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  1. You must be aware of Something Awful's recent hate of Reddit (a far superior site) and thinking that Something Awful's recent hate of TV Tropes must be the same thing, right? Well, not really.
  5. Reddit is a site where you can make posts and subsections called "sub-reddits". You don't like a certain sub-reddit, you make your own. There is some crap on Reddit, but the entire site is not all a steaming pile of excrement. Some goons were not happy that Reddit is practically superior to the site they paid money to post on, so they found a scapegoat, /r/jailbait/, and went from there. Goons were enamored with their success and continued to take out more sub-reddits, each slightly more politically correct (but still horrifying) then the next. Now they use their Reddithate to make themselves feel superior, even to this day.
  7. TL;DR Reddit is a mostly good site, feel free to use it.
  11. Now, TV Tropes is not Reddit. It's what happens when you take pedophilia, misogyny, and nerd stereotypes together. It sounds bad enough, but the a huge majority of the userbase is composed of people who are concerned with nothing but growing their pedophile fetishes, writing terrible stories, and complaining about first-world problems.
  13. When I first found TV Tropes, I thought it was a cool timesink. At the time, I really had nothing better to do in my spare time, so I thought, why not? But as I used the site more and more often, its problems became apparent to me, mostly: no verifiable citations, making entire articles useless wastes of time; an incredible amount of trivia (or, Tropes) that shrouds a clear summary; incredible amounts of terrible fanfiction writers, pedophile apologists, and users of all ages who think they are in an anime or video game when they're not; and the fact that the site claims to be family friendly when there are a grotesque amount of risque tropes (some with NWS images to boot!) available. The site was created by a man in his 50's who can't code for crap, is constantly unaware of what's going on until the last minute, and is focused on making sure that pedophiles and naive basement dwellers get together in this little hugbox. And that's not even all of the problems. One 15-year old user got banned for hating on pedophile users (naturally) after posting pictures of herself (which is admittedly stupid), and the users who made comments about wanting to do stuff to her (read: rape) DIDN'T get banned. Which is even stupider.
  15. When I found the Something Awful thread on TV Tropes, I was curious. I just randomly stumbled upon it just because. What I opened up changed my eyes. In this huge thread, users provided clear examples of where TV Tropes stumbles and fails to deliver, time and time again. There are some holier-than-thou moments from users. That pales in comparison to the shocking details of TV Tropes. After I read the entire thing (no joke), I never used TV Tropes again, ever. Wikipedia is a million times better at providing information on fiction because it gets to the point, quick and simple. That thread was the final nail in the coffin for me using TV Tropes.
  17. TL;DR Stay away from TV Tropes at all costs unless you like to hang out with messed up people and lower your standards.
  21. What I know changes what I think. What I think changes my behavior. And my behavior is, "Stay away from TV Tropes." There are people here in this comments section who have admitted to liking TV Tropes.
  23. One user said, "I don't understand why some people have such a strong loathing towards it". Well, Milk, if you're reading this, you now know why I hate it.
  25. Another said, "If they have such a problem with it why don't they just change it? It's an 'anyone can edit' site after all. It looks like they hate it simply for the sake of hating it." FudgemintGuardian, I can most definitely change crappy users with no lives outside of the Internet, and I can change crappy moderation that eliminates sane people.
  27. Actually, no, I can't. I don't hate on TV Tropes just for the sake of hating it; I hate it because the site is a hugbox. Imagine Mato turned EarthBound Central into a site where people can mock every game except EarthBound, and god help you if you say Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VII is superior and provide legitimate reasons why.
  29. All in all, screw TV Tropes. It's not the kind of site where I want to be, now that I'm aware that the majority of the users are sick outcasts of society, and that the site itself isn't very good at what it claims to do. I don't want to be a sick outcast of society. But the real TV Tropes is different from the TV Tropes I used to know, and not really for the better. For that reason, I hate TV Tropes.
  33. PS. Since you're probably going to ask anyway, Manic:
  35. Something Awful is irrelevant. It's a former shadow of itself. For just $10, you get to post on a forum where "transgender" (actually effectively homosexual) people talk about feminism, video games, and cutting off their weenies. The site is moderated by people who look to make more profit and do so by repeatedly probating and banning people for the smallest things. In fact, the guy who founded the site doesn't even really look over the forums anymore. It's his paycheck now. Well, it always has been; it's just more evident now. Nothing on this site is funny because moderators and admins always eliminate the better users and gas the best threads, and create a hugbox by doing so. Luckily, there is a site out there that mocks these idiots.
  37. TL;DR If you can't find something legitimately funny or informative on this site, stay away.
  39. That TV Tropes thread counts as informative for me, by the way.
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