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  1. --> Now talking on #valvearg3-spoilers
  2. * Vertel gives channel operator status to Dstrichit
  3. <Jacobo> It doesn't seem like Valve to release something that comes before Portal 1 without making it obvious
  4. --> Rule (mibbit@93-125-173-198.dsl.alice.nl) has joined #valvearg3-spoilers
  5. * Vertel gives channel operator status to Rule
  6. <Rule> right okay
  7. <Rule> seet
  8. <Rule> sweet
  9. <Rule> so as I said
  10. <Rule> actually as I was going to say
  11. <Rule> Wheatley mentions finding two little robots specifically designed for testing in the facility
  12. <Vertel> Jacobo: Granted, it would be an odd order in which to release things. But weirder things have happened. Some game series have a continuity so whacked you need six timelines to figure out story order vs. play order.
  13. <Jacobo> I suppose
  14. <Vertel> Right. And as I understand, part of the narrative of the co-op is that they've just been assembled for the first time. I'm going to count that a point on my side. :P
  15. <Rule> Why would he be so happy with the robots if he had literally thousands of test subjects at his disposal (yes, wheatley is an idiot, but he's looked through the entire compound to find test chambers and atlas&pbody)
  16. <Vertel> Simple. All the other test subjects died in relaxation. At the start, if you wait, Wheately even says you're the last one left alive.
  17. <Rule> So GLaDOS finds thousands of test subjects, lets them all die in relaxation?
  18. <Rule> that's not like her.
  19. <Vertel> It has been hundreds of years.
  20. <Vertel> She was offline for that period. The facility is in ruin.
  21. <Rule> Hm, I suppose
  22. <Rule> but then..
  23. <Rule> Chell destroyed GLaDOS and turns her on in the beginning
  24. <Rule> so that is the first possible time that the co-operation initiative starts
  25. <Vertel> No, my entire argument is that the co-operative testing initiative started before the events of Portal 1; that's where GLaDOS gets Chell and all the other test subjects.
  26. <Rule> ahha
  27. <Rule> but then why does the compound look so broken down and overrun during co op play
  28. <Rule> I know the plants are probably Chell's potato's doing, but still
  29. <Vertel> Only in one course.
  30. <Vertel> And GLaDOS says the humans built that one and then abandoned it.
  31. <Jacobo> I just re-listened to the quote from chapter 9 where glados talks about the co-op testing initiative
  32. <Vertel> The rest of the courses -- barring the really old courses -- are pretty well maintained.
  33. <Jacobo> She says "It's something I came up with to phase out human testing just before you escaped."
  34. <Rule> ah
  35. <Rule> that solves that then
  36. <Rule> then it has to be after the events of the sp
  37. <Jacobo> She could mean escaped from the relaxation pod thingy in Portal 1, though
  38. <Jacobo> It's all very vague
  40. <Rule> she escaped from a relaxation pod? Didn't GLaDOS just open the portal there?
  41. <Rule> NO NO NO, you didn't pick up on my sarcasm there
  42. <Vertel> It also directly contradicts her being so ecstatic to have so many human test subjects...
  43. <Vertel> And her statement in the co-op that robots really are no substitute for human testing.
  44. <Vertel> I don't know.
  45. --> echinos (~echinos@ has joined #valvearg3-spoilers
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