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Just Something Creepy&Funny [PROJECT]

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  2. Used games: The Sims 3&1, Worms 4, Zelda: Majora Mask
  3. I wrote this fastly as idea, but I think it will be good idea for the something interesting.
  5. Plot:
  6. Program.bat - Do you want to operate?
  7. Yes Yes
  8. (The Sims 3) You are in a closed house and you control a black figure and whenever you click, all other options are greyed out and you can only select "suicide". Then the whole area is burning and you see weird things in fire. Now you can operate with arrows and you can get simply access to four funny easter eggs. If you go further  or in wrong way, then you see all creepypasta images. After the reset there is a lot of images on your desktop, where is said "scary, terryfing...up to psychedelic" and the text terryfying changes with "worrying". After this you are in "Cave Of Bed Dreams" and you need to go to "The Cave Of The Worst Dreams". While you running you see creepy textes like "The Universum is burning", "Rockefeller killed the devil", One dead love nothing to all dead loves". In the cave of the worst dreams you get to creepy rayman fiction area, where is stone globox in a place full of sick water and scary tunnel to the pop-up which say that "This is supposed to be the scariest thing ever...now you re drowned", you fall and the program exists, but after reset you see creepy worms location and corpes, you scroll to images of human meat, embryos, corrupted "eutopias" (like heaven, Equestria or something else) and hell images. At the end (when you hit killed God image) you get surprised by maximally loud tone and then you are in a hall, where are some creepypastas (including Ben Drowned who says:
  11. You already met with terrible fate...I quess...
  13. and frightened Shadow Man,
  14. next you need to torture all frozen and unfrozen characters, after all someone knock on the door and you see that this is psychiatrist who take you to "The place of maximal pain" (you get also pain indicator on the screen). In this place are naked girls and in the last door with one standing girl you need to type your text which is translated into creepy character (in a language which says something from the bank). After some clicks your computer hangs with text "maybe it's in your computer" with photo of insane dude.
  16. Used music: high tone scary music, Dead space Ring around Rossie, Gehenna, deep-tone the armaguiddon ~Chaos~ (Raytunes), Soul Asylum (beggining)
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