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  1. i49 tf2
  3. freeench
  5. Noursetf2: stfu usa can beat arabs with ak47 with them tank
  7. Solkian: How did you let Burger King give you weight ?
  9. obeses americans girls likes french, but french guys don't like your obeses girls
  11. shut up, you and your fat
  13. -
  15. Baimezan: I dont get it. why do people shit on star jerma and shibby so much? like the guys never claimed to be pro yet everyone shits on them
  17. Joakimmos: How's the War on Terror going? Got your freedoms back yet?
  19. Illllllllilililiillili: USA has the best universities, best technology, best military, best athletes, and the biggest economy in the world. Don't be jealous of the USA just because we PWN you.
  21. Shwnstv: Europe has an history, USA don't.
  23. Illllllllilililiillili: lol @ all the mad europeans in this chat. You all are using an american web service to watch an american game being played in an american tournament casted in american while also chatting in american. Owned
  25. Ovonunes: which military ruwin was?
  27. Newbiemcnewbface: USA is full of the greediest capitalists in the world, who stand on and exploit the poor and undereducated and live like kings
  29. Reidmarsh: THE CHAT: 40% EU vs USA war (majority of actual competitive tf2 players) 30% People tied to other Esports, constantly saying how dead TF2 is and saying the community is terrible 'cus they are arguing EU vs USA in this chat. 20% 15 yr old virgins asking for Mia nudes. 10% People who just want to enjoy this amazing event and appreciate the incredible amnounts of effort from VTV and all concerned.
  31. Gabey2k: Aureolis1365: Illllllllilililiillili: "I have lost count how many times USA has had to save europe's ass in wars and economic crises" -US is 16 trillion dollars in debt
  33. Blacklight21: usa is full of greedy capitalist, and they have like 16 trilion $ in debt i guess
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