first OpenVMS session

May 31st, 2016
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  2.                                 N O T I C E
  4. This is Encompasserve.  Access is for subscribed individuals only.
  6.  o  By logging into the system you agree to abide by the Encompasserve
  7.     Canons of Conduct.
  9.  o  Source code or any other information posted on this system is not
  10.     warranted in any way.  YOU USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  12.  o  If you submit source code to or post information on this system, you
  13.     must allow its unrestricted use.  You must have the right to grant
  14. Welcome to DECUServe, where DECUS meets daily.
  16. The first time you log in, there are a few questions we would like to ask
  17. you to help you pursue your areas of technical interest on DECUServe.  You
  18. will only have to go through this procedure once.  
  20. Press return to continue...
  22. We consider the security of your account very important, both for you and
  23. for DECUServe.
  25. When you applied for your account, you agreed to be responsible for anything
  26. you post on the system.  You also agreed never to allow anyone else to use
  27. your account, although you may freely share any information on DECUServe with
  28. anyone else.
  30. Some DECUServe conferences contain thousands of notes.  This is a volume
  31. of material which would probably overwhelm most of our subscribers.
  32. To avoid overwhelming you, we have set all notes older than a few weeks
  33. as "seen".  This will allow you to begin reading the more recent notes in
  34. the conferences in your notebook.  "SET SEEN" means that these older notes
  35. will not be automatically presented to you when you start reading NOTES.  
  36. (The age of the notes set seen by this procedure will vary, depending
  37. upon the conference.)  The older notes still remain accessible to you.  You can
  38. go back and review the notes set seen by manually moving to specific notes
  39. Notes> exit
  42. q:q
  44.   Sorry, no documentation on QUIT
  46.   FONT       FORTRAN    FROM       FTP        GAWK       GENCAT     GOSUB
  49. EXIT
  50.   Sorry, no documentation on EXIT EXIT
  53.   Additional information available:
  55.   Parameter  Examples
  57. EXIT Subtopic?
  58. Topic?
  59. $ ?
  60. %DCL-W-NOCOMD, no command on line - reenter with alphabetic first character
  61. $ uname
  62. %DCL-W-IVVERB, unrecognized command verb - check validity and spelling
  63.  \UNAME\
  64. $ x = f$getsyi("VERSION")
  65. $ show symbol x
  66.   X = "V8.3    "
  67. $ exit
  68. $ quit
  69. %DCL-W-IVVERB, unrecognized command verb - check validity and spelling
  70.  \QUIT\
  71. $ logout
  72. Connection to closed.-2016 12:05:15.73
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