My Fantasy Kain't Be This Final

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  1. [11:58:05] * ~Kain takes out the shiny new game box, still in its shrink wrap and begins to open it :3
  2. [11:58:08] <Anise> yaay
  3. [11:58:19] * ~Kain cracks open, sniiiiiiff
  4. [11:58:37] <~Kain> Ah, that fresh new game smell.
  5. [11:58:57] * ~Kain pops the game into the gamestation
  6. [12:00:36] <Giantree> >buying games
  7. [12:00:36] <~Kain> Blackness... blackness... Oh, here we go!
  8. [12:00:36] <~Kain>
  9. [12:00:36] <~Kain> A view speeds through the skies at high speed, with occasional flashes to the bright, fresh faces of adventurers before showing them riding an airship at breakneck speeds. They seem to be in pursuit of a second, larger airship, on which the view zooms, showing a man dressed in a dark cloak grinning as he begins to toss the garment aside. The scene changes with the gestures, showing Lenore
  10. [12:00:36] <~Kain> and Celina fighting a group of Bombs that have surrounded them. They stand back to back, and look over their shoulders at each other before a massive bolt of Thundara combined with a surge of lightning from Celina's mouth combine to blow the enemies away. Theta stands in the midst of Lindblum's theatre district on a rooftop, watching a play with interest. Ammaryllis and Natalie are shown
  11. [12:01:13] <~Kain> standing in the smoldering ruins of a mansion at night, the latter pulling a precious birthday present from the wreckage while Ammy stands attentively nearby, looking solemn at the sight. Cut to a group shot of everyone fighting a giant demon-looking thing and struggling for their lives - then flashes across the world - A king and queen sit on the throne of Alexandria, embracing sadly. A
  12. [12:01:14] <~Kain> to rooftop in a restored Madain Sari, a young girl on his shoulder and a small boy unsteadily trying to follow behind. A gathering of pint-sized black mages stand mourning in front of a grave in their village, before setting off each to a different direction. The view pans up to the sky once again, where the airship from the beginning sails along the sky, showing a view of our heroes as they
  13. [12:01:14] <~Kain> look determined.
  14. [12:01:14] <~Kain> FINAL FANTASY IX-2
  15. [12:01:15] <Anise> shut up tree
  16. [12:01:15] <Anise> this is a game anyone would buy :I
  17. [12:01:15] <~Kain>
  18. [12:01:15] <~Kain> New Game
  19. [12:01:15] <~Kain> Continue
  20. [12:01:17] <Anise> >continue
  21. [12:01:25] <~Kain> Continue is greyed out. BZZT
  22. [12:01:36] <~Kain> No save data for Final Fantasy IX-2 found.
  23. [12:01:49] <~Kain> >New Game
  24. [12:02:11] <castfromhp> I wanna name Theta "Dicks" for this run. Can we do that?
  25. [12:02:12] <~Kain> >Yadda yadda options, setting the ATB to Wait, message speed fast...
  26. [12:02:25] <~Kain> >Difficulty select. Easy, Normal, Hard, or Nightmare
  27. [12:02:27] <~Kain> hm
  28. [12:02:30] * ~Kain selects Nightmare
  29. [12:03:17] <~Kain> Loading... loading...
  30. [12:05:22] <Anise> (should we nick up or what :B)
  31. [12:05:23] <~Kain> The view opens with a slow, rolling scroll of a large landmass, passing past a gigantic castle on the plateau of a mist-free continent and pans down as the view starts to cross the ocean. The cries of seagulls flying by are heard, and the camera slowly pans back up, passing through a layer of clouds to reveal a small fleet of five airships, flying in formation.
  32. [12:05:27] <~Kain> (Not yet!)
  33. [12:05:30] <Anise> (k)
  34. [12:07:22] <~Kain> Thick gouts of steam chug from these airships' massive engines, propelling them through the sky. The camera moves in to focus on a man in a dark cloak with a hood, standing on the bow of the foremost airship. A zoom-in of his face reveals no features but his mouth, which twists up into a smile. The scene cuts away to a view of the airships again and then begins to zoom across the ocean, a
  35. [12:07:22] <~Kain> mountainous island coming into sight. Waterfalls pour from the peaks, rushing down the rocks and massing into pools under a massive bridge that leads inside...
  36. [12:11:06] <~Kain> Inside the library city of Daguerreo, people can be seen browsing the hundreds of thousands of tomes that line the city's walls, wading through the shallow pools of water to move to and fro. Scholars sit in loungechairs, debating each other on certain topics of interest, small children ride up and down water-pressure powered lifts... The camera sweeps by the center of the city, where a small
  37. [12:11:06] <~Kain> pedestal lies forgotten, it bears the image of a winged serpent and has a small hole of some sort. The camera drifts by and we see a young red-headed woman, minding her own business as she reads a book. Then, without warning, there's a crackle of energy and a pop as a boy in black mage robes appears mid-air, falling on top of her.
  38. [12:11:27] <~Kain> (Still no nicking... just yet :3c)
  39. [12:12:34] <~Kain> Woman: "Aaaah! W-what the hell?!" she manages to yell.
  40. [12:13:14] <~Kain> (The reason for no nicking just yet is because I wanted to do the input name screen - is that stupid ;; )
  41. [12:13:25] <~Kain> (Anyway zoof it's your cue)
  42. [12:13:26] <Giantree> (and then he /nicks to Dicks)
  43. [12:13:30] * zoofman is now known as Dicks
  44. [12:13:35] <castfromhp> (yes)
  45. [12:13:39] <castfromhp> (yesss)
  46. [12:13:50] <~Kain> INPUT NA-oh
  47. [12:13:54] * Dicks then slaughters the fun
  48. [12:13:57] * Dicks is now known as Theta
  49. [12:15:08] <~Kain> Woman: "Who the hell are you and what do you think you're doing? Get off me!"
  50. [12:15:41] <Theta> The young man leaps back to his feet, looking around completely puzzled. "My word!  This isn't town hall!  Where...exactly is this..?" He scratches his head, then looks down. "Oh, my apologies, ma'am!"
  51. [12:17:15] <~Kain> Woman: "...What? You don't know where you are? ...Well, this is Daguerreo, the City of Flowing Knowledge." She still seems to scowl at him, but not as badly as she picks herself up. "What, are you some kind of mage? Botched a spell?"
  52. [12:19:21] <Theta> "Danguerro...Danguerro..." He paces back and forth a bit, then turns back to her, shakes his head.  "Nope, doesn't ring a bell., I am not a mage."
  53. [12:19:42] <Theta> "Though I can only imagine one sent me here. Hrm."
  54. [12:20:15] <~Kain> She dusts herself off and sits back down with her book. "Well, your problem, not mine."
  55. [12:23:34] <Theta> He looks around a bit more. "Very well, then!  If this is indeed the City of Flowing Knowledge, then it is an ideal start on my venture.  Yes, yes..." He starts off on his own, with one final look back, "Sorry about the...inconvienence, ma'am!"
  56. [12:25:42] <~Kain> She waves you off, not too concerned anymore either way. You seem to be on the upper level of a three-tiered city, books line the walls as far as the eye can see. Most of the people around dress in fine clothing or robes and walk about on their own business.
  57. [12:25:59] <~Kain> What do?
  58. [12:28:01] * Theta looks at the what seems to him endless collection of books in total awe. "Ohmy. Where do I even begin..." He approaches the wall, starting to inspect the tomes from a closer distance.
  59. [12:28:59] <Kaingaskhan> (What did I miss)
  60. [12:29:15] * Theta looks at the what seems to him endless collection of books in total awe. "Ohmy. Where do I even begin..." He approaches the wall, starting to inspect the tomes from a closer distance.
  61. [12:29:31] <Kaingaskhan> You see something glittering between a few books...
  62. [12:30:58] <Theta> "Hm?" He reaches for it.
  63. [12:31:06] <Kaingaskhan> !
  64. [12:31:10] <Kaingaskhan> You got a Potion.
  65. [12:31:28] <Kaingaskhan> The books themselves seem to be on an astounding variety of subjects. There are stories, play scripts, scientific journals, biographies...
  66. [12:32:18] <Kaingaskhan> And is that... ...oh my, THAT might be a little too lewd for this library. :X
  67. [12:32:46] <Kaingaskhan> Looking for anything in particular?
  68. [12:33:41] <@Aori_Radidjiu> (Part of me was hoping one of the girls would pop up while he was perusing the lewd one, right before he hastily puts it away.  Oh well. :3)
  69. [12:34:09] * Theta gets at a bit flustered at that, placing it back quickly, looking from side to side. "Hrmm..." He grabs a few of the scientific journals for now, and one of the play scripts, then goes to find a nice place to start reading!
  70. [12:35:12] <Kaingaskhan> There's a nice seat conveniently back over where the woman you teleported on top of was! She glances up as you return.
  71. [12:35:46] <Kaingaskhan> "...So what's your name, anyway?"
  72. [12:36:20] <Giantree> (Dicks)
  73. [12:36:33] <Anise> (Ratfeet)
  74. [12:36:34] <Anise> (oh wait)
  75. [12:36:43] <Theta> "Hello, again!" He plops the books down, grabbing whatever one is arbitrarily on top and takes his seat.  "Me? I am Theta."
  76. [12:37:00] <Theta> He cracks the book open. "And...may I ask the same to you?"
  77. [12:37:03] <Kaingaskhan> "Theta? ...Weird name. I'm Elizabeth."
  78. [12:38:04] <Kaingaskhan> Elizabeth: "..." She seems to be trying to stifle her curiosity.
  79. [12:38:49] <Theta> "Is it?  Hm..I suppose it might be, given our tendancies..." he seems to trail off in thought on this a bit.
  80. [12:39:10] <Kaingaskhan> Elizabeth: "So you're not a mage, and you're not really a scholar either if you haven't heard of Daguerreo..."
  81. [12:39:29] <Kaingaskhan> Elizabeth: "Where ARE you from?"
  82. [12:41:37] <Theta> "Black Mage Village," he says it as if it were like 'oh right next door.'
  83. [12:41:51] <Kaingaskhan> "...! That's...."
  84. [12:42:03] <Kaingaskhan> Scene fade!
  85. [12:42:37] <Kaingaskhan> As the scene fades back in, we come upon two young women on the western side of the mid level of the city...
  86. [12:42:43] <Kaingaskhan> INPUT NAMES and descriptions!
  87. [12:43:08] <Anise> (Robert and Worf)
  88. [12:43:23] * castfromhp moves the cursor
  89. [12:43:24] <castfromhp> C
  90. [12:43:26] <castfromhp> H
  91. [12:43:26] <castfromhp> E
  92. [12:43:27] <castfromhp> E
  93. [12:43:33] * castfromhp gets the controller slapped out of his hand
  94. [12:43:36] <castfromhp> :<
  95. [12:43:45] * castfromhp is now known as Amaryllis
  96. [12:44:16] <Giantree> The cursor hesitates over plenty of lewd nicknames but disapproving looks get them all backspaced.
  97. [12:44:22] * Giantree is now known as Natalie
  98. [12:45:25] <Kaingaskhan> Alright you two, what are YOU up to?
  99. [12:46:23] <Kaingaskhan> (Also descriptions)
  100. [12:46:55] <Natalie> Plopped down lazily, a blue-haired girl with gigantic ribbons all over her clothing stays on one page of a giant tome.  'Advanced White Magic' or somesuch- only, instead of flipping through, she trains her eyes on the page and has her whole hand inside it, occasionally making a shifty-eyed glance to either side.  There's a small, muffled 'nnn' noise with each breath she takes.
  101. [12:49:40] <Amaryllis> The taller of the pair is wrapped in a ragged heavy coat, her emerald hair just covering up the emblem of an Onion on the back. A necklace of gil coins hangs from her neck and jangles as she reaches up to pull a heavy volume of myths and legends from the shelves.
  102. [12:49:30] <Kaingaskhan> This part of the library seems fairly quiet... except for a couple of women off to the side, arguing. One seems to have brown hair and thick glasses, the other is a blonde with a star tattoo under her eye.
  103. [12:50:51] <Kaingaskhan> Glasses: "I'm telling you! White and Black magic are more diverse and interlinked than you realize! Certain subsets of both can actually be classified in different categories of magic entirely - time magic and green magic!"
  104. [12:51:22] <Kaingaskhan> Star-eye shakes her head. "Your argument makes no sense, you say they're interlinked but then you say there's new categories of magic entirely?"
  105. [12:51:56] <Kaingaskhan> Glasses: "You're not listening, some elements of both share certain properties that- oh, never mind, you just don't get it!"
  106. [12:52:41] * Natalie peps up! Her blue eyes stare at the two for a second before a lightbulb pops over her head and she goes back to mumbling, moving her wrist a bit inside the book. "There... G-R-E-E-N...." Satisfied, she ignores the two with a giant smile. Well, the three.
  107. [12:53:14] * Amaryllis pauses and tucks the old tome under one arm, turning to Natalie. "This argument may be educational for you, milady."
  108. [12:54:20] <Natalie> "Yes, yes, their bickering has already proved useful enough.  Let's not stop them."  Her haughty, noble tone gives way for just a second as she looks straight up, "Okay~?"
  109. [12:55:00] <Kaingaskhan> Star-Eye: "So where does Blue Magic enter into this theory of yours?" Glasses: "Well, that's..."
  110. [12:55:42] * Amaryllis nods and returns her attention to the bookshelves. Any monster bestiaries? She grabs one of those ladders you find in libraries to better go through the shelves, if Daguerreo uses those.
  111. [12:56:45] <Natalie> "Blue... ohhh, it's not in here.  That's enough, I'm bored."  With a grunt, the short noble girl pulls out the book of crossword puzzles from inside the giant tome and throws it lazily on a shelf, putting back the huge tome as well.  "It's time to look for something else..."
  112. [12:58:19] <Kaingaskhan> You look through a number of books - Lord Avon's "Memory of a Distant Star", Chocobo Breeding for Dummies, Final Fantasy, How to Make your Own Garden... goodness, these are completely out of order, who arranges these books? Oh, wait, here's a compendium on Mist Continent wildlife...
  113. [13:00:30] * Amaryllis pulls out the compendium and flips to the T's as she lowers herself back to the ground. Are Tantarians even considered wildlife? Oh well. "Bored?" She turns to Nat. "Perhaps we should find a story instead then."
  114. [13:00:48] <Kaingaskhan> You open a page to Trick Sparrows, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot.
  115. [13:01:17] <Kaingaskhan> Tantarians certainly aren't there.
  116. [13:01:30] <Natalie> Her eyes SPARKLE.  "Would you r- .. I mean, that would be most appreciated, Amaryllis.  Those clowns," she signals to the arguing pair, "are only interesting for so long."
  117. [13:01:39] <Natalie> "Which isn't very long at all."
  118. [13:01:56] <Amaryllis> "Don't let them hear that." Ammy says in a quiet, flat tone.
  119. [13:01:59] <Kaingaskhan> Star-Eye turns her attention over to Natalie. "Excuse me?"
  120. [13:02:05] <Amaryllis> (of course this means the- yep)
  121. [13:02:38] * Natalie looks up to her servant and spins around. "I said you clowns aren't interesting. Perhaps you'd rather pick a more exciting topic to argue about?"
  122. [13:03:47] <Kaingaskhan> Star-Eye: "Are you trying to pick a fight, you ignorant little wench? I'll have you know-" Glasses: "Gale, hush. We don't need any trouble right now."
  123. [13:05:03] <Natalie> "I'm not.  I'm saying that the relation between White, Black, Time, Blue, and Green magics are all common knowledge.  the least you could do is fight with each other on how to apply them, and manners of their applications thereof."
  124. [13:05:38] * Natalie grabs another book without looking at the title and walks back over to where she was sitting, plopping down. "Be mindful of who you're boring before you make people bored."
  125. [13:05:40] * Amaryllis looks to Nat, then to the two women, with a tired gaze. "Please forgive the good lady. We is quite precocious." Ammy puts a hand on Nat's shoulder.
  126. [13:05:53] <Kaingaskhan> Gale: "I should just let her get away with insulting us? I don't thin- GREEN MAGIC ISN'T EVEN A THING that's what I've been trying to tell her!"
  127. [13:06:53] <Natalie> Flip.  "It is in some bizarre theories."  Flipflip.  "Not that those are often taken seriously."
  128. [13:07:07] <Kaingaskhan> Gale: "Tch... Fine, let's just leave, Cirra."
  129. [13:07:44] <Kaingaskhan> Cirra: "I'm sorry for my friend's temperment. If you'll excuse us..."
  130. [13:07:58] <Natalie> "See, Amaryllis?  Now we'll have peace and quiet to ourselves.  That wasn't difficult."
  131. [13:08:02] <Natalie> Flip.
  132. [13:08:08] <Natalie> "... This one's boring, too."
  133. [13:08:12] <Kaingaskhan> The two women go to leave.
  134. [13:08:18] <Amaryllis> "Of course. Apologies for the lady's behavior as well."
  135. [13:09:25] <Kaingaskhan> Cirra: "It's no trouble..."
  136. [13:09:35] <Kaingaskhan> And after a moment, the two of you are left alone.
  137. [13:09:37] * Amaryllis sighs and slumps a bit, dropping her respectful demeanor for a moment. She speaks in a cynical deadpan. "We are going to have a hell of a time making friends at this rate, Nat."
  138. [13:10:28] <Natalie> "... Hee."  She slams the book closed and gets a spark in her eye.  "This way we'll separate the boring ones from the friends we want."
  139. [13:10:46] <Natalie> "Nnn... there are just a lot of boring people here, that's all."
  140. [13:12:33] <Kaingaskhan> Aaaaand SCENE SHIFT?
  141. [13:12:37] <Amaryllis> "Favors are favors, and we've burned all of ours. This shall be the last of the House's chapters if we keep writing out those who you find boring from our tale." Ammy returns to the shelves.
  142. [13:12:43] <Amaryllis> (sure)
  143. [13:12:57] <Natalie> (yeah that's fine)
  144. [13:14:09] <Kaingaskhan> Our attention turns towards a room on the side of the lower level, where an older Cleyran in green robes still feverishly studies her books. She looks up as she gets a visitor. "...Oh! You've come to visit?"
  145. [13:14:14] <Kaingaskhan> INPUT NAME
  146. [13:14:26] * Anise is now known as Celina
  147. [13:14:41] <Amaryllis> (>not making a name input screen joke)
  148. [13:14:42] <Amaryllis> (booooo)
  149. [13:14:52] <Celina> (I'm not good at being funny ;_;)
  150. [13:14:59] <Kaingaskhan> (Ratfeet was funny enough)
  151. [13:15:05] <Kaingaskhan> (Anyway!)
  152. [13:15:14] <Celina> (I didn't come up with ratfeet)
  153. [13:19:16] * Celina , a tall Burmecian wearing green armor, is slightly out of breath from her morning routine - ten laps around Daguerro, no lifts allowed - but stands up properly at attention - at least for a few seconds, and then she's nervously fiddling with the end of her long whitish braid. "Well. I thought that perhaps visiting one of the Oracles would give me some idea of what I should be doing
  154. [13:19:16] * Celina to aid in the reconstruction - Oh!" She seems to have realized something. "Celina Mirach, ma'am, formerly of Cleyra. Now," she adds, a little bitterly, "Not of anywhere in particular."
  155. [13:21:59] <Kaingaskhan> Oracle Kildea smiles. "Celina... Yes, I think I remember you. Bit of an energetic child, weren't you? Cleyra still lives on in each of our hearts, and through New Cleyra... You wanted to help with the reconstruction? Hm..."
  156. [13:22:13] <Kaingaskhan> She gives a glance at a potted sapling sitting on a table nearby.
  157. [13:23:39] <Celina> "Yes, ma'am. New Cleyra must be allowed to grow, safe from the Alexandrians."
  158. [13:23:44] <Celina> "Like your plant over there."
  159. [13:26:09] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "I'm rather afraid that many have given up on restoring the original Cleyra at this point... at least enough to make it hard on those of us who do. But I don't plan on giving up. This sapling is the same kind as the tree that once housed our people... One day, I hope to see it grow as tall as the original. But yes! New Cleyra is our lifebed, the home of our people now. I've been doing
  160. [13:26:09] <Kaingaskhan> everything I can, pouring every day of my life into researching methods of improving our lives... It's so fascinating, what you can learn in a book. But as for what you can do?"
  161. [13:26:46] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "First, I noticed the armor you're wearing... it calls our Burmecian cousins to mind, doesn't it?"
  162. [13:27:56] <Celina> "Well, ah, I saw the design in a book and did the best I could to follow it." Celina looks a little embarrassed. "It's not quite the same, but - I hope that some day I'll be able to do just as much as they do..."
  163. [13:29:40] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "It's been the nature of our people for centuries to shy from battle, but that same attitude is what led us to be slaughtered at the hands of those black mages so many years ago..." she sighs. "I suppose it's unavoidable to want to take up arms to prevent like tragedies from ever occuring."
  164. [13:29:48] <Celina> She shifts from foot to foot. "And I found this spear in a weapon shop - I'm not very good with it yet, but, well. It's sort of like dancing, so I'm getitng the hang og it - Hm?"
  165. [13:31:16] <Celina> "Right. We can rebuild all we want, but if there is no one to protect what we've made, then New Cleyra is doomed. We've no sandstorm, no great tree to protect us now. And so, it falls to the Cleyrans themselves, doesn't it?"
  166. [13:31:17] <Celina> *of
  167. [13:33:07] <Celina> "But we're getting distracted, aren't we? I came here looking for advice, not to give you a lecture - I imagine you're entirely aware of what's at stake."
  168. [13:34:15] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "Our livelihood, yes. Not that we have reason to distrust the Alexandrians and Lindblums these days, but it never hurts to be prepared. Unfortunately I'm no fighter myself, so I can't give you much advice, but I can tell you that if you wish to help Cleyra then follow your dreams. If the path of a dragon knight is for you, then you'll do well, yes?"
  169. [13:34:46] <Celina> "I certainly hope that will be the case."
  170. [13:36:18] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "As for other things, well... I've actually been researching Master Gizamaluke, the entity that protected the grotto below where the New Cleyra settlement is today, in hopes that some insight into his legend and the secrets of his grotto might aid our people somehow. such luck yet I'm afraid. For all intents and purposes he seems to have just been a revered sacred beast that
  171. [13:36:18] <Kaingaskhan> presided over burmecian weddings until his death during the war. I was hoping that he was an Eidolon, at least in that we would have more hope..."
  172. [13:37:21] <Kaingaskhan> She seems thoughtful.
  173. [13:37:38] <Celina> "But you've found nothing to suggest that?"
  174. [13:38:03] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "Nothing, unfortunately."
  175. [13:39:37] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "Eidolons do possess incredible power, yes? Odin, the one who destroyed our city with a single blow... and on the other side of that coin, this very city is blessed by a dragon god, which ensures there's always fresh, flowing water pumping through the various systems, and protects the books from getting wet."
  176. [13:39:55] <Celina> "Hmm." Now it's Celina's turn to look thoughtful, as she finally lets go of her damn braid. "And yet, if Master Gizamaluke has been the same being since the records began - well, that would certainly be a long time for any being -" She abruptly falls silent at the mention of Odin.
  177. [13:40:09] <Celina> "Do NOT say that name in front of me!"
  178. [13:41:01] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "Don't act as if we weren't all gravely harmed by that one." she tsks.
  179. [13:41:27] <Celina> "Then how can you speak of it so calmly? Like it happened to someone else?!"
  180. [13:44:39] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "Because I am older than you, child, and can keep my anger and sorrow inward. The one who called the creature is dead, anyhow, and it hasn't been seen in ten years. What would you have me do?"
  181. [13:46:18] <Celina> "I...." Celina looks a little thrown by the question.
  182. [13:46:45] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea: "All I have been ABLE to do is research their kind and find out how to stop Cleyra from dying once again, please do not presume to think I have ever had anything but our home's best interests in mind. So many of my friends died that day..."
  183. [13:47:33] <Celina> "I. Erm. Well..."
  184. [13:49:00] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea smiles, though. "You're still young though, and headstrong. If you want to help Cleyra, then by all means, become a dragon knight worthy of fighting alongside the likes of Iron Tail Fratley and Freya Crescent."
  185. [13:49:28] <Celina> "YES THAT IS SOMETHING I HOPE HAPPENS," she says, way too loudly.
  186. [13:50:21] <Kaingaskhan> (Ahahaha)
  188. [13:51:52] <Kaingaskhan> Kildea continues to talk with you about various projects she's been researching for Cleyra's sake...
  189. [13:51:56] <Kaingaskhan> Scene shift!
  190. [13:52:59] <Kaingaskhan> We FINALLY cut in on another young woman who happens to be on the top level of the library...
  191. [13:53:10] <Kaingaskhan> INPUT NAME
  192. [13:54:29] <@Aori_Radidjiu> The player initially puts in "Lena Renegade", then starts deleting the name until "Lena Re" is left.  They then get rid of the space, replace the a with an o, and uncapitalize the r.
  193. [13:54:45] * Aori_Radidjiu is now known as Lenore
  194. [13:54:52] <Amaryllis> (boo supposed to do meguca name)
  195. [13:55:09] <Natalie> (^, weakling)
  196. [13:55:11] <@Lenore> (Pretty Angel Electric Lenore?)
  197. [13:55:25] <Kaingaskhan> A description, please!
  198. [14:00:55] <Lenore> A young girl of about 17 is sifting through books, skimming through them and checking tables of contents for something, then tossing some of them in a little pile, and putting others in her striped yellow and black hat witch hat.  Despite how many she puts in her hat, it never seems to run out of room.  After a while, she'd start putting away the books int he pile and then going through all
  199. [14:00:59] <Lenore> the books she put in her hat, putting a pile of them on the skirt of her white, black, and yellow dress.
  200. [14:02:36] <Kaingaskhan> Nearby, a couple of old men are sitting at a polished mahogany table, talking over cups of coffee. The first is a dogman dressed in fine silks, with aged grey fur. He speaks up to his colleague, a wrinkled human with huge, fuzzy white eyebrows. "So you think the stories are true? About the man who's learned every spell?" "Pshaw, would take centuries to do something like that, you'd have to
  201. [14:02:36] <Kaingaskhan> be immortal." "Well I hear he is." "Well I think you're full of bull, you old woof."
  202. [14:03:18] <Lenore> A faint smile comes upon the girls lips, but she doesn't open them, instead reading through the book she's grabbed.
  203. [14:06:53] <Kaingaskhan> Dogman: "Well then how do you explain the records found in the catacombs of Madain Sari?" "You know how the summoners were, all full of legends, they exaggerated everything they wrote." "Yes, but a lot of what they wrote was true, innit? Look what happened to Lindblum, ten years ago, half of it swallowed up by one o' their stories, just like that." "That was a demon or something, wuddinit?"
  204. [14:06:53] <Kaingaskhan> "We're gettin' off track here, the point is that I'm sure that the stories about that 'renegade' are true, too."
  205. [14:08:55] <Kaingaskhan> Old Human: "Eh, what proof do ya have? If that's the only evidence then I don't imagine there's much sway to it."
  206. [14:10:10] <Kaingaskhan> Dogman: "Guess there ain't really any... but you know, I bet if there was a guy like that there'd be some kinda record in one of those places on the Forgotten Continent, too."
  207. [14:10:45] <Kaingaskhan> Human: "What places?" He looks skeptical.
  208. [14:11:02] * Lenore makes a mental note. Forgotten Continent? Better pay attention to this. Stuff on him might be helpful.
  209. [14:13:26] <Kaingaskhan> Dogman: "Places that're millenia old, so they say, haven't you heard? There's supposed to be a city out there that drains all the magic out of ya when you enter, just like that." "And I'm a beautiful young woman! Pull the other leg, scruffy." "You're just close-minded and uninformed, you stubborn old codger." "And your coffee's probably spiked, innit?" "Better than the swill you're drinkin!
  210. [14:13:26] <Kaingaskhan> Har har har." "Oh? That's somethin then, I didn't think it was possible to get much worse than mud in a cup!" The two begin to debate about coffee for the next while.
  211. [14:14:11] <Kaingaskhan> But soon...
  212. [14:14:20] * Lenore sighs. Well, that was slightly helpful, but now they're just being annoying. Best sift through more books...
  213. [14:14:44] <Kaingaskhan> Human: "So why would a guy like that even visit such a city? Seems like it'd get him killed." "Iunno, maybe he didn't. But there's a lot more out there, ain't it?" "You're asking me?"
  214. [14:14:58] <Kaingaskhan> What kind of books are you reading, anyhow?
  215. [14:15:51] <Lenore> (magic-related ones. Mostly ones on old obscure spells.)
  216. [14:16:16] <Kaingaskhan> Hm
  217. [14:16:19] <Kaingaskhan> Roll Inquiry
  218. [14:16:49] <Lenore> 2d6+0 That's a skill I should invest in later :3
  219. [14:16:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, That's a skill I should invest in later :3: 11 [2d6=6,5]
  220. [14:18:11] <Kaingaskhan> No such luck finding a book of spells, but you did find a biography detailing the lives of the infamous Magus Sisters of Alexandria. They were ones that dedicated their lives to the study of magic.
  221. [14:18:58] <Lenore> "Hmmm, looking into them might be helpful..."  She keeps her ears open and keeps reading through books.
  222. [14:19:12] <Kaingaskhan> Okay, and with that...
  223. [14:20:35] <Kaingaskhan> All of you begin to hear the loud noise of airship propellers overhead. Strange, why would airships fly so close to...
  224. [14:21:35] <Kaingaskhan> SHINK. There's a flash and a woosh of air overhead as something passes through the very top of the city. And then grappling hooks begin to burst through the stone consisting of the ceiling.
  225. [14:21:38] * Celina looks up and squiiints. If someone's that low, they'd be about to crash into the - oh my.
  226. [14:22:56] <Kaingaskhan> The entire top of the mountain begins to lift off, having neatly been sliced open. A couple of airships float about the opening, presumably more are holding the mountaintop with their grapplinghooks. And as you squint... Celina, awareness
  227. [14:23:30] <Celina> 2d6 IS IT ODIN
  228. [14:23:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, IS IT ODIN: 12 [2d6=6,6]
  229. [14:23:33] <Celina> ...
  230. [14:23:33] <Celina> welp
  231. [14:23:40] <Natalie> (GREAT JOB)
  232. [14:23:42] <Lenore> "Oh dear...looks like we've got some trouble~"  She sets all of the books on her lap back in her hat.  They can be put back on the shelves later."
  233. [14:23:49] <Kaingaskhan> No, but you do see the Jolly Roger flag on the visible airships!
  234. [14:23:49] <Natalie> FWIP.  Another book FLIES into an empty shelf and lands there.  "See, Ammy?  The tale was going to have an exciting turning point sooner or later."
  235. [14:23:51] <Lenore> (Nice.)
  236. [14:24:09] * Theta looks up. "The uh...mountain top, is not supposed to be detatchable, is it?"
  237. [14:24:19] <Amaryllis> "Wait here." Ammy sets down her book and slowly heads for a better vantage point to see all this.
  238. [14:24:19] <Kaingaskhan> Elizabeth: "...No, no it is not."
  239. [14:24:26] * Celina briefly wonders why pirates would steal a mountain top, but then decides she DOESN'T CARE and leaps after them!
  240. [14:24:55] <Kaingaskhan> The two pirate airships float over the opening and begin lowering cables! As Celina moves up in the terrain she can see dozens of Goblin Pirates sliding down into the city!
  241. [14:25:19] <Celina> "PIRATES! PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRATES!"
  242. [14:25:27] * Celina helpfully sounds the alarm. :3c
  243. [14:25:40] <Kaingaskhan> As everyone realizes what's going on, the scholars and other useless NPCs begin to scream and flee for their lives!
  244. [14:25:47] <Theta> "Now why would they do that - oh, that would make sense now wouldn't it."
  245. [14:25:54] * Natalie yaaaaaawns. "Don't take too lo- ..." She sneaks along after her servant anyway.
  246. [14:26:47] <Kaingaskhan> A pirate drops by Theta and Elizabeth, taking his cutlass out of his teeth where he held it. "Yar, give up yer valuables and you won't be hurt!"
  247. [14:26:48] * Lenore stares at the panicking old men, then smiles and winks. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it!" She runs off now, to go find a place with a nice view of what's going on so she can decide what to do.
  248. [14:27:56] <Kaingaskhan> The goblin pirate snickers. "Maybe, anyway."
  249. [14:28:22] <Kaingaskhan> Pssssssssh
  250. [14:29:00] <Theta> "I say!  I have no valuables of which you speak, Mr. Pirate!"
  251. [14:29:02] <Kaingaskhan> Elizabeth stands and takes a scepter out of her things. "Like hell. Can you fight, Theta?"
  252. [14:29:22] <Amaryllis> Still keeping to her slow pace, Ammy picks up her bag and shoves aside a cutting board, spatula, and other cooking supplies inside, until she reaches a large but slightly dull kitchen knife. She slips it out and closes her pack. Without turning, she speaks to Nat. "We shall find who else is fleeing; they wiill not hesitate to take on fellow escapees."
  253. [14:29:54] <Kaingaskhan> Pirate: "Then we'll keelhaul ya!"
  254. [14:30:02] <Kaingaskhan> The pirate brandishes his sword!
  255. [14:30:03] * Natalie stretches, yawning a second time, then nods with enough enthusiasm Ammy can HEAR it. "Nnnn!"
  256. [14:30:07] <Kaingaskhan>
  257. [14:31:46] <Theta> Theta reaches under his robe, withdrawing a blade of his own.  It's worn, but still sharp enough to do some damage. "I wouldn't be carrying this if I could not! En garde ye scallywag!"
  258. [14:31:54] <Kaingaskhan> Combat!
  259. [14:31:56] <Kaingaskhan> Theta!
  260. [14:32:10] <Kaingaskhan> (Theta and Elizabeth are in this battle, no one else, for reference)
  261. [14:32:31] <Theta> Theta moves forward, swings down on the goblin!
  262. [14:32:35] <Theta> 2d6+2
  263. [14:32:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 9 [2d6=2,5]
  264. [14:32:57] <Theta> (17 dmg if that hits.)
  265. [14:33:03] <Kaingaskhan> It does.
  266. [14:33:55] <Kaingaskhan> The pirate takes a nasty blow and yaaaars
  267. [14:34:12] <Kaingaskhan> Elizabeth invokes Favored Spell and casts Protect on Theta!
  268. [14:34:35] <Kaingaskhan> The pirate lunges at Theta with his saber!
  269. [14:34:49] <Kaingaskhan> 2d6+5
  270. [14:34:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Kaingaskhan, 2d6+5: 9 [2d6=2,2]
  271. [14:35:08] <Kaingaskhan> 10 arm damage
  272. [14:35:30] <Kaingaskhan> Theta!
  273. [14:35:36] <Theta> Theta dodges the blow! He's more nimble than he looks, huh.
  274. [14:35:53] <Theta> 2d6+2 A FEINT AND A STAB
  275. [14:35:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, A FEINT AND A STAB: 11 [2d6=6,3]
  276. [14:36:06] <Kaingaskhan> Yep!
  277. [14:36:07] <Theta> (19 damage)
  278. [14:36:32] <Kaingaskhan> Elizabeth begins casting a spell...
  279. [14:36:51] <Kaingaskhan> The pirate lunges again!
  280. [14:36:53] <Kaingaskhan> 2d6+5
  281. [14:36:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Kaingaskhan, 2d6+5: 14 [2d6=4,5]
  282. [14:37:06] <Kaingaskhan> 17 arm damage
  283. [14:37:40] <Theta> A solid blow, he attempts to shrug it off and land another hit.
  284. [14:37:43] <Theta> 2d6+2
  285. [14:37:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 10 [2d6=5,3]
  286. [14:37:48] <Kaingaskhan> Yep!
  287. [14:37:50] <Theta> (18 damage.)
  288. [14:38:03] <Kaingaskhan> The pirate grabs at his chest a moment and then chokes, falling backwards.
  289. [14:38:41] <Kaingaskhan> Elizabeth: "Good job, but there's lot's more where that came from. Here." She casts Cure on Theta.
  290. [14:38:51] <Kaingaskhan> Nat and Ammy!
  291. [14:39:26] <Kaingaskhan> Oh
  292. [14:39:29] <Kaingaskhan> Let me describe this
  293. [14:39:34] <Kaingaskhan> Goblin Pirate: These long-eared creatures with orange skin are dressed in rugged leather armor and  surprisingly nice clothes. Some of them possess eyepatches, feathered hats, peg  legs, or hooked arms. All of them carry cutlasses.
  294. [14:39:44] <Theta> "Hm, this is just a warm up compared to the hike to conde petie!"
  295. [14:40:14] <Kaingaskhan> Nat and Ammy, you see a group of people cornered by a couple of the wicked pirates, though one of them is different...
  296. [14:40:22] <Kaingaskhan> Goblin Pirate Wizard: Almost indistinguishable from their tougher allies at first glance, they carry  staves instead of sabers, but that doesn't mean they lack one - menacing swords  float around these goblins, cutting all who get too close.
  297. [14:40:24] * Amaryllis brushes her hair out of the way with one hand, leveling the knife out in front of her with the other.
  298. [14:40:53] <Kaingaskhan> ???: "W-wait, Kupo!"
  299. [14:41:03] <Kaingaskhan> A moogle flies up to you and Nat, Ammy.
  300. [14:41:12] <Kaingaskhan> Moogle: "Are you just going to charge them head-on like that?"
  301. [14:41:14] <Celina> (IT BEGINS)
  302. [14:41:22] * Natalie widens her legs in her stance for some reason, though her hands are still at her hips. "Oh, please. This isn't even going to be a challenge."
  303. [14:41:48] <Kaingaskhan> Moogle: "You'll need to use strategy if you hope to best them! I'm Mogster, kupo! Let me tell you about Teamwork Attacks!"
  304. [14:41:53] <Amaryllis> "The spellcaster first, Nat."
  305. [14:42:22] <Amaryllis> (yeah we were actually PMing each other about the teamwork attack rules :V)
  306. [14:42:41] <Lenore> (And then they do it before he can explain it and he goes "Oh.")
  307. [14:42:42] <Natalie> "Of course!  Our teamwork attack, of course we know how to..."  Her head tilts to the side a little.  "... How was it, again?"
  308. [14:43:46] <Kaingaskhan> Moogle: "You two look like you can combine your powers, kupo! They're really powerful attacks that use both your abilities to temporarily negate an enemy's strongest powers. You two are probably better at teamwork attacks than others, kupo, so I doubt I have to tell you much, but I should warn you that teamwork attacks also have a chance of failing! Be careful, kupo!"
  309. [14:44:42] <Kaingaskhan> The pirates turn around, grumbling at the sound of a talkative moogle. "What's all this then?"
  310. [14:45:07] <Natalie> "Failure isn't something we're capable of.  Amm-" Cough.  "Amaryllis, why don't we show them how potent a noble and her servant can be?"
  311. [14:45:31] <Amaryllis> "Of course, every tale's heroine needs a knight at her side." Ammy shifts her stance to complement Nat's.
  312. [14:46:46] <Kaingaskhan> Combat!
  313. 14:46:52] <Kaingaskhan> Player's turn!
  314. [14:47:13] <Amaryllis> (how many are there?)
  315. [14:47:22] <Natalie> (Yeah, is it JUST the wizard?)
  316. [14:47:44] <Kaingaskhan> (A normal pirate and a wizard)
  317. [14:48:39] <Natalie> Yaaaawn.  "A little tired.  I'd rather follow than lead today."
  318. [14:49:31] * Amaryllis flicks her wrist to the side, a black mist shrouding her knife. She nods to Nat.
  319. [14:49:41] <Amaryllis> TEAMWORK ATTACK ON WIZERD?
  320. [14:49:51] <Natalie> IT SHALL BE SO
  321. [14:49:59] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2 darkside btw
  322. [14:49:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside btw: 12 [2d6=4,6]
  323. [14:50:03] <Natalie> 2d6 KICKU
  324. [14:50:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, KICKU: 6 [2d6=3,3]
  325. [14:50:13] <Natalie> 1d6 I'll take the reroll!
  326. [14:50:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, I'll take the reroll!: 1 [1d6=1]
  327. [14:50:46] <Amaryllis> (would a 3,3 even hit? If so I'll take my per session blade weapon reroll)
  328. [14:50:55] <Kaingaskhan> (It would)
  329. [14:50:58] <Kaingaskhan> (Wait)
  330. [14:51:06] <Kaingaskhan> (Yeah, it would)
  331. [14:51:07] <Natalie> (yeah, +0 ACC, that's just plain 6)
  332. [14:51:12] <Kaingaskhan> (Barely)
  333. [14:51:19] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2 blade reroll!
  334. [14:51:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, blade reroll!: 8 [2d6=3,3]
  335. [14:51:27] <Natalie> (WELL THAT WORKS)
  336. [14:51:45] <Kaingaskhan> Synchronized attack!
  337. [14:52:08] * Amaryllis takes a simple, straightforward approach, walking up and stabbing the knife into the wizerd's chest to pin him in place for Nat.
  338. [14:52:18] <Amaryllis> 48 damage ignoring ARM via darkside
  339. [14:52:21] * Natalie presses her cute black maryjanes into the ground in wait, staring- until all of a SUDDEN she's on the other side of the wizard, giving him a big, hard kick in the back!
  340. [14:52:36] <Natalie> Of course, that's only 17 damage, but ow still.
  341. [14:52:42] <Kaingaskhan> Bam, the wizard is KO'd!
  342. [14:52:53] <Kaingaskhan> Mogster: "Kupo! That's right! That's how you do it!"
  343. [14:53:10] <Natalie> "Was there any reason to ever doubt us?"
  344. [14:53:11] <Kaingaskhan> The pirate growls and raises his fist, before it explodes into flame. Then he leaps at Ammy!
  345. [14:53:42] <Kaingaskhan> 2d6+2 GOBLIN PAUNCH
  346. [14:53:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Kaingaskhan, GOBLIN PAUNCH: 8 [2d6=5,1]
  347. [14:53:50] <Amaryllis> hits
  348. [14:54:09] <Kaingaskhan> 30 arm damage
  349. [14:54:31] <Amaryllis> Yikes, that knocks out Ammy.
  350. [14:54:54] <Natalie> (oh my, I don't even HAVE life yet)
  351. [14:54:57] <Kaingaskhan> Mogster: "Uh-oh! It looks like your friend fell unconscious! You know how to use items, right?"
  352. [14:55:37] * Natalie shrugs and shakes her head. "Who doesn't? We've been traveling light but... i-it's not like that's a problem or anything."
  353. [14:55:54] <Kaingaskhan> Mogster: "Here, let me show you! Select Item from the menu... scroll down and select my Phoenix Down to use on your friend! Like this!"
  354. [14:56:01] <Kaingaskhan> Mogster throws a Phoenix Down!
  355. [14:56:25] * Natalie holds up a foot and balances the phoenix down on top of said foot. "Oh! I... well, I'm not going to thank you."
  356. [14:56:33] <Natalie> "But here you go."
  357. [14:56:38] <Natalie> Yeah, don't even ask how that works.
  358. [14:56:42] <Natalie> Pourrrrr.
  359. [14:57:31] <Kaingaskhan> Mogster: "You'll want to keep a healthy stock of items like Phoenix Downs and Potions if you want to be good adventurers, kupo!"
  360. [14:57:40] * Amaryllis stirs and reawakens, getting up in silence. (do I still get a turn?)
  361. [14:57:43] <Kaingaskhan> (Yeah)
  362. [14:58:15] <Natalie> "My magic is good enough for adventurers, thank you very much."  She coughs.  "Amaryllis was just careless- it won't happen again."
  363. [14:58:29] * Amaryllis spins around to look for Nat, a look of relief crossing her face soon replaced with her flat expression as she stares down the pirate and picks up her knife again. SOS HASTE
  364. [14:58:34] * Natalie gets into stance again. "Should we do it one more time?"
  365. [14:58:35] <Amaryllis> 2#2d6+2 stabbity stab
  366. [14:58:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, stabbity stab: 9 [2d6=1,6], 13 [2d6=6,5]
  367. [14:58:45] <Kaingaskhan> Hit, hit
  368. [14:58:55] <Amaryllis> 17, 21 damage
  369. [14:59:11] <Amaryllis> (I didn't think we could teamwork attack again this round since you used an item)
  370. [14:59:19] <Natalie> (oh you're right)
  371. [14:59:43] <Kaingaskhan> Mogster: "Oh, nice, kupo! Your friend is using an item ability! SOS-Haste, kupo!" Fuck this guy is annoying.
  372. [14:59:56] <Natalie> He's actually pretty cute!
  373. [15:00:27] <Kaingaskhan> The goblin is hurt, but he's not down! He tries to go for Nat with a slash!
  374. [15:00:39] * Natalie yawns again.
  375. [15:00:48] <Kaingaskhan> 2d6+5
  376. [15:00:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Kaingaskhan, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=1,4]
  377. [15:00:59] <Natalie> Oh, that hits.
  378. [15:01:15] <Kaingaskhan> 13 arm damage
  379. [15:01:56] * Natalie jumps back. "How dare y- ... I'd rather not bother with this, let's just finish it off."
  380. [15:02:54] <Amaryllis> "Yes, milady." (so no teamwork attack?)
  381. [15:03:01] <Natalie> (Up to you!)
  382. [15:03:56] <Amaryllis> "Once more, with feeling!
  383. [15:04:02] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2 let's teamwork attack anyway
  384. [15:04:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, let's teamwork attack anyway: 14 [2d6=6,6]
  385. [15:04:06] <Natalie> "All right."
  386. [15:04:10] <Natalie> 2d6 so glad I didn't get that
  387. [15:04:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, so glad I didn't get that: 9 [2d6=3,6]
  388. [15:04:16] <Natalie> SUCCESS!
  389. [15:04:23] <Lenore> (666 :3)
  390. [15:04:28] <Kaingaskhan> c-c-critical
  391. [15:04:45] <Kaingaskhan> Describe your attack as you take down the goblin!
  392. [15:05:17] * Natalie walks up, arms folded, and plants her foot on the goblin's face. "Go."
  393. [15:06:08] * Amaryllis follows up, slowly approaching before simply sticking the knife up through the goblin's neck into his head.
  394. [15:06:51] <Kaingaskhan> Mogster: "...You two are kind of scary, kupo."
  395. [15:06:59] <Natalie> "Disgusting," the blue-haired girl twists her foot and jumps back, "but effective.  That was slightly less boring than it could've been."
  396. [15:07:06] <Celina> (run moogle or you'll be next)
  397. [15:07:09] <Natalie> (^)
  398. [15:07:14] <Kaingaskhan> Oh, I forgot to mention
  399. [15:07:17] <Kaingaskhan> DROPS
  400. [15:07:18] <Amaryllis> "They tell tales of the fearsome."
  401. [15:07:22] <Kaingaskhan> Each of these guys drops one potion each
  402. [15:07:27] <Kaingaskhan> So another potion for Theta too
  403. [15:07:41] * Theta has all the potions.
  404. [15:07:48] <Kaingaskhan> Mogster: "W-well I'd better go... so many to teach and so little time, kupo."
  405. [15:07:54] <Kaingaskhan> Mogster flies the fuck off.
  406. [15:08:23] <Natalie> "Nnnnnn!  I wanted to give that little one a taste of my maaaagic..."  Cough COUGH.  "Er.  AHEM.  Let's be on our way."
  407. [15:08:52] <Kaingaskhan> Meanwhile, Celina finds herself surrounded by a half-dozen of the little wizard bastards! Though these are a bit smaller and weaker-looking than the ones Nat and Ammy just faced.
  408. [15:08:54] * Natalie 'pockets' the potion and leads Ammy off.
  409. [15:08:56] <Amaryllis> "Nat, a hand here? I've broken a rib I think..." Ammy leans against a bookshelf. 1/28 HP :<
  410. [15:09:06] <Natalie> BODY
  411. [15:09:07] <Natalie> ANDO
  412. [15:09:08] <Natalie> SOURU
  413. [15:09:39] <Kaingaskhan> A younger moogle flies up to Celina. "H-hey, looks like you're kind of in a pickle here, but maybe I can help out. My name's Moggy, kupo!"
  414. [15:09:49] * Celina brandishes her spear and grins in a way that isn't very pleasant. "I am Celina Mirach of Clerya, and I swear upon my homeland that-"
  415. [15:10:00] <Celina> "...What is it? I was kind of doing something here."
  416. [15:10:08] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "Oh, sorry, kupo."
  417. [15:10:29] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy and the pirates patiently wait for you to finish talking.
  418. [15:10:32] <Celina> "Well, it's ruined now. What did you want?"
  420. [15:11:17] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "W-welll I was just going to say that these guys look pretty weak, and see how they're all bunched up? It'd be a good chance to learn about how area of effect attacks effect swarms of enemies!"
  421. [15:11:39] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "...kupo."
  422. [15:11:52] <Celina> "You seem...suspcious."
  423. [15:11:56] * Celina EYES Moggy.
  424. [15:12:09] <Celina> "But I will listen to what you have to say. Tell me, how may I best drive my foes before me?"
  425. [15:12:49] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy; "H-huh? Well I'm new to this whole teaching thing, kupo, my bro Mogster's the one who knows everything... well, that's simple! Against a group of foes like this you might want to try a Jump attack or a Breath skill!"
  426. [15:13:06] <Celina> "...Kupo."
  427. [15:13:10] <Celina> "Right?"
  428. [15:13:12] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "...kupo."
  429. [15:13:29] <Celina> "Very well. Allow me to show you how it
  430. [15:13:33] <Celina> *it's done!"
  431. [15:13:55] * Celina takes a deep breath and spits lightning everywhere oh god
  432. [15:14:02] <Celina> 2d6+3
  433. [15:14:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+3: 8 [2d6=2,3]
  434. [15:14:07] <Kaingaskhan> Yep!
  435. [15:14:21] <Celina> 15 damage to everything in a short range
  436. [15:14:22] <Celina> aaand
  437. [15:14:25] <Celina> 2d6+2
  438. [15:14:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+2: 9 [2d6=4,3]
  439. [15:14:31] <Celina> oppose or seal
  440. [15:15:09] <Kaingaskhan> 2d6+4 opposed finesse
  441. [15:15:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Kaingaskhan, opposed finesse: 11 [2d6=6,1]
  442. [15:15:21] <Celina> (force, not finesse)
  443. [15:15:21] <Kaingaskhan> Now roll your finesse, I think it's a different roll
  444. [15:15:25] <Kaingaskhan> is it? Okay
  445. [15:15:36] <Kaingaskhan> That makes it 9, not 11
  446. [15:15:45] <Celina> (...what happens if it ties?)
  447. [15:15:50] <Celina> (do we just roll again?)
  448. [15:15:55] <Kaingaskhan> Lemme check
  449. [15:16:39] <Theta> (ties favor the player I think.)
  450. [15:16:43] <Theta> (I MAY be wrong on that.)
  451. [15:16:47] <Kaingaskhan> (Well let's go with that)
  452. [15:16:56] <Celina> (okay, then sealed :D)
  453. [15:17:04] <Kaingaskhan> The wizards are sealed! And they take how much damage?
  454. [15:17:19] <Celina> [16:16] <Celina> 15 damage to everything in a short range
  455. [15:17:24] <Kaingaskhan> Oh okay
  456. [15:17:25] <Celina> and that's m.arm and lightning
  457. [15:17:36] <Kaingaskhan> fucking face
  458. [15:17:42] <Celina> D:?
  459. [15:17:48] <Natalie> (when they all have 16 hp)
  460. [15:17:50] <Kaingaskhan> They seem to be VULNERABLE to lightning as well!
  461. [15:18:32] <Kaingaskhan> Your lightning breath wrecks most of the swarm but some of them are still up and try to whack you with sticks
  462. [15:19:30] <Kaingaskhan> 2d6 accuracy
  463. [15:19:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Kaingaskhan, accuracy: 12 [2d6=6,6]
  464. [15:19:37] <Kaingaskhan> uh oh
  465. [15:19:39] <Amaryllis> (yfw)
  466. [15:19:45] <Celina> welp
  467. [15:19:45] <Celina> that
  468. [15:19:53] <Celina> hits
  469. [15:19:54] <Celina> :C
  470. [15:19:56] <Kaingaskhan> It's 2d6+1 damage
  471. [15:19:57] <Kaingaskhan> so that's
  472. [15:20:11] <Kaingaskhan> these guys shouldn't be doing actual DAMAGE with this shit
  473. [15:20:17] <Kaingaskhan> 26 arm damage
  474. [15:20:31] <Celina> I am at
  475. [15:20:34] <Celina> 0 hp exactly
  476. [15:20:41] <Kaingaskhan> Let's pretend you're set to 1
  477. [15:20:45] <Theta> (hahaha)
  478. [15:20:47] <Celina> WORKS FOR ME
  479. [15:21:01] <Celina> CELINA used ENDURE!
  480. [15:21:01] <Amaryllis> (Hahaha)
  481. [15:21:04] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "Should I explain Critical Hits, kupo?"
  482. [15:21:06] <Celina> CELINA endured the hit!
  483. [15:21:09] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "Maybe not..."
  484. [15:21:15] <Celina> "I suggest you don't."
  485. [15:21:21] <Celina> oh
  486. [15:21:22] <Celina> also
  487. [15:21:23] <Celina> they take
  488. [15:21:25] <Lenore> (C-can I come rescue her or something? ;_;)
  489. [15:21:31] <Celina> 4 damage
  490. [15:21:36] <Celina> from whirling spear
  491. [15:21:48] <Kaingaskhan> That...
  492. [15:21:49] <Kaingaskhan> puts them down!
  493. [15:21:55] <Kaingaskhan> I think
  494. [15:21:55] <Lenore> (...never mind~)
  495. [15:21:57] <Kaingaskhan> Lemme double check
  496. [15:21:57] <Theta> (you shoulda just said EVERYONE IS KO'd)
  497. [15:22:01] <Theta> (it's funnier that way.)
  498. [15:22:25] <Celina> (what will be really funny is if whirling spear has priority and I negated that crit)
  499. [15:22:32] <Kaingaskhan> (Oh no, they're still up by a few)
  500. [15:22:34] <Celina> (I think it doesn't though)
  501. [15:22:34] <Kaingaskhan> (Whoops)
  502. [15:22:37] <Celina> (welp doesn't matter anyway
  503. [15:22:45] <Kaingaskhan> Bolt Breath again to win
  504. [15:23:04] <Celina> 2d6 BOLT BREATH
  505. [15:23:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, BOLT BREATH: 2 [2d6=1,1]
  506. [15:23:06] <Celina> ...
  507. [15:23:08] <Celina> are
  508. [15:23:09] <Natalie> (I love this game so much)
  509. [15:23:09] <Celina> are you shitting me
  510. [15:23:11] <Amaryllis> (hahahahaha)
  511. [15:23:16] <Amaryllis> (best dicemaid day)
  512. [15:23:21] * Celina nearly fries the obnoxious moogle
  513. [15:23:30] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "Aaah, kupo!"
  514. [15:23:33] <Kaingaskhan> 2d6+1 WHAP
  515. [15:23:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Kaingaskhan, WHAP: 7 [2d6=2,4]
  516. [15:23:39] <Amaryllis> (...make the moogle teach the "run" command now?)
  517. [15:23:57] <Kaingaskhan> The 7 misses Celina's AVD of 8
  518. [15:24:09] <Celina> (>run)
  519. [15:24:13] <Celina> (A DRAGOON NEVER RUNS)
  520. [15:24:19] <Celina> (sometimes they jump away though)
  521. [15:24:22] <Kaingaskhan> And it's actually 6 not 7 the +1 is the damage and the bluh
  522. [15:24:24] <Kaingaskhan> anyway
  523. [15:24:27] <Kaingaskhan> your go again
  524. [15:24:32] * Celina breathes fire this time >:I
  525. [15:24:36] <Celina> 2d6+3
  526. [15:24:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+3: 8 [2d6=3,2]
  527. [15:24:38] <Lenore> (I am laughing so hard right now)
  528. [15:24:41] <Kaingaskhan> The goblin pirate wizards flail ineffectively at you.
  529. [15:24:47] <Kaingaskhan> Hits! And probably fries them, damage?
  530. [15:24:57] <Celina> 12 fire m.arm damage
  531. [15:25:07] <Kaingaskhan> Yep they're dead.
  532. [15:25:13] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "Whew, you made it, kupo!"
  533. [15:25:23] <Celina> "Oh, you're still here?"
  534. [15:25:36] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "O-oh, am... am I being a bother, kupo?"
  535. [15:25:47] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "I just wanted to be great and helpful like my bro, kupo..."
  536. [15:25:59] <Celina> "Well, no it's not that but I sort of almost hit you."
  537. [15:26:07] <Celina> "Not on purpose I swear, really!"
  538. [15:26:17] <Theta> (liar liar goblins on fire.)
  539. [15:26:28] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy: "...good point. Maybe I should find someone else to help. Good luck, kupo!"
  540. [15:26:32] <Celina> (shush or you'll be on fire too. :C)
  541. [15:26:38] <Celina> "G-good luck. Maybe? I'm not sure."
  542. [15:26:48] <Kaingaskhan> Moggy flies off!
  543. [15:26:54] <Kaingaskhan> Celina gets a potion hurr
  544. [15:27:18] * Celina drinks the potion hurr
  545. [15:29:37] <Kain> As Lenore leaves the two men at the table, she sees a pirate harassing a woman in glasses.
  546. [15:30:02] <Kain> Goblin: "Yarr sweet cheeks, how 'bout you stop bein' a landlubber and be a piratelubber? ...Or else!"
  547. [15:30:13] <Kain> Notably, the goblin is standing in a pool of water and the woman isn't...
  548. [15:30:31] <Kain> "Kupo! Hey!" Lenore hears a Moogle calling out to her.
  549. [15:30:45] * Lenore grins. "Oh, this'll be fu- Is that a tutorial Moogle?"
  550. [15:31:01] <Kain> Mogster: "I'm Mogster, kupo. Yeah, that's me! Lemme teach you about using the environment to your advantage!"
  551. [15:31:15] <Lenore> "My dad told me all about you guys~"
  552. [15:32:01] <Kain> Mogster: "Sometimes battlefields will have ways you can exploit them to help turn the tide of a battle. That pirate over there, he's standing in a pool of water, which means if you cast a lightning spell you should be able to Stun him, in this case."
  553. [15:32:29] <Kain> Mogster: "Different elemental spells can do different things, like fire spells making ice terrain slippery or unsteady. And it's not just limited to elements, be creative! That's all, kupo."
  554. [15:33:35] <Kain> Combat! Pre-emptive strike!
  555. [15:34:12] * Lenore nods. "Thank you. Now then, to business..." she reaches into her hat and pulls out a staff, then grabs it with both hands as she begins chanting, a magic circle forming under her...
  556. [15:34:26] <Lenore> "Feel the fury of the skies!  Thunder!"
  557. [15:34:44] <Kain> Roll it!
  558. [15:35:04] <Lenore> 2d6+50 x3 base, +1 damage step from focus, +1 from specialization
  559. [15:35:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, x3 base, +1 damage step from focus, +1 from specialization: 57 [2d6=3,4]
  560. [15:35:18] <Kain> Well he's not just STUNNED, you killed him
  561. [15:35:36] <Kain> The goblin collapses in a heap
  562. [15:35:39] <Amaryllis> (>+50)
  563. [15:35:41] <Amaryllis> (whaaaaaaat)
  564. [15:35:52] <Theta> (Have you forgotten how rigged gelato was w/ this)
  565. [15:35:57] <Theta> (This is just normal black mage.)
  566. [15:36:10] <Amaryllis> (Yes, I was too busy being super rigged as a melee time mage, remember?)
  567. [15:36:12] <Kain> Cirra: "...Oh! You... you saved me, thank you..."
  568. [15:36:13] <Lenore> (10 Power, (3+1+1)x5, so yeah)
  569. [15:36:58] <Lenore> (, (3+1+1)xPWR, that is.  Anyway)
  570. [15:36:59] <Kain> Cirra: "Do you know what's going on? Why are these pirates attacking? ...I got separated from my friend in the confusion..."
  571. [15:37:48] <Kain> +1 potion to Lenore btw
  572. [15:37:55] <Lenore> "You're welcome!  Let me help you find your friend, maybe we'll find out the method behind this madness while we do that!"  She smiles.  "I'm Lena Re-...Lenore.  You?"
  573. [15:38:18] <Kain> Cirra: "Cirra Stratus. Thank you so much!"
  574. [15:39:18] <Kain> The two of you head off in search of her friend...
  575. [15:40:02] <Kain> Back with Theta and Elizabeth, Elizabeth has insisted to head to the exit and get out of here. Up to you what you decide.
  576. [15:41:17] <Theta> Theta has no protests to this, she's the one who knows where they are anyway!
  577. [15:41:47] <Kain> Alright, as the two of you make your way down to the lift...
  578. [15:42:35] <Kain> Suddenly, one of the bookcases lurches over and falls in front of you... KIND of obstructing your path, but not really. But it's enough to make you stop long enough for a group of five goblin pirates to jump out!
  579. [15:42:47] <Kain> Goblin 1: "Heheh, this should be good."
  580. [15:43:03] <Kain> Goblin 3: "Let's split'em open!"
  581. [15:43:07] <Kain> Pssssssssh!
  582. [15:43:10] <Kain> Combat!
  583. [15:43:32] <Kain> ...but soon enough, you hear a 'kupo' as something flies near your head.
  584. [15:43:42] <Kain> Moggy: "Listen to me, kupo, this is too much! You need to Run Away!"
  585. [15:43:54] <Kain> Elizabeth: "The hell is this moogle doing?"
  586. [15:44:01] <Celina> (oh now you tell them, you stupid moogle ;_;)
  587. [15:44:14] <Theta> Theta looks over to the moogle. "...I would ask you much the same."
  588. [15:44:32] <Kain> Moggy: "Just trying to help! But there's no way you can take all of them by yourself!"
  589. [15:44:37] <Kain> Moggy: "...kupo!"
  590. [15:44:57] <Kain> Moggy: "No time to think, just flee!"
  591. [15:45:04] <Theta> "That said I see no flaw in your compelling argument!  Let us make haste!"
  592. [15:45:10] <Kain> Roll an escape check!
  593. [15:45:52] <Theta> (oh I forgot that was a skill so was like 'where are the rules for this')
  594. [15:45:54] <Theta> 2d6 WELL THEN
  595. [15:45:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, WELL THEN: 9 [2d6=5,4]
  596. [15:47:14] <Kain> You and Elizabeth run in place for a moment, then successfully escape! The two of you flee over the fallen bookshelf... running straight into Lenore and Cirra! Three of the pirates have decided to give chase, and Celina can see the group being hounded from her vantage point above.
  597. [15:47:15] <Kain> what do
  598. [15:47:26] * Celina JUMPS
  599. [15:48:41] * Lenore runs smack into Theta, getting knocked onto the ground. "Ow..."
  600. [15:49:23] <Lenore> (Kain probably didn't mean "run into" in that way but this is more fun)
  601. [15:49:32] <Kain> (Yes I did)
  602. [15:49:35] <Kain> (:3)
  603. [15:49:35] <Theta> Annnd that sends him tumbling as well. "I SAY!"
  604. [15:49:50] <Kain> Pssssh, combat!
  605. [15:50:43] <Kain> ...Celina gets in her amazingly super broken ultrapowerful Jump against the enemies first!
  606. [15:50:48] <Kain> And then player turns as normal
  607. [15:51:25] <Celina> 2d6+3 derp
  608. [15:51:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, derp: 11 [2d6=6,2]
  609. [15:51:31] <Celina> hit?
  610. [15:51:37] <Kain> Yep!
  611. [15:51:45] <Celina> okay, activating confusetouch
  612. [15:52:11] <Celina> half damage (5) and opposed finesse checks for confusion :>
  613. [15:52:14] <Celina> 2d6+4
  614. [15:52:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+4: 13 [2d6=4,5]
  615. [15:52:18] <Celina> :>
  616. [15:52:31] <Kain> 2d6+2
  617. [15:52:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+2: 10 [2d6=6,2]
  618. [15:52:49] <Celina> all the monsters in a medium range take 5 and are confused then
  619. [15:52:50] <Kain> I'm not sure if they roll as a group or not but the sake of speed I'll just use the 10
  620. [15:53:24] <Kain> They're confused! Theta, Lenore, Celina, your moves! Elizabeth and Cirra are not participating
  621. [15:53:30] * Celina lands spear-first, causing a shockwave, and then hops back onto her feet as if nothing happened.
  622. [15:54:01] <Theta> Theta leaps back up after the faceplant.  "Oh.  So we are joining the fray now.  Very well then," he draws his blade.
  623. [15:54:37] <Kain> Moggy seems to have caught up with you.
  624. [15:54:41] * Lenore shakes her head, then checks if everything's okay. Shake legs, shake arms, shake head...okay, everything is a-okay!
  625. [15:54:45] <Kain> Moggy: "Oh! You have more allies now, kupo, the odds are evened!"
  626. [15:55:02] <Celina> "Oh, you're back - and remembering to say 'kupo'."
  627. [15:55:05] <Kain> There are Three (3) Normal Pirates
  628. [15:55:47] <Theta> (Should we just go in order of names to prevent confusion? so celina -> lenore -> theta?)
  629. [15:55:55] <Kain> (If you guys like)
  630. [15:55:58] <Lenore> "Try not to let me get hurt, now~!  I do better when I'm not distracted by wounds!"
  631. [15:56:16] <Celina> (I just went but jumping is a slow action so I can still attack. Should I?)
  632. [15:56:41] <Celina> (oh wait no it isn't, never mind)
  633. [15:56:47] <Celina> (I guess lenore is up?)
  634. [15:57:14] <Lenore> (Sure!)
  635. [15:57:22] <Kain> (It's pretty much identical to a slow action)
  636. [15:57:27] <Kain> (Despite not really being one)
  637. [15:57:37] <Celina> (nope, it's two standard actions - the jump and then the landing/attack)
  638. [15:57:54] <Celina> (if it were a slow action, I could jump, then land and attack on the same turn)
  639. [15:57:55] * Lenore starts chanting up a spell, a magic circle starting to form...
  640. [15:57:57] <Celina> (ANYWAY)
  641. [15:58:31] <Theta> Theta leaps into the fray, slashing at one of the goblin pirates!
  642. [15:58:35] <Theta> 2d6+2
  643. [15:58:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 5 [2d6=1,2]
  644. [15:58:46] <Theta> and promptly flubs it up.  Good going, Theta.
  645. [15:58:49] <Kain> Miss
  646. [15:59:07] <Kain> Pirates!
  647. [15:59:10] <Kain> 3d6
  648. [15:59:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 3d6: 10 [3d6=6,3,1]
  649. [15:59:44] <Kain> One of them acts normally, the second babbles incoherently, dazed, and the third aims a disoriented punch at the first one!
  650. [15:59:59] <Kain> 2d6+5 Saber Slash at Lenore
  651. [15:59:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Saber Slash at Lenore: 12 [2d6=4,3]
  652. [16:00:14] <Kain> 15 arm damage
  653. [16:00:28] <Lenore> (yeah hits)
  654. [16:00:44] <Kain> 2d6+2 on his ally
  655. [16:00:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, on his ally: 13 [2d6=6,5]
  656. [16:00:45] <Lenore> "Ah...ow..."  She winces, then resumes her chanting...
  657. [16:00:50] <Kain> Ow
  658. [16:01:04] <Kain> 35 damage to his own ally with a Goblin Paunch
  659. [16:01:16] <Kain> Pirate 1: "Hey you idiot you're hitting ME!"
  660. [16:01:22] <Celina> (:3c)
  661. [16:01:23] <Kain> 1d4 25% of removing confusion
  662. [16:01:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 25% of removing confusion: 2 [1d4=2]
  663. [16:01:26] <Kain> nope
  664. [16:01:38] <Celina> "Some pirates."
  665. [16:01:39] <Kain> Players!
  666. [16:02:00] <Celina> 2d6+3 let's make this even more interesting. Fire Breath!
  667. [16:02:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, let's make this even more interesting. Fire Breath!: 9 [2d6=2,4]
  668. [16:02:04] <Celina> hit?
  669. [16:02:10] <Kain> Yyyyyep
  670. [16:02:17] <Celina> 13 fire m.arm damage and
  671. [16:02:20] <Celina> 2d6+2
  672. [16:02:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+2: 10 [2d6=3,5]
  673. [16:02:37] <Celina> oppose?
  674. [16:02:48] <Kain> Is it force or finesse on this one
  675. [16:02:51] <Celina> force
  676. [16:02:56] <Kain> 2d6+4
  677. [16:02:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=2,5]
  678. [16:02:59] <Celina> welp
  679. [16:02:59] <Celina> no blind
  680. [16:03:14] <Kain> 3d4 25% chance of unconfuse
  681. [16:03:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 25% chance of unconfuse: 10 [3d4=3,4,3]
  682. [16:03:28] <Kain> One of them snaps back!
  683. [16:04:01] <Kain> You... KO the heavily damaged one
  684. [16:04:02] * Lenore finishes her spell! "Feel the sting of my electric heart...Thunder!"
  685. [16:04:27] * Celina coughs into her hand after breathing fire everywhere. Burnt her tongue. :<
  686. [16:04:41] <Lenore> A flurry of lightningbolts fly from Lenore's staff to hit the two remaining enemies.
  687. [16:05:00] <Lenore> 2d6+20 (1+1)x10 M.Arm damage
  688. [16:05:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, (1+1)x10 M.Arm damage: 22 [2d6=1,1]
  689. [16:05:14] <Theta> (hahahaha god damn.)
  690. [16:05:24] <Celina> (good thing it can't miss)
  691. [16:05:33] <Lenore> (^)
  692. [16:05:57] <Kain> 1d4
  693. [16:05:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d4: 3 [1d4=3]
  694. [16:06:11] <Kain> Burned and zapped, but not down.
  695. [16:06:12] <Kain> Theta?
  696. [16:06:18] <Kain> Two pirates left
  697. [16:06:29] <Theta> Theta scrambles back to his feet, and goes to slash at one of the two remaining ones.
  698. [16:06:30] <Theta> 2d6+2
  699. [16:06:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 9 [2d6=1,6]
  700. [16:06:34] <Kain> Bam!
  701. [16:06:39] <Theta> 17 damage to one of them
  702. [16:06:49] <Kain> You cut into the coherent goblin, causing it to collapse!
  703. [16:06:53] <Kain> 1d6
  704. [16:06:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d6: 3 [1d6=3]
  705. [16:07:05] <Kain> The last one stares dumbly at his fallen comrades
  706. [16:07:40] <Celina> "Surrender or die in obscurity!"
  707. [16:08:00] <Kain> Pirate: "???"
  708. [16:08:13] <Kain> He just seems to spin in place. Weird.
  709. [16:08:16] <Celina> "...You know, give up? Or something?"
  710. [16:08:59] <Kain> You don't seem to be getting through to him in his confusion.
  711. [16:09:04] <Theta> "..." Theta bonks him on the head with the hilt of his blade.
  712. [16:09:21] <Kain> Roll it
  713. [16:09:25] <Theta> 2d6+2
  714. [16:09:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 9 [2d6=6,1]
  715. [16:09:28] <Kain> yep
  716. [16:09:32] <Theta> 17 bonk damage
  717. [16:09:32] <Kain> and down too
  718. [16:09:43] <Theta> "Well, that's that, then!"
  719. [16:09:45] <Kain> Three potions, so one for each of you.
  720. [16:10:03] * Celina tucks her potion away.
  721. [16:10:07] <Kain> Elizabeth: "So there's other people fighting these creeps too? Good."
  722. [16:10:20] <Celina> "I could hardly sit by and do nothing."
  723. [16:10:52] * Lenore pants a bit. "Ah, it hurts, it hurts..." She covers up the big cut on her arm, a bit of blood flowing down it. "Guess I'd better..." She uses the potion she just got, drinking some fo it and then applies some of the rest of it directly to the wound. It stings a bit, but it closes up pretty quickly. "Ah, there~."
  724. [16:10:59] <Kain> Moggy: "Good job, kupo! My bro is probably helping people evacuate, but if you find him he might be able to look after your wounds."
  725. [16:11:13] <Kain> Cirra: "Dammit, I don't see Gale anywhere..."
  726. [16:11:30] <Lenore> "We'll go look somewhere else, then!  I'm sure she's all right!"
  727. [16:12:15] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Maybe we oughtta stick together? Safety in numbers and all that?"
  728. [16:12:49] <Theta> "I must say for these hooligans being capable of lifting the very top off this mountain, they are quite incompetant in a melee." he sheaths his blade.
  729. [16:13:18] <Kain> MEANWHILE (please continue roleplaying if you wish guys, I'm just going to do this next part) Nat and Ammy see that star-eyed chick from before running up to them.
  730. [16:13:20] * Lenore nods. "That sounds like a great idea, I'm all for that. I'm Lena- ore, who're the rest of you all?"
  731. [16:13:28] * Celina looks like she was just about to leap off again, and sort of stumbles, nearly tripping over her tail. "That was their airship, not them."
  732. [16:13:42] <Celina> "Hopefully we won't have to fight it."
  733. [16:13:56] <Natalie> "... All better!"  Nat doesn't even turn to attention until after she's done treating her servant's wounds.  And her own minor scratch.
  734. [16:14:05] * Amaryllis turns, then looks past the woman to see what's behind her chasing, if anything.
  735. [16:14:08] <Kain> Gale "Hey! Listen, I need your help! I saw from a distance that you took care of those pirates, but I got separated from Cirra! ...I'm sorry about before, but I don't think I'll be able to find her by myself."
  736. [16:14:44] <Theta> "I suppose that is true, but it questions their choice in crew members, hrm.  And very well then, let us be off!"
  737. [16:15:38] <Natalie> "Oh, the Green Mages from earlier?"  Patting the injuries down, the blue-haired girl wears a sarcastic smirk.  "I'm sure my servant and I would gladly help... as long as you're able to repay us."
  738. [16:16:03] <Celina> "Perhaps we shall. As for myself, I am Celina Mirach, formerly of Cleyra."
  739. [16:16:08] * Celina leads the way!
  740. [16:16:37] <Kain> Gale: "Tch... I don't have much, but maybe there's something you wanna know?"
  741. [16:16:43] <Amaryllis> "Let's focus on escape first." Ammy looks toward Nat.
  742. [16:17:09] * Natalie HMPHs. "Of course. We'll ask for our end later."
  743. [16:17:13] <Amaryllis> Then she turns toward Gale. "If your friend is here, she's likely heading for an exit as well."
  744. [16:17:28] <Theta> "Ah, yes, more introductions, of course.  I am Theta, of Black Mage Village!"
  745. [16:17:32] <Kain> Gale: "Right, that sounds reasonable... Right behind you, then."
  746. [16:18:06] <Celina> "Black...Black Mages?"
  747. [16:18:11] * Celina skids to a halt. "Are you one of their number?"
  748. [16:18:18] * Amaryllis turns to scan the surroundings - what do the paths toward the exit look like?
  749. [16:18:43] <Lenore> "Black Mages?  You mean the artificial kind, right?  I'm one of the uh...non-artificial kind, I guess."
  750. [16:18:53] <Natalie> "Do be careful, Amaryllis.  Even as competent as you are, they may just get lucky again."
  751. [16:18:54] <Celina> "What."
  752. [16:19:33] <Kain> Black Mage does have a history of usage before the actual black mage shock troups were invented!
  753. [16:19:41] <Kain> *black magic
  754. [16:20:06] <Kain> Alright, here's how it goes.
  755. [16:20:13] <Amaryllis> "Noted, milady."
  756. [16:20:57] <Theta> For reference, Theta is certainly...dressed as if he were one. "Well, I am not technically one of their race, no, but my own race shares very similar, so suffice to say I am not exactly sure how to answer your inquiry!" :D
  757. [16:21:13] <Kain> Currently Amaryllis, Nat and Gale are on the mid west level. To get out they'd first have to go upstairs, or jump down from the second floor. The other group is on the third floor east side, neat the lift to head down to the first floor.
  758. [16:21:58] * Lenore tilts her head. "...are you one of those people with the tails?"
  759. [16:22:08] * Amaryllis looks for one of the ladders used to scale high bookshelves.
  760. [16:22:09] * Celina glaaaaares. >:I Fortunately, she decides that getting the fuck out of dodge is better than trying to stabbity anything else.
  761. [16:22:48] <Kain> You easily find one, Ammy.
  762. [16:22:51] * Natalie places a hand at her hip and follows Ammy's lead.
  763. [16:23:06] <Kain> In the meantime
  764. [16:23:07] <Kain> EVENT
  765. [16:23:48] * Amaryllis grabs it and tries to find someplace to climb down to the first floor with it - someplace preferably a bit calmer and if possible, dark and obscured from light.
  766. [16:23:49] <Theta> "Indeed, I am Genoman."
  767. [16:24:52] <Kain> Visible to everyone at this point, some of the people fleeing through the exit are shoved back inside as a huge Qu makes his way in. This motherfucker stands at least ten feet tall and while he's fat like you'd expect of a Qu, it seems to be mostly muscle. S/he is wearing a very fine dark suit and carries a battle fork the size of a greatsword casually over his shoulder.
  768. [16:25:05] <Natalie> (gordo the round etc)
  769. [16:25:26] <Kain> A few pirates make their way in behind them, holding buckets of what look like rocks.
  770. [16:25:45] <Lenore> "Well, that'd explain why you're from there, I think...I don't know much about Genomes, though.  Just heard things, my dad went over them when he was teaching me stuff, along with other ridiculous things like Green Magic a- That thing!"  She stops to point at the GIANT QU
  771. [16:26:08] * Celina glances over her shoulder. "That's a Qu, not a thing."
  772. [16:26:36] <Kain> Qu: "Good. It seems as if the populace is sufficiently indisposed of at the moment." it booms in perfect english. "Take the ore and begin to shovel it into the shrine."
  773. [16:26:46] * Natalie mutters out a grunt of "nn" while staring at the Qu.
  774. [16:26:49] <Lenore> "E-er, right, but..." she stops dead at the sound of its voice
  775. [16:27:20] <Kain> It walks in further as the pirates begin to obey the Qu's command. Behind the massive thing, two normal-sized Qu's bounce their way inside behind.
  776. [16:27:38] <Theta> "Well he certainly is a...large one...even for a Qu."
  777. [16:27:42] <Lenore> "...that's not a normal Qu by any means, I'd think."
  778. [16:28:34] <Kain> The two that bound in behind appear to be identical twins of some sort, hyperactive whatever they are.
  779. [16:28:47] <Celina> "Wait, they're putting things into Daguerro?"
  780. [16:28:50] <Kain> Qu: "I trust this will work." it says to them.
  781. [16:29:02] <Celina> "Usually thieves take things out."
  782. [16:29:21] * Theta scratches his head. "That is quite a curious observation."
  783. [16:29:26] <Lenore> "I don't like have an idea..."
  784. [16:29:27] <Natalie> A sigh.  "This noise makes my head hurt.  Let's leave."
  785. [16:29:31] <Kain> Twin 1: "Have faith in us, sir Glutton!" Twin 2: "Oh lord Glutton, faith in us you must have!"
  786. [16:29:51] <Kain> Ammy - the three of you climb down to the first floor
  787. [16:30:17] <Kain> The twins sound... distinctly female, unlike what you'd expect of a Qu.
  788. [16:30:45] <Kain> The Glutton and his entourage approach the altar in the midst of the city.
  789. [16:30:52] <Kain> And now back to our regularly scheduled events
  790. [16:30:59] <Kain> Ammy and her group made it to the first floor
  791. [16:31:04] <Kain> Where are the other group heading?
  792. [16:31:17] * Amaryllis backs up into a darker corner of the area, pulling Gale and Nat with her. "Is your friend among those leaving now?"
  793. [16:31:37] <Kain> Gale peers at the fleeing crowds. "...No, I don't see her."
  794. [16:31:42] <Lenore> "...or not.  I was thinking we'd be able to separate the big one and the two smaller ones, but..."
  795. [16:31:47] * Natalie makes her way to the corner and yawns again. How many times has she yawned today? Six?
  796. [16:32:39] <Amaryllis> "T'would be folly to make a move now - we'll wait."
  797. [16:32:39] <Amaryllis> "T'would be folly to make a move now - we'll wait." Ammy waves her hand, and a small tendril of black mist snakes out. It grows and darkens the corner they're hiding in. Twilight!
  798. [16:33:03] <Kain> The pirates and qus certainly don't seem to notice you.
  799. [16:33:12] <Kain> Theta? Lenore? Celina?
  800. [16:33:25] <Natalie> "Do wake me up when we move."  Nat just curls up in the corner and gives no fucks.
  801. [16:33:28] <Theta> (I'm trying to find where you said we were in position to this again atm.)
  802. [16:33:35] * Celina attempts to sneak closer to the Qus, to see what the hell is going on.
  803. [16:33:43] <Kain> (You guys are near the lift to head down to the first floor)
  804. [16:33:49] <Kain> (Going down to first floor?
  805. [16:34:06] <Lenore> "Maybe we should ambush them?"  She's  shifting her feet quite a bit, almost walking in place.
  806. [16:34:22] <Lenore> (Ah, yeah, I think we should do that.)
  807. [16:34:26] <Kain> Among the crowds near the exit, you do notice Mogster's floating there, not fleeing yet.
  808. [16:34:33] <Lenore> (What about you two? :3)
  809. [16:34:34] <Amaryllis> "Can you fight? You sound at least as if you have knowledge of the arcane." Ammy turns to Gale.
  810. [16:34:38] <Theta> "Just...what's so significant about those rocks of theirs." Theta seems to follow along with anyone heading down
  811. [16:34:38] <Kain> Celina, awareness again then
  812. [16:34:53] <Kain> And anyone else looking closer
  813. [16:35:17] <Kain> Gale: "I know a number of spells, but not anything that'd be useful in combat.."
  814. [16:35:21] <Celina> 2d6 I really need to put points into this
  815. [16:35:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, I really need to put points into this: 9 [2d6=6,3]
  816. [16:35:21] * Lenore nervously goes onto the lift, watching carefully, trying to get an idea of what to do...
  817. [16:35:39] <Lenore> 2d6+4 Awareness
  818. [16:35:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Awareness: 10 [2d6=5,1]
  819. [16:36:06] <Kain> Gale: "...Over there! That's her coming from the east!"
  820. [16:36:37] <Kain> 9 and 10 are good enough - anyone who gets over a 9 notice that at the altar in the middle of the city, the pirates are jamming the rocks into it and waiting.
  821. [16:36:55] <Kain> They seem to wait a few moments, look up at the Glutton, who gestures for them to insert more.
  822. [16:36:56] <Celina> can I make some sort of lore roll to figure out why?
  823. [16:36:56] <Theta> 2d6+3 anyway~
  824. [16:36:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, anyway~: 14 [2d6=5,6]
  825. [16:37:01] <Kain> And after a moment...
  826. [16:37:05] <Kain> -pop-
  827. [16:37:13] <Kain> The altar seems to deposit a shining blue jewel
  828. [16:37:15] * Amaryllis looks over toward where Gale's pointing. "Careful, we don't understand what the Qus are attemping here yet."
  829. [16:37:16] <Lenore> (I have lore: Magic, for what it's worth :3)
  830. [16:37:26] <Kain> Hmmm
  831. [16:37:29] <Kain> Roll it then!
  832. [16:37:37] * Natalie mumbles and straightens up. "I wonder if her Green Magic helped?" She says this in the most sarcastic tone possible.
  833. [16:37:42] <Celina> 2d6+2 lore general
  834. [16:37:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, lore general: 8 [2d6=1,5]
  835. [16:37:45] <Lenore> 2d6+4 Magic~
  836. [16:37:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Magic~: 10 [2d6=4,2]
  837. [16:37:51] <Celina> herp derp
  838. [16:38:16] <Kain> Lenore - you know this place was supposedly blessed by a dragon god, and you know Eidolons can be summoned with certain jewels...
  839. [16:38:39] <Kain> Glutton: "Excellent. Now, begin."
  840. [16:38:42] <Lenore> "...they're trying to get an Eidolon!  This could be bad.  Guys, uh."
  841. [16:38:51] <Kain> The Glutton takes the Aquamarine and holds it towards the twins.
  842. [16:38:54] <Lenore> "I think we should try to nab the jewel.  Maybe?"
  843. [16:39:16] <Kain> The two Qus seem to cartwheel around, and an arcane circle seems to form beneath the Glutton's feet.
  844. [16:39:23] <Celina> "That sounds like a good idea."
  845. [16:39:32] <Lenore> "...wait, no....we should..."
  846. [16:39:33] <Amaryllis> (do we see any of this despite the twilight spell around?)
  847. [16:39:51] <Kain> (I don't really have time to read the twilight spell description right now :C)
  848. [16:39:59] <Natalie> (MAKE SHIT DARK)
  849. [16:40:00] <Kain> (Anyway you can see probably)
  850. [16:40:12] * Theta starres as this happens. "Oh, dear. This is going to end disasteriously is it."
  851. [16:40:13] <Kain> Glutton: "Now... come! King of the seas! Leviathan! Hahahaha!"
  852. [16:40:18] <Lenore> "Be heading for cover!"
  853. [16:40:44] <Kain> The jewel crackles with energy and suddenly shatters, and an enormous winged serpent appears in the center of the city.
  854. [16:40:58] <Kain> Leviathan: " is it that you have come to summon me when I bound to another?"
  855. [16:41:21] * Natalie peeks out enough to look up and just SQUINTS.
  856. [16:41:21] * Amaryllis stands up at this and takes note, stepping to the edge of her magical darkness.
  857. [16:41:23] <Kain> The creature's voice is melodic, almost.
  858. [16:41:53] * Celina contemplates, decides that this thing isn't Odin or a black mage, and thus isn't worth cleave and smiting, and hides.
  859. [16:42:02] <Kain> Glutton: "It matters little. Submit yourself before me, it will make this much easier." The massive Qu readies his battle fork!
  860. [16:42:13] * Theta claps lightly in applause, not really getting the total gravity of this. Silly grin on his face.
  861. [16:42:25] <Kain> Leviathan bares its teeth and gets ready for combat, but... the enclosure of the city and presence of civillians seems to make it hesitate.
  862. [16:42:36] <Lenore> "Ahahahahahahahaha I think we're going to die."
  863. [16:42:52] <Celina> "Shhh!"
  864. [16:43:23] * Amaryllis whips around to face Gale. "Do you know any escape spells? Aid those who are fleeing." She reaches in her pack for the knife again.
  865. [16:43:23] <Kain> Gale: "...I'm going to her before she misses me."
  866. [16:43:31] <Kain> Gale: "..alright."
  867. [16:43:33] * Amaryllis nods.
  868. [16:43:43] * Lenore sshhhhs and hides next to Celina. Terrified.
  869. [16:43:51] * Natalie mockingly makes tear-wiping motions at her eyes.
  870. [16:44:14] <Kain> Gale dashes off towards where she last saw Cirra, though with everyone hiding now she stops short.
  871. [16:44:20] <Kain> Cirra: "Gale! Psst, over here!"
  872. [16:44:49] <Kain> Moggy: "Kupo... I don't think that Eidolon can use the full extent of its power here without destroying everything... what should we do?"
  873. [16:45:23] <Kain> Gale notices Cirra after a moment and runs over, ducking with you all.
  874. [16:45:29] <Natalie> "Nnn.  I wonder if she'll actually pay us back?"  Natalie slowly stands next to Ammy.
  875. [16:45:36] <Kain> Elizabeth: "...Someone's got to stop them, right?"
  876. [16:46:10] <Kain> Cirra: "I wonder what they're even doing..."
  877. [16:46:14] * Amaryllis slowly moves closer, toward where Leviathan and Qus are, under the cover of shadow. "Nat, with me. Eidolons are legends given form. A favor from one is worth much."
  878. [16:46:35] <Celina> "Miss Lenore, should we....?"
  879. [16:46:38] * Natalie just follows behind in silence.
  880. [16:46:40] <Lenore> "Someone like that big one...I have a feeling we wouldn't stand a chance, but...I guess...I guess I'll have to try."  She nods resolutely...
  881. [16:46:41] <Theta> "Well I suppose that would be the proper conslusion to this conflict, yes." He nods in agreement, continuing to watch.
  882. [16:47:52] <Lenore> "L-let's help the Eidolon!  It's either that or hope that Qu doesn't use it for something bad if he wins, and considering how hesitant it looks..."
  883. [16:47:59] * Natalie looks around left and right and doesn't speak until ascertaining nobody else is with them, but grinning a little. "Let me know if/when we're going to do something foolish."
  884. [16:48:06] <Natalie> And she speaks the slash out loud too, yeah.
  885. [16:48:12] <Celina> "...Right."
  886. [16:48:18] * Celina takes a deep breath.
  887. [16:48:23] * Celina gets up.
  888. [16:48:27] <Amaryllis> "We're spinning a tale of fools as we speak."
  889. [16:48:39] <Celina> "Can you use your magic to give me some dramatic lighting?"
  890. [16:48:43] * Celina totally whispers this part
  891. [16:49:11] <Natalie> Tiny wisps of magic swirl around her finger.  "Nn.  I'm prepared."
  892. [16:49:13] * Lenore also takes a deep breath, getting up wtih Celina, clutching her staff. "O-of course!" She's fighting back the nervousness the best she can.
  893. [16:49:19] <Amaryllis> "But no one's ever made the pages of history without some foolishness."
  894. [16:49:20] <Celina> "Do it!"
  895. [16:49:21] <Theta> "...You meant us by that remark, did you. Oh dear."
  896. [16:49:23] <Celina> "YOU THERE!"
  897. [16:49:52] <Natalie> "... Oh.  We may not be the only fools."
  898. [16:49:54] <Lenore> There's a big BOOOM of lightning following Celina's statement
  899. [16:50:31] <Kain> The three Qus and the pirates look over.
  900. [16:50:35] <Lenore> It lights up the area quite nicely, and the loud thunder gives Celina's statement quite a good amount of weight.  Or at least, Lenore thinks so.
  901. [16:50:39] <Kain> Even Leviathan gets curious.
  902. [16:51:02] <Celina> "Those who seek to bind the Eidolons in jeweled shackles shall never be forgiven!"
  903. [16:51:20] <Kain> Glutton: "...Kill her and any that help her."
  904. [16:51:32] <Lenore> Two lightning strikes this time, each echoing throughout the city.
  905. [16:51:39] * Amaryllis takes this opportunity to try to find a way around closer to a pirate or one of the Qus without attracting attention.
  906. [16:51:40] * Celina takes to the skies, in time with the thunder!
  907. [16:52:00] * Natalie does the same, continuing to chant her spell in mostly-silence.
  908. [16:52:05] <Kain> The pirates dash forward, but Elizabeth, Cirra, and a few other brave people block them off!
  909. [16:52:56] <Lenore> "I only have one more big one in me..."  She takes a deep breath, steeling herself... "But even though I'm scared, I'll fight with everything I've got!"
  910. [16:52:58] * Theta looks around, confused a little, slowly drawing his sword. "Um...right, then, to battle! WhyDidn'tTheyTelleMeTheOtherContinentsWereThisHectic."
  911. [16:53:48] <Kain> No one's still really paid attention to Ammy and Nat at this point, the pirates are being distracted by the nameless NPCs and all that seems to be standing between all of you and the Glutton are the twin Qus
  912. [16:54:54] <Kain> What do erryone
  913. [16:55:10] <Natalie> Are Nammy close enough to surprise attack the twins?
  914. [16:55:36] <Theta> Theta heads to help clear a path to the Glutton!
  915. [16:55:52] <Kain> Roll stealth if you're going to attempt that
  916. [16:56:17] * Lenore twirls her staff a few times, lightning sparks coming off of it. "Theta, I'll cover you!" She starts chanting a spell, the magic circle under her slowly forming...
  917. [16:56:23] <Natalie> 2d6+3 oh my, well Ammy's in the lead but why not
  918. [16:56:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, oh my, well Ammy's in the lead but why not: 8 [2d6=4,1]
  919. [16:56:30] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2 does coming out of the magical twilight-produced darkness help?
  920. [16:56:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, does coming out of the magical twilight-produced darkness help?: 6 [2d6=1,3]
  921. [16:56:39] <Kain> That... is not sufficient
  922. [16:57:15] <Kain> The two Qu notice you and take out their own battleforks. "Apologies, but we will have to stop you!" "Stop you we must, so take our apologies!"
  923. [16:57:44] <Kain> COMBAT
  924. [16:58:11] <Natalie> (Is that at US or at THEM?)
  925. [16:58:19] <Kain> All of you!
  926. [16:58:25] <Kain> It is
  927. [16:58:28] <Kain> boss time
  928. [16:58:41] <Kain>
  929. [16:58:47] <Amaryllis> "One at a time." Ammy gestures toward one of the two twins.
  930. [16:58:49] * Natalie looks to Ammy with a sigh and swirls her finger a little more. "Oh well. Shall we?"
  931. [16:59:20] <Kain> Mogster flies over and quickly uses... something. "Good luck, take them out, kupo!"
  932. [16:59:25] <Kain> HP and MP restored!
  933. [17:00:14] <Kain> (So this already seems like it's going to be a clusterfuck ;_;)
  934. [17:00:19] <Theta> (a-are we all gonna be timidgirls about the order.)
  935. [17:00:23] <Kain> Boss: The Twins
  936. [17:00:32] <Celina> (should we just do name order again?)
  937. [17:00:36] <Lenore> (Alphabetical, yeah)
  938. [17:00:46] <Amaryllis> "Tis but a threshold guardian, this is but the beginning of our tale, milady."
  939. [17:00:48] <Celina> (go ammy then)
  940. [17:00:54] <Amaryllis> TEAMWORK ATTACKAN, guess that waits til Nat's turn
  941. [17:01:33] <Lenore> (Ammy->Celina->Lenore->Nat->Theta...)
  942. [17:01:37] <Natalie> "Then, let's."  Nat blows the spell out and stands up.
  943. [17:02:52] <Celina> 2d6+3 landiiing
  944. [17:02:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, landiiing: 12 [2d6=5,4]
  945. [17:02:59] <Celina> I assume that hits?
  946. [17:03:06] <Kain> On?
  947. [17:03:08] <Celina> both
  948. [17:03:10] <Celina> it's a jump
  949. [17:03:20] <Kain> Oh okay, I thought you were targeting Glutton for some reason
  950. [17:03:21] <Celina> presumably they're within a medium range of each other
  951. [17:03:24] <Kain> Yeah that hits
  952. [17:03:29] <Celina> well he's not in the boss fight :3c
  953. [17:03:36] <Celina> activating confusetouch
  954. [17:03:48] <Celina> so 6 damage, and opposed finesse
  955. [17:03:49] <Kain> mk
  956. [17:03:51] <Celina> 2d6+4
  957. [17:03:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+4: 16 [2d6=6,6]
  958. [17:03:53] <Celina> suk
  959. [17:03:55] <Celina> *suck
  960. [17:03:56] <Celina> it
  961. [17:04:02] <Kain> 2d6+5
  962. [17:04:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=1,6]
  963. [17:04:04] <Celina> (in b4 impervious)
  964. [17:04:09] <Lenore> (Aw yeah)
  965. [17:04:23] <Kain> The Twins are confused!
  966. [17:05:33] <Celina> Lenny!
  967. [17:07:36] <Lenore> (Since Celina got to finish her jump, I guess I get to finish my spell?)
  968. [17:07:52] <Kain> (I didn't really want to let you guys have a free turn like that but go ahead I guess)
  969. [17:08:01] <Kain> (None of that from now on)
  970. [17:08:11] <Kain> (Unless it's dramatically appropriate)
  971. [17:08:21] <Amaryllis> (it kinda was wasn't it?)
  972. [17:08:22] <Celina> (I wish you'd said something before I took my turn)
  973. [17:08:32] <Amaryllis> (BIG BOOMS OF LIGHTNING, big speeches, etc)
  974. [17:08:46] <Kain> (It's fiiine, just go ahead)
  975. [17:11:03] <Celina> (fft)
  976. [17:11:29] <Natalie> (isn't it ironic that he's playing a lightning user during a bigass storm?)
  977. [17:11:52] <Kain> We move on to Natalie then!
  978. [17:12:04] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2 let's get rolls out of the way first, darkside declared
  979. [17:12:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, let's get rolls out of the way first, darkside declared: 8 [2d6=2,4]
  980. [17:12:05] <Natalie> AMMY, LET'S GATTAI
  981. [17:12:11] <Natalie> 2d6 GATTAI (+8 damage)
  982. [17:12:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, GATTAI (+8 damage): 4 [2d6=2,2]
  983. [17:12:28] <Natalie> 1d6 I'm gonna go ahead and use my twin soul reroll then
  984. [17:12:39] <Natalie> ... or not
  985. [17:12:48] <Amaryllis> Reroll one of those obviously
  986. [17:12:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, I'm gonna go ahead and use my twin soul reroll then: 6 [1d6=6]
  987. [17:12:48] <Kain> HITS then
  988. [17:12:53] <Kain> No you need the reroll if you want to hit
  989. [17:13:04] <Amaryllis> 46 damage, shadow element
  990. [17:13:11] <Kain> To which?
  991. [17:13:18] <Kain> #1 or #2?
  992. [17:13:18] <Natalie> And 16 over here!  Both on the same twin obviously.
  993. [17:13:21] <Amaryllis> #1
  994. [17:13:41] * Amaryllis steps forward, plunging her knife into a Qu with a burst of black smoke. She twists it and wrenches the Qu toward Nat.
  995. [17:14:03] * Natalie lets her hands down, sleeves flowing once the spell blows out, and takes a deep breath before jumping straight up and kicking the Qu in the face in a backflip-kick! She lands on her feet.
  996. [17:14:04] <Kain> A powerful hit, but the Qu just seems to giggle. The wound doesn't even bleed.
  997. [17:14:30] <Kain> Lenore!
  998. [17:14:37] <Lenore> The magic circle under Lenore completes, a visible aura of yellow power coming off of her.  "You that would force an Eidolon's hand, face the wrath of the heavens as punishment for your sin!  Thunder!"
  999. [17:14:41] <Lenore> 2d6+30 hitting both
  1000. [17:17:02] <DiceMaid-9001> 02:14:27 <Kain>: The Qus take the blows in stride! Theta?
  1001. [17:17:02] <DiceMaid-9001> 02:14:49 <Lenore>: ACTION starts readying her next spell...
  1002. [17:17:02] <DiceMaid-9001> 02:15:02 <Theta>: Theta uh...slashes at #2 he feels a bit under qualified here oh dear.
  1003. [17:17:03] <DiceMaid-9001> 02:15:05 <Theta>: 2d6+2
  1004. [17:17:03] <DiceMaid-9001> 02:15:05 Roll: 2d6+2: 5 [2d6=1,2]
  1005. [17:17:04] <DiceMaid-9001> 02:15:09 <Theta>: pht
  1006. [17:17:04] <DiceMaid-9001> 02:15:15 <Kain>: miiiiss unless you want to blade reroll
  1007. [17:17:05] <DiceMaid-9001> 02:16:09 <Theta>: (I don't have one.)
  1008. [17:17:05] <DiceMaid-9001> 02:16:13 <Theta>: (His weapon is a reach one.)
  1009. [17:17:09] <Kain> (Whoops)
  1010. [17:17:14] <Kain> Then miss
  1011. [17:17:21] <Kain> Both twins begin casting a spell!
  1012. [17:17:36] <Kain> Or wait
  1013. [17:17:38] <Kain> derp confusion first
  1014. [17:17:40] <Kain> 2d6
  1015. [17:17:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6: 3 [2d6=1,2]
  1016. [17:17:52] <Amaryllis> (confused, and one of them lost special abilities for a round from teamwork)
  1017. [17:18:57] <Kain> well they rolled to attack each other, but Twin Soul lets them choose not to
  1018. [17:19:18] <Kain> Buuut
  1019. [17:19:26] <Kain> I also realized I forgot to roll for confusion break
  1020. [17:19:52] <Kain> 1d4 from teamwork; 2d4 from thunder
  1021. [17:19:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, from teamwork: 2 [1d4=2]; from thunder: 7 [2d4=4,3]
  1022. [17:20:39] <Kain> #1 is capable of acting normally! But her special abilties are disabled too. I'm not sure if magic actually counts towards that or not
  1023. [17:20:57] <Kain> In any case let's say she runs up and stabs Celina with her battle fork.
  1024. [17:21:06] <Kain> 2d6+3
  1025. [17:21:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 13 [2d6=5,5]
  1026. [17:21:12] <Amaryllis> (hrm, does magic count as a "job ability" or not? That's the only one I could see it falling under.)
  1027. [17:21:15] <Kain> 16 arm damage
  1028. [17:21:23] <Amaryllis> (but I think magic isn't a job ability in this version of ffd6)
  1029. [17:21:37] <Theta> (special abilities are properties you give them at monster creation.)
  1030. [17:21:43] <Amaryllis> (ohhhh)
  1031. [17:21:45] <Theta> (Not feat like abilities)
  1032. [17:21:48] <Natalie> (and spells are separate from that)
  1033. [17:21:55] <Kain> Qu #2 is confused but doesn't attack her ally. Instead she seems to hop forward and wave her fork around. Forks and knives appear around Natalie briefly.
  1034. [17:22:03] <Kain> Qu 2: "Until she's weaker, I cannot eat!"
  1035. [17:22:12] <Celina> (aaaaaaaaaaaa)
  1036. [17:22:18] <Amaryllis> (D:)
  1037. [17:22:40] * Lenore focuses on her chant, trying not to CRINGE.
  1038. [17:22:53] * Natalie SQUNTS. "That sounds disgusting. I'd rather not be involved in this, thank you very much."
  1039. [17:22:55] <Kain> Top of the turn order!
  1040. [17:22:56] <Natalie> +I
  1041. [17:23:10] <Theta> "Why couldn't you eat until she is weaker..un...oh."
  1042. [17:23:20] <Theta> "We shall have none of that!"
  1043. [17:23:23] <Celina> (hey guys, should I keep confusing them or should I start trying to actually do damage)
  1044. [17:23:32] <Amaryllis> (confus plz)
  1045. [17:23:42] <Lenore> (confus. And hold turn to end of line, if possible.)
  1046. [17:24:00] <Celina> (but that would mean I'd lose two turns jumping)
  1047. [17:24:13] * Amaryllis pulls out her knife and waves the blood off. Black smoke covers it once more and she steps forward to stab again at #1.
  1048. [17:24:15] <Amaryllis> 2d6+2
  1049. [17:24:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+2: 9 [2d6=2,5]
  1050. [17:24:26] <Amaryllis> 47
  1051. [17:25:10] <Kain> There's no blood on your knife!
  1052. [17:25:13] <Natalie> "You!"  This weirdo blue-haired girl points straight to Theta.
  1053. [17:25:27] * Celina jumps into the air!
  1054. [17:25:29] <Theta> "Me.  Waithuh."
  1055. [17:25:31] <Kain> But you stab her again regardless.
  1056. [17:25:40] <Natalie> "Your headgear."
  1057. [17:25:53] <Theta> "Mm?"
  1058. [17:25:57] <Kain> The qu seems to jiggle a moment...
  1059. [17:25:58] <Natalie> "I like it.  This is the only reason I'm helping you."
  1060. [17:26:00] * Amaryllis looks beyond to Leviathan and the big Qu, if it's possible to look around as a free action.
  1061. [17:26:06] <Kain> And then her arms sag, limp.
  1062. [17:26:07] <Natalie> "It's fashionable."
  1063. [17:26:15] <Kain> After a moment the upper half of her body pops off!
  1064. [17:26:20] <Lenore> (wat)
  1065. [17:26:23] * Natalie hmphs and starts CHANTING, for reference. That her turn is spent CHANTING.
  1066. [17:26:30] <Celina> (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
  1067. [17:26:31] <Theta> (like a russian doll, or like GORE EXPLOSION)
  1068. [17:26:41] <Lenore> (OH AAAAAAAA)
  1069. [17:26:42] <Kain> And you see there's actually a human underneath, holding what looks to be... a qu-style scarecrow! Her hair's red and her face painted with mime makeup.
  1070. [17:26:57] <Lenore> (fffffffffffffffffffff)
  1071. [17:27:01] <Celina> (aaaaaaaaaa)
  1072. [17:27:06] <Natalie> (come on, who DIDN'T see this coming?)
  1073. [17:27:06] <Celina> (clowns ;_;)
  1074. [17:27:11] <Celina> (I didn't)
  1075. [17:27:17] <Lenore> (Neither did I)
  1076. [17:27:18] <Theta> "Okay...uh...thank you I - by Ramuh's beard what is this."
  1077. [17:27:20] <Amaryllis> (we were told which NPCs these were waaaay in advance guys!)
  1078. [17:27:28] <Celina> (shut up)
  1079. [17:27:32] <Celina> (I forgot okay)
  1080. [17:27:33] <Lenore> (Sorry, fell out of my head)
  1081. [17:27:42] <Lenore> (Anyway, is that one down?)
  1082. [17:27:45] <Kain> She grins and wields the fake-qu body as a weapon
  1083. [17:27:47] <Kain> Nope!
  1084. [17:28:29] * Lenore finishes her next spell. "Pretenders to nature and devourers of flesh, feel the sting of death! Thunder!"
  1085. [17:28:37] <Lenore> 2d6+30 Both again
  1086. [17:28:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Both again: 40 [2d6=4,6]
  1087. [17:29:04] <Kain> Kaboom!
  1088. [17:29:08] <Kain> Theta!
  1089. [17:29:12] <Theta> Theta looks back at #2.  And quickly slashes downward!
  1090. [17:29:14] <Theta> 2d6+2
  1091. [17:29:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 13 [2d6=5,6]
  1092. [17:29:18] <Kain> Hit!
  1093. [17:29:19] <Theta> (:O CRIT)
  1094. [17:29:26] <Kain> Oh yeah
  1095. [17:29:32] <Kain> 2d4 confusion break?
  1096. [17:29:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, confusion break?: 5 [2d4=1,4]
  1097. [17:29:40] <Kain> Go ahead, Theta
  1098. [17:30:11] <Theta> (it's just 200% dmg right? If so that's 42 dmg)
  1099. [17:30:41] <Kain> Their turns!
  1100. [17:31:08] <Kain> Chell: "Sister! Let us attack together!" Qu #2/Bell: "Together we will attack!"
  1101. [17:31:36] <Kain> 2#2d6+3 on Ammy, Teamwork Attack
  1102. [17:31:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, on Ammy, Teamwork Attack: 9 [2d6=3,3], 13 [2d6=4,6]
  1103. [17:31:50] <Kain> 1d6 Twin Soul reroll
  1104. [17:31:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Twin Soul reroll: 3 [1d6=3]
  1105. [17:31:52] <Amaryllis> Reroll for match?
  1106. [17:31:58] <Kain> They match!
  1107. [17:32:20] <Natalie> (... we should've bought more phoenix downs for this)
  1108. [17:32:20] <Kain> 2#2d6+6 arm damage
  1109. [17:32:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, arm damage: 15 [2d6=3,6], 14 [2d6=3,5]
  1110. [17:32:25] <Amaryllis> (huh, wouldn't they have rerolled one of the 3s?)
  1111. [17:32:27] <Amaryllis> (:<)
  1112. [17:32:44] <Kain> Nah
  1113. [17:32:46] * Amaryllis is knocked out by the blow.
  1114. [17:33:13] <Amaryllis> (I dunno it seems like it would've made sense from a statistical standpoint to reroll a 3 and go for matching either 4 or  6 instead of rerolling 4 or 6 and going for just a 3, but shrug)
  1115. [17:33:20] <Kain> Bell scoops up Ammy with her battlefork and tosses her into the air. Chell leaps up and slams her down with her disguise bludgeon!
  1116. [17:33:43] <Kain> (:< Maybe, sorry. I'll make sure to declare which one I'm replacing before I reroll next time)
  1117. [17:33:51] <Natalie> ".. So they're wary.  I don't expect we'll be getting that moogle's help again," she sighs and walks over, shaking her head.
  1118. [17:34:01] <Amaryllis> (I got excited for a moment because I thought they missed. 1/3 vs 1/6 chance, you know)
  1119. [17:34:41] <Theta> "An alarming performance! Hrm!"
  1120. [17:34:42] <Kain> Top of the round!
  1121. [17:35:25] <Celina> Delaying until the end of the player round if I can
  1122. [17:35:34] <Kain> Ok
  1123. [17:35:44] <Kain> Lenore!
  1124. [17:35:46] * Celina sure seems to be taking a while to land.
  1125. [17:35:48] <Amaryllis> (also there's no way we could afford phoenix downs - they cost 2k :V)
  1126. [17:35:56] <Natalie> (... oh yeah)
  1127. [17:36:03] <Natalie> (delaying my turn until celina comes down, btw)
  1128. [17:36:15] <Kain> (That seems odd)
  1129. [17:36:18] <Kain> (But okay)
  1130. [17:36:25] <Celina> (dammit)
  1131. [17:36:26] * Lenore finishes her last spell of the battle. "I'm out of witty phrases so GET OUT OF MY WAY! THUNDER!"
  1132. [17:36:28] <Natalie> (Since I don't THINK you can heal target during jump)
  1133. [17:36:30] <Kain> (You two go into a delay loop)
  1134. [17:36:31] <Amaryllis> (he's curing)
  1135. [17:36:36] <Lenore> 2d6+30
  1136. [17:36:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+30: 33 [2d6=1,2]
  1137. [17:36:38] <Celina> (weren't you the one to tell me to wait)
  1138. [17:36:44] <Natalie> (me?  no)
  1139. [17:36:53] <Lenore> (It was me.)
  1140. [17:36:55] <Kain> Aaaand Chell collapses!
  1141. [17:36:59] <Amaryllis> (no look, Celina is just delaying so that the confuse cure triggers don't happen AFTER her attack)
  1142. [17:37:01] <Lenore> (Just wait until every attacker is done.)
  1143. [17:37:06] <Amaryllis> (Nat isn't ATTACKING after Celina, she's healing)
  1144. [17:37:12] <Natalie> (^)
  1145. [17:37:15] <Kain> Belle's disguise pops off and she grasps it, gritting her teeth angrily.
  1146. [17:37:17] <Amaryllis> (to maximize the chance of confus sticking)
  1147. [17:37:27] <Kain> Bell: "You'll pay for that!" Auto-Berserk!
  1148. [17:37:45] <Natalie> IS HER NAME BELL OR BELLE?
  1149. [17:37:47] <Lenore> (And since spells are slow actions and I'm out, I'm attacking this turn~)
  1150. [17:37:50] <Kain> Bell, sorry
  1151. [17:37:52] <Natalie> AAAAA
  1152. [17:37:52] <Celina> (her name is cheren)
  1153. [17:37:53] <Kain> Theta?
  1154. [17:38:16] <Theta> Theta slashes at Bell, aiming at her costume bludgeoning device thing!
  1155. [17:38:18] <Theta> 2d6+2
  1156. [17:38:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 8 [2d6=1,5]
  1157. [17:38:23] <Kain> Hit!
  1158. [17:38:30] <Theta> 16 damage.
  1159. [17:38:34] <Lenore> (Or I'll just wait.  I dunno'.  Shit is weird)
  1160. [17:38:59] <Kain> Celina?
  1161. [17:39:18] <Celina> 2d6+3 pewwww
  1162. [17:39:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, pewwww: 6 [2d6=2,1]
  1163. [17:39:25] <Celina> I THINK I MISS ANYWAY
  1164. [17:39:26] <Kain> Miss
  1165. [17:39:31] <Kain> Nat?
  1166. [17:39:33] <Natalie> 2d6+20 now curing the rat
  1167. [17:39:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, now curing the rat: 25 [2d6=1,4]
  1168. [17:39:38] <Celina> (also I don't know why you're healing me since I've not been hit once)
  1169. [17:39:56] <Natalie> (yes you have)
  1170. [17:40:06] <Celina> (oh wait yes I have)
  1171. [17:40:08] <Celina> (herp)
  1172. [17:40:14] <Celina> (anyway up to full anyway :B)
  1173. [17:40:15] <Natalie> (actually recorded it, you got hit for 16-4=12)
  1174. [17:40:34] <Natalie> "You!"  As Celina comes down, wisps of light pour into her.  "I'd have you act as my servant for now.  Battle prowess is enough a factor."
  1175. [17:40:43] <Natalie> And chanting again.
  1176. [17:40:59] <Celina> "...Who are you again?"
  1177. [17:41:13] <Celina> "Not that I wish to seem ungrateful, of course."
  1178. [17:41:14] <Kain> Bell's turn!
  1179. [17:41:18] <Theta> "I have been wondering much the same!"
  1180. [17:41:22] <Kain> She leaps at Natalie, swinging the bludgeon!
  1181. [17:41:24] <Kain> 2d6+3
  1182. [17:41:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 13 [2d6=5,5]
  1183. [17:41:29] <Kain> so close
  1184. [17:41:42] <Kain> 16 arm damage
  1185. [17:41:58] <Natalie> "Natalie Ellis Floruna Lazuli Annette-Maria Cynth- stop that, I'm TRYING to introduce myself."
  1186. [17:42:12] * Natalie takes 11, wincing a little.
  1187. [17:42:30] <Kain> It actually ignores half of your arm because of berserk
  1188. [17:42:33] <Kain> so 13
  1189. [17:42:40] <Natalie> Oh!  Still up then, but ow.
  1190. [17:42:56] <Celina> (hey guys how about I switch to trying to blind)
  1191. [17:43:06] <Kain> Celina!
  1192. [17:43:11] <Natalie> "I'll have you all refer to me as 'Your Highness' for now.  My servant Amaryllis made the mistake of making herself an easy target."
  1193. [17:43:13] <Amaryllis> (just smack her. Given the amount of damage it took to down chell, it shouldn't be TOO far off)
  1194. [17:43:18] <Celina> 2d6+3 fire breath
  1195. [17:43:18] <Lenore> (I am all for this)
  1196. [17:43:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, fire breath: 11 [2d6=4,4]
  1197. [17:43:32] <Celina> 15 fire damage and opposed finesse
  1198. [17:43:35] <Celina> 2d6+4
  1199. [17:43:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, 2d6+4: 12 [2d6=4,4]
  1200. [17:43:40] <Celina> (dem fours)
  1201. [17:43:42] <Celina> (dem fours.)
  1202. [17:43:47] <Kain> In the background, the Glutton seems to be holding his own against Leviathan, and you occasionally see him down that weird fork and knife thing that Bell tried on Natalie.
  1203. [17:43:50] <Theta> (shiny chocobo inc)
  1204. [17:44:01] <Kain> 2d6+5
  1205. [17:44:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=3,2]
  1206. [17:44:03] <Lenore> (^)
  1207. [17:44:06] <Kain> Blinded!
  1208. [17:44:11] <Celina> (bitch)
  1209. [17:44:12] <Celina> (please)
  1210. [17:44:16] <Theta> "Is the gods he is trying to EAT the creature!"
  1211. [17:44:24] <Celina> "I what."
  1212. [17:44:32] <Lenore> "Ah!  We need to hurry up!"
  1213. [17:44:40] <Natalie> "Is that what that... what... that..."
  1214. [17:44:42] * Natalie shivers.
  1215. [17:45:09] <Theta> (and then the glutton was a well drinker.)
  1216. [17:45:13] <Theta> (siiiiip)
  1217. [17:45:15] <Celina> (noooooooooooo)
  1218. [17:45:32] <Celina> "Right! GO!"
  1219. [17:45:49] <Natalie> (Lennychan?)
  1220. [17:45:50] * Lenore rushes up to Bell, swinging her staff somewhat clumsily. "Take this!"
  1221. [17:45:58] <Lenore> 2d6
  1222. [17:45:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6: 3 [2d6=1,2]
  1223. [17:46:09] <Kain> (You have no idea how long I was waiting)
  1224. [17:46:18] <Kain> (For people to catch a subtle rocketgame reference)
  1225. [17:46:25] <Natalie> (THAT'S OUR KAINY)
  1226. [17:46:27] <Celina> (>subtle)
  1227. [17:46:27] <Theta> (subtle eh.)
  1228. [17:46:44] <Theta> Theta bops her with the sword again silly clowngirl.
  1229. [17:46:46] <Kain> (Well they didn't actually EAT the legendaries in rocket)
  1230. [17:46:48] <Natalie> 2d6+16 DIE-A anyway
  1231. [17:46:48] * Lenore trips. Owowow.
  1232. [17:46:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, DIE-A anyway: 20 [2d6=1,3]
  1233. [17:46:49] <Theta> 2d6+2
  1234. [17:46:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 9 [2d6=3,4]
  1235. [17:47:07] <Theta> (oops D:)
  1236. [17:47:17] <Kain> Miss miss hit
  1237. [17:47:31] <Amaryllis> (Dia's a spell - it auto-hits)
  1238. [17:47:40] * Natalie yawns and points her finger at Bell - I already forgot if it was Bell or Belle jesus christ - and a cherry bomb of light pops out.
  1239. [17:47:42] <Theta> (and 17 dmg)
  1240. [17:47:46] <Kain> (Oh, that was Dia?)
  1241. [17:47:46] <Kain> (Okay)
  1242. [17:47:49] <Natalie> (yeah)
  1243. [17:47:52] <Natalie> (get it, dia, die-a)
  1244. [17:47:54] <Natalie> (that was a joke)
  1245. [17:48:37] <Kain> Bell seems at the end of her rope... again she attacks Natalie!
  1246. [17:48:46] <Kain> (Actually no that's boring if both of them go down)
  1247. [17:48:50] <Kain> Theta then!
  1248. [17:49:02] <Kain> 2d6+3
  1249. [17:49:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 10 [2d6=5,2]
  1250. [17:49:09] <Celina> (ahem, blinded)
  1251. [17:49:13] <Kain> derp
  1252. [17:49:15] <Theta> (fffff he just hits.)
  1253. [17:49:21] <Celina> (no she don't :B)
  1254. [17:49:37] <Amaryllis> (blind enemies roll 1d6 instead of 2d6)
  1255. [17:49:40] <Kain> misses due to the blind
  1256. [17:49:42] <Amaryllis> (IIRC)
  1257. [17:49:47] <Celina> (right)
  1258. [17:49:56] <Kain> Celly?
  1259. [17:51:00] <Celina> 2d6+3 bolt breath, bitches
  1260. [17:51:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, bolt breath, bitches: 8 [2d6=1,4]
  1261. [17:51:06] <Celina> ...d-does an eight hit
  1262. [17:51:08] <Kain> Yep
  1263. [17:51:40] <Celina> 15 lightning damage aaand I'm not even going to bother rolling seal because berserk
  1264. [17:51:49] <Kain> And the second mime collapses!
  1265. [17:52:02] <Natalie> "That was NOTHING short of a headache."
  1266. [17:52:13] <Kain> Glutton: "...what?" He turns for a moment to stare. "Chell and Bell were defeate-"
  1267. [17:52:29] <Kain> Leviathan takes advantage of the distraction and lunges, biting hard into the giant Qu.
  1268. [17:52:37] * Natalie hoists her servant up, groaning.
  1269. [17:52:41] <Kain> The Glutton barely manages to bat the creature off and backs up.
  1270. [17:52:59] * Amaryllis stirs awake. "What..." She glances around blearily.
  1271. [17:53:09] <Kain> Glutton: "This is far from over. Relish this while you can. Escape!"
  1272. [17:53:26] <Kain> He holds his fork up, and in a flash of light he, the twins, the pirates, and the ore is gone.
  1273. [17:53:30] <Natalie> "Don't move.  That's an order, Amaryllis."
  1274. [17:53:38] * Amaryllis stumbles to her knife and slowly shambles to one of the mimes...and then stabs thin air as it disappears.
  1275. [17:53:43] <Kain> Leviathan sinks down, curling up. Azure blood leaks from wounds on its body.
  1276. [17:53:54] <Amaryllis> "...Bloody hell."
  1277. [17:54:13] * Natalie pulls her back and starts applying white magic. "The enemy coordinated their efforts, there wasn't anything you could do about it."
  1278. [17:54:17] <Celina> "Someone get a - Kildea! Someone find Oracle Kildea!"
  1279. [17:54:20] <Kain> After a pause, the airships overhead depart, and with a loud THOOM the top of Daguerro is dropped back where it belongs.
  1280. [17:54:23] * Theta slowly sheaths his blade. "Right, all is well then, I presume? Maybe..? Hopefully?"
  1281. [17:54:35] <Lenore> "Oracle Kildea?  Is she a good healer?"
  1282. [17:54:41] <Celina> "She knows about Eidolons."
  1283. [17:54:52] <Celina> "She was here to study them."
  1284. [17:54:53] * Amaryllis then turns. "Leviathan..." She clutches at the clasp of her cloak and limps forward toward the serpent.
  1285. [17:55:05] <Natalie> "I am a good healer."  With a :< the blue-haired girl nods Ammy off and approaches the others.
  1286. [17:55:07] <Celina> "Wait! Miss!"
  1287. [17:55:20] <Kain> Leviathan: "I thank you... but that pest managed to injure me gravely..."
  1288. [17:55:27] <Celina> "A wounded snake can still bite. Stay back."
  1289. [17:55:27] <Kain> Elizabeth: "I'll go fetch the oracle."
  1290. [17:55:33] <Natalie> "My servant understands what she's doing."
  1291. [17:56:04] <Kain> Elizabeth rushes off.
  1292. [17:56:05] <Lenore> "W-well, I mean, something like this isn't something just any White Mage could fix..."
  1293. [17:56:06] <Amaryllis> "I have no fear of this creature."
  1294. [17:56:30] <Natalie> "I would have you all introduce yourselves now.  We've done our part by assisting."
  1295. [17:56:36] <Celina> "Then you are a fool, miss."
  1296. [17:56:38] * Amaryllis stares up. "Living legend..."
  1297. [17:56:58] * Natalie walks over to the Burmecian and SQUINTS.
  1298. [17:57:30] <Natalie> And then points a finger.  "Not even a skilled combatant calls my servant a fool.  Identify yourself.  Now."
  1299. [17:57:42] <Amaryllis> "Fool I may be, but history is but a tale of great fools."
  1300. [17:57:48] * Celina pats Natalie on the head vaguely. "Yes yes, that's wonderful, I'm sure."
  1301. [17:57:56] <Kain> Leviathan: "This bodes ill... none but the queen should be able to summon me... travelers... warriors... you have saved my life, and likely that of many others by proxy. For that you have my thanks, but as long as I am this injured I fear I have no way of repaying you."
  1302. [17:58:22] <Celina> "As I was saying, not even if that thing were dead would I go near it - though I certainly wish no such thing upon it."
  1303. [17:58:27] <Amaryllis> "By what means did that Qu call you here?"
  1304. [17:58:33] * Lenore meanwhile is freaking out. She pulls out her other potion, then realizes it's not going to help much and puts it back. "You're welcome!"
  1305. [17:58:59] * Theta reaches around inside his robe some, pulls out a notebook and pencil. "I must say this has been quite a development! Hmmm." scribble scribble.
  1306. [17:59:06] <Kain> Leviathan: "The stone that is associated with me. ...I know not how it managed."
  1307. [17:59:13] * Natalie looks back to the serpent, but then forward and continues glaring. "Are you DEAF? Silence yourself and answer my question!"
  1308. [17:59:21] <Kain> After a bit, Oracle Kildea comes running. "Oh goodness!"
  1309. [17:59:35] <Amaryllis> "Milady, please calm yourself. I take no offense to being called a fool."
  1310. [17:59:49] <Natalie> "As you shouldn't, because that's something only I'M allowed to do!"
  1311. [18:00:17] * Lenore is staring at Nammy. Just. What.
  1312. [18:00:39] <Kain> Kildea looks over the massive eidolon's wounds.
  1313. [18:01:16] <Lenore> "Aren't there more important things right now...?"
  1314. [18:01:26] <Kain> Kildea: "I don't... I can't say I'm exactly sure how to help an eidolon. I don't even know if a normal poultice can heal these injuries."
  1315. [18:01:41] * Celina hovers behind Kildea, though she is very careful to keep out of striking range.
  1316. [18:01:42] * Amaryllis takes a hand to get the hair out of her face, brushing her necklace and cloak as she does. "Introductions are in order all around I presume? Unless they happened while I was out."
  1317. [18:02:09] * Natalie just lets out a loud, prissy HMPH before following over to get a closer look at Leviathan. She just stares a little before turning back to the others, Ammy included.
  1318. [18:02:17] * Theta seems more interested in the Eilodion, making a rough sketch of it and some quick notes. "Hmmm. Hmm...HMMM..."
  1319. [18:02:34] <Lenore> "Miss Natalie Ellis Floruna Lazuli Annette-Maria Cynth...ia?  Could you please help the Oracle with treating the Eidolon?"
  1320. [18:02:44] <Natalie> "Introductions were what I was ASKING for!  It seems our temporary companions during the battle were rude ones... oh!"
  1321. [18:03:08] * Natalie claps her hands together. "Cynthia Cathaoir Aitchison III It's a pleasure."
  1322. [18:03:13] <Kain> Leviathan: "Deep below this city lies a network of partially submerged caverns. There is a rare plant that grows there, Dragon's Mane. It could be made... ooooh..." it groans from its bleeding wound. "... into an effective medicine."
  1323. [18:03:32] <Lenore> "...Cathaoir Aitchison III.  Right."
  1324. [18:03:48] <Natalie> "'Your Highness' and 'Princess' are acceptable."
  1325. [18:04:08] <Natalie> "I would also accept 'Elegant Mistress,' 'Fantastic Queen,' 'Supreme Overlord'..."
  1326. [18:04:17] <Amaryllis> "Amaryllis Middleton." Ammy bows toward the others, turning. "Servant and storykeeper of the Aitchison House in Lindblum." She gives Nat a 'please be civil' look.
  1327. [18:04:35] <Celina> "Dragon's mane, hmm? What does it look like?"
  1328. [18:04:38] * Natalie looks to Ammy's face and then away, sighing. And she was listening to Leviathan too, amazingly.
  1329. [18:04:41] <Lenore> "I don't have nearly as fancy a name, I'm Lenore..."  She pauses... "Denagere."
  1330. [18:05:04] <Natalie> "... Hat."
  1331. [18:05:06] <Amaryllis> (and if anyone was from Lindblum, they'd probably know the entire Aitchison House collapsed during the events of FFIX and their manor burned down)
  1332. [18:05:11] * Natalie staaaaares at Lenore.
  1333. [18:05:30] <Theta> "Aha, useful information for an apocathery," scribble scribble, nodding to Celina, "Yes, it's apperance would be helpful."
  1334. [18:05:30] <Kain> Leviathan: "It is as a clump of long, blue leaves with green-petaled flowers."
  1335. [18:05:31] <Natalie> "Yours is fashionable as well."
  1336. [18:05:44] * Lenore blinks. "Th-thank you! It's also practical!”
  1337. [18:06:04] <Natalie> "That's what you will be known as."  She nods, matter-of-factly.  "Hat."
  1338. [18:06:18] <Natalie> "But as for him..."  She looks over to Theta and his own hat, squinting.
  1339. [18:06:22] <Lenore> "...But he has a big hat too!"  She points to Theta
  1340. [18:06:33] <Celina> "Right. We'd best be off to find that, then. Miss Middleton, Miss Aitchison, Miss.. Denagere."
  1341. [18:06:36] <Natalie> "Then I will hear his self-introduction too."
  1342. [18:06:39] <Celina> "Black Mage boy."
  1343. [18:06:43] <Amaryllis> "Milady, if we are doing introductions, it would be proper to use the names we've been told."
  1344. [18:06:44] * Natalie taps her foot.
  1345. [18:06:47] <Kain> Leviathan: "There are monsters in the caverns, however, so it will probably not be easy retrieving the plant. ...I would owe you a favor twofold, however."
  1346. [18:07:15] <Theta> Scribble scribble. "Noted.  I will admit I am quite curious of these caverns and what they have to offer, Leviathan.  I would be more than happy to assist you." He closes his book, turning to this odd little blue haired urchin.
  1347. [18:07:24] <Kain> Leviathen coils up, tighter, as if trying to hold its blood in.
  1348. [18:07:27] <Celina> "If we don't go, I imagine someone else would. And this is, after all, a city of scholars."
  1349. [18:07:29] <Amaryllis> "Stories. You hold stories, yes?" Ammy slowly removes a large bound book from her pack.
  1350. [18:07:29] <Kain> Kildea rushes off to get bandages.
  1351. [18:07:53] <Natalie> All of a sudden Nat just spins around.  "Then we'll assist."
  1352. [18:08:15] <Kain> Leviathan: "Stories? If you wish."
  1353. [18:08:30] <Theta> "...Yes, I do not believe we have been properly introduced.  I," he holds a hand to his chest. "am Theta, of Black Mage Village."
  1354. [18:08:32] <Lenore> "...stories would work for me, too."
  1355. [18:08:44] <Natalie> Re-spin.  "..."
  1356. [18:08:49] <Lenore> "Or...information about other Eidolons."
  1357. [18:09:01] * Natalie head-tilts. "Delta? That's a strange name."
  1358. [18:09:16] <Celina> "I'd rather see you restored to good health before bargaining."
  1359. [18:09:34] <Theta> "Theta."
  1360. [18:09:34] * Amaryllis , similar to Theta, starts scribbling within her large bound book. Notes or the beginnings of a tale perhaps.
  1361. [18:10:01] * Celina starts looking for an entrance to the caverns!
  1362. [18:10:03] <Natalie> "Yes, I heard you quite clearly, Epsilon.  That will have to do then."  She nods, a bit sadly.
  1363. [18:10:30] <Amaryllis> "Well met. Theta, Lenore, ..." Ammy nods to each in turn, stopping at Celina with a sort of questioning look.
  1364. [18:10:32] <Theta> "But...I..." he scratches his head.  
  1365. [18:10:50] <Celina> "Oh. Oh, right! I never did introduce myself, did I?"
  1366. [18:10:53] * Natalie stands at Ammy's side, giving Celina the same look.
  1367. [18:10:58] <Celina> "Celina Mirach, formerly of Cleyra."
  1368. [18:11:00] <Natalie> And her eyes naaaaarrow a little.
  1369. [18:11:10] * Lenore faces Natalie. "Can I call you Blue? I want to call you Blue. Or Azure."
  1370. [18:11:27] <Amaryllis> "Celina." She nods to her finally as well. "One of their knights? I know few stories of Cleyra as well..." she looks to her book again.
  1371. [18:11:28] <Natalie> HMPH.  "I will NOT have my good name tarnished by such a...
  1372. [18:11:31] <Natalie> Such a..."
  1373. [18:11:39] <Natalie> "... Azure, you say?"
  1374. [18:11:50] <Lenore> "Azure."
  1375. [18:11:52] <Theta> He hrrrms. "Perhaps is why they said my concept needed FIELD STUDY before attempting." brings out the notebook again, scribble scribble.
  1376. [18:12:19] <Celina> "...Something of the sort, Miss Middleton."
  1377. [18:12:24] * Natalie lifts her hair and looks at it a little, before letting it down. "... Alright. I'll accept it only because I appreciate the color."
  1378. [18:12:54] <Natalie> "'Blue' is FAR too simpleton for a noble such as myself though."
  1379. [18:13:33] <Lenore> (It fits because Royal Blue is a shade of Azure. :3)
  1380. [18:13:46] <Natalie> (ha)
  1381. [18:14:25] * Amaryllis starts to follow the others but stops to turn toward Leviathan. "...What assurance have you that the Qu will not return while you are in your weakened state and with us all gone?"
  1382. [18:16:25] <Theta> "This must be a human gesture not practiced by those of Alexandria, or just not one I have read of yet, hrmmmm..." scribble scribble, he seems to follow along absentmindely as he continues to look around at allTheThings
  1383. [18:17:21] <Kain> Leviathan: "...I have no assurance, aside that the wound I dealt the fool will likely take some time to heal itself."
  1384. [18:17:49] <Lenore> "I'm glad you like it, Azure~."  She contentedly skips along with the group.
  1385. [18:17:55] * Natalie just snoops around Theta and tries to peek from behind at what he's doing, switching sides every-so-often.
  1386. [18:17:58] <Amaryllis> "What was it attempting to do? Sever your previous bonds?"
  1387. [18:18:07] <Lenore> (Anyway, I have to go.  Sorry.)
  1388. [18:18:20] <Theta> (You mean peaking at what he's writing?)
  1389. [18:18:23] <Celina> (this is probably a good stopping point if we're gonna)
  1390. [18:18:28] <Natalie> (no, I mean peeking)
  1391. [18:18:30] <Natalie> (but yes)
  1392. [18:18:30] <Kain> (Goddammit)
  1393. [18:18:31] <Theta> (:B)
  1394. [18:18:35] <Celina> (:C)
  1395. [18:18:36] <Kain> (I have one more thing before we end)
  1396. [18:18:39] <Natalie> (:D)
  1397. [18:18:44] <Celina> (okay, I'll get it to aoree)
  1398. [18:18:52] <Kain> (Let's finish the conversation at least then wrap up)
  1399. [18:19:23] <Kain> Leviathan: "I... do not think so, but I cannot be completely sure of what it was doing at all."
  1400. [18:19:40] <Kain> Leviathan: "It may have been trying to devour me..."
  1401. [18:20:33] <Celina> "For what purpose?"
  1402. [18:20:33] <Theta> Very sporadic notes at the moment on a variety of things.  the description of the plant in question, the prescence of moogles seeming not terribly rare, lots of little notes about this city, something about MOUNTAIN SLICER AIRSHIPS, pirates, and oh yeah a note about humans having odd tendancies to mistake names(?)
  1403. [18:21:01] <Natalie> ... He heard giggling from behind him soon enough then.
  1404. [18:21:19] <Kain> Leviathan: "All I can say for sure is that it knew exactly how to summon me, in violation of my current bond, and while s/he could not control me it attacked with some purpose."
  1405. [18:21:26] <Natalie> Hears, even
  1406. [18:22:00] <Kain> Leviathan: "We are not omniscient, sadly."
  1407. [18:22:07] <Theta> "Hm."
  1408. [18:22:32] <Theta> "Then I do not find it a farfetched assumption to guess they would strike again elsewhere, once their wounds are nursed and numbers replenished."
  1409. [18:22:48] <Kain> Leviathan: "Then it is imperative that I am healed as soon as possible."
  1410. [18:23:04] <Kain> Leviathan: "Brave ones... will you take on this task?"
  1411. [18:23:28] <Celina> "I have already agreed to."
  1412. [18:23:34] <Natalie> "Then it will be done."  As soon as Theta shows sign of turning around she dashes a few steps back and looks innocent.  "I was just looking for something to do that wasn't boring, anyway."
  1413. [18:23:46] <Theta> "As have I."
  1414. [18:23:46] * Amaryllis looks around thoughtfully. "...Yes."
  1415. [18:24:18] <Kain> The creature humbly bows its head. "I leave my fate in your hands."
  1416. [18:24:52] <Kain> (Anything else to add? Because if not I'll spring my final thing)
  1417. [18:25:15] <Celina> (I'm good :))
  1418. [18:25:40] * Theta looks around at not only these fellow brave ones, but also the others he has met so far. Something seems to click. "Oh. That does make sense. Hrm." few more notes, and he puts away the notebook.
  1419. [18:25:45] <Theta> (mhm)
  1420. [18:25:58] <Kain> The scene slowly begins to fade out.
  1421. [18:26:22] <Kain> The view rests outside, on the now once-again peaceful Daguerreo, and text begins to scroll.
  1422. [18:26:24] <Kain>
  1423. [18:26:38] <Kain> Ten years have passed since the demise of the otherworldly sorceror, Kuja. In that time, the Mist, which covered much of the civilized world and bred dark thoughts and monsters across much of the land, began to vanish. Technology that relied on the Mist to function, such as most airships, began to be phased into a newer, cleaner technology, steam-powered engines. This development lead to
  1424. [18:26:38] <Kain> increased expansion across the world. But even today, Gaia lies on the brink of turmoil. Old grudges against the Kingdom of Alexandria die hard, and settlers on other continents face problems as they are oppressed by tyrannical locals. And stranger yet, the world itself seems to be changing in minute ways... Even with the elimination of Mist, evil still lurks in the hearts of man... What was
  1425. [18:26:38] <Kain> the intention of the gluttonous Qu that tried to devour the eidolon, Leviathan? What other evils might be sleeping, merely waiting for the chance to awaken? And will mankind's rapid expansion lead to prosperity? Or certain destruction? The light of a fractured crystal shines weakly on the newly chosen heroes...
  1426. [18:27:00] <Kain> </session>
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