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  1. You knock on my front door, I get up to answer it as I open the door your gorgeous face is the first thing I see followed by your tiny cute body in a small dress, we smile and say hello to each other and I invite you inside, after gently closing the door behind you I feel my dick starting to get hard and I put my hands on your side gently pushing you against the wall I look into your eyes momentarily with a mischievous look on my face before I start to kiss you, as we kiss I gently bite your lip as the tips of our tongues dance around each others, you put your hands on my strong arms my hands slide down your side to your ass as I start to kiss along your cheek to your ear gently nibbling it before I cup my hands under your ass and lift you up pressing you against the wall I gently bite and kiss down your neck.
  3. I put you back down on  your feet and grab a handful of your hair, gently pulling your head back I kiss you briefly before leading you into the bedroom by your hair, I walk you up to my bed by your hair and I push you over onto the bed with your ass poking up and your face on the mattress, I let go of your hair and put both your hands behind your back holding you down to the mattress with my right hand, with my left hand I lift your skirt revealing your ass I spank each cheek once leaving a little red hand print on both cheeks before sliding my fingers down your leg and back the inside of your leg up to your cute little panties which I see your little pussy underneath, I gently start to rub your pussy through your slightly wet panties with my fingers and you start to quietly moan, I feel my dick throbbing in my boxers as you moan.
  5. I start to pull your damp panties down over your ass down to your ankles revealing your gorgeous pussy, I take a piece of rope out from under the mattress and tie your hands behind your back, I then get on my hands and knees and put both hands on the side of your ass with your pussy and asshole right in front of my face I gently start to kiss your ass cheeks making my way to your pussy where I start to gently nudging your clit with the tip of my tongue, you let out little moans each time I do, I do this a few times before I put my tongue right out licking from your clit up over your pussy licking all your delicious juices off that have started to leak out, I put my lips around your pussy and start licking in various patterns over your clit as I gently suck your clit.
  7. With the tip of my tongue I start to lick up around your pussy to your freshly showered asshole and gently lick it while you squirm about letting out cute moans, I stand up and undo my belt with your gorgeous pussy and asshole looking up at me, I take my jeans and boxers off revealing my big hard dick, I'm so turned on at the sight of you that I have pre-cum leaking out the end of my dick, I kneel on the bed and make you lick the precum off my dick and make you put my big dick inside your tiny little mouth licking around the head of my dick with your tongue I let out a small moan before stopping you.
  9. I stand behind your ass poking up, with your hands still tied behind your back I grab one ass cheek with my left hand moving it to the side more to show your cute little asshole, I take my big hard throbbing dick with my right hand and I start to rub the head of it up and down over your slippery wet pussy, rubbing it over your clit I feel your warm wet pussy start to wrap around my big dick as I rub it over your hole, you start to beg me to put it inside and with that I put my other hand on your ass cheek gently spreading them as I start to push my big hard dick inside your tight wet little pussy, as I start to push inside we both let out moans I feel your pussy gripping my dick so tightly, I push my big dick all the way inside you as far as I can you let out a loud moan of enjoyment as I start to thrust my big dick in and out of your lovely warm, wet pussy.
  11. As I fuck you harder and faster, you start to moan louder and louder before telling me that I'm going to make you cum I start to push my big dick as deep as I can I lick my fingers and put my hand under your stomach leaning over you and I start to rub your clit from underneath, I feel your pussy tighten up around my big dick and you you start to let out a few high pitched moans heavily breathing before you say under your breath that you're going to cum, your legs start to shake and as your pussy tightens up I feel myself beginning to cum you let out a loud long moan as your pussy tightens and loosens around my big dick I can't hold back anymore holding your tiny body tight I let out a moan as my penis throbs I start to squirt my cum deep inside your pussy you feel my cum squirting inside you with each throb, as we stop cumming we both lay there momentarily breathing, I lift myself off you with my big dick sliding out of your pussy my cum pours out of your pussy down your leg I kneel on the bed making you lick the remaining cum off my dick and your tasty pussy juices while I untie your hands, I wipe the cum off your leg and we cuddle up falling asleep with you in my arms.
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