drunk forces of the universe give orders to a ninja

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  1. [23:37:40] <Flamy> Guess Sylvera catches Shinny trying to get comms set u- Totally won't end badly.
  2. [23:37:44] <Giantree> BDEFGRRR?
  3. [23:37:51] <Flamy> Excellent.
  4. [23:37:53] <Giantree> ok so it's
  5. [23:38:00] <Giantree> the port town of bdefgger
  6. [23:38:16] <Flamy> Brerfdrg.
  7. [23:38:25] <Giantree> ok reall ya ctually though
  8. [23:38:33] <Giantree> if i did suppos like this i'd regre tit in the morning
  9. [23:38:35] <Giantree> howEVER
  10. [23:38:37] <Giantree> ygeah i can
  11. [23:38:43] <Giantree> tell you what happens when the ocmms happen
  12. [23:39:00] <Giantree> spoilers sylvie doesn't even barge in if seh catches you because she knows about all yourt ninja shit
  13. [23:39:11] <Giantree> and igs fvucking
  14. [23:39:21] <Giantree> mary sue DMPC who exists only to fgorce the plot down your throats
  15. [23:39:21] <Flamy> Oh, cool. Will Steyr tell me that the Noble Slayer is very near, and is approaching Rolant?
  16. [23:39:34] <Giantree> yeahn actualyl funnily enough
  17. [23:39:38] <Giantree> the spring ris likes
  18. [23:39:43] <Giantree> on the mountain ebcause LOL physics
  19. [23:39:49] <Giantree> and the mountainr is also a
  20. [23:39:50] <Giantree> uh
  21. [23:40:08] <Giantree> happends to be the spot where comms can happen because high places and radios and towers and whatEVER man it's a fantasy setting
  22. [23:40:25] <Giantree> no yeha thoutgh the walkie talkie goes bzzt and
  23. [23:40:34] <Giantree> "-u hear me?" some words come through
  24. [23:41:56] <Flamy> "Nagare Shinobu, reporting in. I hear you, Chief," Good, finally, some reception here. It was some pretty good reception, but that was the wrong kind. This was what Shinobu was looking for.
  25. [23:42:25] <Ramiel> Wait, when did we have walkie-talkies in this game?
  26. [23:42:38] <Ramiel> Did we just up the tech level suddenly?
  27. [23:42:39] <Flamy> > Sirrolant
  28. [23:42:54] <Giantree> "Oh good, you're not dead."  You hear a muttering under her breath like it's not really good.  "Okay, gimme your report but first thing's first, tell me why exaclty we've been reading the NS' location right next to you for the past few days?"
  29. [23:42:58] <Giantree> yeah sirrolant does fucking
  30. [23:42:59] <Ramiel> Magitech radio huh?  Neat
  31. [23:43:06] <Giantree> wack-ass extradimensional shit or wahtever
  32. [23:43:09] <Ramiel> Oh I'm sure Sir Rolant does
  33. [23:43:34] <Ramiel> Can't be Dragon Hitler without some perks
  34. [23:44:35] <Flamy> "I'm uh... part of some escorting party. Dunno which one of them is the NS, but uh... we did find a dragon inside some weird capsule thing. In a hot spring."
  35. [23:45:51] <Giantree> "Caps- what the fuck?  Okay hold on, we're gonna do some scie-" The comm cuts out.  Like it seriously cuts out for like, MINUTES.
  36. [23:47:22] <Giantree> After what feels like a zillion years it comes back on.  "... Okay.  An ARCHITECT?  You mean to tell me you just ~happened~ to ~accidentally~ stumble upon a fucking EARTH DRAGON?  In a public place?  And how does that even happen without the world getting drunk and fucking its own logic over sideways?"
  37. [23:48:42] <Flamy> "...Yeah, pretty much. The chick we're escorting uncovered her. I figure she's our NS."
  38. [23:49:11] <Giantree> "More deets, agent."  It's weird when she takes you seriously.  "Uncovered how?"
  39. [23:50:29] <Flamy> "Used some sort of reverse staff shit with a petrifying staff. Apparently, the dragon was sleeping underneath a rock. They act like it, too."
  40. [23:52:02] <Giantree> "Uh-huh?  Okay, you're cutting out a-" yeap guess who's also cutting out lol "-eard 'staff,' that's all I needed.  The last NS definitely has weaponry with the same effect as our world's staves, so that probably seals it.  Good work, kiddo."
  41. [23:52:30] <Giantree> "Could be a coincidence, but stay close to that group just in case.  If the signal ever diverges from your location I'll let you know over comm and call you a dumbass."
  42. [23:54:39] <Flamy> Well fuck. "Understood. She's apparently going to meet someone, too. I don't exactly understand the full details, but I think we know where she's headed, don't we?"
  43. [23:56:03] <Giantree> "... Meet, you say.  So the big R isn't with you?"  She's careful to use codenames just in case you're being spied on.  "You don't think someone might be him in disguise?  If he's really not there, that means everything we were assuming was wrong."
  44. [23:56:14] <Giantree> A deep sigh from the other side.  "... Which probably means you'll get a raise, too."
  45. [23:58:18] <Flamy> "We haven't confirmed it yet, don't be sighing about it yet. Anyway, how's things been on the other side?"
  46. [00:00:03] <Giantree> "Condition green so far.  We're sending some weirdoes to help recover the NS from our side, recommended that you rendezvous with them ASAP.  Once that's done, RTB."
  47. [00:01:11] <Giantree> "And I guess as a government official I have to tell you to try and keep casualties to a minimum too, but personally, I don't really give a damn.  Just don't let our precious cargo blow up on the way here, eh?"
  48. [00:03:33] <Flamy> "More weirdos, huh? Sounds like fun. Yeah, as much as I hate some of the escortees... we're gonna need them to get us through this. Have to admit that some of them look pretty damn good, though."
  49. [00:06:08] <Giantree> "Yeah, yeah.  Think with your dick all you want, just get the mission done.  Over."
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