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Apr 3rd, 2010
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  1. You are the master of the following spells:
  2. blorb: The blorb spell lets you safely protect a small object, as though in a strongbox. You wouldn't think it was so useful, but when was the last time you saw a strongbox?
  3. cleesh: The cleesh spell lets you change something into a small amphibian. It's kind of fun being a stereotypical witch out of a kid's TV show.
  4. exex: The exex spell lets you make things and/or people go faster. Hence the name.
  5. filfre: The filfre spell lets you create gratuitous fireworks. Fortunately for party hosts, it works even better when you're drunk.
  6. frotz: The frotz spell allows you to cause something to give off light. You love this spell. No more do you have to travel by the light of your cell phone!
  7. gnusto: The gnusto spell lets you write a spell into a spellbook. You, like most magicians, dislike it; you never reveal your secrets to the world. It's the only leg up you've got on the bastards.
  8. gondar: The gondar spell lets you put out an open flame. It makes you pretty popular at parties.
  9. guncho: The guncho spell lets you banish someone to another plane of existence. In theory. In practice, it does absolutely nothing for you. You're sure there's some crappy cop-out excuse, like this convention room is actually the meeting point of every possible plane of existence, making them geometrically -- technically -- the same plane, but you're pretty sure you just can't make it work.
  10. izyuk: The izyuk spell lets you fly. It also works on other people, you guess, but when you're got a flying spell you are keeping that shit for yourself, OK?
  11. krebf: The krebf spell lets you repair willful damage to something. It's made you far too careless for comfort.
  12. kulcad: The kulcad spell allows you to dispel another spell. You love do-overs.
  13. melbor: The melbor spell lets you protect a magic user from harm from an evil being. You've had to duck into the bathroom and cast it at least three times this afternoon.
  14. nitfol: The nitfol spell allows you to converse with the beasts in their own language. It is the only reason why you have not yet been fired.
  15. ozmoo: The ozmoo spell allows you to make something survive unnatural death. No, you don't know if it works in the afterlife and aren't keen to find out.
  16. rezrov: The rezrov spell lets you open things, even locked or enchanted things. It works either literally or figuratively, but you don't like to use it literally much after you accidentally split your best friend's goldfish in two.
  17. vaxum: The vaxum spell lets you make a hostile creature your friend. It is the other reason why you have not yet been fired.
  18. zifmia: The zifmia spells lets you magically summon a being. Out of all of your spells, it is among the most likely to get you arrested.
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