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  1. [some dialogue between Relentless and Thredot about Clarity and the Alchemical condition here]
  2. [18:01] <@Clurns_Meg> A small number of people, with seeming precognition, look towards the outer walls of the rec hall, moments before shit goes down.
  3. [18:01] <@Clurns_Meg> Glass Shatters, doors kick open, ropes descend. A seemingly all-encapsulating number of armed black figures bust in, boots first and weapons aimed. Their faces obscured with red visors, and breathing masks. People start panicking, but the black figures all yell the same thing; Get down, Else you'll die. Though many are Exalted in the party room, most arn't equipped to deal with any sort of military shenanigans. Besides, there a
  4. [18:03] <@Clurns_Meg> Glass Shatters, doors kick open, ropes descend. A seemingly all-encapsulating number of armed black figures bust in, boots first and weapons aimed. Their faces obscured with red visors, and breathing masks. People start panicking, but the black figures all yell the same thing; Get down, Else you'll die. Though many are Exalted in the party room, most arn't equipped to deal with any sort of military shenanigans. Besides, there a
  5. [18:03] <@Clurns_Meg> FUCKIN
  6. [18:03] <@Clurns_Meg> Besides, there are many with guns pointing at vulnerable engineers, and not many with guns pointing back. It'd be wise, most think, to stay low, and wait for The State to send help.
  7. [18:04] <@Clurns_Meg> The performers don't stop playing, though. As they say, The Show Must Go On. The masked soldiers don't seem to mind. (
  8. 06[18:04] * Thredot seems a bit dumbfounded, which then subsides into confused anger.
  9. 06[18:06] * Relentless slowly turns her coat back to black, attempting to blend in with the cieling, no more discoball
  10. 06[18:10] * Thredot turns invisible.
  11. 06[18:10] * Relentless lies down on the cieling, sloowly, like some sort of rainbow chameleon
  12. [18:10] <@Clurns_Meg> Elsewhere, The Obsidian Professional, in the midst of detached mingling with other CSRO operatives, hears the telltale alarm klaxon of danger. "The Obsidian Professional, Squads 6.1 to 6.7 report to Action Stations for briefing and immediate deployment. There is a Hostage Situation at the Concordat of Savants."
  13. 06[18:11] * Relentless focusing the best she can to make her coat mimic the exact color of the cieling,
  14. [18:13] <Thredot> "Autothank I brought my warlegs."
  15. 06[18:13] * Obsidian lets out a low, guttural sound somewhere between an engine starting and a groan. He makes his way to... Damn it, who designed this place, can't find any maker-damned-Oh. There it is.
  16. 06[18:13] * Thredot sticks to the ceiling.
  17. [18:13] <Obsidian> "About time."
  18. [18:13] <@Clurns_Meg> One man, Simho, a grizzly veteran throws down his pair of cards. "Us? For a hostage situation?" Another, Gerard, replies "I bet the Police are partying their brains out. No sense of duty." The Obsidian is clearly in hardcore company.
  19. [18:15] <@Clurns_Meg> The rest of the men pile into the designated Action Stations, along with The Obsidian Professional.
  20. [18:16] <Obsidian> "Their efficiency can be called into question after the current efficiency quota has been preserved." He doesn't look in any particular direction, more hovering over the conversation. His voice is metallic and echoes from within him, amplifying his normal speaking voice to something more... Jarring.
  21. [18:17] <@Clurns_Meg> A sharp-looking Starmetal caste, clean-cut and in no mood for bullshit, takes the podium, and describes the situation. Five minutes ago, approximately thirty armed, unidentified men have broken into the CoS building, during a party."
  22. 06[18:19] * Obsidian is a massive dark figure that must be at least eight feet tall, covered head to 'toe' in sleek, yet massive plates of soulsteel that make it quite impossible to mistake him for anything human. If the height and entirely metal exterior didn't give it away, his proportions do, each limb being at least a foot and a half thick, with his arms significantly larger still.
  23. 06[18:20] * Obsidian wears two gauntlets on each hand with fists that close together well into what seem like hammerheads. His forearms dotted with several hydraulic pistons along the length, and his face is an unmoving mask similar to a samurai's face guard. The demon has two glowing red lenses for eyes. His arms stay folded through the briefing.
  24. [18:21] <@Clurns_Meg> "The plan is to send in The Obsidian Professional, cloaked, to infiltrate the situation, then give the radio signal to Squads 6.1 through to 6.7." He points to a clear, top-down projection of the area. "They will be positioned here, here, and here, and will move on your mark. I think you'll find they're most efficient in handling delicate situations."
  25. [18:22] <Obsidian> "Acceptable."
  26. [18:22] <@Clurns_Meg> "Welcome to Claslat, Professional, and I hope you enjoy the welcome party." The Starmetal wryly cgrins.
  27. 06[18:22] * Obsidian doesn't grin. He turns and heads for... Whatever transportation is being provided.
  28. [18:23] <Obsidian> (Assuming that's the end of the briefing.)
  29. [18:23] <@Clurns_Meg> (It is.)
  30. [18:23] <Obsidian> (And he's gone over the map well enough.)
  31. [18:23] <@Clurns_Meg> (He has.)
  32. [18:23] <Obsidian> (Perfect.)
  33. [18:25] <@Clurns_Meg> Each squad has a Transport Vehicle assigned to them, blocky yet sleek in design, tinted windows, centre-linked defensive weaponry and thin essence-based shielding.
  34. [18:27] <@Clurns_Meg> They make their way to the Concordat, and will be their shortly.
  35. [18:27] <@Clurns_Meg> *there
  36. [18:27] <@Clurns_Meg> BACK AT THE CONCORDAT
  37. [18:33] <@Clurns_Meg> Five men for every ten defenseless engineers, five men for every Visible Alchemical, and ten men for each tactical position. A number of the Exalted had similar ideas, and immediatly vanished. However, the situation is still very dire inside. Any provocation, and so many talented and useful men and women would be gone in an instant.
  38. [18:34] <@Clurns_Meg> All there needs to be is a valid trigger.
  39. [18:35] <Thredot> "I ... I don't suppose you're loaded up on combat Charms ?"
  40. [18:35] <Thredot> "Or that your coat shoots lasers ?"
  41. [18:35] <Thredot> "I knew a guy like that once ..."
  42. 06[18:35] * Thredot is obviously a little nervous, and quite worried. He's got friends down there.
  43. 06[18:37] * Relentless shakes her head "My left arm.. but.. I doubt I could get close enough to use it, they seem fairly well armed."
  44. [18:37] <@Clurns_Meg> Outside, a kilometer away from the crisis zone, the transports unload among the parimeter, and The Obsidian Professional is given free reign to carry things out as he wishes. Only, he must survey the area first-hand.
  45. [18:38] <Thredot> "Then we sit tight. This place is about to go to hell in a handbasket, and we've got to be ready to do our part."
  46. [18:39] <Obsidian> (As in move in or just look)
  47. [18:42] <Obsidian> "I want respirators and goggles requisitioned for every operative immediately."
  48. [18:43] <@Clurns_Meg> "Way ahead of you, Pro."
  49. [18:44] <Obsidian> "Unit O."
  50. [18:44] <@Clurns_Meg> Everyone has respirators and goggles equipped, and they give the thumbs up.
  51. [18:50] <@Clurns_Meg> ( . "Some other shit with entrances" option has been chosen)
  52. 06[18:50] * Obsidian nods and sets off for the building, his image wavering after a few steps and vanishing.
  53. [18:52] <@Clurns_Meg> The Professional makes his trek around the back, what seems to be a small attachment to the larger mass of the CoS building. There are a series of garage doors, a couple open. It seems to be a supply bay.
  54. [18:53] <@Clurns_Meg> Inside, are a number of figures in non-standard uniform and armed with non-standard weapons. Clearly these are the Enemy, watching for any shenanigans, set up in tactical positions to keep anyone from walking in.
  55. [19:00] <@Clurns_Meg> From where The Professional is standing, he can see a number of rifles & the telltale glint of visor polish mostly congealed around the truck. Approximately four. Another one can be seen in the other end, and you have an idea that there may be a couple more.
  56. [19:00] <@Clurns_Meg> However, there is ample room to Move unhindered.
  57. 06[19:04] * Obsidian keeps a steady pace and moves effortlessly into the garage. These targets are not priority.
  58. [19:09] <@Clurns_Meg> These targets also decide that invisible things moving very slowly also arn't a priority either.
  59. [19:12] <@Clurns_Meg> He is at the door. His suspicions are correct, there are three covering the entrance from all sides, one in the corner, and three around the Truck. The one with the telecom device is near the truck
  60. 06[19:18] * Obsidian quietly makes his way to the front of the truck and positions himself as best he can behind the comms guy, getting ready to grab him.
  61. [19:19] <@Clurns_Meg> The Professional keeps his namesake and makes no error. He is behind the comms guy.
  62. 06[19:21] * Obsidian places his enormous invisible fist over the man's face and wraps his gigantic forearm around the man's arms, careful not to change his posture at all. His voice rumbles into the tiny man's ear. "Act natural."
  63. [19:21] <Obsidian> "If you value your spine you will go outside on a smoke break. Immediately."
  64. [19:22] <Obsidian> "Nod if you understand."
  65. [19:28] <@Clurns_Meg> The man tenses up for a number of moments, and then nods slowly.
  66. [19:29] <Obsidian> "Very good." He lets go of the man to let him move normally, but keeps a very large, very cold, very imposing hand on his back. One ready to clench and crush half his organs at any given moment.
  67. [19:31] <@Clurns_Meg> "Hang on, uh, I'm gonna have a smoke."
  68. [19:31] <@Clurns_Meg> The two men infront and behind him turn their heads to him incredulously, absolutely stunned.
  69. [19:33] <@Clurns_Meg> He starts walking outside, scared shitless, the more-than-cold soulsteel giving him shivers down his spine.
  70. [19:33] <@Clurns_Meg> The man behind him: "What the fuck are you doing!?"
  71. 06[19:34] * Obsidian directs the man down a dark alley, a block or so away.
  72. [19:35] <Obsidian> "You have been designated an enemy of the populat and the Maker. Explain your discordant logic."
  73. [19:36] <@Clurns_Meg> Before the Professional can direct the man down the alley, or even three metres away from the garage doors, one of the man's companions rush out to figure out what the void is going on
  74. [19:36] <Obsidian> Retcon
  75. [19:36] <Obsidian> "Invite him to accompany you. Safety in numbers."
  76. [19:37] <@Clurns_Meg> "This is a fucking mission, Jal, what the FUCK are you doing!?"
  77. [19:38] <@Clurns_Meg> The one who came out is trying to keep low.
  78. [19:38] <@Clurns_Meg> Jal: "Listen Cor, come with me. We'll be safer. We can both take a break."
  79. [19:38] <@Clurns_Meg> Cor: "Have you gone stark-raving gremlin mad?"
  80. 06[19:41] * Obsidian grumbles. This is taking too long. He closes his other fist around Cor's neck "You can wake up in several hours or wake up after being through the proper reincarnation cycles. If you choose the former you will resolve this argument quickly and join us."
  81. [19:42] <Obsidian> (As soon as he's in range, mind you)
  82. [19:47] <@Clurns_Meg> The man is choked. He is very confused.
  83. [19:48] <Obsidian> "It takes roughly 4000N of pressure to permanently close the average mortal windpipe permanently."
  84. [19:48] <Obsidian> "I am designed and built with a grip strength of 12000N."
  85. [19:51] <@Clurns_Meg> The man's air supply is being cut off.
  86. 06[19:55] * Obsidian slowly drags the two away into a dark alley, assuming the guard has passed out by now, he tosses him aside and appears before the comms operative. "You have been designated an enemy of the populat and the Maker. Explain your discordant logic."
  87. 06[20:00] * Obsidian speaks over his comm "I have two suspects in custody at the transmitted coordinates. Requesting a small team to process one conscious and one unconscious at earliest opportunity."
  88. [20:00] <@Clurns_Meg> As the Professional interrogates the two, we switch over to the situation Relentless and Thredot are in.
  89. [20:01] <@Clurns_Meg> It seems like the black-clothed men are intent on keeping the engineers here for the time being, as if they were waiting or stalling.
  90. 06[20:02] * Relentless looks down, trying to get a count on the number of men
  91. [20:03] <@Clurns_Meg> It's a good number for them, bad number for you. Something along the lines of 56 men.
  92. 06[20:04] * Relentless shakes her head, whispering to thredot "Too many."
  93. [20:07] <Thredot> "Agreed. Can't do much here. Too visible."
  94. [20:07] <Thredot> "On other hand, enemy remains static."
  95. [20:08] <Thredot> "Might be able to pick them off at other locations.
  96. [20:08] <Thredot> "Can you move ?"
  97. 06[20:12] * Relentless nods "Probably, but I wouldn't try to move too quick"
  98. [20:12] <@Clurns_Meg> Obvious exits are through the windows, outside.
  99. [20:13] <Thredot> "Same. Invisibilty fragile."
  100. [20:13] <@Clurns_Meg> However, Thredot may be able to sneak through into the corridor that's connected to the rec room they are in.
  101. 06[20:15] * Thredot considers it, but no - strength in numbers, like gears on gears. Better to stick with Relentless.
  102. [20:16] <Thredot> "Best bet, back entrance; front likely guarded."
  103. 06[20:17] * Relentless nods "We can probably get through the windows, your invisiblity would help you, if i'm silent I should be able to pull through without calling attention to myself."
  104. 14[20:17] <Relentless> "Regroup on the roof, see if we can't use the vantage point to find a better route to head for help."
  105. [20:18] <Thredot> "Agreed, though unlikely that city unaware of situation; no point in hostage-taking if not to take out demands."
  106. 06[20:21] * Relentless nods "However the information they have on the exact situation in here is probably limited"
  107. 14[20:22] <Relentless> "We can likely report that, and help mount a.. assault? rescue? whatever you wish to call it"
  108. [20:25] <Thredot> "Agreed. Move to roof through windows."
  109. 06[20:26] * Relentless nods manipulating her weight so that she can easily scuttle slowly towards the back windows on her hands, like some sort of snake
  110. 06[20:26] * Thredot floats along the ceiling, propelled forward by his invisible spiderlegs.
  111. [20:26] <@Clurns_Meg> (SNAKES DONT SCUTTLE)
  112. 14[20:26] <Relentless> (TOO LATE, I'M SCUTTLING)
  113. 06[20:31] * Thredot crawls out the window and onto the roof.
  114. 06[20:31] * Relentless Follows!
  115. [20:32] <@Clurns_Meg> They are both on the roof. Thredot sees three black-figured men, and an air transport vehicle.
  116. [20:32] <@Clurns_Meg> However, Relentless isn't seen yet.
  117. 06[20:33] * Relentless motions toward the transport ".. only three."
  118. [20:35] <Thredot> "Plan: can you disable one without sound ?"
  119. 06[20:36] * Relentless shrugs "I can probably take one out without being seen, the attack itself might make a bit of noise though"
  120. 06[20:36] * Thredot thinks for a bit; how much noise is currently in the air ? The ruckus in the building below, any machinery in the area, etc.
  121. [20:37] <Thredot> "Hm. Maybe it would be best if we moved around the sides of the building, instead of over it."
  122. 06[20:39] * Thredot evaluates the flying device; could he move close to it and tamper with it ?"
  123. [20:40] <@Clurns_Meg> There is a fair amount of ambient machinery ruckus. As long anything isn't unreasonably loud, things shouldn't be heard from up here.
  124. 06[20:41] * Thredot how are the three guys standing, relative to each other ? Any of them in a blind angle to the others ?
  125. [20:41] <@Clurns_Meg> Upon closer inspection, there seems to be one manning the flying machine, inside the open cockpit.
  126. [20:42] <Thredot> "Hm."
  127. [20:42] <Thredot> "Decision: Flying device must be sabotaged."
  128. [20:42] <Thredot> "Can do so alone."
  129. [20:43] <@Clurns_Meg> The three men are standing at roughly equal 120 degree angles around the flying transport, and the pilot in the cockpit is looking Forwards. The flying machine is facing Left relative to Thredot
  130. 14[20:43] <Relentless> '.. yea, I dont believe I could fly it anyhow, going alone, or should I keep those three busy?'
  131. [20:44] <Thredot> "May need help in case of fail; stay ready to distract."
  132. 06[20:44] * Thredot nods at Relentless.
  133. 06[20:44] * Relentless nods "Got it."
  134. 06[20:44] * Thredot then realises Relentless can't see invisible nodding of head.
  135. 06[20:48] * Thredot slowly moves himself up to the flying device.
  136. 06[20:49] * Thredot examines the machine to see if it's open or, if not, if there're any promising openings into the mechanics.
  137. 06[20:49] * Relentless bends low, making her coat blind in with the roof below her, limited camo
  138. [20:51] <@Clurns_Meg> Shit becomes light grey-blue. Perhaps relentless should move to blend into the many pipes & ducts that decorate the roof.
  139. [20:52] <@Clurns_Meg> There are no promising openings into the mechanics; It's sealed neat & tight.
  140. 06[20:52] * Relentless starts moving back a bit trying to find somewhere better to hid, doesn't seem to be safe in the open anymore.
  141. [20:54] <@Clurns_Meg> However, Thredot is in a prime position. Right underneath the aircraft.
  142. [20:54] <@Clurns_Meg> Invisible.
  143. 06[20:59] * Thredot decides on another brilliant plan; back to Relentless to communiqu・that shit:
  144. [20:59] <Thredot> "Plan is thus: see that guard ? He's got a radio. On my cue, croak the shit outta him."
  145. [20:59] <Thredot> ("That guard" being the one NOT in the helicop--flying machine)
  146. 06[21:03] * Relentless nods "I'll have to reposition myself but.. what's the signal?"
  147. [21:04] <Thredot> "Signal is flying device pilot exploding in a shower of gore, covering the interior of the flying device. How long is required for repositioning ?"
  148. 06[21:04] * Relentless nods "Not long, I should be in position by the time you get there."
  149. [21:06] <Thredot> "Very well."
  150. [21:06] <Thredot> "Moving now."
  151. 06[21:07] * Relentless nods, moving silently after him, finding a safe place out of sight, but within pouncing distance. decreasing her weight to minimal amounts in order to get a bit more reach out of her pounce
  152. 06[21:09] * Thredot moves to stand a few feet in front of the pilot. He readies his whip, placing it like an extension of himself, and then unfurls into a cascade of monomolecular fury into the cockpit and - hopefully - through the pilot several times, ripping him apart.
  153. 06[21:13] * Relentless crouches low, launching herself in a draconic leap propelled by her massively reduced weight. at the peak of her jump, she uses the apparatus to invert her weight to almost double of what it normall is, falling like a 200 lb sandbag on top of the guard with the radio, her fist slamming his head into the ground, the piston driving it in even harder, cracking the ground beneath her.
  154. [21:19] <@Clurns_Meg> At first, the guards seem to notice Relentless, and move to point their weapons at her, however they hear a blood-curling yell in the cockpit, are distracted, and the only remaining one with a commlink has his head splattered like a watermelon across the roofing. The roofing cracks, and inside many can feel a rather large force shake the interior.
  155. 06[21:20] * Relentless slowly stands, restoring her original weight, shooting a glare at the other two.. looking over the bloodied corpse of their compatriot.. ready to bolt of needed, but.. not showing it.
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