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  1. [FM4A] Babysitter Trades Her Virginity For Her Job [Virgin][Legal Teen][Older man] [Sucking ‘n Fucking][Yes, Sir!][Dirty Talk][Mdom][Fsub][Rape][Just a brief mention but mandatory tag]
  3. <Indicate vocal tone suggestions> [Indicate suggested audio cues]{Indicate Script writer’s notes}
  5. S = Male Voice C = Female Voice
  7. S: <musing to himself> I can’t believe I got off so early tonight! Usually these things last for hours. The kids should already be asleep and the wife is gone for the weekend, I can’t remember the last time I had the whole house to myself. I’m sure Caroline will enjoy getting off early on a Friday night, too.
  9. [Keys jingling and door opening]
  11. [As the door opens soft sucking sounds can be heard in the distance and slowly get louder]
  13. S: <Confused, but not alarmed> What is that noise? Maybe the babysitter still has the kids up past their bedtime? I guess that isn’t so bad, it’s coming from the living room...
  15. [Sucking sounds becomes full volume]
  17. C: <Enthusiastically> Oh Aiden, your cock tastes so good! Are you going to cum in my mouth or on my face this time, baby?
  19. S: <Almost with rage> What in God’s name is going on in here young lady? Who is this kid?!
  21. C: <Panicked> OHMYGOD! I’m so sorry Mr. S, please don’t look!
  23. S: <Stern and very heated> Listen here you little punk, I don’t know what you think you’re doing but pull up your pants and get the hell out of my house this instant before I do something I might regret!
  25. [Frantic shuffling of clothes the ends with a slamming door]
  26. [During this Caroline can be heard saying “oh my God” softly in the background]
  28. S: As for YOU young lady...
  30. C: <Pleading> Please, please Mr. S...c-can I just put my top back on and we can talk about this? I’m so sorry! I feel really awkward having you see me in just my panties and having to cover my breasts with my hands...
  32. S: <Trying to control his voice> There is nothing to talk about Caroline. I am so angry right now, I cannot see straight! But more than that I am disappointed in you. You are the last person I thought would do something like this to us.
  34. C: Please don’t say that Mr. S! I made sure the kids were in bed and you know how deep they sleep...it was just this one time...
  36. S: <Trying to soften his voice> Caroline, I think of you like a daughter-
  38. C: Really Mr. S?
  40. S: Well...um...yes. You have been babysitting for us for years, I’ve practically seen you grown up. But this...this is just beyond the pale. I’m sorry Caroline but I don’t think we will be hacing you babysit after this.
  42. C: Oh PLEASE don’t see that Mr. S! I love spending time with the kids and you are the only family I work for...I really need the money and-
  44. S: Well, Caroline, you should have thought about that before you decided to suck your boyfriend’s cock in my goddamn living room while my kids slept upstairs. I think I am going to have to tell you parents about this-
  46. C: Mr. S! No...please no...please whatever you do don’t do that! I have prom in two weeks and there is no way they will let me go with Aiden if you tell them I was giving him a blowjob!
  48. S: You should have thought of that before you decided act like a whore in my fucking house.
  50. C: Please, PLEASE Mr. S...I am down on my knees! I know I don’t deserve it, but this was just one mistake! Please I will do anything to make this up to you. I can babysit for free, I can clean your house...I can-
  52. S: <Embarrassed> Um...uh...please stand up and put your clothes back on Caroline...I, um...
  54. C: <Putting a slight heat to her voice> Why do you want me to put my clothes on, Mr. S? Oh! Oh, I see...there seems to be something stiffening in your pants.
  56. S: <Defensive/Off balance> Uh, don’t be silly! I just don’t think that this isn’t appropriate and I was just so angry earlier I wasn’t thinking...please just dress yourself and-
  58. C: You don’t sound very angry now Mr. S. And judging by the swelling in your pants I would say you are starting to feel happy!
  60. S: <Shocked> Caroline!
  62. C: <Slowly putting the seduction on> What Mr. S...it’s only natural for your body to respond to a hot, half-naked 18 year old kneeling in front of you. Especially when I let me hands drop! Whoops!
  64. S: Caroline what are you doing! I-I .um, am not getting aroused I am just not looking out of politeness!
  66. C: I can’t miss prom, and I can’t lose this job, Mr. S! I mean it, I would do anything for you to keep this between us. I can only imagine how angry your wife would or my parents would be if they found out! Let me make it up to you. I can’t be in more trouble than I am now Mr. S...so I might as well try anything I can do to get out of it. And I do mean anything Mr. S...any-thing. What I was doing with Aiden I-I can do for you too...don’t my hands feel good on your legs? Were you jealous it was someone else’s cock I was sucking in your house and not yours?
  68. S: Caroline, stop this right now! I don’t know what you game is but we can’t do this!
  70. C: What game? I’m serious Mr. S, I can’t be in trouble. Just let me make it up to you. If you let me suck your cock, we will both have a secret so we both know we can’t tell. I’ve seen you looking at me out of the corner of your eye, Mr. S...I know I am hot and you are still a guy after all.
  72. S: <Growing less sure> I, um...I can’t say I’ve never thought about it...
  74. C: Really Mr.S? That makes me feel really sexy that a big strong man like you likes looking at me...and thinking about me...why don’t you sit on the couch and I will just get between your legs like I was when you walked in...
  76. S: What am I doing...this is so wrong, I’ve practically watched you grow up!
  78. C: I turned 18 two months ago so I’m legal and this will just be our little secret. I can feel how hard you are through your pants so I know part of you is excited by the idea. Please Mr. S...I need you to not tell!
  80. S: <With a dominant edge entering your voice>If I’m going to this, well...so, you’re willing to do anything to keep your job?
  82. C: And for you to not tell my parents!
  84. S: Yes, yes that too. If you behave like a good girl and do as I say, I think we can keep this between us. First, call your parents and tell them you are going to be late. If you want to keep this between us you are going to be mine for the night. All mine, understand?
  86. C: <A little unsure> Yes, yes whatever you want! I will be completely yours! [phone dialing] <With forced enthusiasm> Hey mommy! No, everything is ok here...no Aiden did not come over. I am just calling because Mr. S had an emergency in the office and Mrs. S is out of town so I have to stay for awhile. It’s ok, he said he is paying me double and will drive me back when he gets here so I don’t mind. OK, love you too mommy, bye!
  88. S: Good girl. Now take those panties off too.
  90. C: Yes, Mr. S! I-I have never gotten completely naked for anyone before...but I will do it for you. Do you like my frilly panties? I feel so sexy wearing them.
  92. S: They are very cute...I much more enjoy look at your shaved pussy. You are a little slut, aren’t you.
  94. C: No Mr. S! No one has ever looked at me down there before...not even my boyfriend...
  96. S: Mhmm, good. Now get back on your knees, right here. [Unzipping of pants] When we are alone you will call me “Sir” from now on.
  98. C: Yes, sir!  Oh wow...you are so much bigger than my boyfriend! Will it fit in my mouth?
  100. S: This is what a grown man’s cock looks like, and we are going to make it fit. Now suck my cock like a good little whore who wants to keep her job.
  102. C: Yes sir!
  104. [Sucking sounds mixed with an occasional “good girl” from Mr. S]
  106. C: Mr. S...is it ok if I like doing this? Your dick tastes so good...I can feel my pussy getting wet just from sucking your dick. Is that normal?
  108. [Sucking sounds while S talks]
  110. S: Of course it is normal for a dirty slut like you to get off doing what she was made for. I always knew you would be a hot little piece of ass, but I’m glad to see you a slutty bitch on top of that.
  112. C: Oh...Mr. S...Sir...no one has ever called me names like that before! It’s getting me so hot!
  114. S: I bet it is. That hot little mouth is feeling so good. Yeah use your hand on my balls like a good girl. You are just here to make me feel good tonight, understand?
  116. C: Yes, sir! I will do whatever you want!
  118. S: Yeah, suck that cock you filthy slut. Swirl your tongue around my head, show me what that little punk has taught you. Earn your job back like a dirty little whore does. <groans> Yeah, you like it when I grab your hair?
  120. C: Yes, sir! Please use me...I’m just your plaything to use...whatever you want to not fire or tell on me. I’ll suck your cock as much as you want however you want.
  122. S: Then you are going to take this cock deeper, skank!
  124. C: You’re too big for me to go dee-
  126. [sucking sounds turn into gagging noises]
  128. S: Sure you can. That’s right...I’m just going to hold you by that cute little ponytail and fuck your pretty little face. I want my balls slapping against your chin if you want to keep working here.
  130. C: <with her mouth still full> Yes sir, I’ll try...
  132. S: God...I haven’t got to do this in years, it feels so good to fuck such a hot little slut in the face. Your drool is dripping down my shaft in a river. You are being such a good girl. Now come up for air...
  134. C: Yes sir! Thank you sir! I’ll be the best girl for you sir, whatever you want!
  136. S: Suck and stroke me, Caroline. Show me how good you can be, how badly you want to please me. You want to be the perfect little whore for me don’t you?
  138. C: [Between sucks] Yes. Sir. Anything, sir. Everything sir. My pussy. Is dripping. Down my thighs. I love. Getting used. By you. Sir.
  140. S: That’s good you’re getting wet, my little pet, because that’s where my cock is going next!
  142. C: But Sir...I have never had a cock in there before, only toys. I was going to have my first time with Aiden after prom...
  144. S: We can stop right here if you want, but no one will take your word against mine, and you will still be fired, and I will still call your-
  146. C: NO! I mean, please don’t sir...I’m sorry I balked...I’m all yours, I’m your good girl...b-but can you please go easy on me for my first time?
  148. S: [Chuckling] Let me think about...no. This is not romance, you are making up for being a little slut in my house by being my good obedient whore. So I’m going to pound your pussy however I see fit and you will thank me for doing it.
  150. C: [groaning with desire] Yes sir, I’m your obedient suck and fucktoy. I said anything and I meant it.
  152. S: Good girl. Now lay on your back while I check...
  154. C: Mr. S! Your fingers!
  156. S: Yeah, that pussy IS sopping wet, all of your bare, smooth skin from your stomach to your knees is just glistening in the lamplight with your juices. Now, if we stick a finger IN [Caroline gasps and moans] wow...you are as tight as a bear trap. Your little walls are gripping my finger so hard it is hard to pull it back out.
  158. C: I-Is that a bad thing, sir?
  160. S:<laughs> Not it’s a good thing, baby. It’s very good. My little toy has an amazing pussy.
  162. C: Thank you, Sir!
  164. S: Now let me just get on top of you, and-
  166. C: Are you going to fuck me now sir?
  168. S: Very soon, baby. My little slut needs to learn some patience! I’m just going to tease up and down your slit, getting my cock nice and lubed up in your hot puddle of juices.
  170. C: m-m-m-m-m-m your cock feels so hot against my little cunny. I can feel my clit getting so hot when your head rubs against it.
  172. S: Now be a good girl and take a deep breath!
  174. C: Yes, s-[cut off my a loud gasping moan he enters her] Oh GOD, SIR! You’re so big.
  176. S: [moaning in satisfaction] Fuck your little teen snatch is so tight...I’m having to force my way forward for every inch. This virgin cunt it making me work for it! So...fucking...tight.
  178. C:<Shakily> I-it’s not all the way in yet? H-h-how?
  180. S: <Amused> Not yet, baby. But you’re going to be a good girl and take all of my cock aren’t you? Say it.
  182. C: I’m your good girl, sir, I can take all of your cock. I...I want all of your cock. It f-feels pretty good.
  184. S: <Groaning> You feel fucking amazing. I don’t know that last time I had a pussy this tight. Your virgin snatch is like heaven on my dick. I can feel you massaging every inch of my cock with that tight cunt. Ugh, yeah...now I’m all the way in. Now to start pulling back out [loud gasps from C] aaaaaand, back in all at once!
  186. [Wet sounds that slowly intensify]
  188. C: Oh fuck Mr. S! Sir! Ahhh! P-p-pleaseeeeee....
  190. S: Please what baby?
  192. C: Please fuck the shit out me sir! Your cock feels so amazing! Better than I ever fantasized about! I love you inside of me!
  194. S: Ugh, God...if I knew you were such a horny little slut or I would have been fucking you from the day you turned 18.
  196. C: Yes...yes...oh fuck yes! I would have let you sir! I would let you take my teen pussy. Your cock feels so amazing. Even if you had held me down and forced yourself inside of me, you feel so good I would have been you willing little whore after that. Use me...us me right now, use me whenever you want! I’m such a greedy little slut for you. Now and forever.
  198. S: You are a naughty piece of ass. Sucking and fucking to keep your job, to stay out of trouble, letting me slide in and out of your tight teen fuck hole as hard. As. I. Want.
  200. C: I don’t care about that anymore, sir. I just want you to fuck me for me! I want you! I want you to fuck me!
  202. S: Mhmm, that’s a good girl. For being such a willing little slut you get a treat.
  204. C: What that? Ohhhh shit....you are rubbing my clit with your hand!
  206. S: That’s right little girl. I’m going to make your sweet juicy pussy cream all over my cock, would you like that?
  208. C: Yes sir! Oh fuck yes sir! It feels so good! Your big thick cock filling up every inch of my tight snatch while your whip your fingers over my clit again and again. I feel something...building inside of me...
  210. S: That’s just an orgasm, baby. I guess your little boy friend hasn’t made you cum yet?
  212. C: No, sir...I’ve just blown him...y-you’re my first...this is my first...
  214. S: Just be a good girl and let it build, don’t try and fight it. Slutty little whores love cumming while they have their pussy rammed.
  216. C: Y-yes sir...I think...I feel I’m going to...CUM! Don’t stop, don’t stop...more please don’tstopdon’tstopdon’tstop. OH FUCK! YES...YES...YES! Mr. S! Sir! I’m cumming all over your cock! YES! Fuck yes!
  218. S: Good girl, you’re are being such a nasty slut cumming around my cock. Look at that, I can see your cum all over my shaft when I pull out. Your juices are coating both of us now and giving me a nice creamy cunt to fuck even harder.
  220. C: YES! Fuck yes...fucking use your little whore as hard as you want. That was amazing...I’ll be your willing little fuck toy whenever you want Sir. My tight wet fuckhole is open whenever you want it.
  222. S: Shit, you’re a naughty little whore. Are you on the pill, baby?
  224. C: Yes sir I’ve been on the pill since...
  226. S: FUCK, fuck...FUCK I’m going to...
  228. C: Oh Sir...Sir I can feel you getting even harder in me!
  230. S: Fuck! Yes! Take it! Take my load in your pussy!
  232. C: I can feel it! I can feel you cumming in me and it feels so gooooood! I can feel each spurt of your hot load as you shoot it deep inside my pussy! Fuck FUCK it’s so much its already running down my ass.
  234. S: Yes, yes, take it all you teen slut, take all my cum inside you...
  236. C: I love it! I love the feel of your cock trembling inside me as you shoot.
  238. S: <long moan> Fuck...that was some of the best pussy of my life! I don’t want to pull out.
  240. C: That was amazing sir...I never knew fucking could feel so good...or that I would get off on being called dirty names like that...I-I think I like being a slut for you. <shyly> You made me tell my parents I was going to be late...
  242. S: Yes, baby?
  244. C: Can we do it again before you take me back? I’d love to have you shoot another load inside me, or on me, or whatever you want.
  246. S: I think I have created a monster! Clean my cock off with your mouth and then I will bend you over the couch. I want to see that tight little ass bounce as I fuck your whore pussy.
  248. C: YAY! Y’know I’m just YOUR little whore, right sir?
  250. S: Yes and you’re my good little girl. Now start sucking.
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