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  1. A full 180~130nm Al/Cu interconnect - on 75-150mm wafer - to completed chip process - could be done at XXXXX for less than $500K fixed cost, using:
  3. *Icarus Verilog or gnucap Verilog (hardware description language) synthesis and simulation software. Standard component libraries.
  4. *A good EEPROM and NAND flash programmer ($300 or so).
  5. *Testing FPGAs, so you can test designs before you make them on an actual chip.
  6. *Cleanroom bunny suits and masks.
  7. *A stock of 75-150mm silicon (N-doped?) wafers. *Old mask etch tools ($50K???)
  8. *Old ASML/Applied Materials/Lam Research lithography machine with KrF laser ($10-50K???) that supports 75-150mm wafers. Argon gas supply to prevent oxidisation.
  9. *Photoresist and developer (acids, distilled water) supply.
  10. *Linear particle accelerator that can fire ionised boron/phosphorous particles with high precision (DIY build for a few thousand $???, or old COTS ASML/Applied Materials/Lam Research???)
  11. *Metal sputterer from ASML/Applied Materials/TEL, etc..? ($10-30K or so?)
  12. *Wafer grinder (buy old one, or DIY it with power tools and superfine sandpaper???)
  13. *Gold and tin electroplating equipment, for preventing contact oxidisation on the chip and probecard needles.
  14. *Compatible wafer prober. I believe the Electroglas EG2001X would be the best bet here. ~$10K for a quality used unit.
  15. *Probe cards and oscilloscopes compatible with your prober (probe cards ~$3K each, needlesets can be DIY, oscilloscopes from HP, Keysight, Agilent, etc vary from ~$300 to ~$50,000 depending on quality and frequency desired. **REMEMBER, DUE TO HOW PCM SAMPLING WORKS, YOU WILL NEED AN OSCILLOSCOPE THAT IS AT LEAST TWICE THE FREQUENCY OF THE FASTEST PART ON YOUR CHIP.**)
  16. *A fast PC or server to log the oscilloscope test data.
  17. *Lots of patience and problem solving skills. Ensure that all equipment is compatible with your mains outlets, voltage, frequency and is working, unless you believe a power transformer to be viable. Heavy-duty UPS and surge protection are recommended to prevent equipment damage – the cost of this may be between several thousand and several tens of thousands of dollars. If this is not an option, perhaps unplug all sensitive equipment at the end of a work day or during stormy weather?
  19. And maybe an EG2000 (EG2K) for the really big old bipolar chips and power transistors you might be making. Probably another $10,000.
  21. These may be pretty optimistic estimates, especially regarding cleanroom specs, the linear accelerator and grinding/polishing equipment. The safety of the entire process will also be a major concern.
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