ゴヂィバのしり・Godiva Ass

Nov 14th, 2017
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  1. It’s an exquisite ass, full, apple-like too;
  2. squeezable, delectable, so glad it belongs to you.
  3. Oh, so fine,
  4. and loving it because it’s also mine.
  6. An ass for the ages,
  7. the apotheosis of asses, an ass’s ass, would say the sages.
  8. Just to look at it causes in me a delightful stir.
  10. Such a powerful lure.
  11. To grab it, feel it, oh how it excites me
  12. and arouses my sexuality.
  14. To watch you move around makes me feel like the lord of the manor.
  15. Could I offer you any more candor?
  17. Just the sight of whether clothed or not
  18. makes me feel oh, so grateful for what I’ve got.
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