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  1. How are you to bypass your own critical faculty?  The
  2. way I do it is to close my eyes and pretend I can't  open them.
  3. I then test to make certain that I have complete eye-closure.
  4. Until I have  obtained-eye-closure, however, I won't go any
  5. further.  Once the eye-closure is firmly established, I then
  6. give myself the suggestion which  comprises  selective think-
  7. ing.  This might be a suggestion for anesthesia, to relieve a
  8. feeling of weariness, to be able to concentrate on my work,
  9. to relieve aches and pains of any type or sort, etc.
  10. I usually help myself establish autosuggestion by a cue
  11. word. I choose the word "green"  because green, in my mind,
  12. is God's color.  It connotes the pleasantest visions in the
  13. minds of the most people.
  14. Here are your instructions: Say the word green and close
  15. your eyes.  Test for eye-closure.  When you are sure you
  16. have eye-closure, use the symbol word "green" again, know-
  17. ing that the instant you say it your suggestion will take full
  18. and complete effect.  Then  test to make sure that the sug-
  19. gestion has taken full effect.  To release the eye muscles, say
  20. the word  "green"  once again, and your eyes will open.
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