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  1. 12:10oak0: I'm 4.3k and I'd say you play a better safe laner
  2. 12:10aDotaHero: is hurting me more than helping me
  3. 12:10aDotaHero: and i dont care, at all, if anyone disagrees
  4. 12:10aDotaHero: no offense, to anyone.
  5. 12:10kneidphang: Not really that offensive to be fair.
  6. 12:11aDotaHero: i mean im not an idiot, is there a small chance that im about to break ego wise? that im just trying to inflate myself up cuz i feel like shit or some shit
  7. 12:11aDotaHero: sure there is
  8. 12:11aDotaHero: but i really dont think so
  9. 12:11aDotaHero: taht shit is so harmful
  10. 12:11aDotaHero: so unbelievably harmful and limiting
  11. 12:11kneidphang: what is harmful and limiting?
  12. 12:11aDotaHero: to believe someone is where they should be if they dont believe it
  13. 12:11aDotaHero: and tell them that
  14. 12:12aDotaHero: one might think
  15. 12:12kneidphang: LULW
  16. 12:12aDotaHero: the only problem is that i think im better than i am. it's so much more than that
  17. 12:12kneidphang: Do you know the difference between accepting where one should be and acknowledging one has the potential to be better?
  18. 12:12aDotaHero: so,
  19. 12:12aDotaHero: let's say im right. just for shits and giggles
  20. 12:13aDotaHero: would it be harmful to think i am 3.5k and the same as the idiots in my games if i was really actually 3.8k without my mentality issues... game decision/conceptual kinda stuff wise
  21. 12:13aDotaHero: absolutely it would be
  22. 12:13aDotaHero: is it healthy to realize that there is that gap
  23. 12:13aDotaHero: cuz
  24. 12:13aDotaHero: im a fucking spaz stressful angry mother fucker
  25. 12:13aDotaHero: of course it is
  26. 12:13aDotaHero: or would it be healthy to think im 4.5k if i could be 3.8k and im currently 3.5k
  27. 12:14aDotaHero: of course it's unhealthy
  28. 12:14aDotaHero: it's just not something anyone else but me can be responsible for
  29. 12:14aDotaHero: i honestly shouldnt care
  30. 12:14aDotaHero: and that's where im headed
  31. 12:14aDotaHero: i think
  32. 12:14kneidphang: Do you know the difference between accepting where one should be and acknowledging one has the potential to be better?
  33. 12:14aDotaHero: to not give a fuck what others think i am in skill
  34. 12:14aDotaHero: and just do it
  35. 12:15aDotaHero: uhm
  36. 12:15kneidphang: Can you do both at the same time is my question
  37. 12:15StreamElements: Thank you for following 3kafter12kmatches :)
  38. 12:15aDotaHero: ive accepted i am where i am supposed to be 100%. because im rational.
  39. 12:15aDotaHero: so this question i dont get it
  40. 12:16kneidphang: You literally telling me you 3.8k...
  41. 12:16aDotaHero: so
  42. 12:16kneidphang: Or some shit
  43. 12:16aDotaHero: no
  44. 12:16kneidphang: When you're not
  45. 12:16aDotaHero: rofl
  46. 12:16aDotaHero: u dont know the difference between 3.5k and 3.8k actually
  47. 12:16kneidphang: Yea I don't
  48. 12:16aDotaHero: cuz ur way higher
  49. 12:16kneidphang: the mmr system does
  50. 12:16aDotaHero: and u dont play these games
  51. 12:16aDotaHero: so the point is
  52. 12:16kneidphang: I literally play these games..
  53. 12:16aDotaHero: i am 100% accepting that i am 3.5k
  54. 12:16aDotaHero: knowing
  55. 12:16aDotaHero: that on a scale of like 0 to 10 mentality
  56. 12:16aDotaHero: and for me
  57. 12:17aDotaHero: that entails a lot of things
  58. 12:17aDotaHero: if 5 is the average player for all the following
  59. 12:17Saqib_Ali: what he means to say that his mmr will increase if he improves his mentality
  60. 12:17aDotaHero: im 8-9/10 anxiety
  61. 12:17kneidphang: What's your point?
  62. 12:17aDotaHero: im 7-8/10 negative about the games
  63. 12:17kneidphang: You and you are attitude are inextricably tied together
  64. 12:17aDotaHero: im 9/10 focus on others than myself
  65. 12:17aDotaHero: i know that
  66. 12:17aDotaHero: but im saying
  67. 12:17kneidphang: Your argument is like saying I would be higher mmr if I had rtz's brain
  68. 12:17aDotaHero: if all those things i listed and many more t
  69. 12:17kneidphang: I would be higher mmr if I had rtz's attitude
  70. 12:17aDotaHero: that encompass mentality
  71. 12:17aDotaHero: were all 5
  72. 12:18aDotaHero: id be 300-500 mmr higher, without improving within that 5
  73. 12:18aDotaHero: how much id improve fast would be another Increment
  74. 12:18aDotaHero: over said time
  75. 12:18kneidphang: I don't even think that's true
  76. 12:18aDotaHero: all im saying is
  77. 12:18kneidphang: I just watched you yesterday get fucked by arcane curse
  78. 12:18aDotaHero: i do. and that's all tha tmatters
  79. 12:18aDotaHero: is what im saying
  80. 12:18kneidphang: Like it was the first day of dota for you
  81. 12:18aDotaHero: i had been up for like 16 hours and pissed at over 5-7 dota games
  82. 12:18kneidphang: If I saw that shit I would be like 0k mmr
  83. 12:18aDotaHero: is exactly what im saying
  84. 12:18aDotaHero: i know that
  85. 12:18aDotaHero: i know 100%
  86. 12:18aDotaHero: that stupid little fucking thing
  87. 12:18aDotaHero: but i was so
  88. 12:19aDotaHero: tired and anxious and tilted
  89. 12:19kneidphang: I see tons of it
  90. 12:19aDotaHero: that i didnt even see it
  91. 12:19aDotaHero: so fucking what
  92. 12:19kneidphang: You can't see your mistakes cause you don't even know what is the right thing
  93. 12:19aDotaHero: u see tons of that shit
  94. 12:19aDotaHero: on people are not anxious
  95. 12:19aDotaHero: at even higher mmrs
  96. 12:19aDotaHero: drow who hits fucking timber
  97. 12:19aDotaHero: all fight
  98. 12:19kneidphang: Who the fuck cares
  99. 12:19Bigglesjr: yo ive been fucked by arcane curse, didnt notice it and i was playing veno and kept plopping down plague wards
  100. 12:19aDotaHero: every fight
  101. 12:19aDotaHero: it goes along with the point
  102. 12:19aDotaHero: that u see this shit
  103. 12:19aDotaHero: she's ancient 1
  104. 12:19kneidphang: Yea cause she spams drow
  105. 12:19kneidphang: Why is that such a mystery?
  106. 12:19kneidphang: 2k drow games.. seem right
  107. 12:19aDotaHero: i considered that
  108. 12:19kneidphang: That hero has an aura super powerful
  109. 12:193kafter12kmatches: @saqib_ali his mmr will never increase, i stopped trolling him becouse his peak is around 3.5 and he wont move from there in centurys...he is just not capable of gettin higher.
  110. 12:20Saqib_Ali: dude all you can do is work on your mentality theres no point in arguing with people :)
  111. 12:20kneidphang: Ddon't you know a 2k CM spammer who also is Ancient because of aura?
  112. 12:20kneidphang: What is so confusing?
  113. 12:20kneidphang: This is envy talking now
  114. 12:20aDotaHero: next?
  115. 12:20Saqib_Ali: @3kafter12kmatches monkaS
  116. 12:20kzoom14: fascist PepeMods
  117. 12:20aDotaHero: okay
  118. 12:20kneidphang: Sure I guess but I'm telling you at this pace you are going
  119. 12:20aDotaHero: ill be back with ancient 1 in 2 days
  120. 12:20kneidphang: You're looking at 4k in 20k games
  121. 12:21aDotaHero: and that will be without even improving my mentality
  122. 12:21Saqib_Ali: that comment was actually funny OMEGALUL
  123. 12:21aDotaHero: just not listening to all this shit
  124. 12:21aDotaHero: will hit ancient 1
  125. 12:21aDotaHero: fix my m entality
  126. 12:21aDotaHero: probably 4.3k
  127. 12:21aDotaHero: if i am capable of fixing it
  128. 12:21aDotaHero: okay, later
  129. 12:21Saqib_Ali: bye HeyGuys
  130. 12:21aDotaHero: not coming back til im ancient I
  131. 12:21aDotaHero: let's see how fast i can do it
  132. 12:22aDotaHero: im just sick of this shit
  133. 12:22kneidphang: see you in 20k games
  134. 12:22kzoom14: lol
  135. 12:22Saqib_Ali: @3kafter12kmatches this guy just created a new account OMEGALUL
  136. 12:23aDotaHero: actually im going to just stream with a delay for anyone who actually wants to watch. im really not giving a fuck
  137. 12:23aDotaHero: sorry for anyone who i actually did offend
  138. 12:23kneidphang: Yeah punish us cause it's our fault
  139. 12:23aDotaHero: if i did
  140. 12:24aDotaHero: not punishing anyone i just cant do it with people who dont believe in what im saying telling me this
  141. 12:24kneidphang: Stream's fault, teammates fault, everyone else's fault but mine that I'm 3k
  142. 12:24kneidphang: You see it's our fault for not believing you
  143. 12:24kneidphang: Why don't you give us something to believe in
  144. 12:25kneidphang: We can't even believe you when you say you won't delete VODs and you get offended at us for not believing you will hit Ancient??
  145. 12:25aD3viL: Wth
  146. 12:25kneidphang: Guess chat is at fault again
  147. 12:25kzoom14: kneid youre right
  148. 12:26StreamElements: Please follow Hero's YouTube, Twitter, and Discord to become more a part of the aDotaHero community! You can find the links on the page!
  149. 12:27mango_doto: singsingBEAN
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