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  1. [23:00:57] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: where is systm?
  3. [23:01:21] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: why other players doing that apply?
  4. [23:01:33] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: What do you mean?
  5. [23:01:38] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: and who are you?
  6. [23:01:46] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: me ? I'M MARAZ ;)
  8. [23:01:57] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: also who are yu? (Taking the piss since he can see my name from IRC, I asked him since he was guest)
  9. [23:02:14] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Your nightmare
  10. [23:02:17] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: I love gx system! ^^ :D
  11. [23:02:42] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: O: are you?
  12. [23:02:52] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: yes
  13. [23:03:35] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: I never talks with licker ^^
  14. [23:04:57] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Who is licker?
  15. [23:03:47] [Trusted Player Domination[27] (ID:44)]: You're probably someone with poor english
  16. [23:05:02] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: lol I didn't say anyone I talks good english
  17. [23:05:58] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: pff shut up :D
  18. [23:06:25] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Boiiii, don't tell me to shut up
  19. [23:06:26] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: I just asked a question who is tod? :D why his apply danied?
  20. [23:06:33] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: then he was TP ingame
  21. [23:06:57] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: I can tell you!
  22. [23:06:57] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: Dont worry ;)
  23. [23:06:57] [Trusted Player Domination[27] (ID:44)]: Lmao
  24. [23:06:57] [Trusted Player Domination[27] (ID:44)]: You arrogant af
  26. [23:06:58] [TP Chat Guest4100 (#gamerX)]: you can complain to me!
  27. [23:07:10] [Clan Chat Domination[27] (ID:44)]: Lol wtf
  28. [23:07:29] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Okay that's not Maraz
  29. [23:08:12] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Oh and he wasn't denied (Answering his question)
  30. [23:08:15] [TP Chat MaRaZ (#gamerX)]: ^^
  31. [23:08:24] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Oh it is him
  32. [23:08:40] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Your ass is gonna get warned if you continue that behaviour
  33. [23:08:57] [TP Chat MaRaZ (#gamerX)]: ouw scared :D
  35. [23:09:08] * PM from MaRaZ (#gamerX): fuck off amk
  36. [23:09:20] [IRC CHAT Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: amk?
  37. [23:09:32] * PM from MaRaZ (#gamerX): Translate it!
  38. [23:09:45] [IRC CHAT Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: No can't be asked
  40. [23:09:43] [TP Chat MaRaZ (#gamerX)]: Don't warn me!
  41. [23:10:03] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: I will
  42. [23:10:43] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Better improve that attitude before it's late.
  43. [23:11:18] [TP Chat MaRaZ (#gamerX)]: go to tell other admin!
  44. [23:11:38] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Why should I? I can deal with misbehaviours myself
  45. [23:11:42] [TP Chat MaRaZ (#gamerX)]: stop talk with me baby :)
  46. [23:11:50] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Don't call me baby
  47. [23:12:26] [ADMIN Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: What is wrong with him?
  48. [23:12:10] [TP Chat MaRaZ (#gamerX)]: I remember a song baby :)
  49. [23:12:52] [Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: The song ''Baby''? By JB?
  50. [23:13:45] [TP Chat MaRaZ (#gamerX)]: I don't listen Justin
  52. ***After IRC Conversation***
  54. [23:34:44] [ADMIN Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: Going to demote Maraz
  55. [23:35:02] [ADMIN Eliteus[27] (ID:28)]: I will post all logs on admin section
  56. [23:35:10] * Admin Eliteus[27] (ID:28) used bring to teleport MaRaZ[IC] (ID:17) [From VW 0]
  57. [23:35:13] * Trusted Player Status has been removed from MaRaZ[IC] (ID:17).
  58. [23:35:21] MaRaZ[IC] (ID:17): fock off now!
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