importance of, these awards is far greater than anyone could have anticipated!”
  172. >”The Stock Market has been creating tremendous benefits for our country in the form of not only Record Setting Stock Prices, but present and future Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Seven TRILLION dollars of value created since our big election win!”
  173. >”””Report””” claims Kushner family business got $30M investment from Israeli firm prior to Trump's state visit
  174. EVENING
  175. >”””Report””” claims Trump starting workday later to spend more time watching TV and tweeting
  176. >Trump tweets: ““His is turning out to be an enormously consensual presidency. So much so that...there has never been a day that I wished Hillary Clinton were President. Not one. Indeed, as Trump’s accomplishments accumulate, the mere thought of Clinton in the W.H., doubling down on Obama’s.....” “....failed policies, washes away any doubts that America made the right choice. This was truly a change election, and the changes Trump is bringing are far-reaching and necessary.” Thank you Michael Goodwin! (Please read entire column) mgoodwin@nypost.com”
  178. NNTNN January 6, 2018
  179. MORNING
  180. >Trump tweets: "The African American unemployment rate fell to 6.8%, the lowest rate in 45 years. I am so happy about this News! And, in the Washington Post (of all places), headline states, “Trumps first year jobs numbers were very, very good.”"
  181. >"Brian Ross, the reporter who made a fraudulent live newscast about me that drove the Stock Market down 350 points (billions of dollars), was suspended for a month but is now back at ABC NEWS in a lower capacity. He is no longer allowed to report on Trump. Should have been fired!"
  182. >"Now that Russian collusion, after one year of intense study, has proven to be a total hoax on the American public, the Democrats and their lapdogs, the Fake News Mainstream Media, are taking out the old Ronald Reagan playbook and screaming mental stability and intelligence....." "....Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart. Crooked Hillary Clinton also played these cards very hard and, as everyone knows, went down in flames. I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star....." "....to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius....and a very stable genius at that!"
  183. >"""Report""" claims North Korea says it is likely to compete at Winter Olympics
  184. >Tillerson says NK strategy is working
  186. >Trump gives statement at Camp David
  187. >Says welfare reform may have to wait
  188. >Says he's willing to talk to Rocketman
  189. >Calls out Sloppy Steve
  190. >Says Mexico will pay for the wall
  191. >Says: "I’m not under investigation, but maybe Hillary is"
  193. NNTNN January 5, 2018
  194. MORNING
  195. >Trump tweets: “Dow goes from 18,589 on November 9, 2016, to 25,075 today, for a new all-time Record. Jumped 1000 points in last 5 weeks, Record fastest 1000 point move in history. This is all about the Make America Great Again agenda! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Six trillion dollars in value created!”
  196. >”Well, now that collusion with Russia is proving to be a total hoax and the only collusion is with Hillary Clinton and the FBI/Russia, the Fake News Media (Mainstream) and this phony new book are hitting out at every new front imaginable. They should try winning an election. Sad!”
  197. >”The Mercer Family recently dumped the leaker known as Sloppy Steve Bannon. Smart!”
  198. >Economy adds 148K jobs in December
  199. >Tillerson goes on CNN
  201. >Haley speaks about Iran at UNSC
  202. >Trump departs to Camp David
  203. >Cummings hospitalized, wife suspends gubernatorial campaign
  204. >Trump announces renomination of 21 Judicial nominees
  205. >Idaho governor signs order seeking to roll back ObamaCare rules
  206. >”””Report””” claims US freezes payment to UN agency for Palestinian refugees
  208. NNTNN January 4, 2018
  209. MORNING
  210. >Mooch goes on F&F
  211. >Trump tweets: "Many mostly Democrat States refused to hand over data from the 2016 Election to the Commission On Voter Fraud. They fought hard that the Commission not see their records or methods because they know that many people are voting illegally. System is rigged, must go to Voter I.D."
  212. >"As Americans, you need identification, sometimes in a very strong and accurate form, for almost everything you do.....except when it comes to the most important thing, VOTING for the people that run your country. Push hard for Voter Identification!"
  213. >"With all of the failed “experts” weighing in, does anybody really believe that talks and dialogue would be going on between North and South Korea right now if I wasn’t firm, strong and willing to commit our total “might” against the North. Fools, but talks are a good thing!"
  214. >"Dow just crashes through 25,000. Congrats! Big cuts in unnecessary regulations continuing."
  215. >Sessions rescinds 'Cole memo' on marijuana
  217. >Trump has phone call with President Moon Jae-In of the Republic of Korea
  218. >Republicans win 'lot draw' for Virginia House seat
  219. >"""Report""" claims FBI launches new Clinton Foundation investigation
  220. >Trump meets with Republican members of the Senate on Immigration
  221. >State Department has Press Briefing
  222. >WH has Press Briefing ft. Trump message
  223. >Trump administration suspends security assistance to Pakistan
  224. EVENING
  225. >Trump tweets: "Thank you to the great Republican Senators who showed up to our mtg on immigration reform. We must BUILD THE WALL, stop illegal immigration, end chain migration & cancel the visa lottery. The current system is unsafe & unfair to the great people of our country - time for change!"
  226. >Vermont House passes bill to legalize pot
  227. >Judge allows House panel to subpoena Fusion GPS's financial records
  228. >Trump tweets: "I authorized Zero access to White House (actually turned him down many times) for author of phony book! I never spoke to him for book. Full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don’t exist. Look at this guy’s past and watch what happens to him and Sloppy Steve!"
  229. >"The Fake News Media barely mentions the fact that the Stock Market just hit another New Record and that business in the U.S. is booming...but the people know! Can you imagine if “O” was president and had these numbers - would be biggest story on earth! Dow now over 25,000."
  231. NNTNN January 3, 2018
  232. MORNING
  233. >Trump tweets: "Such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. You will see great support from the United States at the appropriate time!"
  234. >Pence is interviewed on Voice of America
  235. >Trump has phone call with President-Elect Sebastian Piñera of Chile
  237. >Trump says in statement that Bannon has "lost his mind."
  238. >WH has press briefing
  239. >Grassley pressures Fusion GPS to testify publicly about Trump dossier
  240. >Trump picks Giuliani law partner to replace Preet Bharara in NY
  241. >Trump gives statement on the passing of Thomas S. Monson
  242. >Paul Manafort sues Justice Department over Robert Mueller's Russia investigation
  243. EVENING
  244. >Trump signs H.R. 4661, S. 1536, and S. 2273 into Law
  245. >Pence swears in Senator-elect Doug Jones and appointee
  246. >Trump signs Executive Order on the Termination of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity
  247. >Senate confirms ex-Lockheed exec for top Pentagon policy role
  248. >Senate Republicans to meet with Trump Thursday on DACA
  249. >Trump dissolves voter fraud commission
  250. >Trump tweets: "Stock Market had another good day but, now that the Tax Cut Bill has passed, we have tremendous upward potential. Dow just short of 25,000, a number that few thought would be possible this soon into my administration. Also, unemployment went down to 4.1%. Only getting better!"
  253. NNTNN January 2, 2018
  254. MORNING
  255. >US ambassador summoned to explain Trump’s Pakistan tweet
  256. >Trump tweets: "The people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime. All of the money that President Obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their “pockets.” The people have little food, big inflation and no human rights. The U.S. is watching!"
  257. >"Crooked Hillary Clinton’s top aid, Huma Abedin, has been accused of disregarding basic security protocols. She put Classified Passwords into the hands of foreign agents. Remember sailors pictures on submarine? Jail! Deep State Justice Dept must finally act? Also on Comey & others"
  258. >"Thank you to Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Council for your kind words on how well we are doing at the Border. We will be bringing in more & more of your great folks and will build the desperately needed WALL! @foxandfriends"
  259. >"Companies are giving big bonuses to their workers because of the Tax Cut Bill. Really great!"
  260. >"Sanctions and “other” pressures are beginning to have a big impact on North Korea. Soldiers are dangerously fleeing to South Korea. Rocket man now wants to talk to South Korea for first time. Perhaps that is good news, perhaps not - we will see!"
  261. >"Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation. Good news - it was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!"
  262. >"The Failing New York Times has a new publisher, A.G. Sulzberger. Congratulations! Here is a last chance for the Times to fulfill the vision of its Founder, Adolph Ochs, “to give the news impartially, without fear or FAVOR, regardless of party, sect, or interests involved.” Get..."
  263. >"....impartial journalists of a much higher standard, lose all of your phony and non-existent “sources,” and treat the President of the United States FAIRLY, so that the next time I (and the people) win, you won’t have to write an apology to your readers for a job poorly done! GL"
  264. >(((CNN))) reports that Pakistan government holds emergency meeting due to Trump's tweets
  265. >"Democrats are doing nothing for DACA - just interested in politics. DACA activists and Hispanics will go hard against Dems, will start “falling in love” with Republicans and their President! We are about RESULTS."
  267. >Orrin Hatch announces he will retire from Senate at the end of his term
  268. >Vice puts two executives on leave over harassment allegations
  269. >Bill Shuster says he won’t run for re-election
  270. >WH has press briefing
  271. >Nikki Haley says NK is preparing for another missile launch
  272. >Michele Bachmann says she's considering running for Al Franken's Senate seat
  273. EVENING
  274. >ICE Director says: "CA better hold on tight" due to them becoming sanctuary state
  275. >Trump tweets: "It's not only Pakistan that we pay billions of dollars to for nothing, but also many other countries, and others. As an example, we pay the Palestinians HUNDRED OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year and get no appreciation or respect. They don’t even want to negotiate a long overdue..." "...peace treaty with Israel. We have taken Jerusalem, the toughest part of the negotiation, off the table, but Israel, for that, would have had to pay more. But with the Palestinians no longer willing to talk peace, why should we make any of these massive future payments to them?"
  276. >Confirmation hearing for Trump's health secretary pick scheduled for next week
  277. >The Hill reports that US to hold reception for countries that didn't vote to approve UN Jerusalem resolution
  278. >Trump tweets: "North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!"
  279. >"I will be announcing THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR on Monday at 5:00 o’clock. Subjects will cover Dishonesty & Bad Reporting in various categories from the Fake News Media. Stay tuned!"
  280. >"Watch @seanhannity tonight at 9:00 P.M."
  282. NNTNN January 1, 2018
  283. MORNING
  284. >Rocketman says 'open to dialogue' with South Korea, will only use nukes if threatened
  285. >Trump tweets: "The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!"
  286. >"Iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal made with them by the Obama Administration. The great Iranian people have been repressed for many years. They are hungry for food & for freedom. Along with human rights, the wealth of Iran is being looted. TIME FOR CHANGE!"
  287. >"Will be leaving Florida for Washington (D.C.) today at 4:00 P.M. Much work to be done, but it will be a great New Year!"
  288. >Minimum wage increases in 18 states set for new year
  290. >Pakistan responds to Trump: US has given nothing but ‘invective & mistrust'
  291. >Trump gives statement on 'National Mentoring Month'
  292. >Pence's office pushes back on report of delayed Israel visit
  293. >2017 was safest year ever for commercial air travel, with zero deaths
  295. NNTNN December 31, 2017
  297. MORNING
  298. >Report says Trump shuts down on $13B Obama-backed rail-tunnel plan
  299. >Trump tweets: "Big protests in Iran. The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. Looks like they will not take it any longer. The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!"
  300. >"If the Dems (Crooked Hillary) got elected, your stocks would be down 50% from values on Election Day. Now they have a great future - and just beginning!"
  301. >"Why would smart voters want to put Democrats in Congress in 2018 Election when their policies will totally kill the great wealth created during the months since the Election. People are much better off now not to mention ISIS, VA, Judges, Strong Border, 2nd A, Tax Cuts & more?"
  302. >Colorado deputy killed in barrage of gunfire at apartment complex
  304. >Iran’s president acknowledges protests
  305. >Trump tweets: "My deepest condolences to the victims of the terrible shooting in Douglas County @DCSheriff, and their families. We love our police and law enforcement - God Bless them all! #LESM"
  306. EVENING
  307. >Trump tweets: "Iran, the Number One State of Sponsored Terror with numerous violations of Human Rights occurring on an hourly basis, has now closed down the Internet so that peaceful demonstrators cannot communicate. Not good!"
  308. >"As our Country rapidly grows stronger and smarter, I want to wish all of my friends, supporters, enemies, haters, and even the very dishonest Fake News Media, a Happy and Healthy New Year. 2018 will be a great year for America!"
  309. >"HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and much faster than anyone thought possible!"
  310. >Trump celebrates New Year's Eve with family and his Cabinet at his Mar-a-Lago estate
  311. >Rocketman says Nuke button is 'on my table'
  313. NNTNN December 30, 2017
  314. MORNING
  315. >UN agencies say Yemen crisis has become worst in the world
  316. >(((Sources))) claim Russian tankers fueled North Korea via transfers at sea
  317. >Trump gives weekly address
  319. >Trump tweets: "On Taxes: “This is the biggest corporate rate cut ever, going back to the corporate income tax rate of roughly 80 years ago.This is a huge pro-growth stimulus for the economy. Every year the Obama WH overstated how the economy would grow. Now real economics and jobs.” @WSJ Report"
  320. EVENING
  321. >Trump tweets: "I use Social Media not because I like to, but because it is the only way to fight a VERY dishonest and unfair “press,” now often referred to as Fake News Media. Phony and non-existent “sources” are being used more often than ever. Many stories & reports a pure fiction!"
  322. >"Jobs are kicking in and companies are coming back to the U.S. Unnecessary regulations and high taxes are being dramatically Cut, and it will only get better. MUCH MORE TO COME!"
  324. NNTNN December 29, 2017
  325. MORNING
  326. >Trump tweets: “While the Fake News loves to talk about my so-called low approval rating, @foxandfriends just showed that my rating on Dec. 28, 2017, was approximately the same as President Obama on Dec. 28, 2009, which was 47%...and this despite massive negative Trump coverage & Russia hoax!”
  327. >”While the Fake News loves to talk about my so-called low approval rating, @foxandfriends just showed that my rating on Dec. 28, 2017, was approximately the same as President Obama on Dec. 28, 2009, which was 47%...and this despite massive negative Trump coverage & Russia hoax!”
  328. >”The Democrats have been told, and fully understand, that there can be no DACA without the desperately needed WALL at the Southern Border and an END to the horrible Chain Migration & ridiculous Lottery System of Immigration etc. We must protect our Country at all cost!”
  329. >Trump terminates HIV/AIDS advisory panel
  331. >Trump golfs with Coast Guard members
  332. >Press Secretary gives statement on the Presidential Election in Liberia
  333. >Trump proclaims January 2018 as “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month”
  334. >Trump has phone call with President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of Egypt
  335. >WH Drug Policy Office Releases Commission Report Reaction Documents
  336. EVENING
  337. >Military to begin accepting transgender recruits after Trump delays appeal
  338. >Trump tweets: “Many reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with regime’s corruption & its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad. Iranian govt should respect their people’s rights, including right to express themselves. The world is watching! #IranProtests”
  340. NNTNN December 28, 2017
  341. MORNING
  342. >Trump tweets: "Vanity Fair, which looks like it is on its last legs, is bending over backwards in apologizing for the minor hit they took at Crooked H. Anna Wintour, who was all set to be Amb to Court of St James’s & a big fundraiser for CH, is beside herself in grief & begging for forgiveness!"
  343. >"Retail sales are at record numbers. We’ve got the economy going better than anyone ever dreamt - and you haven’t seen anything yet!"
  344. >"Caught RED HANDED - very disappointed that China is allowing oil to go into North Korea. There will never be a friendly solution to the North Korea problem if this continues to happen!"
  346. >Press Secretary gives statement on the attack in Kabul
  347. >Alabama certifies Jones as winner of AL Senate
  348. >Trump to repeal Obama fracking rule
  349. EVENING
  350. >The Hill reports US and Israel reach cooperation agreement on Iran
  351. >Trump tweets: "In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!"
  353. NNTNN December 27, 2017
  354. MORNING
  355. >"""Report""" says Mueller team questioning RNC staffers on 2016 digital operation
  357. >Trump visits first responders
  358. >(((Sources))) say House Intel panel subpoenas McCain associate over Trump dossier
  359. >Trump tweets: "“On 1/20 - the day Trump was inaugurated - an estimated 35,000 ISIS fighters held approx 17,500 square miles of territory in both Iraq and Syria. As of 12/21, the U.S. military estimates the remaining 1,000 or so fighters occupy roughly 1,900 square miles...” via @jamiejmcintyre"
  360. >"Just left West Palm Beach Fire & Rescue #2. Met with great men and women as representatives of those who do so much for all of us. Firefighters, paramedics, first responders - what amazing people they are!"
  361. >Press Secretary gives statement on the visit of Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway
  363. NNTNN December 26, 2017
  364. MORNING
  365. >Trump tweets: "Based on the fact that the very unfair and unpopular Individual Mandate has been terminated as part of our Tax Cut Bill, which essentially Repeals (over time) ObamaCare, the Democrats & Republicans will eventually come together and develop a great new HealthCare plan!"
  366. >"WOW, @foxandfrlends “Dossier is bogus. Clinton Campaign, DNC funded Dossier. FBI CANNOT (after all of this time) VERIFY CLAIMS IN DOSSIER OF RUSSIA/TRUMP COLLUSION. FBI TAINTED.” And they used this Crooked Hillary pile of garbage as the basis for going after the Trump Campaign!"
  367. >Francis Rooney (R-Fl) calls for a "purge" of the FBI
  368. >Pence and Karen host members of the United States Armed Forces
  369. >Trump gives statement for the beginning of Kwanzaa
  371. >Melania orders large portion of historic WH tree removed due to decay
  372. >Trump admin sanctions two senior North Korean officials
  373. >Pro-Trump singer (Joy Villa) files sexual assault report against Lewandowski
  374. >"""Report""" claims Trump partly blamed Sessions for Alabama Senate loss
  375. >U.S. appeals court rejects challenge to Trump voter fraud panel
  376. EVENING
  377. >Trump tweets: "All signs are that business is looking really good for next year, only to be helped further by our Tax Cut Bill. Will be a great year for Companies and JOBS! Stock Market is poised for another year of SUCCESS!"
  378. >Virginia officials postpone lottery drawing to decide tied statehouse election
  379. >"""Sources""" say Lawmakers question businessman linked to Trump Tower meeting
  381. NNTNN December 25, 2017
  382. MERRY CHRISTMAS /ptg/!
  383. MORNING
  384. >Trump and Melania wish everybody a Merry Christmas
  385. >"""Report""" claims Kremlin 'concerned' that US may expand sanctions on Russia
  386. EVENING
  387. >Trump tweets: "I hope everyone is having a great Christmas, then tomorrow it’s back to work in order to Make America Great Again (which is happening faster than anyone anticipated)!"
  389. NNTNN December 24, 2017
  391. MORNING
  392. >NK says new U.N. sanctions "an act of war"
  393. >Trump tweets: "@FoxNews-FBI’s Andrew McCabe, “in addition to his wife getting all of this money from M (Clinton Puppet), he was using, allegedly, his FBI Official Email Account to promote her campaign. You obviously cannot do this. These were the people who were investigating Hillary Clinton.”"
  394. >"The Fake News refuses to talk about how Big and how Strong our BASE is. They show Fake Polls just like they report Fake News. Despite only negative reporting, we are doing well - nobody is going to beat us. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"
  395. >Ex-ethics chief rips Trump as 'wannabe autocrat' for sharing image 'depicting CNN's blood on the sole of his shoe'
  397. >Trump tweets: "The Tax Cut/Reform Bill, including Massive Alaska Drilling and the Repeal of the highly unpopular Individual Mandate, brought it all together as to what an incredible year we had. Don’t let the Fake News convince you otherwise...and our insider Polls are strong!"
  398. >Trump and Melania participate in NORAD Santa calls
  399. EVENING
  400. >Trump tweets: "People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again. I am proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!"
  401. >The Hill reports that US secures $285M cut in UN budget
  403. NNTNN December 23, 2017
  405. >Trump tweets: "How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin’ James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation?"
  406. >"FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits. 90 days to go?!!!"
  407. >"Wow, “FBI lawyer James Baker reassigned,” according to @FoxNews."
  408. >"""Report""" claims McCabe to leave FBI in coming months
  409. >WH denies report that Trump said Haitian immigrants 'all have AIDS’
  410. EVENING
  411. >Trump tweets: "The Stock Market is setting record after record and unemployment is at a 17 year low. So many things accomplished by the Trump Administration, perhaps more than any other President in first year. Sadly, will never be reported correctly by the Fake News Media!"
  412. >"Remember, the Republicans are 5-0 in Congressional races this year. In Senate, I said Roy M would lose in Alabama and supported Big Luther Strange - and Roy lost. Virginia candidate was not a “Trumper,” and he lost. Good Republican candidates will win BIG!"
  413. >"""Report""" claims Trump called Murdoch to make sure Disney deal wouldn't affect Fox News
  414. >Judge partially lifts Trump administration refugee ban - This is for a "bonafide" relationship with an individual or an entity in the U.S
  416. NNTNN December 22, 2017
  417. MORNING
  418. >Trump tweets: "Our big and very popular Tax Cut and Reform Bill has taken on an unexpected new source of “love” - that is big companies and corporations showering their workers with bonuses. This is a phenomenon that nobody even thought of, and now it is the rage. Merry Christmas!"
  419. >"At some point, and for the good of the country, I predict we will start working with the Democrats in a Bipartisan fashion. Infrastructure would be a perfect place to start. After having foolishly spent $7 trillion in the Middle East, it is time to start rebuilding our country!"
  420. >"“The President has accomplished some absolutely historic things during this past year.” Thank you Charlie Kirk of Turning Points USA. Sadly, the Fake Mainstream Media will NEVER talk about our accomplishments in their end of year reviews. We are compiling a long & beautiful list."
  421. >"With all my Administration has done on Legislative Approvals (broke Harry Truman’s Record), Regulation Cutting, Judicial Appointments, Building Military, VA, TAX CUTS & REFORM, Record Economy/Stock Market and so much more, I am sure great credit will be given by mainstream news?"
  422. >"Will be signing the biggest ever Tax Cut and Reform Bill in 30 minutes in Oval Office. Will also be signing a much needed 4 billion dollar missile defense bill."
  423. >McConnell holds year-end news conference
  424. >Trump signs tax bill in order to keep his promise to sign it before Christmas
  425. >Trump gives pens to the press
  426. >Says Democrats already regret not voting on tax bill
  427. >Trump tweets: "95% of Americans will pay less or, at worst, the same amount of taxes (mostly far less). The Dems only want to raise your taxes!"
  429. >Nikki Haley talks about NK
  430. >Trump tweets: "Congressman Ron DeSantis is a brilliant young leader, Yale and then Harvard Law, who would make a GREAT Governor of Florida. He loves our Country and is a true FIGHTER!"
  431. >"The United Nations Security Council just voted 15-0 in favor of additional Sanctions on North Korea. The World wants Peace, not Death!"
  432. >"Remember, the most hated part of ObamaCare is the Individual Mandate, which is being terminated under our just signed Tax Cut Bill."
  433. >Trump departs WH to head to Mar-a-lago
  434. EVENING
  435. >Sessions orders review of Obama-era actions involving Hezbollah
  436. >9th Circuit rules against Trump's third attempt at travel ban
  437. >Second court rejects Trump bid to stop transgender military recruits
  439. NNTNN December 21, 2017
  440. MORNING
  441. >Kellyanne goes on F&F
  442. >Trump tweets: "The Massive Tax Cuts, which the Fake News Media is desperate to write badly about so as to please their Democrat bosses, will soon be kicking in and will speak for themselves. Companies are already making big payments to workers. Dems want to raise taxes, hate these big Cuts!"
  443. >"Was @foxandfriends just named the most influential show in news? You deserve it - three great people! The many Fake News Hate Shows should study your formula for success!"
  444. >"Home Sales hit BEST numbers in 10 years! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"
  445. >"House Democrats want a SHUTDOWN for the holidays in order to distract from the very popular, just passed, Tax Cuts. House Republicans, don’t let this happen. Pass the C.R. TODAY and keep our Government OPEN!"
  446. >Secretary Carson and Deputy Secretary Patenaude wish everybody a Happy Holidays
  448. >Trump approves Disaster Declaration for the Pueblo of Acoma and Alaska
  449. >Paul Ryan hosts "enrollment ceremony" for tax bill
  450. >Trump signs EO Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
  451. >Nikki Haley decides it's time to make the UN REEEEE - Votes 'no' on US embassy move in Israel
  452. >State Department has press briefing - Envoy McGurk gives update on defeating isis
  453. >Court denies Trump attempt to halt transgender military enlistment
  454. >Trump tells reporters 'Merry Christmas' before departing to Walter Reid Hospital in Marine One Helicopter
  455. EVENING
  456. >WH says Trump will likely sign tax bill Friday
  457. >Sessions gives remarks at memorial service for Pan American flight 103
  458. >Pence speaks to troops in Afghanistan
  459. >Trump visits wounded troops at Walter Reed military hospital
  460. >Ethics panel expands investigation into Farenthold
  461. >Senators vote 66-32 to approve the roughly four-week continuing resolution (CR), which funds the government through Jan. 19
  462. >Judge tosses emoluments clause lawsuit against Trump over business ties
  464. NNTNN December 20, 2017
  465. MORNING
  466. >Republican Tax Bill passes Senate in 51-48 Vote
  467. >Trump tweets: "The United States Senate just passed the biggest in history Tax Cut and Reform Bill. Terrible Individual Mandate (ObamaCare)Repealed. Goes to the House tomorrow morning for final vote. If approved, there will be a News Conference at The White House at approximately 1:00 P.M."
  468. >"The Tax Cuts are so large and so meaningful, and yet the Fake News is working overtime to follow the lead of their friends, the defeated Dems, and only demean. This is truly a case where the results will speak for themselves, starting very soon. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!"
  469. >"I would like to congratulate @SenateMajLdr on having done a fantastic job both strategically & politically on the passing in the Senate of the MASSIVE TAX CUT & Reform Bill. I could have not asked for a better or more talented partner. Our team will go onto many more VICTORIES!"
  470. >Trump speaks with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia
  472. >Trump has Cabinet meeting
  473. >Congress votes to open Alaska refuge to oil drilling
  474. >House passes Tax Bill 224-201
  475. >Congress repeals ObamaCare mandate, fulfilling longtime GOP goal
  476. >Al Franken will resign from the Senate on Jan. 2
  477. >Trump signs S. 1266 “Enhancing Veteran Care Act” into Law
  478. >Several companies giving $1,000 bonuses, raising minimum wage to $15, and giving billions to charity because of tax bill
  479. >Trump gives speech from tax bill passing
  480. >Says ObamaCare is kill due to mandate being gone
  481. >Jokes about Scalise losing weight
  482. EVENING
  483. >McConnell will allow immigration vote if senators strike a deal
  484. >(((WP))) reports Trump gives green light to selling lethal arms to Ukraine
  485. >trump signs EO on a Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals
  486. >Trump announces ninth wave of judicial nominees and tenth wave of US attorney nominees
  487. >Trump commutes sentence of Sholom Rubashkin
  489. NNTNN December 19, 2017
  490. MORNING
  491. >U.S. declares North Korea carried out massive WannaCry cyberattack
  493. >"Stocks and the economy have a long way to go after the Tax Cut Bill is totally understood and appreciated in scope and size. Immediate expensing will have a big impact. Biggest Tax Cuts and Reform EVER passed. Enjoy, and create many beautiful JOBS!"
  494. >"A story in the @washingtonpost that I was close to “rescinding” the nomination of Justice Gorsuch prior to confirmation is FAKE NEWS. I never even wavered and am very proud of him and the job he is doing as a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The unnamed sources don’t exist!"
  495. >Senate panel rejects Trump's nominee to lead Ex-Im Bank
  496. >US and Canada to co-host meeting on NK nuclear threat in January
  498. >Sessions gives speech in Charlotte, NC
  499. >State Department has press briefing
  500. >WH has press briefing
  501. >House discloses three more sexual harassment settlements totaling $115K
  502. >Briefing takes place on the WannaCry malware attack
  503. >Senate Republicans address the media ahead of tax vote
  504. >Tax bill passes House 227-203
  505. >Trump tweets: "Congratulations to Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Kevin Brady, Steve Scalise, Cathy McMorris Rodgers and all great House Republicans who voted in favor of cutting your taxes!"
  506. >House will have to vote for tax-cut bill again because Republicans screwed up
  507. EVENING
  508. >Tillerson meets with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland
  509. >Tillerson speaks at US Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
  510. >Senate votes to begin final debate on tax bill
  511. >Senate to vote on bill soon (tonight)
  513. NNTNN December 18, 2017
  514. MORNING
  515. >Trump tweets: "Remember, Republicans are 5-0 in Congressional Races this year. The media refuses to mention this. I said Gillespie and Moore would lose (for very different reasons), and they did. I also predicted “I” would win. Republicans will do well in 2018, very well! @foxandfriends"
  516. >"Ivanka Trump will be interviewed on @foxandfriends."
  517. >Tillersons welcomes French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian for a working lunch
  518. >Gets asked question about submitting a letter of resignation and says, "That's ridiculous"
  520. >Hawaii AG who fought Trump travel ban to run for Congress
  521. >Sessions gives speech in Milwaukee, addressing efforts to combat violent crime
  522. >Haley vetoes UN resolution calling for withdrawal of Trump's Jerusalem recognition
  523. >Trump judicial nominee withdraws nomination after hearing
  524. >Amtrak derailment in Washington state - at least 3 dead
  525. >Trump and Pence depart the WH in "The Beast" on way to speech
  526. >Trump tweets: "The train accident that just occurred in DuPont, WA shows more than ever why our soon to be submitted infrastructure plan must be approved quickly. Seven trillion dollars spent in the Middle East while our roads, bridges, tunnels, railways (and more) crumble! Not for long!"
  527. >"My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in the train accident in DuPont, Washington. Thank you to all of our wonderful First Responders who are on the scene. We are currently monitoring here at the White House."
  528. >Pence and Trump delivers remarks regarding the Administration’s National Security Strategy
  529. >Trump uses Amtrak derailment to push infrastructure
  530. >Says "America is in the game and America is going to win"
  531. >For vital national interest says to build the wall, ending chain migration, ending visa and lottery programs, closing loopholes to undermine enforcement, and protecting ICE and Homeland Security personnel
  532. >Republicans call for inquiry into House Intel panel's Russia investigation leaks
  533. EVENING
  534. >The Hill reports EPA chief Pruitt had office swept for surveillance bugs
  535. >Senate Intel requests documents from Jill Stein
  536. >Pence delays trip to Middle East until after tax bill vote
  537. >Trump announces intent to appoint Caren Harp to the DoJ
  538. >Trump tweets: "70 Record Closes for the Dow so far this year! We have NEVER had 70 Dow Records in a one year period. Wow!"
  539. >House to unveil $81B disaster aid package
  540. >Judge orders Trump admin to allow abortions for two undocumented immigrants
  541. >Collins and Lee to vote 'yes' on tax bill
  542. >The Hill reports Trump accuser lobbied to be his makeup artist months before her sex assault allegations roiled campaign
  544. NNTNN December 17, 2017
  545. MORNING
  546. >Kellyanne Conway goes on Fox
  547. >Says "fix was in" for Hillary Clinton
  548. >Russia thwarts terrorist attack due to intelligence from the US
  549. >Note: Liberals would rather have a terrorist kill Russian citizens than the US helping them
  550. >Doug Jones says: “I don’t think that the president ought to resign at this point”
  551. >UN Security Council to vote on resolution voiding Trump's Jerusalem announcement
  553. >Putin calls Trump to thank him for tip that prevented terror attack
  554. >Peter Carr (spokesman for Mueller) says: "When we have obtained emails in the course of our ongoing criminal investigation, we have secured either the account owner's consent or appropriate criminal process"
  555. EVENING
  556. >(((CNN))) reports House panel to interview Goldstone, Wasserman Schultz Monday
  557. >Trump returns to WH
  558. >Asks if he will fire Mueller: "I'm not"
  559. >Prince Harry interviews Obama
  560. >Blackout happens at Atlanta airport
  561. >McCain believes his cancer is more important than voting on the tax bill (it isn't)
  563. NNTNN December 16, 2017
  564. MORNING
  565. >Trump tweets: "Congratulations to two great and hardworking guys, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, on the success of their just out book, “Let Trump Be Trump.” Finally people with real knowledge are writing about our wonderful and exciting campaign!"
  566. >State legislative leaders are planning 'aggressive' new training and reporting policies to combat cultures of pervasive sexual harassment
  567. >HHS pushes back on criticism of CDC banned words
  568. >Trump becomes 'least popular first-year president on record' due to """polls"""
  569. >Jackie Spier (D) says “rumor on the Hill” is that President Donald Trump intends to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller next week
  570. >Trump heads to Camp David for the weekend
  571. >Trump has cabinet meeting at Camp David
  572. >Trump does weekly address
  574. >Pentagon acknowledges program to investigate the ayys' ships
  575. >"""Report""" claims Special counsel has thousands of Trump transition emails
  576. EVENING
  577. >Kihuen won't seek reelection amid sexual harassment allegations
  578. >Trump lawyer says Mueller obtained transition emails illegally
  580. NNTNN December 15, 2017
  581. MORNING
  582. >Tillerson meets with Russian Counterpart at the UN
  583. >Tillerson attends the UN Security Council Ministerial Briefing on Non-Proliferation and the DPRK
  584. >Tillerson has press availability at UN Security Council Ministerial on Non-Proliferation and DPRK
  585. >Trump gives statement on taxes before departing WH
  586. >Says 'I don't want to talk about pardons for Michael Flynn yet'
  587. >Trump depart WH en route to Quantico, VA
  588. >Trump speaks At FBI National Academy Graduation
  589. >Trump on visa lottery system: 'They're picking the worst of the worst'
  590. >Report says Attorney Lisa Bloom sought to line up paydays for women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct
  592. >Sessions has press conference on crime & Hillary Clinton investigations
  593. >Trump visits Marine Helicopter Squadron One – Marine Corps Air Facility
  594. >Rubio and Corker say they are a 'yes' on tax bill
  595. >Schumer promises a Senate vote on overturning FCC's net neutrality repeal
  596. EVENING
  597. >Nine more women accuse Alex Kozinski of sexual misconduct
  598. >"""Report""" claims CDC gets list of forbidden words “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based”
  599. >Trump speaks by phone with Cindy McCain on husband’s status
  601. NNTNN December 14, 2017
  602. MORNING
  603. >Omarosa says there were many things over the past year that she was 'very uncomfortable with'
  604. >Trump tweets: "Republican Tax Cuts are looking very good. All are working hard. In the meantime, the Stock Market hit another record high!"
  605. >Tillerson hosts U.S.-Mexico Strategic Dialogue
  606. >Second U.S.-Mexico Strategic Dialogue on 'Disrupting Transnational Criminal Organizations' takes place
  608. >FCC kills Net Neutrality with 3-2 vote
  609. >WH has press briefing
  610. >Press briefing by Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator Neomi Rao on the Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions
  611. >Sarah gets asked how many African Americans now work at WH
  612. >Haley has press conference on Iranian Arms Exports
  613. >Rubio to vote 'no' on tax bill unless child tax credit is expanded
  614. >Trump and the Russian Hacker have phone call - Discussed America’s strong economic performance along with NK
  615. >Ryan denies retirement reports
  616. >Trump participates in event regarding deregulation
  617. >Says they hit reducing 22 regulations for every 1 added
  618. >Cuts the red tape
  619. >Says he believes Rubio will vote 'yes'
  620. >Farenthold won't run for reelection
  621. EVENING
  622. >Omarosa says she was ‘very lonely’ at White House due to ‘lack of diversity’
  623. >Van Hollen calls for Trump to resign
  624. >(((Report))) claims Mueller requests emails from Trump campaign data firm
  625. >The Hill reports Conservative group sues FBI for records on agent dismissed from Mueller probe
  626. >House Democrat in Trump district endorses impeachment
  628. NNTNN December 13, 2017
  629. MORNING
  630. >Trump tweets: "The reason I originally endorsed Luther Strange (and his numbers went up mightily), is that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the General Election. I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!"
  631. >"Wow, more than 90% of Fake News Media coverage of me is negative, with numerous forced retractions of untrue stories. Hence my use of Social Media, the only way to get the truth out. Much of Mainstream Meadia has become a joke! @foxandfriends"
  632. >"If last night’s election proved anything, it proved that we need to put up GREAT Republican candidates to increase the razor thin margins in both the House and Senate."
  633. >Foreign Press Center Briefing - 'To Walk the Earth in Safety'
  634. >Tillerson gives speech “Meeting the Foreign Policy Challenges of 2017 and Beyond” at the 2017 Atlantic Council
  635. >Rosenstein hearing at House Judiciary Committee takes place
  637. >Trump has lunch with bicameral tax conferees - Says bill is almost complete
  638. >State Department has press briefing on 'To Walk the Earth in Safety'
  639. >Don Jr. has closed-door meeting with Senate Intel panel
  640. >Trump gives speech on tax reform - Says it will be a Christmas present
  641. >Melania meets with families and marines at toys-for-tots
  642. >Melania speaks at Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots event
  643. EVENING
  644. >McCain back in hospital for treatment related to cancer therapy
  645. >GOP leaders reach tax deal, cutting corporate rate to 21% and top individual rate to 37%
  646. >April Ryan creates fake news that Omarosa needed to be escorted by SS upon her leaving the WH
  647. >Trump tweets: "Thank you Omarosa for your service! I wish you continued success."
  648. >Kentucky state lawmaker commits suicide after denying sexual misconduct allegations
  649. >Second woman accuses Rep. Kihuen of sexual misconduct
  651. NNTNN December 12, 2017
  652. MORNING
  653. >Trump tweets: "Despite thousands of hours wasted and many millions of dollars spent, the Democrats have been unable to show any collusion with Russia - so now they are moving on to the false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don’t know and/or have never met. FAKE NEWS!"
  654. >"Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office “begging” for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!"
  655. >"The people of Alabama will do the right thing. Doug Jones is Pro-Abortion, weak on Crime, Military and Illegal Immigration, Bad for Gun Owners and Veterans and against the WALL. Jones is a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet. Roy Moore will always vote with us. VOTE ROY MOORE!"
  656. >"Consumer Confidence is at an All-Time High, along with a Record High Stock Market. Unemployment is at a 17 year low. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Working to pass MASSIVE TAX CUTS (looking good)."
  657. >Trump family hosts Hannukah Reception
  659. >Sessions discusses criminal gang MS-13 and immigration
  660. >Trump gives statement before signing bills - Consists of talking about the terrorist attack and upgrading military equipment
  661. >Trump signs H.R. 2810 and H.R. 4374 into Law - authorizes fY18 appropriations for DOD
  662. >State Department has press briefing
  663. >WH has press briefing
  664. >Senate confirms Leonard Steven Grasz
  665. EVENING
  666. >Melania Trump Visits Children's National
  667. >Tillerson gives speech at the Atlantic Council
  668. >FBI agent taken off Russia probe called Trump an 'idiot' in texts
  669. >Moore loses AL Senate election
  670. >Trump tweets: "Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. The people of Alabama are great, and the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. It never ends!"
  672. NNTNN December 11, 2017
  673. MORNING
  674. >Akayed Ullah sets off bomb in Manhattan - only 1 injured (non-fatal)
  675. >Trump tweets: "Another false story, this time in the Failing @nytimes, that I watch 4-8 hours of television a day - Wrong! Also, I seldom, if ever, watch CNN or MSNBC, both of which I consider Fake News. I never watch Don Lemon, who I once called the “dumbest man on television!” Bad Reporting."
  676. >Three Trump accusers decide to go on the Today show with Meghan Kelly
  677. >They demand Congress investigate his alleged sexual harassment
  678. >Fox News poll: Jones leads Moore by 10 points
  679. >Emerson gives Moore 9 point lead
  680. >Judge tells Manafort to stop communicating with media
  682. >Judge denies Trump request to delay transgender military enlistment
  683. >Civil rights group sues government over raids on illegal's homes
  684. >WH has press briefing - Acosta proves once again that he does not deserve to be there
  685. >Democrats seek alleged evidence of anti-Clinton 'bias' at the FBI
  686. >Ryan Lizza gets fired for sexual harassment allegations
  687. >5 senators call on Trump to resign over misconduct allegations
  688. >Trump gives memorandum on reinvigorating America's Human Space Exploration Program
  689. EVENING
  690. >Trump gives statement regarding today's attack in NYC - blames immigration laws
  691. >Four nominations sent to the Senate today
  692. >Curbelo: DACA fix needs to happen 'this week' (it won't)
  693. >Senate chairman presses nuclear regulators on Uranium One exports
  694. >Moore holds ‘Drain the Swamp’ rally
  695. >Wife attacks fake news by saying Moore appointed first black Marshall to AL SC; they have a Jew attorney
  696. >56 female lawmakers call for Oversight probe into sexual allegations against Trump
  697. >Spicer promises to hit press for 'rampant hostility' toward Trump in new book
  699. NNTNN December 10, 2017
  700. MORNING
  701. >Trump tweets: "Things are going really well for our economy, a subject the Fake News spends as little time as possible discussing! Stock Market hit another RECORD HIGH, unemployment is now at a 17 year low and companies are coming back into the USA. Really good news, and much more to come!"
  702. >"Getting closer and closer on the Tax Cut Bill. Shaping up even better than projected. House and Senate working very hard and smart. End result will be not only important, but SPECIAL!"
  703. >California governor calls wildfire damage ‘the new normal’
  704. >(((Polls))) for Alabama Senate race get fixed two days before election
  705. >Jones is attempting to get blacks to vote for him
  707. >Trump tweets: "Very little discussion of all the purposely false and defamatory stories put out this week by the Fake News Media. They are out of control - correct reporting means nothing to them. Major lies written, then forced to be withdrawn after they are exposed...a stain on America!"
  708. >Collins: "Not sure if I will support tax reform plan"
  709. EVENING
  710. >"""Report""" claims FBI told Sessions he didn't need to disclose foreign contacts for clearance
  711. >Haley on Trump accusers: 'We should all be willing to listen to them'
  713. NNTNN December 9, 2017
  714. MORNING
  715. >Trump tweets: "GREAT EVENING last night in Pensacola, Florida. Arena was packed to the rafters, the crowd was loud, loving and really smart. They definitely get what’s going on. Thank you Pensacola!"
  716. >"A big contingent of very enthusiastic Roy Moore fans at the rally last night. We can’t have a Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Democrat, Jones, in that important Alabama Senate seat. Need your vote to Make America Great Again! Jones will always vote against what we must do for our Country."
  717. >"Fake News CNN made a vicious and purposeful mistake yesterday. They were caught red handed, just like lonely Brian Ross at ABC News (who should be immediately fired for his “mistake”). Watch to see if @CNN fires those responsible, or was it just gross incompetence?"
  718. >"CNN’S slogan is CNN, THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS. Everyone knows this is not true, that this could, in fact, be a fraud on the American Public. There are many outlets that are far more trusted than Fake News CNN. Their slogan should be CNN, THE LEAST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS!"
  719. >"Heading to the great state of Mississippi at the invitation of their popular and respected Governor, @PhilBryantMS. Look forward to seeing the new Civil Rights Museum!"
  720. >Sheriff Clark dismisses Rep. John Lewis: ‘John who?’
  721. >Trump gives weekly address - Talks about Kate Steinle and sanctuary cities
  723. >Trump speech at opening for Civil Rights Museum - Mostly talks about military heroes
  724. >Iraq declares 'final' victory over Islamic State
  725. >University investigates Trump supporters being kicked out of campus coffee shop
  726. >"""Report""" claims Trump watches up to eight hours of TV per day
  727. >Trump tours MS Civil Rights Museum
  728. >Palestinian leader won't meet Pence in snub over Jerusalem move
  729. >Trump tweets that he'll watch Army vs Navy game
  730. EVENING
  731. >Trump tweets: "@DaveWeigel @WashingtonPost put out a phony photo of an empty arena hours before I arrived @ the venue, w/ thousands of people outside, on their way in. Real photos now shown as I spoke. Packed house, many people unable to get in. Demand apology & retraction from FAKE NEWS WaPo!"
  732. >Weigel 'defends' tweet: "It was a bad tweet on my personal account, not a story for Washington Post. I deleted it after like 20 minutes. Very fair to call me out. Everything I say on Twitter is a joke, except what I say about @swin24."
  733. >Trump tweets: "@daveweigel of the Washington Post just admitted that his picture was a FAKE (fraud?) showing an almost empty arena last night for my speech in Pensacola when, in fact, he knew the arena was packed (as shown also on T.V.). FAKE NEWS, he should be fired."
  734. >"Great Army - Navy Game. Army wins 14 to 13 and brings home the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF’S TROPHY! Congratulations!"
  735. >18 AGs are filing a brief to challenge Trump's appointment of Mick Mulvaney as CFPB Acting Director
  737. NNTNN December 8, 2017
  738. MORNING
  739. >Trump tweets that he is the only president since Clinton that kept his promise to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel
  740. >Trump tweets: "Big crowd expected today in Pensacola, Florida, for a Make America Great Again speech. We have done so much in so short a period of time...and yet are planning to do so much more! See you there!"
  741. >"LAST thing the Make America Great Again Agenda needs is a Liberal Democrat in Senate where we have so little margin for victory already. The Pelosi/Schumer Puppet Jones would vote against us 100% of the time. He’s bad on Crime, Life, Border, Vets, Guns & Military. VOTE ROY MOORE!"
  742. >Trump approves California emergency declaration
  743. >Trump signs H.J. Res. 123 into Law - allows government to run until December 22, 2017
  744. >Moore accuser admits that she wrote in date and location in yearbook
  745. >(((CNN))) lies about Wikileaks sending Trump information before it was released to public (it was after it was public)
  747. >MSNBC report interrupted by black guy waving a flag, ‘Roy Moore’s Gonna Win!’
  748. >Haley gives remarks at UN Security Council Meeting on Jerusalem
  749. >Sessions hosts a round table on drug policy with representatives from The Heritage Foundation
  750. >Secretary Sullivan testifies on counterterrorism efforts in Africa
  751. >Tillerson gives remarks with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian at press availability
  752. >Dina Powell leaving Trump White House
  753. >Ex-staffer says Franks offered her $5 million to carry his child
  754. >Franks says resignation effective Friday
  755. >Trump ends Obama rule to require airlines to disclose baggage fees
  756. >Pentagon starting first-ever financial audit
  757. EVENING
  758. >(((CNN))) """corrects""" Wikileaks story
  759. >Pence swears in Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen
  760. >Trump gives memorandum for the Chief Counsel for Advocacy of the small business administration
  761. >Press secretary gives statement regarding the violence and humanitarian conditions in Yemen
  762. >Trump signs Executive Order on Revising the Seal for the National Credit Union Administration
  763. >NAACP plans separate event as Trump heads to civil rights museum
  764. >Trump rallies in Florida
  765. >Borders on top of borders
  766. >1,000 years of coal
  767. >Trump insinuates Hillary could potentially be arrested
  768. >Says to end chain migration and go to merit-based
  770. NNTNN December 7, 2017
  771. MORNING
  772. >Trump tweets: "Go get the new book on Andrew Jackson by Brian Kilmeade...Really good. @foxandfriends"
  773. >"National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - “A day that will live in infamy!” December 7, 1941"
  774. >Trump releases video in honor of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
  775. >FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies on Russia probe at House Judiciary Hearing
  776. >Acting Assistant Secretary for Near East Affairs Satterfield has press briefing on Israel
  777. >Carson hustles people at pool at Boys and Girls club in Detroit
  778. >Al Franken resigns
  780. >Report says Minnesota governor to name lieutenant governor to Franken's seat:
  781. >Trump signs a proclamation for National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
  782. >Tillerson gives statement at the First Plenary Session of the 24th Ministerial Council taking place in Vienna
  783. >Tillerson meets with Russia's Lavrov for Discussions in Vienna at (OSCE)
  784. >Tillerson gives remarks on Jerusalem
  785. >>Trump meets with congressional leadership, including "Chuck and Nancy" on budget
  786. >State Department has press briefing
  787. >WH has press briefing
  788. >John Lewis won't attend civil rights museum opening due to Trump presence
  789. >Senate sends funding bill to Trump to avert shutdown
  790. >Trump to release infrastructure plan next month
  791. EVENING
  792. >WH says: 'It's unfortunate' John Lewis is skipping civil rights museum opening because of Trump
  793. >Manafort attorney says: Op-ed published to 'correct the public record' in Ukraine
  794. >Judge in Flynn case recuses himself
  795. >Ethics panel clears Nunes of disclosing classified info
  796. >Franks resigning after discussing surrogacy with female staff
  797. >Melania meet children at Children’s National Medical Center
  798. >Ethics Committee establishes subpanel to probe Texas representative after harassment claims
  799. >Justice Department opens probe into Planned Parenthood's fetal tissue practices
  800. >Trump hosts a Hanukkah Reception
  802. NNTNN December 6, 2017
  803. MORNING
  804. >TIME names 'The Silence Breakers' (#MeToo) as Person of the Year
  805. >New accuser comes out against Al Franken
  806. >Fires attack California
  807. >Democrats turn on Franken and urge him to resign
  808. >Tillerson has press conference at NATO
  809. >Trump holds Cabinet meeting
  810. >58 Democrats voted for impeachment of Trump
  811. >Trump Jr. meets with House intelligence panel in Russia probe
  813. >Putin declares he will run for re-election next year
  814. >Franken will make announcement on Thursday
  815. >Trump gives statement on Jerusalem - Announces that he will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and relocating the US Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem
  816. >Tillerson backs up Trump on Jerusalem decision
  817. >Melania and Karen visit 1st responders in TX
  818. >Melania and Karen speak in TX about first responders
  819. >Melania and Karen get Whataburger
  820. >They buy the press fries
  821. >Senate approves motion to go to tax conference
  822. >Trump calls on Saudis to lift Yemen blockade 'immediately'
  823. >Trump gives statement on Yemen to allow food, fuel, water, and medicine to reach the Yemeni people
  824. >Trump puts memorandum for the Secretary of State - Suspension of limitations under the Jerusalem Embassy Act
  825. EVENING
  826. >Trump announces intent to appoint personnel to key administration posts
  827. >House passes concealed carry gun bill
  828. >Paul Ryan lights up Capitol Christmas Tree
  829. >Emergency UN Security Council meeting called after Trump's Jerusalem announcement
  830. >Pence delivers keynote remarks at the 2017 Kemp Leadership Award Dinner
  832. NNTNN December 5, 2017
  833. MORNING
  834. >"""Report""" claims Mueller subpoenas Trump's
  835. >Reports say Trump is to move embassy to Jerusalem
  836. >Conyers announces he will retire today - wants his son to take his seat
  837. >Deportations rose 37% since Trump inauguration
  838. >Same-sex wedding cake case makes it to the US Supreme Court
  839. >Trump has phone calls with leaders in the Middle East in regards to Israel-Palestine peace talks and Jerusalem
  840. >Trump memorandum for SoS to provide assistance to Iraq
  841. >Tillerson speaks at a joint U.S. - EU statement to the media
  842. >Tillerson arrives at NATO and meets with Stoltenberg
  843. >Sessions speaks at the Global Forum on Asset Recovery
  844. >Sullivan addresses 162nd BIE General Assembly on US bid to host 2023 World's Fair
  845. >Melania and Karen to visit Texas for continued hurricane relief
  847. >Trump has lunch with Senate GOP on taxes
  848. >Trump talks with American business owners on tax cuts
  849. >GOP delays House vote on short-term budget bill
  850. >"""Report""" says Trump plans 6-month waiver to delay embassy move to Jerusalem
  851. >State Department gives press briefing
  852. >WH gives press briefing
  853. >Democrat representative Moulton calls on Franken to resign
  854. >WH says Mueller report is fake news
  855. >Flake donates $100 to Doug Jones campaign: 'Country over Party'
  856. EVENING
  857. >Mueller lieutenant sent email saying he was proud of Sally Yates
  858. >GOP leaders for both House and Senate speak on mutual tax bill
  859. >Nevada Democrat says he won’t resign despite calls from party leaders
  860. >Report says Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital
  861. >Bannon and Moore rally in AL
  862. >Bannon, in regards to Romney: 'He’s still bitter'
  863. >Moore mentions Soros' Army
  864. >Says: "If I'm in the foxhole I don't want to know if this man by my side is a man or a woman or flipping back and forth"
  865. >Feds file new charges against illegal who killed Kate Steinle
  867. NNTNN December 4, 2017
  868. MORNING
  869. >Trump tweets: "Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama. We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more. No to Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!"
  870. >"Putting Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Puppet Jones into office in Alabama would hurt our great Republican Agenda of low on taxes, tough on crime, strong on military and borders...& so much more. Look at your 401-k’s since Election. Highest Stock Market EVER! Jobs are roaring back!"
  871. >"With the great vote on Cutting Taxes, this could be a big day for the Stock Market - and YOU!"
  872. >"A must watch: Legal Scholar Alan Dershowitz was just on @foxandfriends talking of what is going on with respect to the greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. political history. Enjoy!"
  873. >US Naval Institute has Defense Forum
  875. >Trump gives comments to reporters before leaving for UT
  876. >Says Hillary and Flynn lied to FBI but Flynn gets arrested
  877. >Trump departs for Salt Lake City UT
  878. >Karen Pence unveils the Christmas decorations at the VP's residence
  879. >Trump has phone call with President Emmanuel Macron of France
  880. >NY AG wants net neutrality vote delayed to investigate fake comments submitted to FCC
  881. >Trump tours The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
  882. >Trump meets with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints leaders
  883. >Zinke and Trump give speech in Utah
  884. >Announces roll back on Obama monument declarations
  885. >Trump gives remarks on 'Antiquities Act Designations'
  886. EVENING
  887. >Moore accuser shares scrapbook with new """evidence""" of relationship
  888. >Presidential proclamation modifying the 'Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument'
  889. >Presidential proclamation modifying the 'Bears Ears National Monument'
  890. >Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban
  891. >Press gaggle by Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley
  892. >GOP leaders agree to consider Dec. 30 spending bill
  893. >House approves motion to go to tax conference
  895. NNTNN December 3, 2017
  896. MORNING
  897. >Trump tweets: "Tainted (no, very dishonest?) FBI “agent’s role in Clinton probe under review.” Led Clinton Email probe. @foxandfriends Clinton money going to wife of another FBI agent in charge."
  898. >"After years of Comey, with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation (and more), running the FBI, its reputation is in Tatters - worst in History! But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness."
  899. >"People who lost money when the Stock Market went down 350 points based on the False and Dishonest reporting of Brian Ross of @ABC News (he has been suspended), should consider hiring a lawyer and suing ABC for the damages this bad reporting has caused - many millions of dollars!"
  900. >"Report: “ANTI-TRUMP FBI AGENT LED CLINTON EMAIL PROBE” Now it all starts to make sense!"
  901. >Mattis takes questions on Egypt, Pakistan, and Kuwait as he flies over region
  902. >"""Report""" claims Trump has given staffers assignments and told them not to tell Kelly
  903. >Kushner speaks Saban Forum
  905. >Trump lawyer says Flynn tweet was "my mistake - I did not mean to break news"
  906. >Protesters spell out 'Go Home Trump' on Utah Capitol lawn ahead of Trump visit
  907. >Joy Reid apologizes for 'insensitive' LGBT blog posts
  908. EVENING
  909. >Head of FBI Agents Associations responds to Trump: "FBI Agents are dedicated to their mission; suggesting otherwise is simply false."
  910. >DOJ to allow House Intel to interview witness tied to Trump dossier
  911. >Billy Bush confirms pussy tape is real (yes, this is actually 'news')
  913. NNTNN December 2, 2017
  914. MORNING
  915. >Tax Reform Bill passes 51-49
  916. >Pence announces passage of Tax Reform Bill
  917. >GOP leaders give statement on passage of Tax Reform Bill
  918. >SC to hear arguments over sports-betting ban
  919. >Trump tweets: "Biggest Tax Bill and Tax Cuts in history just passed in the Senate. Now these great Republicans will be going for final passage. Thank you to House and Senate Republicans for your hard work and commitment!"
  920. >Trump speaks to press on Michael Flynn pleading guilty for lying to the FBI
  921. >Trump departs to NY for fundraising event
  922. >Trump tweets: "I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!"
  923. >Trump's motorcade greeted with chants of 'lock him up' in NYC
  925. >Press Secretary gives statement on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  926. >Trump gives speech at Wall Street Fundraiser (press escorted out and feed is cut)
  927. >(In regards to Paris Climate Accord) Obama says: "We have a temporary absence of American leadership on the issue"
  928. >McMaster, Pompeo, and Pineta speak at Reagan National Defense Forum
  929. >Pompeo has interview at Reagan Defense Forum
  930. EVENING
  931. >ABC News suspends reporter after faulty Flynn report
  932. >Trump tweets: "So General Flynn lies to the FBI and his life is destroyed, while Crooked Hillary Clinton, on that now famous FBI holiday “interrogation” with no swearing in and no recording, lies many times...and nothing happens to her? Rigged system, or just a double standard?"
  933. >"Many people in our Country are asking what the “Justice” Department is going to do about the fact that totally Crooked Hillary, AFTER receiving a subpoena from the United States Congress, deleted and “acid washed” 33,000 Emails? No justice!"
  934. >"Congratulations to @ABC News for suspending Brian Ross for his horrendously inaccurate and dishonest report on the Russia, Russia, Russia Witch Hunt. More Networks and “papers” should do the same with their Fake News!"
  935. >Report claims FBI agent removed from Mueller investigation over anti-Trump texts
  936. >US pulls out of UN's Global Combat on Migration
  938. NNTNN December 1, 2017
  939. MORNING
  940. >Trump tweets: "The Kate Steinle killer came back and back over the weakly protected Obama border, always committing crimes and being violent, and yet this info was not used in court. His exoneration is a complete travesty of justice. BUILD THE WALL!"
  941. >"The jury was not told the killer of Kate was a 7 time felon. The Schumer/Pelosi Democrats are so weak on Crime that they will pay a big price in the 2018 and 2020 Elections."
  942. >"Republicans Senators are working hard to pass the biggest Tax Cuts in the history of our Country. The Bill is getting better and better. This is a once in a generation chance. Obstructionist Dems trying to block because they think it is too good and will not be given the credit!"
  943. >Conway goes on Fox and Friends
  944. >Tillerson meets Libyan Prime Minister Al-Sarraj
  945. >Flynn enters guilty plea, will cooperate with Mueller
  946. >ABC is Fake News and says Trump, as a candidate for president, had asked Michael Flynn to make contact with Russians
  947. >Note: Trump was President-elect
  948. >Press Secretary gives statement on the Kate Steinle case
  950. >Trump tweets: "The media has been speculating that I fired Rex Tillerson or that he would be leaving soon - FAKE NEWS! He’s not leaving and while we disagree on certain subjects, (I call the final shots) we work well together and America is highly respected again! https://instagram.com/p/BcLCXDYgQed/";
  951. EVENING
  952. >DOJ issues arrest warrant for undocumented immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle killing
  953. >Twelve nominations sent to the Senate today
  954. >Nine nominations sent to the Senate today
  955. >Nevada Democrat accused of sexual harassment during campaign
  956. >ABC """corrects""" error
  957. >Benghazi panel used $150K in taxpayer money to settle wrongful termination lawsuit
  958. >Nuclear Attack Warning Siren wails across Hawaii in 1st test Since Cold War
  959. >Sessions goes on Tucker Carlson Tonight
  960. >Senate GOP releases new version of tax bill ahead of vote
  961. >Tax reform passes Senate
  963. NNTNN November 30, 2017
  964. MORNING
  965. >Trump tweets: "The Failing @nytimes, the pipe organ for the Democrat Party, has become a virtual lobbyist for them with regard to our massive Tax Cut Bill. They are wrong so often that now I know we have a winner!"
  966. >"The Failing @nytimes has totally gone against the Social Media Guidelines that they installed to preserve some credibility after many of their biased reporters went Rogue! @foxandfriends"
  967. >"The Chinese Envoy, who just returned from North Korea, seems to have had no impact on Little Rocket Man. Hard to believe his people, and the military, put up with living in such horrible conditions. Russia and China condemned the launch."
  968. >"Stock Market hits new Record High. Confidence and enthusiasm abound. More great numbers coming out!"
  969. >"The Dow just broke 24,000 for the first time (another all-time Record). If the Dems had won the Presidential Election, the Market would be down 50% from these levels and Consumer Confidence, which is also at an all-time high, would be “low and glum!”"
  970. >(((NYT))) claims WH plans Tillerson to be replaced by Pompeo
  971. >Trump's has phone call with President Moon Jae-In of the Republic of Korea
  972. >Tillerson meets with German Foreign Minister Gabriel
  973. >Mattis greets Libya's Foreign Secretary to the DOD
  975. >Senate GOP leaders news conference on tax bill
  976. >Trump meets with Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa, Crown Prince of Bahrain
  977. >Trump proclaims December 1, 2017, as World AIDS Day
  978. >State Department has press briefing
  979. >WH has press briefing
  980. >Pentagon calls off plan to ban use of cluster bombs
  981. >Christopher Wray & Rasmussen Testify to Congress National Security
  982. >Secretary Sullivan gives remarks at the World AIDS Day Program
  983. >JCT says Senate tax bill will add $1T to deficits, even with growth
  984. EVENING
  985. >Lauer is seeking $30 million after firing
  986. >Trump proclaims December 2017 as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month
  987. >Senate Ethics Committee opens 'preliminary inquiry' into Franken allegations
  988. >Trump and Melania light up National Christmas Tree
  989. >Trump expected to have a rally in Pensacola ahead of Alabama special election
  990. >Illegal spic, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, is acquitted of the murder of Kate Steinle
  991. >ICE seeks to deport the spic
  992. >Sessions blames sanctuary cities for the murder
  993. >Senate leaders push tax debate into Friday
  994. >Trump tweets: "A disgraceful verdict in the Kate Steinle case! No wonder the people of our Country are so angry with Illegal Immigration."
  995. >Manafort reaches $11 million bail deal with Mueller's team
  997. NNTNN November 29, 2017
  998. MORNING
  999. >NK says new rocket can hit anywhere in US
  1000. >NK says new ICBM with ‘super-large heavy warhead’ completes its nuclear force
  1001. >Poll shows Roy Moore up 5 points over Doug Jones
  1002. >Trump retweets religion of peace not being peaceful
  1003. >Trump tweets (in response to CNN boycotting WH Christmas party): "Great, and we should boycott Fake News CNN. Dealing with them is a total waste of time!"
  1004. >"Looks like another great day for the Stock Market. Consumer Confidence is at Record High. I guess somebody likes me (my policies)!"
  1005. >"Wow, Matt Lauer was just fired from NBC for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” But when will the top executives at NBC & Comcast be fired for putting out so much Fake News. Check out Andy Lack’s past!"
  1006. >"So now that Matt Lauer is gone when will the Fake News practitioners at NBC be terminating the contract of Phil Griffin? And will they terminate low ratings Joe Scarborough based on the “unsolved mystery” that took place in Florida years ago? Investigate!"
  1007. >"Just spoke to President XI JINPING of China concerning the provocative actions of North Korea. Additional major sanctions will be imposed on North Korea today. This situation will be handled!"
  1008. >"Economy growing! Excluding hurricane effects, CEA estimates that real GDP growth would have been 3.9% in Q3. Stock market at a new high, unemployment at a low. We are winning and TAX CUTS will shift our economy into high gear!"
  1009. >Pence commemorates the creation of the Jewish State
  1010. >George Scarborough disavows Trump
  1011. >Feinstein asks for Russia records from Trump campaign aides
  1013. >Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks: Roy Moore accuser forged yearbook inscription, is 'clearly a liar'
  1014. >Ryan calls sexual harassment ‘a disgrace’
  1015. >Meeting of the President's advisory council on doing business in Africa takes place
  1016. >UN has Security Council Meeting on NK
  1017. >Don Jr. to talk to House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors
  1018. >Ivanka speaks at Global Entrepreneurship Summit
  1019. >Sessions and acting DEA administrator Patterson announce new tools to fight opioid crisis
  1020. >Justice Department announces new steps to combat opioid epidemic
  1021. >Conway to run WH opioid effort
  1022. >Garrison Keillor (Democrat) fired for alleged improper behavior by Minnesota Public Radio
  1023. >Note: Yesterday he wrote op-ed defending Al Franken of sexual assault
  1024. >BuzzFeed is laying off 100 employees after missing its revenue goals (Oh no, that sucks)
  1025. >Fox executive chair, Lachlan Murdoch, says we “would never be interested” in buying CNN
  1026. >Trump departs for St. Charles, Missouri for Tax Rally
  1027. >State Department has press briefing
  1028. >Press Secretary gives statement on the visit of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj of Libya
  1029. >Press Gaggle by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah en route St. Louis, MO
  1030. >House votes unanimously to mandate sexual harassment training
  1031. >Theresa May's spokesperson says Trump was """wrong""" for Trump to retweet anti-Muslim videos
  1032. >Trump lands in St. Louis, Missouri
  1033. >Trump gives Tax Reform rally
  1034. EVENING
  1035. >Trump promotes American Entrepreneurship
  1036. >Two nominations are sent to the Senate
  1037. >Senate GOP vote to begin debate on tax bill
  1038. >Former Twitter employee, Bahtiyar Duysak, who deleted Trump's account reveals himself
  1039. >Ryan scraps fundraiser for GOP rep who voted against tax bill
  1040. >CNN producer is fired over claims of inappropriate behavior
  1041. >Trump tweets: "Theresa @theresamay, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!"
  1042. >Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) praises British Prime Minister Theresa May on Twitter
  1043. >Trump tweets: "The House of Representatives seeks contempt citations(?) against the JusticeDepartment and the FBI for withholding key documents and an FBI witness which could shed light on surveillance of associates of Donald Trump. Big stuff. Deep State. Give this information NOW! @FoxNews"
  1044. >"The only people who don’t like the Tax Cut Bill are the people that don’t understand it or the Obstructionist Democrats that know how really good it is and do not want the credit and success to go to the Republicans!"
  1045. >Report says Conyers will not seek re-election in 2018
  1046. >(((CNN))) claims Kushner has met with special counsel
  1047. >NBC reports that Matt Lauer sent 'lewd messages and revealing pictures' to intern and other women at NBC
  1048. >Trump tweets: "Funny to hear the Democrats talking about the National Debt when President Obama doubled it in only 8 years!"
  1050. NNTNN November 28, 2017
  1051. MRONING
  1052. >Trump tweets: "At least 24 players kneeling this weekend at NFL stadiums that are now having a very hard time filling up. The American public is fed up with the disrespect the NFL is paying to our Country, our Flag and our National Anthem. Weak and out of control!"
  1053. >"Melania, our great and very hard working First Lady, who truly loves what she is doing, always thought that “if you run, you will win.” She would tell everyone that, “no doubt, he will win.” I also felt I would win (or I would not have run) - and Country is doing great!"
  1054. >"Meeting with “Chuck and Nancy” today about keeping government open and working. Problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding into our Country unchecked, are weak on Crime and want to substantially RAISE Taxes. I don’t see a deal!"
  1055. >"Chuck and Nacy" cancel meeting
  1056. >Tillerson delivers remarks on the US-European Relationship
  1057. >Trump gives comments before lunch with GOP
  1059. >Senate Republicans have press conference
  1060. >UN Security Council has briefing on the UN Mission in South Sudan
  1061. >State Department has press briefing
  1062. >Ivanka delivers remarks at GES Opening Plenary
  1063. >Senate Budget Committee passes GOP tax bill (12-11)
  1064. >Pence participates in commemorating the creation of the Jewish State
  1065. >Receives Herman Kahn Award
  1066. >NK launches ballistic missile - has heigh of 2,800 miles and travels 590 miles
  1067. >WH cancels press briefing for Trump statement
  1068. >Trump, Mattis, and GOP gives remarks on NK and tax cuts
  1069. >Trump says (in regards to NK): "We'll handle it"
  1070. >Trump appointed judge sides with Trump in consumer agency fight
  1071. EVENING
  1072. >US and Canada to hold global meeting after NK missile launch
  1073. >CNN boycotting WH Christmas party
  1074. >Cruz and Scott debate Cantwell and Sanders on tax bill
  1075. >Kennedy (R-La.) says he'll vote against Trump judicial nominee
  1076. >Trump tweets: "After North Korea missile launch, it's more important than ever to fund our gov't & military! Dems shouldn't hold troop funding hostage for amnesty & illegal immigration. I ran on stopping illegal immigration and won big. They can't now threaten a shutdown to get their demands."
  1077. >"Charles McCullough, the respected fmr Intel Comm Inspector General, said public was misled on Crooked Hillary Emails. “Emails endangered National Security.” Why aren’t our deep State authorities looking at this? Rigged & corrupt? @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity"
  1078. >"""Report""" claims Trump is telling people he thinks Mueller probe will be done by end of the year
  1079. >Trump tweets: "Just won the lawsuit on leadership of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, CFPB. A big win for the Consumer!"
  1080. >"Great day for Tax Cuts and the Republican Party. But the biggest Winner will be our great Country!"
  1082. NNTNN November 27, 2017
  1083. MORNING
  1084. >Trump tweets: "We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!"
  1085. >(In response to Joe is Joe's prerecorded Thanksgiving episode): "The good news is that their ratings are terrible, nobody cares!"
  1086. >"The Tax Cut Bill is coming along very well, great support. With just a few changes, some mathematical, the middle class and job producers can get even more in actual dollars and savings and the pass through provision becomes simpler and really works well!"
  1087. >Mulvaney begins job at CFPB
  1088. >Rand Paul to vote for Senate GOP tax bill
  1089. >Franken """apologizes""" for behaviors
  1091. >Mulvaney has press briefing
  1092. >Issues 30-day hiring freeze on new hires
  1093. >Melania prepares White House for Christmas
  1094. >Little kid says 'She looks like an angel'
  1095. >WH has press briefing
  1096. >Trump hosts event honoring the Native American code talkers
  1097. >Calls Pocahontas 'Pocahontas' during it
  1098. >Keystone pipeline to restart operations on Tuesday
  1099. >Ron Johnson and Bob Corker say they be a 'no' on tax bill
  1100. >Steve Daines (R) says he's a 'no' on tax bill
  1101. EVENING
  1102. >WP figures out Veritas undercover reporter
  1103. >Freedom Watch sues DOJ to remove Mueller
  1104. >State Department official in charge of Tillerson's agency overhaul resigns after three months
  1105. >Report says Gutierrez (D-Ill.) won't run for re-election
  1107. NNTNN November 26, 2017
  1108. MORNING
  1109. >Trump tweets: "The last thing we need in Alabama and the U.S. Senate is a Schumer/Pelosi puppet who is WEAK on Crime, WEAK on the Border, Bad for our Military and our great Vets, Bad for our 2nd Amendment, AND WANTS TO RAISES TAXES TO THE SKY. Jones would be a disaster!"
  1110. >"I endorsed Luther Strange in the Alabama Primary. He shot way up in the polls but it wasn’t enough. Can’t let Schumer/Pelosi win this race. Liberal Jones would be BAD!"
  1111. >Pelosi calls Conyers is an 'icon' and 'entitled to due process'
  1112. >LaVar Ball offers to send Trump basketball shoes ‘so he can calm down a little bit’
  1114. >Conyers stepping aside as high ranking Democrat on House Judiciary Committee (still on committee)
  1115. >Trump tweets: "Since the first day I took office, all you hear is the phony Democrat excuse for losing the election, Russia, Russia,Russia. Despite this I have the economy booming and have possibly done more than any 10 month President. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"
  1116. >Franken says he's """ashamed""" by allegations, will return to work Monday
  1117. EVENING
  1118. >Trump tweets: "Back in D.C., big week for Tax Cuts and many other things of great importance to our Country. Senate Republicans will hopefully come through for all of us. The Tax Cut Bill is getting better and better. The end result will be great for ALL!"
  1119. >CFPB deputy director sues Trump to block Mulvaney as interim leader
  1121. NNTNN November 25, 2017
  1122. MORNING
  1123. >George H.W. Bush becomes longest-living president in US history
  1125. >Trump tweets: "Happy #SmallBusinessSaturday! A great day to support your community and America’s JOB creators by shopping locally at a #SmallBiz. #ShopSmall"
  1126. >"""Report""" claims Trump frustrated with Ivanka's condemnation of Roy Moore: report
  1127. >"""Report""" claims Trump told senator and adviser that 'Access Hollywood' tape may not be authentic
  1128. >Trump golfs with legend Jack Nicklaus
  1129. EVENING
  1130. >Trump tweets: "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, has been a total disaster as run by the previous Administrations pick. Financial Institutions have been devastated and unable to properly serve the public. We will bring it back to life!"
  1131. >"Check out the recent Editorial in the Wall Street Journal @WSJ about what a complete disaster the @CFPB has been under its leader from previous Administration, who just quit!"
  1132. >"@FoxNews is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside of the U.S., CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth from them!"
  1133. >In response to 'MAGAPILL' accomplishments: "Wow, even I didn’t realize we did so much. Wish the Fake News would report! Thank you."
  1134. >Justice Department says Trump has authority to appoint CFPB acting director
  1136. NNTNN November 24, 2017
  1137. MORNING
  1138. >Militants kill 235 at Sufi Mosque in Egypt’s deadliest terrorist attack
  1139. >Trump tweets: "Can you believe that the disrespect for our Country, our Flag, our Anthem continues without penalty to the players. The Commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. Players are the boss!"
  1140. >"Will be speaking to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey this morning about bringing peace to the mess that I inherited in the Middle East. I will get it all done, but what a mistake, in lives and dollars (6 trillion), to be there in the first place!"
  1141. >"After Turkey call I will be heading over to Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter, to play golf (quickly) with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. Then back to Mar-a-Lago for talks on bringing even more jobs and companies back to the USA!"
  1142. >"Horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent and defenseless worshipers in Egypt. The world cannot tolerate terrorism, we must defeat them militarily and discredit the extremist ideology that forms the basis of their existence!"
  1144. >Woman who stole MAGA hat charged with misdemeanor
  1145. >Trump tweets: "Will be calling the President of Egypt in a short while to discuss the tragic terrorist attack, with so much loss of life. We have to get TOUGHER AND SMARTER than ever before, and we will. Need the WALL, need the BAN! God bless the people of Egypt."
  1146. >Trump call President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of Egypt
  1147. >Press Secretary on the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen and on the attack at a Mosque in Egypt
  1148. >People claim Sarah didn't bake a pie
  1149. >Trump's lawyers say Trump SoHo exit undermines emoluments lawsuit
  1150. EVENING
  1151. >Maine lawmakers denounce FCC plan to end net neutrality
  1152. >Trump puts Mick Mulvaney as acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  1153. >Trump tweets: "Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named “Man (Person) of the Year,” like last year, but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!"
  1154. >TIME responds: "The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6."
  1155. >Note: Trump said 'probably' not that he had won; nor did TIME say the call never took place
  1157. NNTNN November 23, 2017
  1158. MORNING
  1160. >Trump tweets: "HAPPY THANKSGIVING, your Country is starting to do really well. Jobs coming back, highest Stock Market EVER, Military getting really strong, we will build the WALL, V.A. taking care of our Vets, great Supreme Court Justice, RECORD CUT IN REGS, lowest unemployment in 17 years....!"
  1162. >"Will be doing a live Thanksgiving Video Teleconference with Members of the Military at 9:00 A.M. Afghanistan, Iraq, USS Monterey, Turkey & Bahrain. Then going to Coast Guard Quarters, Florida."
  1163. >Trump gives weekly address
  1164. >Trump speaks to the troops for Thanksgiving
  1165. >Trump and Melania give food to the Coast Guard
  1167. >Report claims legal team representing Michael Flynn has ended an agreement to share information about the ongoing Russia probe with the WH
  1168. EVENING
  1169. >Franken pledges to regain trust in Thanksgiving apology
  1170. >Navy calls off search for missing sailors following crash in Pacific
  1172. NNTNN November 22, 2017
  1173. MORNING
  1174. >Trump tweets: "It wasn’t the White House, it wasn’t the State Department, it wasn’t father LaVar’s so-called people on the ground in China that got his son out of a long term prison sentence - IT WAS ME. Too bad! LaVar is just a poor man’s version of Don King, but without the hair. Just think.." "...LaVar, you could have spent the next 5 to 10 years during Thanksgiving with your son in China, but no NBA contract to support you. But remember LaVar, shoplifting is NOT a little thing. It’s a really big deal, especially in China. Ungrateful fool!"
  1175. >"The NFL is now thinking about a new idea - keeping teams in the Locker Room during the National Anthem next season. That’s almost as bad as kneeling! When will the highly paid Commissioner finally get tough and smart? This issue is killing your league!....."
  1176. >"Will be having meetings and working the phones from the Winter White House in Florida (Mar-a-Lago). Stock Market hit new Record High yesterday - $5.5 trillion gain since E. Many companies coming back to the U.S. Military building up and getting very strong."
  1177. >"The @USNavy is conducting search and rescue following aircraft crash. We are monitoring the situation. Prayers for all involved."
  1178. >Sessions gives Thanksgiving message
  1179. >Zinke gives Thanksgiving message
  1180. >Pallone calls for FTC to investigate Uber data breach
  1182. >Peter Thiel sells most of remaining Facebook stake - Reports say he wants bid to buy Gawkers
  1183. >Joe Barton apologizes for nude photo
  1184. >Attorney says Conyers verbally abused her in the 90's
  1185. >His lawyer says he will not resign and allegations are false
  1186. >Democrats say allegations 'could be made up' (But never for Republicans)
  1187. >Pence visits wounded military service members
  1188. >Communications director for Roy Moore campaign resigns
  1189. >Trump to meet with congressional leaders ahead of government shutdown
  1190. >Trump amends California disaster declaration
  1191. >Trump approves Mississippi disaster declaration
  1192. >Former ethics chief suggests Kellyanne Conway may have violated Hatch Act
  1193. >Trump tweets: "51 Million American to travel this weekend - highest number in twelve years (AAA). Traffic and airports are running very smoothly! @FoxNews"
  1194. >"I have long given the order to help Argentina with the Search and Rescue mission of their missing submarine. 45 people aboard and not much time left. May God be with them and the people of Argentina!"
  1195. EVENING
  1196. >Kathleen Rice calls on Conyers to resign
  1197. >Judge strikes down Texas measure to limit second-trimester abortions
  1198. >"""Report""" claims Mueller grand jury to question Flynn associate
  1199. >Moore campaign calls WP a 'worthless piece of crap'
  1200. >Sessions orders review of federal background check system after Texas massacre
  1201. >Two more women say Franken touched them inappropriately
  1203. NNTNN November 21, 2017
  1204. MORNING
  1205. >FCC will vote to overturn net neutrality rules on December 14th
  1207. >Trump family arrives for turkey pardoning ceremony
  1208. >Trump deems Drumstick is the worthy one to continue living
  1209. >State Department has press briefing
  1210. >Trump and Vlad talk on the phone
  1211. >Trump signs H.R. 194, H.R. 1545, H.R. 1679, H.R. 3243 and H.R. 3949 into Law
  1212. >Trump announces key additions to his administration
  1213. >Trump speaks to reporters before departing to Fl
  1214. >Says Jones is 'soft on crime' and 'Roy Moore denies it; he totally denies it'
  1215. >Trump, Melania, and Barron depart WH en route to West Palm Beach, Fl
  1216. >House Ethics panel announces probe of Conyers
  1217. EVENING
  1218. >Trump arrives in West Palm Beach and hundreds are waiting to greet him
  1219. >"""Report""" claims Mueller is investigating Kushner's communication with foreign leaders
  1220. >Trump administration asks Supreme Court to block Maryland court's travel ban order
  1221. >Trump administration on Tuesday appealed an October court ruling partially blocking the president’s ban on transgender people serving in the military
  1222. >"""Report""" claims WH military personnel reassigned after ‘incident’ on Trump’s Asia trip: report
  1224. NNTNN November 20, 2017
  1225. MORNING
  1226. >Charles Manson dies
  1227. >Nebraska clears path for Keystone XL pipeline, challenges remain
  1228. >Trump tweets: "Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to boos for our National Anthem. Great disrespect! Next time NFL should suspend him for remainder of season. Attendance and ratings way down."
  1229. >"Under President Trump unemployment rate will drop below 4%. Analysts predict economic boom for 2018! @foxandfriends and @Varneyco"
  1230. >Moore accuser: 'I wonder how many me's he doesn't know'
  1231. >Tillerson meets with Qatari Foreign Minister Al Thani
  1232. >Tillerson meets with Colombian Foreign Minister Holguín
  1233. >Qatar Foreign Minister speaks in Washington
  1235. >Poll to determine who gets pardoned - Drumstick or Wishbone takes place (Drumstick is winning)
  1236. >Trump meets with Cabinet and declares NK terror state
  1237. >DOJ sues AT&T to stop Time Warner merger
  1238. >WH has press briefing
  1239. >Haley gives speech on Sudan
  1240. >Melania and Barron receive WH Christmas Tree
  1241. EVENING
  1242. >The Hill reports FBI informant gathered years of evidence on Russian push for US nuclear fuel deals, including Uranium One
  1243. >Report claims Trump campaign adviser Carter Page met with Hungarian officials in Budapest
  1244. >Report says Trump moves to dissolve charitable foundation
  1245. >DHS ends temporary residency program for 60K Haitians, effective July 2019
  1246. >Lavar Ball does interview on CNN
  1247. >SK and Japan say listing North Korea as terror sponsor will pressure Pyongyang to denuclearize
  1248. >WH asks Supreme Court to allow full travel ban
  1249. >Federal judge rules Trump defunding sanctuary cities 'unconstitutional on its face'
  1251. NNTNN November 19, 2017
  1252. MORNING
  1253. >Mick Mulvaney says Trump is 'open' to dropping healthcare provision in Senate tax bill
  1255. >Trump tweets: "Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!"
  1256. >Franken spokesman says Senator won’t resign, doing a lot of ‘reflecting' (Probably reflecting on those sweet, sweet tiddies)
  1257. EVENING
  1258. >Turkeys arrive in Washington for White House pardon
  1259. >Trump tweets: "Sen. Jeff Flake(y), who is unelectable in the Great State of Arizona (quit race, anemic polls) was caught (purposely) on “mike” saying bad things about your favorite President. He’ll be a NO on tax cuts because his political career anyway is “toast.”"
  1260. >"Shoplifting is a very big deal in China, as it should be (5-10 years in jail), but not to father LaVar. Should have gotten his son out during my next trip to China instead. China told them why they were released. Very ungrateful!"
  1261. >"Big-game trophy decision will be announced next week but will be very hard pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of Elephants or any other animal."
  1262. >"Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt. We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!"
  1263. >"Republican Senators are working very hard to get Tax Cuts and Tax Reform approved. Hopefully it will not be long and they do not want to disappoint the American public!"
  1264. >"""Sources""" say Mexico and Canada shun NAFTA autos counteroffers
  1265. >WH says economic cost of opioid crisis about $504B
  1268. NNTNN November 18, 2017
  1269. MORNING
  1270. >Trump tweets: "Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!"
  1271. >The Hill reports Trump regulators signal new antitrust approach with AT&T merger
  1272. >"""Reports""" say investigators probe Moscow meeting between Russians who met presidential campaign in Trump Tower
  1273. >"""Reports""" claim Trump advisers only show him positive polls
  1275. >US warship collides with Japanese tug boat
  1276. >Air Force General John Hyten says he would resist 'illegal' Trump strike order
  1277. >(((Progressive))) pastors in Alabama sign letter denouncing Roy Moore
  1278. EVENING
  1279. >The Hill reports that Bill Clinton says Comey's letter didn't impact 2016 election
  1280. >Get >150000000 happens: "Trump will win in 2020"
  1282. NNTNN November 17, 2017
  1283. MORNING
  1284. >Trump tweets: "Great numbers on Stocks and the Economy. If we get Tax Cuts and Reform, we'll really see some great results!"
  1285. >"If Democrats were not such obstructionists and understood the power of lower taxes, we would be able to get many of their ideas into Bill!"
  1286. >Press Secretary releases statement about tax reform passing the Senate Finance Committee
  1287. >Trump announces ninth wave of US attorney nominations and third wave of US Marshal nominations
  1288. >Pence meets with M Afghan Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah
  1289. >Navy pilot draws penis in sky
  1291. >Tillerson participates in a 'family photo' of African leaders
  1292. >Tillerson speaks at Ministerial in Africa
  1293. >Pentagon discloses data on sexual assault reports on military bases
  1294. >Women supporters of Judge Moore rally at State Capitol in Birmingham, Alabama
  1295. >Trump’s releases five additions to Supreme Court list
  1296. >Haley speaks at UNSC against Russia
  1297. >Mattis travels to Peterson AFB
  1298. >State department has press briefing
  1299. >WH has press briefing
  1300. >Sessions speaks at Federalist Society Lawyers Convention
  1301. >Trump hosts NCAA championship teams at WH
  1302. >Trump congratulates NCAA champs
  1303. EVENING
  1304. >Trump tweets: "Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts. Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!"
  1305. >Kushner told Congress he did not recall campaign contact with WikiLeaks
  1306. >Trump to take DACA issue to Supreme Court
  1308. NNTNN November 16, 2017
  1309. MORNING
  1310. >Trump tweets: "To the three UCLA basketball players I say: You're welcome, go out and give a big Thank You to President Xi Jinping of China who made....." "....your release possible and, HAVE A GREAT LIFE! Be careful, there are many pitfalls on the long and winding road of life!"
  1311. >"China is sending an Envoy and Delegation to North Korea - A big move, we'll see what happens!"
  1312. >Mattis sees opportunity for talks if North Korea halts missile tests
  1314. >Trump tweets: "Need all on the UN Security Council to vote to renew the Joint Investigative Mechanism for Syria to ensure that Assad Regime does not commit mass murder with chemical weapons ever again."
  1315. >Tillerson meets with African Union Chairperson Moussa Faki
  1316. >Al Franken photo shows he likes to touch women's boobs when they are asleep
  1317. >Merendez has a mistrial
  1318. >Second accuser on Franken comes forward
  1319. >Trump visits Capitol Hill
  1320. >Tax reform passes House - 227 To 205
  1321. >Judge Moore has press conference
  1322. >Watchdog says Zinke did not properly document his travel
  1323. >Trump tweets: "Congratulations to the House of Representatives for passing the #TaxCutsandJobsAct — a big step toward fulfilling our promise to deliver historic TAX CUTS for the American people by the end of the year!"
  1324. >Remarks are given at UN Security Council open arria-formula meeting on the situation in Venezuela
  1325. EVENING
  1326. >WH has press briefing
  1327. >Pence delivers keynote remarks at the Tax Foundation Annual Awards Dinner
  1328. >Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in SD
  1329. >"""Sources""" say Mueller subpoenaed Trump campaign for Russia documents
  1330. >Trump to host NCAA champions on Friday
  1331. >Senate panel approves GOP tax plan
  1332. >Trump tweets: "Big win today in the House for GOP Tax Cuts and Reform, 227-205. Zero Dems, they want to raise taxes much higher, but not for our military!"
  1333. >"The Al Frankenstien picture is really bad, speaks a thousand words. Where do his hands go in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 while she sleeps? ....." ".And to think that just last week he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women. Lesley Stahl tape?"
  1335. NNTNN November 15, 2017
  1337. >Cards Against Humanity buys plot of border so Trump can’t build wall; hires retainer who specializes in eminent domain
  1338. MORNING
  1339. >Trump tweets: "Our great country is respected again in Asia. You will see the fruits of our long but successful trip for many years to come!"
  1340. >"@foxandfriends will be showing much of our successful trip to Asia, and the friendships & benefits that will endure for years to come!"
  1341. >"While in the Philippines I was forced to watch @CNN, which I have not done in months, and again realized how bad, and FAKE, it is. Loser!"
  1342. >"Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!"
  1343. >"The failing @nytimes hates the fact that I have developed a great relationship with World leaders like Xi Jinping, President of China....." "...They should realize that these relationships are a good thing, not a bad thing. The U.S. is being respected again. Watch Trade!"
  1344. >"It is actually hard to believe how naive (or dumb) the Failing @nytimes is when it comes to foreign policy...weak and ineffective!"
  1345. >Reports say IRS plans to keep Trump's tax returns in a safe
  1346. >House Dems introduce articles of impeachment against Trump
  1348. >WH releases statement on 'America Recycles Day
  1349. >UCLA men's basketball players thank Trump for saving them
  1350. >Tillerson and Aung San Suu Kyi State Counselor of Myanmar have press briefing
  1351. >Karen visits Ascension's Dell Children's Medical Center in Texas
  1352. >Trump gives statement on overseas trips
  1353. >Takes a /sip/ of Fiji
  1354. >Roy Moore's lawyer gives statement
  1355. >Says to give yearbook to neutral third party to have expert analysis to check writing
  1356. >Pence delivers remarks at the 2017 Republican Governors Association Conference
  1357. EVENING
  1358. >Trump announces intent to nominate personnel to key administration posts
  1359. >Trump to allow imports of African elephant trophies
  1360. >Moore tweets: "Dear Mitch McConnell, Bring. It. On."
  1361. >Clinton says DOJ investigating her would be 'abuse of power'
  1362. >Johnson says he will not support tax-reform bill
  1363. >Gloria Allred claims Congress can examine yearbook if hearings are held on Moore accusations
  1364. >Also claims accuser offered to testify under oath before a Senate committee
  1365. >Two GOP senators oppose Trump’s EPA chemical safety nominee
  1366. >Two more women accuse Senate candidate Moore of sexual misconduct
  1367. >Politico claims Senators reach bipartisan gun control deal
  1368. >Trump tweets: "Why are Democrats fighting massive tax cuts for the middle class and business (jobs)? The reason: Obstruction and Delay!"
  1369. >"Big vote tomorrow in the House. Tax cuts are getting close!"
  1371. NNTNN November 14, 2017
  1372. MORNING
  1373. >Trump tweets: "After my tour of Asia, all Countries dealing with us on TRADE know that the rules have changed. The United States has to be treated fairly and in a reciprocal fashion. The massive TRADE deficits must go down quickly!"
  1374. >"Just arrived at #ASEAN50 in the Philippines for my final stop with World Leaders. Will lead to FAIR TRADE DEALS, unlike the horror shows from past Administrations. Will then be leaving for D.C. Made many good friends!"
  1375. >12th East Asia Summit in Manila, Philippines takes place
  1376. >Trump makes statement after ASEAN leaders summit
  1377. >Trump tweets: "I will be making a major statement from the @WhiteHouse upon my return to D.C. Time and date to be set."
  1379. >Sessions testifies at Oversight Hearing
  1380. >Trump has press gaggle aboard Air Force One en route to Honolulu, Hawaii
  1381. >Air Force One lands in Honolulu for refiling
  1382. >WSJ interviews Pence at WSJ CEO Council
  1383. >Four nominations and one withdrawal sent to the Senate today
  1384. >RNC cuts fundraising ties with Roy Moore
  1385. >House moves to mandate sexual harassment training
  1386. EVENING
  1387. >House passes $692B defense policy bill
  1388. >Trump approves NY disaster declaration
  1389. >Karen provides art supply kits for children’s hospitals
  1390. >(((McConnell))) says Moore will face Senate ethics probe if he wins election
  1391. >Bernie Bernstein asks for damaging information on Roy Moore
  1392. >Pentagon will pay for transgender soldier's reassignment surgery
  1393. >Zimbabwe decides to do a coup
  1394. >Trump returns home
  1396. NNTNN November 13, 2017
  1397. MORNING
  1398. ASEAN Summit 2017 has opening ceremony
  1399. >Trump participates in a trilateral meeting with PM Turnbull and PM Abe
  1400. >Trump has meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte
  1401. >Trump gives speech at ASEAN Summit with Duterte
  1402. >Trump tweets: "Will be leaving the Philippines tomorrow after many days of constant mtgs & work in order to #MAGA! My promises are rapidly being fulfilled."
  1403. >"Happy to announce, I am nominating Alex Azar to be the next HHS Secretary. He will be a star for better healthcare and lower drug prices!"
  1404. >"I am proud of the Rep. House & Senate for working so hard on cutting taxes {& reform.} We’re getting close! Now, how about ending the unfair & highly unpopular Indiv Mandate in OCare & reducing taxes even further? Cut top rate to 35% w/all of the rest going to middle income cuts?"
  1405. >Trump participates in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India
  1407. >McConnell sees Senate vote on tax reform the week after Thanksgiving
  1408. >Joint statement is given between the US and the Republic of the Philippines
  1409. >Mattis welcomes Georgia’s Minister of Defense
  1410. >Pence has meeting with Holy See Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin
  1411. >Report claims FBI seeks Senate documents, signaling possible probe into sale of fetal tissue
  1412. EVENING
  1413. >Trump Jr. spoke with WikiLeaks privately on Twitter
  1414. >Presidential message is given on 'Antibiotic Awareness Week', 2017
  1415. >Trump announces intent to nominate personnel to key administration posts
  1416. >Moore """sexual assaults""" girl at 16 by writing 'Merry Christmas' in her yearbook
  1417. >Report claims Sessions weighs second special counsel to probe Clinton-related matters
  1418. >Trump tweets: "Excited to be heading home to see the House pass a GREAT Tax Bill with the middle class getting big TAX CUTS! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain"
  1419. >"Great to see @RandPaul looking well and back on the Senate floor. He will help us with TAX CUTS and REFORM!"
  1420. >"After my tour of Asia, all Countries dealing with us on TRADE know that the rules have changed. The United States has to be treated fairly and in a reciprocal fashion. The massive TRADE deficits must go down quickly!"
  1421. >"Just arrived at #ASEAN50 in the Philippines for my final stop with World Leaders. Will lead to FAIR TRADE DEALS, unlike the horror shows from past Administrations. Will then be leaving for D.C. Made many good friends!"
  1423. NNTNN November 12, 2017
  1424. MORNING
  1425. >Trump participates in bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc of Vietnam
  1426. >Trump tweets: "Just landed in the Philippines after a great day of meetings and events in Hanoi, Vietnam!"
  1427. >"We had a wonderful visit to Vietnam, thank you President Tran Dai Quang! Heading to the #ASEANSummit 50th Anniv Gala in the Philippines now."
  1428. >Trump attends ASEAN Gala Celebration dinner in Manila, Philippines
  1429. >WH releases statement on Trump's Trip to Vietnam
  1430. >Schumer tweets Trump 'acts like a lap dog' to China
  1431. >Tom Perez says: 'I am not talking about impeachment' for Trump
  1433. >Joint statement between the US and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  1434. >Three NFL players knelt during the anthem on Veteran's Day weekend
  1435. EVENING
  1436. >Trump attends ASEAN Summit 2017 Opening Ceremony in Manila, Philippines
  1437. >Trump meets Japan, Australia leaders, discusses trade, North Korea threat
  1439. NNTNN November 11, 2017
  1440. MORNING
  1441. >Happy Veteran's Day!
  1442. >VA Secretary Shulkin goes on Fox
  1443. >APEC economic leaders have meeting
  1444. >APEC summit 2017 take 'family photo'
  1445. >Trump & Putin have conversation
  1446. >Trump departs Da Nang, Vietnam for Hanoi, Vietnam
  1447. >Trump says he believes Putin that he did not try to influence the election
  1448. >Trump receives red carpet arrival in Hanoi
  1449. >Trump attends state dinner hosted by President Tran Dai Quang
  1450. >Trump does weekly address
  1452. >Sally Yates proves once again why her firing was needed
  1453. >Pence does wreath laying and Veteran's Day Service at Arlington National Cemetery
  1454. EVENING
  1455. >Trump tweets: "President Xi of China has stated that he is upping the sanctions against #NoKo. Said he wants them to denuclearize. Progress is being made."
  1456. >"Will be doing a joint press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam then heading for final destination of trip, the Phillipines."
  1457. >"Met with President Putin of Russia who was at #APEC meetings. Good discussions on Syria. Hope for his help to solve, along with China the dangerous North Korea crisis. Progress being made."
  1458. >"When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. There always playing politics - bad for our country. I want to solve North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia can greatly help!"
  1459. >"Does the Fake News Media remember when Crooked Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, was begging Russia to be our friend with the misspelled reset button? Obama tried also, but he had zero chemistry with Putin."
  1460. >"Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me "old," when I would NEVER call him "short and fat?" Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend - and maybe someday that will happen!"
  1461. >Trump is welcomed to Vietnam in Historic Ceremony
  1462. >Trump has joint press conference in Hanoi with President Quang of Vietnam
  1464. NNTNN November 10, 2017
  1465. MORNING
  1466. >Trump tweets: "Just landed in Da Nang, Vietnam to deliver a speech at #APEC2017"
  1467. >WH has press gaggle en route Da Nang, Vietnam
  1468. >Trump gives remarks at APEC CEO Summit
  1469. >WH says Moore should 'step aside' if sexual misconduct allegations are true
  1470. >Trump participates in a Veterans meet and greet
  1471. >Melania sees Great Wall of China
  1472. >Philippine president says "I killed someone when I was 16"
  1473. >Trump attends dinner for APEC leaders in Vietnam, Da Nang
  1475. >Presidential proclamation commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War
  1476. >Ivanka and Senator Collins give tax speech in ME
  1477. >Mattis gives remarks at NATO HQ in Brussels Coalition to Defeat the Enemy
  1478. >Melania meets service member families in Vietnam
  1479. >Obama appointed judge dismisses lawsuits over Clinton emails
  1480. EVENING
  1481. >Trump proclaims November 13 through November 19, 2017, as 'National Apprenticeship Week'
  1482. >Trump proclaims November 12 through November 18, 2017, as 'American Education Week'
  1483. >"""Reports""" claim Kushner told Time Warner executive CNN should fire 20% its staff
  1484. >Report says world leaders reach agreement on trade deal without US
  1485. >Trump arrives at APEC conference
  1486. >George Takei (gay handjob guy) is accused of sexual harassment
  1488. NNTNN November 9, 2017
  1489. MORNING
  1490. >Tillerson has press briefing in China
  1491. >Trump meets with Premier Li Keqiang of the People's Republic of China
  1492. >Trump attends a state dinner with President Xi in Beijing
  1493. >"""Officials""" say WH chief of staff tried to pressure acting DHS secretary to expel thousands of Hondurans
  1495. >WP (((reports))) Moore initiated sexual encounter with 14-year-old 38 years ago
  1496. >RINOs decide to disavow
  1497. >State Department has press briefing
  1498. >Mattis holds news conference at NATO Headquarters
  1499. >House to vote next week on GOP tax plan
  1500. >Pence meets with Indiana business leaders
  1501. >Pence gives tax reform speech in Indiana
  1502. >Melania visits Pandas at Beijing Zoo and gives out Eagle toys to kids
  1503. >Note: Currently unknown if she went to see the penguins
  1504. >"""Sources""" say Trump, Clinton camps both offered slice of dossier firm's work
  1505. EVENING
  1506. >Two lawmakers to testify at House hearing on sexual harassment
  1507. >Trump tweets: "I don’t blame China, I blame the incompetence of past Admins for allowing China to take advantage of the U.S. on trade leading up to a point where the U.S. is losing $100's of billions. How can you blame China for taking advantage of people that had no clue? I would've done same!"
  1508. >"My meetings with President Xi Jinping were very productive on both trade and the subject of North Korea. He is a highly respected and powerful representative of his people. It was great being with him and Madame Peng Liyuan!"
  1509. >"I am leaving China for #APEC2017 in Vietnam. @FLOTUS Melania is staying behind to see the zoo, and of course, the Great WALL of China before going to Alaska to greet our AMAZING troops."
  1510. >Trump heads to Vietnam
  1511. >Trump and the election hacker expected to take place Friday
  1513. NNTNN November 8, 2017
  1514. MORNING
  1515. >Happy 1 year anniversary since we won!
  1516. >Trump tweets: "Leaving South Korea now heading to China. Looking very much forward to meeting and being with President Xi!"
  1517. >"On behalf of @FLOTUS Melania and I, THANK YOU for an unforgettable afternoon and evening at the Forbidden City in Beijing, President Xi and Madame Peng Liyuan. We are looking forward to rejoining you tomorrow morning!"
  1518. >"Looking forward to a full day of meetings with President Xi and our delegations tomorrow. THANK YOU for the beautiful welcome China! @FLOTUS Melania and I will never forget it!"
  1519. >DHS nominee Kirstjen Nielsen has confirmation hearing
  1520. >Trump shows Xi and Peng video of his granddaughter singing Chinese song
  1521. >WH gives statement on Iranian-Supported Missile Attacks against SA
  1522. >State Department signs Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact with Republic of Côte d’Ivoire
  1523. >Mattis attends meeting with Nato
  1525. >Trump tweets: "Congratulations to all of the ”DEPLORABLES” and the millions of people who gave us a MASSIVE (304-227) Electoral College landslide victory!"
  1526. >Trump tightens Cuba Embargo, restricting access to hotels and businesses
  1527. >Press gaggle by a senior administration official aboard Air Force One
  1528. >Joint Press release by the US and the Republic of Korea
  1529. >Feds subpoena former Trump adviser Icahn over biofuels
  1530. >Melania visits fashion craft classroom in China
  1531. >DoJ has informed AT&T and Time Warner that they must sell Turner Broadcasting
  1532. EVENING
  1533. >Gorka joins Fox News as contributor
  1534. >Corker to hold hearing on president's nuclear weapons authority
  1535. >The Hill reports 25 Dems vow to block spending without Dream Act
  1536. >Trump and Melania are officially welcomed to China
  1537. >Pence speaks at vigil for Texas church shooting victims
  1538. >Trump and Xi have bilateral meeting
  1539. >China signs $253.4 billion in trade deals with US
  1540. >Trump congratulates China on taking advantage of Obama
  1542. NNTNN November 7, 2017
  1543. MORNING
  1544. >Trump tweets: "Stock market hit yet another all-time record high yesterday. There is great confidence in the moves that my Administration...." "....is making. Working very hard on TAX CUTS for the middle class, companies and jobs!"
  1545. >"Ralph Northam will allow crime to be rampant in Virginia. He’s weak on crime, weak on our GREAT VETS, Anti-Second Amendment...." "....and has been horrible on Virginia economy. Vote @EdWGillespie today!"
  1546. >"@EdWGillespie will totally turn around the high crime and poor economic performance of VA. MS-13 and crime will be gone. Vote today, ASAP!"
  1548. >Sessions to testify before House Judiciary Committee next week
  1549. >State Department has press briefing
  1550. >UN has Security Council meeting on chemical weapons use in Syria
  1551. >Pence has phone call with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani
  1552. >GOP Reps. Ted Poe and Frank LoBiondo to retire
  1553. >Trump gives remark before operational briefing at Camp Humphreys
  1554. >Trump and President Moon give remarks before expanded bilateral meeting
  1555. >Trump tweets: "Thank you to all Americans who participated in Nat'l Rx Drug Take Back Day. A record amount of drugs collected & disposed. We can do this!"
  1556. >Trump proclaims November 11, 2017 as 'Veterans Day'
  1557. EVENING
  1558. >National Day for the victims of communism
  1559. >Gillespie loses governor race in VA
  1560. >First transgender state legislator elected in VA
  1561. >Democrat Murphy wins NJ governor's race
  1562. >Trump approves Kansas disaster declaration
  1563. >Trump forced to scrap DMZ visit due to bad weather
  1564. >Trump tweets: "Getting ready to make a major speech to the National Assembly here in South Korea, then will be headed to China where I very much look forward to meeting with President Xi who is just off his great political victory."
  1565. >"Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for. Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!"
  1566. >Trump gives speech on NK
  1568. NNTNN November 6, 2017
  1569. LAST NIGHT
  1570. >Fake News decide to lie about Trump and fishies
  1571. MORNING
  1572. >Trump has summit meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan
  1573. >Trump and Abe have bilateral meeting
  1574. >Trump has meeting with families of NK abductees
  1575. >Wilbur Ross speaks to CBI
  1576. >Trump and Melania attend State Banquet
  1577. >Sessions addresses community safety and efforts to combat violent crime in
  1579. >Trump tweets: "The state of Virginia economy, under Democrat rule, has been terrible. If you vote Ed Gillespie tomorrow, it will come roaring back!"
  1580. >"My visit to Japan and friendship with PM Abe will yield many benefits, for our great Country. Massive military & energy orders happening+++!"
  1581. >Lawyer of Rand Paul’s alleged attacker: Assault had ‘nothing to do’ with politics
  1582. >ObamaCare signups surge in early days to set new record
  1583. EVENING
  1584. >Report claims WH requests $4B for missile defense to counter NK
  1585. >Trump tweets: "Getting ready to leave for South Korea and meetings with President Moon, a fine gentleman. We will figure it all out!"
  1586. >"I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing...." "....Some of those they are harshly treating have been “milking” their country for years!"
  1587. >Trump and Melania departs Japan en route to SK
  1588. >Trump and Melania arrive in SK
  1589. >Air Force says Texas shooter Devin Kelley's violent past was not alerted to the FBI
  1591. NNTNN November 5, 2017
  1592. MORNING
  1593. >Brazile now says she found no evidence that Democratic primary was rigged
  1594. >Saudi prince & officials killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border
  1595. >(((They))) claim Mueller has enough evidence to indict Flynn
  1597. >Don Jr. gives more evidence he posts here
  1598. >Rand Paul recovering from multiple broken ribs after assault
  1599. >Mass shooting occurs in Texas church
  1600. >At least 26 were killed (including children)
  1601. >Status: killed
  1602. >Shooter was a white male in his early twenties; received 'bad-conduct discharged' from Air Force
  1603. >Trump tweets: "May God be w/ the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI & law enforcement are on the scene. I am monitoring the situation from Japan."
  1604. >Trump talks to 'rock stars of business' in Japan
  1605. EVENING
  1606. >Trump and Melania meet with the Emperor and Empress of Japan
  1607. >Trump has a working lunch with Prime Minister Abe
  1608. >Trump and Melania Trump participate in the honor guard ceremony
  1609. >Trump dumps all the fishy food for the fishies
  1610. >Trump to participate in bilateral summit with Abe at 12:30 A.M. EST
  1612. NNTNN November 4, 2017
  1613. MORNING
  1614. >Trump tweets: “Unemployment is down to 4.1%, lowest in 17 years. 1.5 million new jobs created since I took office. Highest stock Market ever, up $5.4 trill”
  1615. >”Would very much appreciate Saudi Arabia doing their IPO of Aramco with the New York Stock Exchange. Important to the United States!”
  1616. >The Hill reports FBI turns over new Clinton investigation documents to Congress
  1618. >Sanders gives statement by the on the anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak Devji
  1619. >Democrat decide to attack Rand Paul
  1620. >Antifa beats up trashcans
  1621. >Brazile says she considered swapping Clinton for Biden as 2016 nominee
  1622. EVENING
  1623. >Trump wins visas to hire 70 foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago
  1624. >Trump travels to Japan
  1625. >Trump arrives in Japan
  1626. >Saudi Arabia arrests 11 princes, including billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal
  1628. NNTNN November 3, 2017
  1630. >Trump tweets: "My Twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. I guess the word must finally be getting out-and having an impact."
  1631. >"Everybody is asking why the Justice Department (and FBI) isn't looking into all of the dishonesty going on with Crooked Hillary & the Dems.." "...New Donna B book says she paid for and stole the Dem Primary. What about the deleted E-mails, Uranium, Podesta, the Server, plus, plus..." "....People are angry. At some point the Justice Department, and the FBI, must do what is right and proper. The American public deserves it!"
  1632. >"The real story on Collusion is in Donna B's new book. Crooked Hillary bought the DNC & then stole the Democratic Primary from Crazy Bernie!"
  1633. >"Pocahontas just stated that the Democrats, lead by the legendary Crooked Hillary Clinton, rigged the Primaries! Lets go FBI & Justice Dept."
  1634. >"ISIS just claimed the Degenerate Animal who killed, and so badly wounded, the wonderful people on the West Side, was "their soldier." ....." "...Based on that, the Military has hit ISIS "much harder" over the last two days. They will pay a big price for every attack on us!"
  1635. >"Bernie Sanders supporters have every right to be apoplectic of the complete theft of the Dem primary by Crooked Hillary!"
  1636. >"I always felt I would be running and winning against Bernie Sanders, not Crooked H, without cheating, I was right."
  1637. >Lawmakers say they’ve been sexually harassed by colleagues in Congress
  1638. >Trump speaks to press before HI trip
  1639. >Trump tweets: "Just took off for ceremony @ Pearl Harbor. Will then be heading to Japan, SKorea, China, Vietnam & the Philippines. Will never let you down!"
  1640. >US carries out 1st airstrikes against ISIS in Somalia
  1641. >Jobs report show 261,000 jobs were created in October
  1642. >Democratic judge rules no jail time for Bergdahl, gets dishonorable discharge
  1643. >Trump tweets: "The rigged Dem Primary, one of the biggest political stories in years, got ZERO coverage on Fake News Network TV last night. Disgraceful!"
  1644. >"The decision on Sergeant Bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our Country and to our Military."
  1645. >Gillibrand to introduce bill to combat sexual harassment in Congress
  1646. >Manafort's lawyers will attack 'improperly obtained' evidence
  1647. >"""Poll""" shows Virginia governor's race tied
  1648. EVENING
  1649. >Trump begins Asia trip with stop in Hawaii
  1650. >Trump tweets: "Getting ready to land in Hawaii. Looking so much forward to meeting with our great Military/Veterans at Pearl Harbor!"
  1651. >Ryan urges lawmakers to undergo training on sexual harassment
  1652. >Trump has briefing at US Pacific Command in Honolulu
  1654. NNTNN November 2, 2017
  1655. MORNING
  1656. >Trump tweets: "Would love to send the NYC terrorist to Guantanamo but statistically that process takes much longer than going through the Federal system..." "...There is also something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the horrible crime he committed. Should move fast. DEATH PENALTY!"
  1657. >Ivanka travels to Japan
  1659. >Trump tweets: "Congratulations to the Houston @Astros, 2017 #WorldSeries Champions #HoustonStrong #EarnHistory"
  1660. >Trump meets with House Republican leaders and Republican members
  1661. >Trump does a thing: brings Broadcom back to America
  1662. >WH has press briefing
  1663. >Warren agrees DNC was rigged in Clinton's favor
  1664. >Cohn speaks at Economic Club
  1665. >Sessions speaks about national security after NYC attack
  1666. >DoJ recognizes Veterans Day with appreciation ceremony
  1667. >Pence gives speech on tax reform in Orlando, FL
  1668. >Trump signs H.R. 1329, H.R. 1616, H.R. 2989, S. 190, S. 504, S. 920 and S. 1617
  1669. >Trump nominates Jerome Powell to chair Fed
  1670. >Eleven nominations sent to the Senate today
  1671. EVENING
  1672. >Trump amends PR disaster declaration
  1673. >Ivanka and Melania get special Japanese guard
  1674. >Ivanka attends World Assembly for Women in Tokyo
  1675. >CNO briefs collisions and comprehensive review of 'Surface Force Incidents'
  1676. >Top DNC fundraiser fired
  1677. >Trump tweets: "Great Tax Cut rollout today. The lobbyists are storming Capital Hill, but the Republicans will hold strong and do what is right for America!"
  1678. >"Donna Brazile just stated the DNC RIGGED the system to illegally steal the Primary from Bernie Sanders. Bought and paid for by Crooked H...." "....This is real collusion and dishonesty. Major violation of Campaign Finance Laws and Money Laundering - where is our Justice Department?"
  1679. >"The @TuckerCarlson opening statement about our once cherished and great FBI was so sad to watch. James Comey's leadership was a disaster!"
  1680. >Twitter attempts to ban Trump
  1681. >Trump tweets: "I will be interviewed by @IngrahamAngle on @FoxNews at 10:00. Enjoy!"
  1682. >Trump goes on Ingraham Angle
  1684. NNTNN November 1, 2017
  1685. MORNING
  1686. >It is racist to be white
  1687. >Trump tweets: "The terrorist came into our country through what is called the "Diversity Visa Lottery Program," a Chuck Schumer beauty. I want merit based."
  1688. >"We are fighting hard for Merit Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems. We must get MUCH tougher (and smarter). @foxandfriends"
  1689. >""Senator Chuck Schumer helping to import Europes problems" said Col.Tony Shaffer. We will stop this craziness! @foxandfriends"
  1690. >"Wouldn't it be great to Repeal the very unfair and unpopular Individual Mandate in ObamaCare and use those savings for further Tax Cuts....." "....for the Middle Class. The House and Senate should consider ASAP as the process of final approval moves along. Push Biggest Tax Cuts EVER"
  1691. >Trump announces eighth wave of US attorney nominations
  1692. >Trump does not recall suggestion of Putin meeting
  1693. >Trump has phone call with Theresa May
  1695. >Trump announces nomination of Indiana Attorney James Sweeney to fill judicial emergency
  1696. >Trump holds cabinet meeting
  1697. >Says he is open to sending Saipov to Guantanamo Bay
  1698. >Trump proclaims November 2017 as 'National Veterans and Military Families' month
  1699. >Trump gives statement on National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness month
  1700. >Six nominations sent to the Senate today
  1701. >WH has press briefing
  1702. >UN has General Assembly meeting on Cuba
  1703. >Tillerson meets with Belgian Foreign Minister Reynders
  1704. >Trump tweets: "Just spoke with @NYGovCuomo and @NYCMayor de Blasio to let them know that the federal government..." "...fully supports any and all of their efforts with respect to the West Side attack. #NYCStrong"
  1705. >Reuters reports Republicans in Congress prepare to introduce tax bill
  1706. >Meeting of the President's Commission on 'Combating Drug Addiction & Opioid Crisis'
  1707. >Trump tweets: "Thank you to the GREAT NYPD, First Responders and all govt officials for having handled the terrible West Side attack so professionally!"
  1708. EVENING
  1709. >Trump gives statement on 'National Diabetes Month'
  1710. >Trump signs H.J.Res. 111 into Law
  1711. >Group of House Dems Organizing Articles of Impeachment against Trump
  1712. >Trump tweets: "Thanks to @SenateMajLdr McConnell and the @SenateGOP we are appointing high-quality Federal District..." "...and Appeals Court Judges at a record clip! Our courts are rapidly changing for the better!"
  1713. >Saipov charged with terrorism
  1714. >Saipov asks to display ISIS flag in hospital room
  1715. >"CHAIN MIGRATION must end now! Some people come in, and they bring their whole family with them, who can be truly evil. NOT ACCEPTABLE!"
  1716. >"Just spoke to President Macri of Argentina about the five proud and wonderful men killed in the West Side terror attack. God be with them!"
  1717. >"The United States will be immediately implementing much tougher Extreme Vetting Procedures. The safety of our citizens comes first!"
  1719. NNTNN October 31, 2017
  1720. MORNING
  1721. >Happy Halloween!
  1722. >Trump tweets: "The Fake News is working overtime. As Paul Manaforts lawyer said, there was "no collusion" and events mentioned took place long before he..." "....came to the campaign. Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar. Check the DEMS!"
  1723. >"I hope people will start to focus on our Massive Tax Cuts for Business (jobs) and the Middle Class (in addition to Democrat corruption)!"
  1724. >"The biggest story yesterday, the one that has the Dems in a dither, is Podesta running from his firm. What he know about Crooked Dems is...." "....earth shattering. He and his brother could Drain The Swamp, which would be yet another campaign promise fulfilled. Fake News weak!"
  1725. >WH releases the official portraits of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence
  1726. >Tillerson gives statement on 'Authorizations for the Use of Military Force' at Senate FRC hearing
  1727. >Notice regarding the continuation of the 'National Emergency with Respect to Sudan'
  1728. >DeVos dresses up as Ms. Frizzle
  1730. >Trump sends letter to Congress
  1731. >Facebook, Twitter, and Google are questioned over Russia interference
  1732. >WH has press briefing
  1733. >April proves once again why she should not be in the press pool
  1734. >Trump participates in a tax reform industry meeting
  1735. >State Department has press briefing
  1736. >UN Security Council has meeting on the Sahel
  1737. >US to vote against UN resolution condemning Cuba embargo
  1738. >Religion of peace decides not to be peaceful - 8 dead and at least 15 injured in truck attack
  1739. >Attacker's status: Alive
  1740. EVENING
  1741. >Hope to be interviewed by Mueller's team
  1742. >Trump and Abe have phone call
  1743. >Tillerson meets with Russian ambassador
  1744. >House GOP delays tax bill rollout
  1745. >Trump tweets: "In NYC, looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person. Law enforcement is following this closely. NOT IN THE U.S.A.!"
  1746. >"We must not allow ISIS to return, or enter, our country after defeating them in the Middle East and elsewhere. Enough!"
  1747. >"My thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the New York City terrorist attack. God and your country are with you!"
  1748. >"The Republican House members are working hard (and late) toward the Massive Tax Cuts that they know you deserve. These will be biggest ever!"
  1749. >"I have just ordered Homeland Security to step up our already Extreme Vetting Program. Being politically correct is fine, but not for this!"
  1751. NNTNN October 30, 2017
  1752. MORNING
  1753. >Trump tweets: "Report out that Obama Campaign paid $972,000 to Fusion GPS. The firm also got $12,400,000 (really?) from DNC. Nobody knows who OK'd!"
  1754. >"Great job by MichaelCaputo on @foxandfriends."
  1755. >Manafort, Gates, are indicted with charges of money laundering and tax fraud
  1756. >George Papadopoulos pleads guilty to lying to FBI
  1757. >Note: These did not occur during 2016 presidential election
  1758. >Trump tweets: "Sorry, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign. But why aren't Crooked Hillary & the Dems the focus?????" "....Also, there is NO COLLUSION!"
  1759. >WH releases video on 'How tax reform benefits small businesses'
  1761. >Court partially blocks Trump's transgender military ban
  1762. >Game time!
  1763. >Trump gives statement on the 'Apprehension of Mustafa al-Imam for His Alleged Role in the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya resulting in the deaths of four Americans'
  1764. >Flipinno veterans get Congressional Medal of Honor
  1765. >WH has press briefing
  1766. >Manafort and Gates plead not guilty
  1767. EVENING
  1768. >Eleven nominations sent to the Senate today
  1769. >Tillerson and Mattis testify before Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  1770. >Trump and Melania participate in Halloween at the WH
  1771. >John Kelly goes on The Ingrahm Angle
  1772. >Arrest warrant issued for actress Rose McGowan (anti-Trumper) on drug charge
  1774. NNTNN October 29, 2017
  1775. MORNING
  1776. >Trump tweets: "As usual, the ObamaCare premiums will be up (the Dems own it), but we will Repeal & Replace and have great Healthcare soon after Tax Cuts!"
  1777. >"Never seen such Republican ANGER & UNITY as I have concerning the lack of investigation on Clinton made Fake Dossier (now $12,000,000?),...." "...the Uranium to Russia deal, the 33,000 plus deleted Emails, the Comey fix and so much more. Instead they look at phony Trump/Russia,...." "..."collusion," which doesn't exist. The Dems are using this terrible (and bad for our country) Witch Hunt for evil politics, but the R's..." "...are now fighting back like never before. There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. DO SOMETHING!"
  1778. >"All of this "Russia" talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic Tax Cuts & Reform. Is this coincidental? NOT!"
  1779. >Ivana says Trump "did not know how to speak the children's language"
  1780. >PR governor wants Whitefish contract cancelled ‘immediately’
  1782. >WH lawyer says Trump tweets not a reaction to Mueller probe
  1783. >Hillary says "Fox News seems to think I live in the White House"
  1784. EVENING
  1785. >Most Houston Texans kneel during national anthem after owner says "We can't have the inmates running the prison"
  1786. >PR power authority moves to cancel Whitefish contract
  1787. >Boehner says GOP lawmaker once held a knife to his throat
  1788. >"""Reports""" say Menendez files motion for mistrial in corruption case
  1790. NNTNN October 28, 2017
  1791. MORNING
  1792. >Trump tweets: "Very little reporting about the GREAT GDP numbers announced yesterday (3.0 despite the big hurricane hits). Best consecutive Q's in years!"
  1793. >"Just read the nice remarks by President Jimmy Carter about me and how badly I am treated by the press (Fake News). Thank you Mr. President!"
  1794. >"Today is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Everyone can help fight the #OpioidEpidemic by participating! http://DEA.gov";
  1795. >Mattis gives press briefing in SK
  1796. >Obama to report for jury duty in Chicago
  1798. >Roger Stone gets banned from Twitter
  1799. >Sarah Sanders tweets: "The evidence Clinton campaign, DNC & Russia colluded to influence the election is indisputable"
  1800. >"""Reports""" claim Eric and Don Jr. to launch real estate project in India
  1801. >DeVos may only partly forgive loans for students defrauded by for-profit-colleges
  1802. >House panel says agreement reached over Fusion GPS bank records - firm behind Trump dossier
  1803. EVENING
  1804. >Trump tweets: "After strict consultation with General Kelly, the CIA and other Agencies, I will be releasing ALL #JFKFiles other than the names and..." "...addresses of any mentioned person who is still living. I am doing this for reasons of full disclosure, transparency and..." "...in order to put any and all conspiracy theories to rest."
  1805. >"Happy #FirstRespondersDay to all of our HEROES out there. We are forever grateful to you for your service, sacrifice and courage 24/7/365!"
  1806. >"While not at all presidential I must point out that the Sloppy Michael Moore Show on Broadway was a TOTAL BOMB and was forced to close. Sad!"
  1807. >"JFK Files are released, long ahead of schedule!"
  1808. >Taiwan president arrives in Hawaii despite Chinese objections
  1810. NNTNN October 27, 2017
  1811. MORNING
  1812. >Trump tweets: "Wacky & totally unhinged Tom Steyer, who has been fighting me and my Make America Great Again agenda from beginning, never wins elections!"
  1813. >"Thank you @foxandfriends. Really great job and show!"
  1814. >"Congratulations to @SpeakerRyan, @GOPLeader, @SteveScalise and to the Republican Party on Budget passage yesterday. Now for biggest Tax Cuts"
  1815. >"Good luck to @Joy_Villa on her decision to enter the wonderful world of politics. She has many fans!"
  1816. >"JFK Files are being carefully released. In the end there will be great transparency. It is my hope to get just about everything to public!"
  1817. >"Happy birthday to the great @TheLeeGreenwood. You and your beautiful song have made such a difference. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"
  1818. >"It is now commonly agreed, after many months of COSTLY looking, that there was NO collusion between Russia and Trump. Was collusion with HC!"
  1819. >"Diane Black of Tennessee, the highly respected House Budget Committee Chairwoman, did a GREAT job in passing Budget, setting up big Tax Cuts"
  1820. >Gorka says Hillary is guilty of treason, could ‘get the chair’
  1821. >Mattis visits DMZ
  1822. >Melania announces Halloween at the WH 2017
  1824. >"""Report""" claims Russian attorney shared plans for Trump Jr. meeting with Russia
  1825. >Sessions gives speech at JFK Airport
  1826. >Pentagon has press briefing
  1827. >WH has press briefing
  1828. >Mattis in SK
  1829. >Pence visits AFB in Minot ND
  1830. >Trump has media's kids visit oval office
  1831. >Says: "I can't believe the media produced such beautiful children"
  1832. >Asks if a little girl is crying, other girl says "no, she's Japanese"
  1833. >Facebook, Google, Twitter to testify before Senate Judiciary panel next week
  1834. EVENING
  1835. >Trump gives weekly address
  1836. >Sanders visits PR
  1837. >"""Reports""" say Trump presses State Department to accelerate release of Clinton emails
  1838. >Trump to release all of the JFK files
  1839. >(((CNN))) claims that Mueller will issue charges on Monday
  1840. >After CNN reports Mueller will issue charges, Trump tweets "“WHAT HAPPENED” with Hillary
  1842. NNTNN October 26, 2017
  1843. MORNING
  1844. >Trump tweets: "Ed Gillespie will turn the really bad Virginia economy #'s around, and fast. Strong on crime, he might even save our great statues/heritage!"
  1845. >"Ed Gillespie will be a great Governor of Virginia. His opponent doesn't even show up to meetings/work, and will be VERY weak on crime!"
  1846. >"Do not underestimate the UNITY within the Republican Party!"
  1847. >"Big news - Budget just passed!"
  1848. >Mattis gives talk on NK
  1849. >Mattis travels to SK
  1850. >Halloween hats begin arriving
  1852. >House votes to impose non-nuclear sanctions on Iran
  1853. >Border Patrol give press briefing
  1854. >State Department give press briefing
  1855. >Deputy Secretary Sullivan at reception in support of United States’ bid to host 2023 World’s Fair
  1856. >Sessions attends Heritage Foundation
  1857. >Trump declares a National State of Emergency on opioids
  1858. >The Hill reports Trump signs $36.5B disaster relief package
  1859. EVENING
  1860. >House panels investigating $300M Puerto Rico power grid contract
  1861. >WH releases additions to administration
  1862. >Pence travels to Denver for tax event
  1863. >JFK files are released
  1865. NNTNN October 25, 2017
  1866. MORNING
  1867. >Trump tweets: ""Clinton campaign & DNC paid for research that led to the anti-Trump Fake News Dossier. The victim here is the President." @FoxNews"
  1868. >"The reason Flake and Corker dropped out of the Senate race is very simple, they had zero chance of being elected. Now act so hurt & wounded!"
  1869. >"The meeting with Republican Senators yesterday, outside of Flake and Corker, was a love fest with standing ovations and great ideas for USA!"
  1870. >"Working hard on the biggest tax cut in U.S. history. Great support from so many sides. Big winners will be the middle class, business & JOBS"
  1871. >"Jeff Flake, with an 18% approval rating in Arizona, said "a lot of my colleagues have spoken out." Really, they just gave me a standing O!"
  1872. >WH releases statement on 'treating our veterans with art therapy'
  1873. >Trump gives statement before leaving for Dallas
  1875. >Trump tweets: "Just interviewed by @LouDobbs. Will be aired tonight at 7pmE on @FoxBusiness. #Dobbs"
  1876. >Tillerson gives press briefing in India
  1877. >State Department gives foreign press briefing
  1878. >Deputy Assistant Secretary gives briefing on Burma
  1879. >Carson participates in the Hill's Newsmakers
  1880. >Trump tweets: "Spoke to President Xi of China to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation. Also discussed NoKo & trade, two very important subjects!"
  1881. >Sessions goes to DOJ Awards
  1882. >Mattis speaks to press from Philippines
  1883. >Trump tweets: "The long anticipated release of the #JFKFiles will take place tomorrow. So interesting!"
  1884. >Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of Transportation
  1885. EVENING
  1886. >Prototypes are finished!
  1887. >Integrating unmanned aircraft systems into the National Airspace
  1888. >Trump receives briefing on Hurricane Recovery Efforts
  1889. >Ivanka and Rubio give speech on Child Tax Credit
  1890. >Pence attends IDC Dinner in DC
  1891. >George HW Bush apologizes to women offended by touching
  1892. >Trump is interviewed by Dobbs
  1893. >FBI informant in Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery cleared to testify before Congress
  1894. >DNC say they were unaware of dossier payments
  1896. NNTNN October 24, 2017
  1897. MORNING
  1898. >Trump tweets: "Bob Corker, who helped President O give us the bad Iran Deal & couldn't get elected dog catcher in Tennessee, is now fighting Tax Cuts...." "...Corker dropped out of the race in Tennesse when I refused to endorse him, and now is only negative on anything Trump. Look at his record!"
  1899. >"Isn't it sad that lightweight Senator Bob Corker, who couldn't get re-elected in the Great State of Tennessee, will now fight Tax Cuts plus!"
  1900. >"Sen. Corker is the incompetent head of the Foreign Relations Committee, & look how poorly the U.S. has done. He doesn't have a clue as....." "...the entire World WAS laughing and taking advantage of us. People like liddle' Bob Corker have set the U.S. way back. Now we move forward!"
  1901. >"Stock Market just hit another record high! Jobs looking very good."
  1902. >Illegals jump border during MSNBC report on Border Wall
  1903. >Tillerson travels to Pakistan
  1904. >Trump proclaims October 24, 2017, as UN Day
  1905. >Karen visits the Creative Forces NEA Healing Arts Network Summit
  1906. >House Intelligence Committee begins new investigation of Clinton, Obama over Uranium deal
  1908. >Flake flakes on re-election
  1909. >Democrats believe this is to their advantage
  1910. >Mattis meets Philippians President, Rodrigo Duterte
  1911. >General Dunford has press briefing on ISIS
  1912. >Protestor throws Russian flags at Trump saying, "Trump is treason"
  1913. >Note: NNTNN fact-checked and gives this a 'pants on fire' - A person cannot be treason
  1914. >WH has press briefing
  1915. >State Department has press briefing
  1916. >Trump participates in the Minority Enterprise Development Week
  1917. >Trump recognizes minority-owned businesses
  1918. >Pence gives speech to the American Enterprise Institute
  1919. >Supreme Court dismisses Hawaii's challenge to Trump travel ban
  1920. >"""Federal""" court says undocumented teen can get abortion
  1921. >Four nominations sent to the Senate
  1922. EVENING
  1923. >"""WP""" reports that Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier
  1924. >Trump signs EO on Resuming the US Refugee Admissions Program with Enhanced Vetting Capabilities
  1925. >US and the Republic of Singapore release joint statement
  1926. >Senate sends $36.5 billion disaster relief bill to Trump's desk
  1927. >Trump tweets: "So nice being with Republican Senators today. Multiple standing ovations! Most are great people who want big Tax Cuts and success for U.S."
  1928. >AP reports that Senate voted to nullify rule letting consumers band together to sue banks or credit card companies
  1930. NNTNN October 23, 2017
  1931. MORNING
  1932. >Trump tweets: "There will be NO change to your 401(k). This has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works, and it stays!"
  1933. >"Two dozen NFL players continue to kneel during the National Anthem, showing total disrespect to our Flag & Country. No leadership in NFL!"
  1934. >"I had a very respectful conversation with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, and spoke his name from beginning, without hesitation!"
  1935. >Ivanka gives speech on tax reform
  1936. >Melania to kick off the “Week of Inclusion” at Michigan middle school
  1937. >Trump calls Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan
  1938. >Tillerson meets Iraqis in Saudi Arabia
  1939. >Devos gives message on International Education Week
  1941. >Pence speaks at anniversary of 1983 Beirut attack
  1942. >General Dunford press conference on Niger attacks
  1943. >Sessions gives speech in Philadelphia, PA on MS13
  1944. >Trump meets with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore
  1945. >Boeing and Singapore sign 13.8 billion deal
  1946. >Trump and Prime Minister Lee of Singapore give joint statements
  1947. EVENING
  1948. >Trump presents Medal of Honor to Captain Gary Rose
  1949. >Two nominations and one Withdrawal sent to the Senate today
  1951. NNTNN October 22, 2017
  1952. MORNING
  1953. >Trump OpEd on USAToday with tax plan https://archive.fo/PXezL
  1954. >Trump tweets: "Doing interview today with Maria Bartiromo at 10:00 A.M. on @FoxNews - ENJOY!"
  1955. >"Wacky Congresswoman Wilson is the gift that keeps on giving for the Republican Party, a disaster for Dems. You watch her in action & vote R!"
  1956. >"It is finally sinking through. 46% OF PEOPLE BELIEVE MAJOR NATIONAL NEWS ORGS FABRICATE STORIES ABOUT ME. FAKE NEWS, even worse! Lost cred."
  1957. >Trump goes on Mornings with Maria
  1958. >Tillerson holds press briefing with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir
  1960. >Education Department rescinds documents on rights of students with disabilities
  1961. >Wilson demands apology from Kelly for ‘character assassination’
  1962. >EPA cancels climate-change talk to be delivered by agency scientists
  1963. EVENING
  1964. >Jimmy Carter: "Russians didn’t steal election from Hillary Clinton"
  1965. >Note: sources close to Carter say that he's been suicidal recently...
  1967. NNTNN October 21, 2017
  1968. MORNING
  1969. >It's m- Hope's birthday
  1970. >Trump tweets: "Budget that just passed is a really big deal, especially in terms of what will be the biggest tax cut in U.S. history - MSM barely covered!"
  1971. >"I hope the Fake News Media keeps talking about Wacky Congresswoman Wilson in that she, as a representative, is killing the Democrat Party!"
  1972. >"Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened."
  1973. >"Stock Market hits another all time high on Friday. 5.3 trillion dollars up since Election. Fake News doesn't spent much time on this!"
  1975. >Trump records video message for hurricane relief concert
  1976. >Trump tweets: "Officials behind the now discredited "Dossier" plead the Fifth. Justice Department and/or FBI should immediately release who paid for it."
  1977. >"Keep hearing about "tiny" amount of money spent on Facebook ads. What about the billions of dollars of Fake News on CNN, ABC, NBC & CBS?"
  1978. >"Crooked Hillary Clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars more on Presidential Election than I did. Facebook was on her side, not mine!"
  1979. >Trump pledges $430K to cover staff legal costs for Russia probes
  1980. EVENING
  1981. >NeoGAF finally dies
  1982. >Trump tweets: "Just out, but lightly reported: "Fewest jobless claims since 1973 show firm U.S. Job Market" Lowest since March 1973. @bpolitics"
  1983. >"I agree getting Tax Cuts approved is important (we will also get HealthCare), but perhaps no Administration has done more in its first....." "...9 months than this Administration. Over 50 Legislation approvals, massive regulation cuts, energy freedom, pipelines, border security...." "...2nd Amendment, Strong Military, ISIS, historic VA improvement, Supreme Court Justice, Record Stock Market, lowest unemployment in 17 yrs!"
  1984. >All five living former presidents appear at hurricane relief benefit concert
  1986. NNTNN October 20, 2017
  1987. MORNING
  1988. >Trump tweets: "The Budget passed late last night, 51 to 49. We got ZERO Democrat votes with only Rand Paul (he will vote for Tax Cuts) voting against....." "....This now allows for the passage of large scale Tax Cuts (and Reform), which will be the biggest in the history of our country!"
  1989. >"Just out report: "United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror." Not good, we must keep America safe!"
  1990. >Eric, Lara, and Luke Trump on F&F
  1991. >Report says that Trump says in interviewed that will be released on Sunday and Monday: "Sometimes it [feuding] helps, to be honest with you"
  1993. >Melania donates Inaugural Ball Gown to Smithsonian
  1994. >Trump meets with UN Secretary-General Gutierres
  1995. >Trump signs EO Amending Executive Order 13223
  1996. >WH releases statement regarding military justice
  1997. >Mattis and Graham take questions from press
  1998. >Sessions speaks in Austin, Texas
  1999. >Mattis and McCain talk to press after meeting on Capitol Hill
  2000. >WH gives press briefing
  2001. >Mattis welcomes French Minister Florence Parly to Washington
  2002. >Mattis meets with French Minister Florence Parly
  2003. >Press Secretary releases statement on the Presidential Delegation for the Royal Thai King’s Funeral
  2004. >Reports state EPA head denies meeting with 'polluters'
  2005. EVENING
  2006. >Appeals court blocks illegal teen from getting abortion
  2007. >Chris Christie leads Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and Opioid Crisis
  2008. >Reuters reports Trump administration considers pausing U.S. refugee family reunification program
  2009. >Trump gives weekly address on Tax Reform
  2010. >Trump tweets: "Great book just out, "A Place Called Heaven," by Dr. Robert Jeffress - A wonderful man!"
  2012. NNTNN October 19, 2017
  2013. MORNING
  2014. >Trump tweets: "Republicans are going for the big Budget approval today, first step toward massive tax cuts. I think we have the votes, but who knows?"
  2015. >"Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn't want to follow!"
  2016. >"Workers of firm involved with the discredited and Fake Dossier take the 5th. Who paid for it, Russia, the FBI or the Dems (or all)?"
  2017. >"@foxandfriends "Russia sent millions to Clinton Foundation""
  2018. >Project Veritas releases NYT Part IV
  2019. >Trump meets with PR Governor
  2021. >Trump announces intent to nominate personnel to key administration posts
  2022. >Santa arrives at Trump International Golf Links Aberdeen
  2023. >WH has press briefing
  2024. >State Department has press briefing
  2025. >Sessions speaks at the Oklahoma Sheriffs' Association
  2026. >Mattis welcomes Israel's Foreign Secretary Avigdor Lieberman to Washington
  2027. EVENING
  2028. >Trump announces intent to nominate Leonard Wolfson to the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  2029. >FBI joins investigation into Niger attack
  2030. >Senate passes budget blueprint with 51-49 vote (McCain voted yes)
  2031. >Note: TIME FOR THE WALL!
  2032. >Obama rallies for Virginia Democrat
  2033. >Soldier’s widow shares her call with Trump
  2034. >Trump tweets: "The Fake News is going crazy with wacky Congresswoman Wilson(D), who was SECRETLY on a very personal call, and gave a total lie on content!"
  2035. >"Big ratings getter @seanhannity and Apprentice Champion John Rich are right now going on stage in Las Vegas for #VegasStrong. Great Show!"
  2037. NNTNN October 18, 2017
  2038. MORNING
  2039. >Widow of fallen soldier says congresswoman's statement is accurate
  2040. >Puerto Rico's SoS shows video of relief aid unopened and in the dumpster
  2041. >Trump tweets: "Wow, FBI confirms report that James Comey drafted letter exonerating Crooked Hillary Clinton long before investigation was complete. Many.." "...people not interviewed, including Clinton herself. Comey stated under oath that he didn't do this-obviously a fix? Where is Justice Dept?"
  2042. >"The Democrats will only vote for Tax Increases. Hopefully, all Senate Republicans will vote for the largest Tax Cuts in U.S. history."
  2043. >"As it has turned out, James Comey lied and leaked and totally protected Hillary Clinton. He was the best thing that ever happened to her!"
  2044. >"The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country!"
  2045. >"Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!"
  2046. >"I am supportive of Lamar as a person & also of the process, but I can never support bailing out ins co's who have made a fortune w/ O'Care."
  2047. >Pence's has initiative, healing with the HeART
  2049. >Conspiracy theory arises about 'Melania doppelganger'
  2050. >Pence has meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Greece
  2051. >Pence has call with Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi of Pakistan
  2052. >Trump meets with Senate Finance Committee
  2053. >Trump signs S. 178, S. 652, and H.R. 1117 into Law
  2054. >Tillerson speaks on US and India partnership
  2055. >Sessions has hearing before Senate Judiciary Committee
  2056. >Cruz makes Zodiac Killer joke on Twitter
  2057. >WH has press briefing
  2058. >Sarah says Trump does not have recording of call with widow
  2059. >Trump sends $25,000 check to fallen soldier's family on same day as WP report
  2060. >Haley delivers remarks at a UN Security Council Open Debate on the ME
  2061. >Senate staffers interview Lewandowski in Russia probe
  2062. EVENING
  2063. >Trump has call With President Mauricio Macri Of Argentina
  2064. >Trump tweets: "@NFL: Too much talk, not enough action. Stand for the National Anthem."
  2065. >Cruz and Sanders have debate on tax reform
  2066. >Trump tweets: ""46% of Americans think the Media is inventing stories about Trump & his Administration." @FoxNews It is actually much worse than this!"
  2068. NNTNN October 17, 2017
  2069. MORNING
  2070. >FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved nuclear deal with Moscow
  2071. >Trump tweets: "Rep.Tom Marino has informed me that he is withdrawing his name from consideration as drug czar. Tom is a fine man and a great Congressman!"
  2072. >Trump on claim Obama didn't call soldiers' families: 'You could ask General Kelly if he got a call'
  2073. >Melania gives hurricane relief PSA
  2074. >DOW hits 23k for first time ever
  2076. >Report says McCain is to vote 'yes' on budget
  2077. >State Department has press briefing
  2078. >Trump goes on WIBC radio
  2079. >Trump and cabinet talk tax reform to radio channels at WH
  2080. >Trump has a working luncheon with Prime Minister Tsipras
  2081. >Trump and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Greece give speech in Rose Garden
  2082. >Hawaii judge blocks travel ban
  2083. >WH gives statement on judge's block
  2084. >Pence gives tax reform speech in Buffalo, NY
  2085. >Pence goes on Tony Katz Broadcasting Live
  2086. >Trump goes on Fox News Radio
  2087. >"""Report""" says Mueller interviews cyber expert who claimed he was 'recruited to collude' with Russians
  2088. >Senate narrowly pass vote to move forward with budget debate with a 50-47 vote
  2089. EVENING
  2090. >Trump speaks to families of Green Berets killed in Niger
  2091. >Trump tweets: "So much Fake News being put in dying magazines and newspapers. Only place worse may be @NBCNews, @CBSNews, @ABC and @CNN. Fiction writers!"
  2092. >"Any increase in ObamaCare premiums is the fault of the Democrats for giving us a "product" that never had a chance of working."
  2093. >Trump gives speech at the Heritage Foundation
  2095. NNTNN October 16, 2017
  2096. MORNING
  2097. >Trump tweets: "Art Laffer just said that he doesn't know how a Democrat could vote against the big tax cut/reform bill and live with themselves! @FoxNews"
  2098. >"The Democrats only want to increase taxes and obstruct. That's all they are good at!"
  2099. >"Dem Senator Schumer hated the Iran deal made by President Obama, but now that I am involved, he is OK with it. Tell that to Israel, Chuck!"
  2100. >"Since Election Day on November 8, the Stock Market is up more than 25%, unemployment is at a 17 year low & companies are coming back to U.S."
  2101. >"The U.S. has gained more than 5.2 trillion dollars in Stock Market Value since Election Day! Also, record business enthusiasm."
  2102. >"I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020? My answer was, "I hope so!""
  2103. >Mattis talks about the origin of his call sign
  2104. >"""Report"""" claims Trump makes joke about Pence wanting to hang gay people
  2106. >Statement from the press secretary on Trump’s upcoming travel to Asia
  2107. >Trump holds cabinet meeting
  2108. >Trump approves Louisiana disaster declaration
  2109. >Trump delivers a statement with McConnell
  2110. >Calls past sexual assault allegations against him 'fake news'
  2111. >Makes claim that Obama, and former presidents, didn't call families of slain troops and often wrote letters
  2112. >Liberals rage because of this
  2113. >Trump approves South Carolina disaster declaration
  2114. >Pence participates in a US-Japan economic dialogue
  2115. >Trump travels to Greenville, SC
  2116. >Stops his motorcade to greet cheering supporters
  2117. EVENING
  2118. >Comey began drafting Clinton statement months in advance
  2120. NNTNN October 15, 2017
  2121. MORNING
  2122. >Trump tweets: "The Failing @nytimes, in a story by Peter Baker, should have mentioned the rapid terminations by me of TPP & The Paris Accord & the fast...." "...approvals of The Keystone XL & Dakota Access pipelines. Also, look at the recent EPA cancelations & our great new Supreme Court Justice!"
  2123. >Tillerson goes on CNN's 'State of the Union'
  2124. >Won't dignify allegation that he called Trump a 'moron' with a response
  2125. >Says US should stay in Iran deal
  2126. >NK labels Trump a strangler of peace
  2128. >(((((((((Buzzfeed)))))))))) claims Trump accuser subpoenas campaign for documents on other allegations
  2129. >Tillerson goes on 'Face the Nation'
  2130. >Says in regards to NK: "Diplomacy will continue 'until the first bomb drops'"
  2131. >Bomb attack in Mogadishu, Somalia kills 276 and wounds roughly 300
  2133. NNTNN October 14, 2017
  2134. MORNING
  2135. >Trump tweets: "Health Insurance stocks, which have gone through the roof during the ObamaCare years, plunged yesterday after I ended their Dems windfall!"
  2136. >"Very proud of my Executive Order which will allow greatly expanded access and far lower costs for HealthCare. Millions of people benefit!"
  2137. >Jimmy Fallon says making fun of Trump is ‘Just not what I do’
  2138. >Gorka and Bannon speak at 'Values Voter Summit'
  2140. >Reports say insurers write letter to Congress to fund cost-sharing reduction (CSR) benefits
  2141. >George Lopez gets booed off stage for anti-Trump jokes
  2142. >Weinstein is expelled from 'Academy of Motion Pictures'
  2143. EVENING
  2144. >California wildfire death toll hits 40 as blazes threaten Sonoma
  2145. >Trump tweets: "The Democrats in the Southwest part of Virginia have been abandoned by their Party. Republican Ed Gillespie will never let you down
  2147. NNTNN October 13, 2017
  2148. MORNING
  2149. >Trump tweets to O'Reilly: "Sadly, they and others are Fake News, and the public is just beginning to figure it out!"
  2150. >"ObamaCare is a broken mess. Piece by piece we will now begin the process of giving America the great HealthCare it deserves!"
  2151. >"Hard to believe that the Democrats, who have gone so far LEFT that they are no longer recognizable, are fighting so hard for Sanctuary crime"
  2152. >"The wonderful people of Puerto Rico, with their unmatched spirit, know how bad things were before the H's. I will always be with them!"
  2153. >Hillary calls Trump a 'sexual predator' but says Bill's actions are 'in the past'
  2154. >Wall prototypes are nearing completion
  2155. >Scalise and Bennett give speech at 'Values Voters Summit'
  2156. >Trump gives speech at 'Values Voter Summit'
  2157. >Trump says he met with the 'president of the Virgin Islands' (meant to say Governor)
  2158. >Chicken Trump is seen in Seattle
  2159. >GOP Senator Collins won't run for governor
  2161. >Consumer confidence soars to highest level since 2004
  2162. >Trump gives statement on the 242nd birthday of the US Navy
  2163. >Trump gives weekly address
  2164. >Trump delivers remarks on the Iran strategy
  2165. >Trump is having his administration and Congress to look over Iran deal
  2166. >18 states sue over Trump-halted ObamaCare payments
  2167. >Trump gives statement prior to departing for SS Training Center
  2168. >Trump and Melania visits SS Training Center
  2169. >Sarah Sanders gets high speed driving lesson
  2170. EVENING
  2171. >Trump proclaims 10/15/17 as 'Blind Americans Equality Day'
  2172. >Trump proclaims 10/15/17-10/21/17 as 'National Character Counts Week'
  2173. >Russia probe special counsel interviews ex-Trump chief of staff Priebus
  2174. >Trump tweets: "Starting to develop a much better relationship with Pakistan and its leaders. I want to thank them for their cooperation on many fronts."
  2175. >"Many people talking, with much agreement, on my Iran speech today. Participants in the deal are making lots of money on trade with Iran!"
  2176. >"Money pouring into Insurance Companies profits, under the guise of ObamaCare, is over. They have made a fortune. Dems must get smart & deal!"
  2177. >"ObamaCare is causing such grief and tragedy for so many. It is being dismantled but in the meantime, premiums & deductibles are way up!"
  2178. >"Such a wonderful statement from the great @LouDobbs. "We take up what may be the most accomplished presidency in modern American history.""
  2180. NNTNN October 12, 2017
  2181. MORNING
  2182. >Trump tweets: "Clips from tax speech and @seanhannity on @foxandfriends now. Have a great day!"
  2183. >""Puerto Rico survived the Hurricanes, now a financial crisis looms largely of their own making." says Sharyl Attkisson. A total lack of....." "...accountability say the Governor. Electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes. Congress to decide how much to spend...." "...We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!"
  2184. >"The Fake News Is going all out in order to demean and denigrate! Such hatred!"
  2185. >Sessions has speech on immigration in Falls Church, VA
  2186. >UN has security council briefing on the 'Maintenance of International Peace and Security'
  2187. >"""Reports""" claim Russia used Pokemon Go to meddle in election
  2188. >Trump gives statement on recovering the Boyle-Coleman family from captivity in Pakistan
  2190. >US withdraws from UNESCO
  2191. >Memorandum for the SoS, Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of Homeland Security
  2192. >State Department has press briefing
  2193. >WH has press briefing
  2194. >Kelly says: "I'm not quitting; I'm not getting fired"
  2195. >Reuters reports that Trump will lay out a more confrontational strategy toward Iran on Friday (10/13)
  2196. >Trump signs EO to promote healthcare choice and competition (AKA a thing)
  2197. >Sullivan welcomes 48 international women leaders in STEM
  2198. >Pelosi urges new law to limit president's use of nuclear weapons
  2199. >House passes $36.5 billion disaster relief package
  2200. >Trump announces Kirstjen Nielson as his Secretary Of Homeland Security nominee
  2201. >Trump tweets: "Happy #NationalFarmersDay! https://instagram.com/p/BaKTq11AF3n/";
  2202. EVENING
  2203. >Scarborough officially disavows the Party of Lincoln
  2204. >Trump tweets: "People are just now starting to find out how dishonest and disgusting (FakeNews) @NBCNews is. Viewers beware. May be worse than even @CNN!"
  2206. NNTNN October 11, 2017
  2207. MORNING
  2208. >Eminem releases anti-Trump music video
  2209. >Trump tweets: "Stock Market has increased by 5.2 Trillion dollars since the election on November 8th, a 25% increase. Lowest unemployment in 16 years and.." "...if Congress gives us the massive tax cuts (and reform) I am asking for, those numbers will grow by leaps and bounds. #MAGA"
  2210. >"It would be really nice if the Fake News Media would report the virtually unprecedented Stock Market growth since the election.Need tax cuts"
  2211. >"The Democrats want MASSIVE tax increases & soft, crime producing borders.The Republicans want the biggest tax cut in history & the WALL!"
  2212. >"It is about time that Roger Goodell of the NFL is finally demanding that all players STAND for our great National Anthem-RESPECT OUR COUNTRY"
  2213. >"Fake @NBCNews made up a story that I wanted a "tenfold" increase in our U.S. nuclear arsenal. Pure fiction, made up to demean. NBC = CNN!"
  2214. >"With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!"
  2215. >Boyscouts change rule to allow girls to join
  2217. >Ben Afleck admits to sexually assaulting a woman via Twitter
  2218. >Project Veritas releases part 2 of video
  2219. >Tillerson eeets with President Xi in Beijing
  2220. >Facebook's Sandberg meets with House leaders on Russia probe
  2221. >Trump and Melania welcome Trudeaus to WH
  2222. >Trump and Trudeau have meeting and take questions in Oval Office
  2223. >Trump tweets: "Happy to announce we are awarding $1M to Las Vegas - in order to help local law enforcement working OT to respond to last Sunday’s tragedy."
  2224. >Trump announces intent to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen as Secretary of Homeland Security
  2225. EVENING
  2226. >"""Report""" claims House panel approves bill to overhaul presidential monuments power
  2227. >Pinterest says Russia-linked political posts appeared on the site
  2228. >Trump has rally on tax reform in Harrisburg PA
  2229. >Trump has interview with Hannity
  2230. >Trump tweets: "I will be interviewed tonight on @FoxNews by @SeanHannity at 9pmE. Enjoy!"
  2231. >"Network news has become so partisan, distorted and fake that licenses must be challenged and, if appropriate, revoked. Not fair to public!"
  2233. NNTNN October 10, 2017
  2234. MORNING
  2235. >Ivana has interview on F&F
  2236. >Trump tweets: "Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country? Change tax law!"
  2237. >"The problem with agreeing to a policy on immigration is that the Democrats don't want secure borders,they don't care about safety for U.S.A."
  2238. >"Since Congress can't get its act together on HealthCare, I will be using the power of the pen to give great HealthCare to many people - FAST"
  2239. >"With Jemele Hill at the mike, it is no wonder ESPN ratings have "tanked," in fact, tanked so badly it is the talk of the industry!"
  2240. >"Highly respected author, Christopher Bedford, just came out with book, "The Art of the Donald, Lessons from America's...." Really good book!"
  2241. >"The Failing @nytimes set Liddle' Bob Corker up by recording his conversation. Was made to sound a fool, and that's what I am dealing with!"
  2242. >WH releases statement on terrorist group Lebanese Hizballah
  2243. >Trump says he and Tillerson need to take an IQ test to see who's is higher
  2244. >Mensa offers to host it
  2245. >Democrats ask for proof Trump consulted Pentagon on transgender ban
  2247. >NFL to discuss rule change requiring players to stand for anthem
  2248. >WH backs rule change
  2249. >"""Reports""" claim EPA formally moves to repeal major Obama power plant rule
  2250. >Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore to visit WH on the 23rd
  2251. >Melania visits infant opioid treatment center in WV
  2252. >WH has press briefing
  2253. >Gidley to join WH press team
  2254. >State Department has press briefing
  2255. >More border wall prototypes are released
  2256. >Trump meets with Dr. Kissinger
  2257. >Project Veritas releases video
  2258. >Deputy Secretary John Sullivan Delivers Remarks at the Blockchain Forum
  2259. >Pence has briefing on on fires in CA
  2260. >Trump approves CA disaster declaration
  2261. >Trump welcomes Pittsburgh Penguins to WH
  2262. >Bipartisan lawmakers unveil bill to ban gun bump stocks
  2263. >Hannity to interview Trump tomorrow (10/11) in Harrisburg, PA
  2264. EVENING
  2265. >Trump has meeting with his National Security Team
  2266. >SC tosses one of two travel ban challenges
  2267. >Hillary and Obama disavow Weinstein
  2268. >Pelosi says allegations against Harvey Weinstein are 'despicable'
  2269. >Trump tweets: "The Fake News is at it again, this time trying to hurt one of the finest people I know, General John Kelly, by saying he will soon be....." "...fired. This story is totally made up by the dishonest media.The Chief is doing a FANTASTIC job for me and, more importantly, for the USA!"
  2270. >Trump announces Hargan as new acting HHS secretary
  2271. >US flies bombers over Korea
  2273. NNTNN October 9, 2017
  2274. MORNING
  2275. >Trump tweets: "Our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with North Korea for 25 years, giving billions of dollars & getting nothing. Policy didn't work!"
  2276. >"The trip by @VP Pence was long planned. He is receiving great praise for leaving game after the players showed such disrespect for country!"
  2277. >Mattis delivers keynote at AUSA opening ceremony
  2278. >EPA announces repeal of major Obama-era carbon emissions rule
  2280. >"""Reports""" say WH lets Jones Act waiver expire for PR
  2281. >Melania responds to Ivana calling herself First Lady: "There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex. Unfortunately only attention seeking and self-serving noise."
  2282. >ESPN suspends Jemele Hill for violation of social media policy
  2283. EVENING
  2284. >Twitter takes down GOP lawmaker's campaign ad
  2285. >Trump tweets: "A big salute to Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who will BENCH players who disrespect our Flag."Stand for Anthem or sit for game!""
  2286. >Bannon calls for Corker to resign
  2288. NNTNN October 8, 2017
  2289. MORNING
  2290. >Trump tweets: "#LasVegasStrong #USA https://instagram.com/p/BZ_TSpsghNb/";
  2291. >Trump tweets in response to Corker on Wednesday: "Senator Bob Corker "begged" me to endorse him for re-election in Tennessee. I said "NO" and he dropped out (said he could not win without..." "..my endorsement). He also wanted to be Secretary of State, I said "NO THANKS." He is also largely responsible for the horrendous Iran Deal!" "...Hence, I would fully expect Corker to be a negative voice and stand in the way of our great agenda. Didn't have the guts to run!"
  2292. >Bob Corker tweets out: "It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning."
  2294. >Pence and Karen go to Colts' game
  2295. >Protests happen and Pence leaves
  2296. >Turkey suspends visa services to US for """security reasons""" (Because the US did it to them)
  2297. >Trump tweets: "I asked @VP Pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting our country. I am proud of him and @SecondLady Karen."
  2298. >"FEMA and first responders are working hard (yet again) on Hurricane Nate. Military helping. Very much under control!"
  2299. >San Juan mayor’s complaints dismissed as 'political noise’ by FEMA chief
  2300. EVENING
  2301. >Trump tweets: "Bob Corker gave us the Iran Deal, & that's about it. We need HealthCare, we need Tax Cuts/Reform, we need people that can get the job done!"
  2302. >""The Republican Party is racking up record amounts of small dollar donations - fueled by Trump supporters....." @nypost Thank you!"
  2303. >Weinstein Co. board ousts Harvey Weinstein after harassment allegations
  2304. >Trump makes opening demands for 'Dreamer' deal — including funding for the wall
  2305. >Pelosi and Schumer get mad at Trump because of DACA (oh no, that sucks)
  2306. >Corker says: "Trump is setting up the country for World War III"
  2308. NNTNN October 7, 2017
  2309. MORNING
  2310. >Trump tweets: "Can't believe I finally got a good story in the @washingtonpost. It discusses the enthusiasm of "Trump" voters through campaign...." "...contributions. The RNC is taking in far more $'s than the Dems, and much of it by my wonderful small donors. I am working hard for them!"
  2311. >"Late Night host are dealing with the Democrats for their very "unfunny" & repetitive material, always anti-Trump! Should we get Equal Time?"
  2312. >"More and more people are suggesting that Republicans (and me) should be given Equal Time on T.V. when you look at the one-sided coverage?"
  2313. >"I called Chuck Schumer yesterday to see if the Dems want to do a great HealthCare Bill. ObamaCare is badly broken, big premiums. Who knows!"
  2314. >"@NBCNews is so knowingly inaccurate with their reporting. The good news is that the PEOPLE get it, which is really all that matters! Not #1"
  2315. >"Our great team at @FEMA is prepared for #HurricaneNate. Everyone in LA, MS, AL, and FL please listen to your local authorities & be safe!"
  2316. >11 injured after car hits pedestrians in London, terrorism ruled out
  2317. >Pence does meet and greets in LV
  2318. >Schumer says "I told Trump that ObamaCare repeal was 'off the table'"
  2320. >Rapper Nelly (has said he doesn't support Trump as president) accused of raping woman on his tour bus
  2321. >Trump tweets: "Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid......" "...hasn't worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, makings fools of U.S. negotiators. Sorry, but only one thing will work!"
  2322. >"Leaving the White House for the Great State of North Carolina. Big progress being made on many fronts!"
  2323. >Trump speaks to press before leaving for NC
  2324. >Says: "I wish Tillerson would be 'a little bit tougher'"
  2325. >Says he is open to temporary healthcare reform deal with Democrats
  2326. >Fourth US soldier killed in Niger ambush is identified as Sgt. La David T. Johnson
  2327. EVENING
  2328. >Pence gives speech in LV
  2329. >"""Reports""" claim Trump to sign order rolling back health insurance regulations
  2330. >Trump has interview with Huckabee on his new show
  2331. >Trump attends RNC fundraiser
  2332. >'White nationalists' return to Charlottesville
  2333. >Trump approves Mississippi emergency declaration ahead of Hurricane Nate
  2335. NNTNN October 6, 2017
  2336. MORNING
  2337. >US lost 33,000 jobs in Sept, vs 90,000 jobs increase expected - Hurricanes believed to be a major cause
  2338. >Tillerson officiates and delivers remarks at the swearing-in ceremony for the 146th Foreign Service Specialist Class
  2339. >Trump rolls back Obamacare birth control mandate
  2340. >Trump gives weekly address
  2341. >Trump has meeting with Senior Defense and Military Leaders
  2343. >Sessions issues religious liberty guidance to agencies
  2344. >Trump proclaims October 6, 2017, as German-American Day
  2345. >Trump speaks at WHouse Hispanic Heritage Month Event
  2346. >Trumpsays: "You’ll find out what 'calm before the storm' means"
  2347. >WH press briefing takes place
  2348. >"""Reports""" claim EPA moves to repeal Obama climate rule 'in its entirety'
  2349. >Pence talks to press in PR
  2350. >Pence hosts Round Table meeting in PR
  2351. >Trump has eeting with U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman Jr.
  2352. >ICE director signals 'at-large arrests' over new California sanctuary law
  2353. EVENING
  2354. >DNC receive criticism for giving Weinstein money to political groups
  2355. >Schumer to donate Harvey Weinstein contributions
  2356. >Trump signs H.R. 2519, S. 327, S. 810 and S. 1141 into Law
  2357. >"""Reports""" claim McMaster appoints new intel head on security council
  2358. >9 GOP Senators call on Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to review policy on bump stocks
  2359. >Trump signs the National Manufacturing Day Proclamation
  2360. >Trump has call with President Emmanuel Macron of France
  2361. >Trump proclaims October 8 through October 14, 2017, as Fire Prevention Week
  2362. >Scalise throws out first pitch at Nationals playoff game
  2363. >Trump announces intent to nominate Robert Weaver to the Department of Health and Human Services
  2364. >Trump proclaims October 9, 2017, as Columbus Day
  2366. NNTNN October 5, 2017
  2367. MORNING
  2368. >Trump tweets: "So wonderful to be in Las Vegas yesterday and meet with people, from police to doctors to the victims themselves, who I will never forget!"
  2369. >"Why Isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE!"
  2370. >"Stock Market hits an ALL-TIME high! Unemployment lowest in 16 years! Business and manufacturing enthusiasm at highest level in decades!"
  2371. >"Rex Tillerson never threatened to resign. This is Fake News put out by @NBCNews. Low news and reporting standards. No verification from me."
  2372. >DoD gives update on support to Puerto Rico Disaster and Relief Operations
  2373. >State Department Foreign gives press briefing on special projects
  2374. >Pentagon gives press briefing
  2375. >House passes $4.1 trillion budget in key step for upcoming tax debate
  2377. >"""Reports""" say WH plans to seek immigration cuts for DACA fix
  2378. >WH press briefing takes place
  2379. >Pence, Karen, and Rubio meet families in Florida
  2380. >Hawaii tells SC it plans to challenge new travel ban
  2381. >Pence hosts National Space Council's 1st meeting
  2382. >Says “America will return to the moon—and go beyond"
  2383. >Statement is given on the FY 2018 Budget Resolution
  2384. >Sixteen nominations sent to the Senate today
  2385. EVENING
  2386. >Tim Murphy to resigns from Congress
  2387. >WH announces 2017 'Fall Garden' tours
  2388. >Trump announces key additions to his Administration
  2389. >Trump participates in a briefing with senior military leaders
  2390. >Trump says: "This is the calm before the storm"
  2391. >Trump says Iran deal decision coming 'very shortly'
  2392. >Mueller's team met with Russia dossier author
  2393. >Multiple reports say John Kelly's phone was breached as early as December
  2394. >Trump says admin 'looking into' bump stock ban
  2395. >NRA supports new rules on bump stocks
  2396. >Mnuchin’s military flights exceed $800K
  2397. >Trump tweets: "Ralph Northam,who is running for Governor of Virginia,is fighting for the violent MS-13 killer gangs & sanctuary cities. Vote Ed Gillespie!"
  2399. NNTNN October 4, 2017
  2400. MORNING
  2401. >Trump tweets: "A great day in Puerto Rico yesterday. While some of the news coverage is Fake, most showed great warmth and friendship."
  2402. >NBC reports that Tillerson called Trump a 'moron'
  2403. >Trump tweets: "Wow, so many Fake News stories today. No matter what I do or say, they will not write or speak truth. The Fake News Media is out of control!"
  2404. >"NBC news is #FakeNews and more dishonest than even CNN. They are a disgrace to good reporting. No wonder their news ratings are way down!"
  2405. >"The @NBCNews story has just been totally refuted by Sec. Tillerson and @VP Pence. It is #FakeNews. They should issue an apology to AMERICA!"
  2406. >Yahoo reports that Trump one turned his back on 'dying' 80-year-old man because it was disgusting
  2407. >Mattis and Dunford testify before Senate Armed Services Committee
  2408. >Tillerson meets with Pakistani Foreign Minister Asif
  2409. >Tillerson gives statement: Says Pence never had to 'persuade' him to stay as SoS
  2410. >Marilou Danley is questioned by FBI in LA
  2411. >Border wall prototype is released!
  2413. >State Department gives press briefing
  2414. >Trump tweets: "I will be landing in Las Vegas shortly to pay my respects with @FLOTUS Melania. Everyone remains in our thoughts and prayers."
  2415. >Moore proposes '28th Amendment' to regulate gun ownership
  2416. >Tillerson delivers a keynote address at the Grand Challenges Meeting
  2417. >Trump and Melania head to LV
  2418. EVENING
  2419. >House panel approves $10B for border wall
  2420. >"""Sources""" say 'Trump dossier' on Russia links now part of special counsel's probe
  2421. >Trump meets with LV Metropolotian police
  2422. >Trump gives statement after meeting LV police
  2423. >Trump meets survivors of shooting
  2424. >Survivor refuses to sit for Melania and Trump
  2425. https://twitter.com/ChadKubisNC/status/915726671059341318
  2426. >Trump gives statement after meeting with patients and medical professionals
  2427. >Trump visits with civilian heroes and first responders
  2428. >Trump has phone calls with Enrique Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
  2429. >Ambush kills 3 US special forces in Niger
  2431. NNTNN October 3, 2017
  2432. MORNING
  2433. >Trump tweets: "I am so proud of our great Country. God bless America!"
  2434. >State Department gives press briefing
  2435. >"""Report""" claims Jared Kushner and Ivanka fined over late financial disclosure forms
  2436. >DoD gives update on PR Disaster and Relief Operations
  2437. >Trump announces second wave of United States Marshal nominations
  2438. >Eleven nominations and one withdrawal sent to the Senate today
  2440. >Trump delivers a statement upon departure to PR
  2441. >Trump & Melania receive briefing in PR
  2442. >Trump says to PR: 'You've thrown our budget out of whack'
  2443. >San Juan mayor tells President Trump 'it's not about politics'
  2444. >Reuters reports Trump administration backpedals on citizenship for 'Dreamers'
  2445. >Two different reports claim that Puerto Ricans can and cannot use food stamps to purchase 'hot food' in any store
  2446. >Trump and Melania visit Puetro Ricans
  2447. >Trump hands out supplies in PR
  2448. EVENING
  2449. >McCain holds up Trump's Pentagon nominees over lack of Afghanistan details
  2450. >House passes 20-week abortion ban
  2451. >Trump says Puerto Rico's debt will have to be wiped out
  2452. >Trump to ask Congress for $29B for disaster aid
  2453. >Puerto Rico governor says hurricane's death toll has risen to 34
  2454. >Trump and Melania meet with Governor Kenneth Mapp of the US Virgin Islands
  2455. >Trump tweets: "It is a "miracle" how fast the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were able to find the demented shooter and stop him from even more killing!"
  2457. NNTNN October 2, 2017
  2458. MORNING
  2459. >Mass shooting occurs at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas
  2460. >Deadliest mass shooting in US history
  2461. >59 people were killed and 527 injured (currently)
  2462. >ISIS claims responsibility
  2463. >FBI says there are no connections to ISIS, at this time
  2464. >Shooter is Stephen Paddock (white male)
  2465. >Trump tweets: "My warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible Las Vegas shooting. God bless you!"
  2466. >Trump gives remarks on Las Vegas shooting
  2467. >Democrats push for gun reforms
  2469. >Trump and Melania lead moment of silence for Las Vegas shooting victims
  2470. >Trump and Melania welcome the Prime Minister Yingluck of Thailand
  2471. >DoD gives update on Puerto Rico Disaster and Relief Operations
  2472. EVENING
  2473. >Trump and Theresa May have phone call
  2474. >Trump amends Florida disaster declaration
  2475. >Eight nominations sent to the Senate today
  2476. >Trump has phone call with Justin Trudeau
  2477. >Senate confirms Ajit Pai as FCC Chairman
  2478. >The Hill reports FDA chief says agency will take action to lower drug prices
  2479. >Murphy to introduce bill strengthening background checks
  2481. NNTNN October 1, 2017
  2482. MORNING
  2483. >Trump tweets: "We have done a great job with the almost impossible situation in Puerto Rico. Outside of the Fake News or politically motivated ingrates,..." "...people are now starting to recognize the amazing work that has been done by FEMA and our great Military. All buildings now inspected....." "...for safety. Thank you to the Governor of P.R. and to all of those who are working so closely with our First Responders. Fantastic job!"
  2484. >"I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man..." "...Save your energy Rex, we'll do what has to be done!"
  2485. >Kasich says 'I can't support the GOP if it doesn't reform'
  2487. >Kamala Harris says NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem should not be “threatened or bullied”
  2489. >Trump tweets: "Being nice to Rocket Man hasn't worked in 25 years, why would it work now? Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed. I won't fail."
  2490. >Congress misses deadline to reauthorize children's' health care program
  2491. EVENING
  2492. >Trump awards trophy at Presidents Cup
  2493. >Trump dedicates golf trophy to hurricane victims
  2494. >Scalise says his shooter had a 'political agenda'
  2495. >Kathy Griffin to Colin Kaepernick: 'Proud of you' for your activism
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