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  1. Tentacles bursted out of the Hive's body, making a ripping sound as he noticed that the jianghuren was about to resist. They weren't used for offensive purposes - rather, instead of sluggishly sliding in combat, the tentacles pierce through the carpet and the wood to launch the demon forward, towards Ishida.
  3. As the Hive lands upon the floor, its body exhales a horrendous type of energy; there were two mixed together - occultism, which felt like a seeping corruption leaving cold burns on one's body, bubbling up over the skin, and cosmic energy. The demon seemed to be drawing its energy from the stars; such thing happens with some Magi, but it feels different for the Hive. As if the stars themselves were tainted, or perhaps the energy was corrupted by the Hive, the cosmic energy seemed to infuse itself with the occultism as they spread over the whole floor. Nowhere was safe from the demon.
  5. It stood there, in the middle of the corruptive energies, and it set its eyeless gaze upon Ishida. As if the very sight of the demon was capable of injuring, occultism bubbled inside of the man's body, spreading corruption from within, with the same cold burns associated with the magic of darkness; this wasn't just normal occultism. When wielded by the power's source - the demonkind - the shadows seemed darker, more dense, and carried with them the essence of chaos.
  6. A soft laughter echoed through Ishida's mind as he was brought to the ground from all of the energy being wildly thrown throughout the room. The laughter echoed through the edges of his consciousness, propagating itself repeatedly until it turned into one loud mess that gradatively turned into the agitated buzzing of a thousand wasps. They welcomed him.
  8. The Hive approaches the man, with that gaping maw still revealed. Reaching closer to him, there was a horrific suction sound, hoarse, coming from the demon's mouth; it was enough to suck in Ishida's body whole before the gaping maw closed at once; the wound that teared from its skin rapidly regenerating and leaving Ishida in nothing but shadow.
  10. He rapidly reached the demon's stomach, being then soaked in occultism. This wasn't a normal predator's digestion - in fact, the whole process was meant to be extremely quick, efficient, but also leaving Ishida awake for a long as physically possible. Not for the sake of sadism; as Ishida felt its body melting from the occultism that soaked the predator's stomach, he felt his conscience gradatively disappearing, as if it was tied to its physical body in a bigger sense than simply its lifeforce.
  12. <<You. Enhanced. Improved.>>
  14. Still feeling a connection to the Hive's mind, Ishida would hear the buzzing of the wasps growing stronger.
  16. <<You are now one of us. We are now the Hive.>>
  17. Ishida's blood and mana circuits were broken down and analyzed. That was the true purpose of the Hive eating - to break one's body down to the smallest possible particle, seeking to learn everything from it and integrate within itself. This bare truth was revealed to Ishida in his last seconds of life, as he felt his consciousness drift away...
  19. Somewhere, deep within the Hive's own consciousness, there was what looked like a catacomb. Hundreds of coccoons were in its walls, with a thousand wasps flying around and even more maggots sluggishly sliding over its floor; on the very center, there was an enormous coccoon. It looked cracked, leaking occultism and cosmic energy alike; the very center of the Hive's being, within the Evolution Chamber. Somewhere inside, one of the coccoons spawned yet another wasp, which breathed in the leaked occultism from the larger coccoon and mutated, horribly - yet another being that was one with the Hive.
  20. (Hive)
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