Untitled Otome Fight Scene Sample

Feb 8th, 2016
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  1. “Okay, that's enough. I've had it with you!” Tsun snarled, stomping a foot forward toward Kuud, who bore a completely indifferent expression in contrast. “You think you're such hot stuff; being in a class higher than me and all. Well, you're nothing but a suck-up and a teacher's pet!”
  3. “I don't believe I've stated anything of the sort. And I only show the teachers the respect they deserve—something of which I rarely see from you.” Kuud tilted his head, his dull icy eyes unblinking even in the face of such anger. It seemed Tsun's words were ineffective, only serving to enrage the fiery headed boy further.
  5. “Huh? What's that?! Wanna say that again, you emotionless freak?!” Tsun took another step toward Kuud, tightening his fists to the point where his knuckles could be heard cracking.
  7. “I said—I only show the teachers--”
  9. “Argh, I didn't mean it literally!”
  11. “...Then why ask if I wanted to say--”
  13. “Shut up! We're going to spar. Right here. Right now.” Tsun tugged at the collar of his blue hemmed coat and cast it aside with a vicious flourish, the coat crumpling into a heap at Celia's feet. Left with just a plain white t-shirt, he gave his arm a flex for reasons unknown. Maybe to intimidate Kuud with what little muscle he actually did possess, or...
  15. “I believe you already know what the outcome will be if we spar—the same outcome we have experienced thirteen times before. Fourteen if we count the time you attempted to launch a sneak attack on me.”
  17. “I don't care. It's been a while since we've sparred--”
  19. “Two days.”
  21. “I-I said it's been a while! Things will be different now! I'm onto you and your stupid tricks.”
  23. “I see.” Looking almost bored with the situation, Kuud assumed an offensive stance, his fists raised in a manner that looked almost relaxed, yet at the same time it was clear he was ready to react on a moment's notice. There was something almost serene about how he handled himself. Calm, cool and in control, despite the overwhelming amount of hostility bearing down on him.
  25. “Oh boy, here we go again...” Demes heaved a dramatic sigh in the face of the quarrelling youths, though his usual smile remained, leaving Celia more than a little perplexed.
  27. “Should we... do something? This seems dangerous.” Celia asked as her gaze flickered from the discarded coat to the potential fight about to unfold. While concerned, truthfully a part of her was excited, perhaps finally able to see the hidden talents these two possessed.
  29. “Nah, this is normal. Hardly a day goes by without these two biting at each others' throats. Or more like, I guess Tsun is the one that starts it. Even if he does seem worked up, it really is only just sparring. They both know not to go too far. Then again...” Demes trails off, a sly smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “Tsun does seem more fired up today compared to usual. I wonder if it's because he wants to show off. Perhaps to a recent new arrival to our school, hmmm?”
  31. “Sh-shut up, I can hear you over there!” Tsun turned his head to Demes with a scowl, though it was clear his cheeks were burning. “And it's not like that!”
  33. Demes stuck his tongue out. “Sure, sure. Whatever you say. Also, you really should be focusing on the fight.”
  35. “The what--” Before Tsun could bring his attention back to Kuud, it was too late. The cool headed youth made the first move and struck a palm out, precise and swift to the chest, sending Tsun sliding back as he let out a sharp gasp of pain. “Ch-cheap shot... I wasn't ready!”
  37. “One of the first things we are taught at this school is to never take our eyes off of our opponents.” Kuud brought his outstretched arm back in and transitioned to another stance fluidly, never once letting his guard down. “If you cannot even adhere to that most basic principle, then...”
  39. “Don't try and justify the fact you took a swing at me when I wasn't even looking at you!” Tsun clutched at where he had been struck, a painful grimace across his face. “It's not over yet, though!”
  41. Saying that, he burst forward with a sudden dash and let loose a fist aimed squarely at Kuud's face. Kuud simply took a step to the side and the fist was left swinging air, leaving Tsun almost toppling over as he struggled to keep his balance. Kuud then wasted no time in counter-attacking and brought another palm in to slam against Tsun's side, knocking away any balance he might have had left and sending him tumbling to the ground.
  43. “This seems very one sided... Is it always like this?” Celia pulled a complicated expression as she watched the 'fight' unfold.
  45. “Oh, yeah. Every time. There's a reason he has that gold uniform, you know.” Demes nodded, his eyes still glued to the commotion with a wide grin. “But don't worry, things are about to get a bit more exciting. They're both still just warming up, believe it or not.”
  47. Still on his knees from the last attack, Tsun gazed up at Kuud with a ferocious scowl. He thumped his fist into the hard dirt, the ground seeming to quake from his fury.
  49. “Wait... There's something different about him now...?” Celia squinted. It was faint to her eyes, but she could just about see it begin to envelop the hot headed youth--a dark green aura, gradually growing in intensity as it became clearer around him.
  51. “Mmhmm. This is the good part! I'm surprised you can even tell. It takes some people years before they can even begin to sense the slightest trace of this stuff.”
  53. Tsun let out a growl and struck his fist into the earth once more. The ground itself appeared to split under his might, as very a narrow fissure began to work its way toward Kuud, all the while tearing up the ground on its way. Then, as the fissure reached Kuud's feet, it stopped. Silence. Kuud became visibly tense. Then in the split second the earth under his feet began to erupt upwards, he dodged out of harm's way with a nimble jump to the side.
  55. Celia blinked, the remnants of the attack splattering down at her feet as she attempted to come to terms with what she just saw. “He... he just tore up the ground?”
  57. “Mmm... Usually the attack is twice as powerful, though. I wonder if he's holding back so it doesn't hit us?” Demes tilted his head as he brushed off stray flecks of dirt from his sleeve. “He really is just a big ol' softie deep down, I guess.”
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