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  2. Apache Spark Solutions Engineer
  3. About Datapao
  4. Datapao ( is a consultancy and training company helping organizations kick off and mature their data analytics capabilities. We are Databricks’ partner, the company founded by the original authors of Apache Spark and the biggest contributor to Apache Spark. We constantly deliver Professional Services projects on behalf of Databricks for both startups and long-established enterprises. As a training company, we provide on-site and online courses globally. We worked with attendees from companies like Apple, Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, the biggest financial and technology companies in the world and delivered Spark courses at Strata NYC, Strata London, Spark Summit San Francisco & London, as well as many other events.
  6. The job
  7. As a Professional Services team member, you are responsible for helping companies ramp up using Apache Spark and the Databricks Platform. We operate globally, so you’ll have the opportunity to travel (mostly in Europe/EMEA). Most engagements offer an opportunity to meet the client on site and take the work gradually to a fully remote setting. It’s a great experience where you’ll meet a lot of interesting companies, understand their use-cases and challenges while learning all the bits and pieces of Apache Spark and how Data Engineering, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning works on a scale.
  8. We are also hiring an Apache Spark Instructor. If you feel like teaching, an instructor role could be part of the cooperation.
  9. Why work with us?
  10. At Datapao we believe in keeping things simple and getting work done. No corporate policies, no unnecessary access restrictions. You pick the laptop that you believe will make you most efficient. You can enroll in courses and order any of the books you need to improve. You will be able to participate in Databricks’ official Spark programming, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning courses and get a free pass to Spark Summits. Also, we work flexitime. Your ill-leaves are on us, no need to see the doctor merely for the paperwork. We have an office in downtown Buda, even though you can spend a significant amount of your time working from where you want.
  12. All in all, we do our best making Datapao a delightful place to work.
  13. Salary
  14. We are looking for Full Time Employees. The salary range depends on seniority and on your track record of engineering and data projects: 750 000 HUF to 1 400 000 HUF gross. The lower part of the range is for an associate, the top of the range is for senior engineers with distributed systems / Spark knowledge.
  16. Requirements
  17. Excellent command of English
  18. Good communication skills (you will work on client-facing projects)
  19. Strong programming skills (Python, Scala is a plus)  
  20. Data related experience (experience with data analytics, Data engineering, BI, Big Data, or Data warehousing, etc...)
  23. Apply with a LinkedIn profile or CV highlighting relevant references.
  24. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out:
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