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  1. I. Absalom
  3. To be a part of Absalom means that you are not alone. It means you are not a space in a hierarchy or a cog in a machine--you are part of the family. Recognition of this is the first step that one must take toward becoming a part of the network that is Absalom.
  5. Absalomites are a humble people. We needn't vainly masturbate ourselves so as to amass recognition from the Utopian populace. There is no room for plumage. Absalom dwells in shadows. It is the sleeping giant.
  7. The culture of Absalom is rooted in war as artform. It is not optional, it is an imperative. Every member of Absalom, down to the last province, must be on alert for the specter of potential war; war against our kingdoms or against the whole of our people. Peaceful times are behind us. The winds have blown and we have listened.
  9. II. The Kingdom
  11. The kingdom is the fundamental building block of Absalom; the commitment of twenty-five provinces playing in unison toward a common end. An individual kingdom as best they are able should strive to accommodate all their needs within a self-sufficient structure. Double declarations will not be tolerated without due cause demonstrated and the directive issued. Within hostilities, kingdoms of Absalom must shoulder their burdens alone. If victory on the battlefield is attained, it is glorious. If defeat is suffered, it is equally glorious if the experience serves to teach and the ramifications are gracefully accepted. Every Absalom kingdom should aspire to be wholly self-reliant.
  13. Kingdoms are expected to brace for war at all times. In times of warfare, commitment to the conflict is not an option but a mandate. Growth as a war preparation should be undertaken so as to forge a more ominous warring machine for when the time comes. And it will come.
  15. Efforts should also be made so that warfare enhances morale rather than dampens it. Kingdoms should try their hands in the gambit of warfare so as to stay sharp, cohesive and alert.
  17. III. The Province
  19. The province is the weakest link within Absalom. A single province is able to disgrace the whole of a kingdom. Ten rogue provinces can taint the name of a whole people. Absalom cannot have omnipotence - no matter how astutely we aspire toward that end. Kingdom mates, monarchs, Council and the High Court must be on alert to investigate allegations of ignoble gamesmanship. It will not be tolerated.
  21. IV. The Hierarchy of Absalom
  23. A. The Poobahs of the High Court
  25. Five Poobahs and one alternate serve as the High Court of Absalom. It is the duty of the High Court to uphold the traditions of Absalom and to serve as the moral compass. High Court holds supreme authority over the internal machinations of Absalom. It is they who assess alliance needs. High Court governs expansion of Absalom and also holds the power of ouster. They may initiate new members to the ranks and may cut those same ties. Any level member or entire kingdoms may be ousted on the judgement of High Court.
  27. The Poobah position requires freedom from burdensome thoughts of rank, accolades and acclaim. The glory of Absalom is not theirs to expand, it is theirs to uphold. Absalom will grow and bloom as any robust plant or flower would. It is the role of the Poobahs to enable a fertile plot of land where this is possible. Poobahs are the nutrients to the soil engendering growth from within. The hardened husk of the people of Absalom will fend off those who would seek to do her harm from without.
  29. 1. Overconsolidation of Powers
  31. To best achieve democratic representation and even-handedness, no more than one Poobah may ever be in a kingdom together. If possible, a Poobah should not be burdened with the onus of Monarchy either-although this is not wholly realistic. If a Poobah shoulders the responsibility of Monarchy as well as the mantle of Poobah, then the two roles should be dichotomized as best possible and the responsibility to the kingdom must be foremost with the duties of Poobah occurring second. The kingdom is the building block. In situations that directly affect a Poobah's kingdom, it is advised that a request for decisive action be conferred to another of the Poobahs so as to avoid costly errors in judgement due to emotional interference and so as to avoid actual or perceived abuses of power.
  33. 2. Declarations of War
  35. Only the Poobahs have authority to order mobilization for all of Absalom to war. This is no small power and is subject to democratic proceedings when reasonably efficient. When immediate action is necessary, a Poobah must know the danger inherent in that action. Legends have been made in the wake of mighty charges. Conversely, tyrants have been forged by the abuse of such powers.
  37. 3. The Ishtari
  39. It is important to listen closely to the spirits of the great elders that have passed. When a Poobah retires from their post, barring outright ouster, they join the spirit world and become omnipresent, advising the course of Absalomite affairs, sharing their wisdom when needed.
  43. 4. Succession
  45. Positions on the High Court are handed down in a direct succession. A Poobah who is retiring can hand their position on to whomever they see fit. In a position wherein such a successionary lineage is impossible, acting members of the High Court will convene and choose whom to bestow the title upon.
  49. B. The Council
  51. Absalom Council is composed of monarchs and one representative per kingdom. In all matters which do not require or suggest an impingement upon the whole of Absalom, Council are imbued with authority to act, i.e. negotiating/arbitrating between warring factions in a kingdom on kingdom war, accusations of ignoble gamesmanship, etc. In matters that may supercede these parameters, it is highly recommended that matters be routed through higher channels. There is greater ignominy to be found in missteps that result from incompetence or erroneous judgement than in the simple admission of incompetence.
  53. There are no set protocols to govern the acts of council-they must be guided by their innate sense of what it is that makes Absalom. It is the feeling of Absalom that when the time comes to mobilize, the winds show us which way they are blowing. Let your conscience be your guide and wisdom tend your mast.
  55. C. Elders
  57. Absalom offers the distinction of Elder to those who have dutifully served the cause of Absalom. It is based on recommendation from Monarchs and Council and subject to the ordainment of High Court. Though purely titular in nature, the title of Elder carries with it recognition of all of the virtues held to underpin Absalom embodied within a member. It is no small honor and should not be treated as such.
  59. V. Relations
  61. A rapport with the outside world is a necessarily tolerated evil. The foremost concern of Absalomites should be harmonious coexistence with other members. In the days to come, there will be efforts to undermine our unity and cohesion. This must be battled no matter the cost. To assist in this, a few guidelines:
  63. A. Silence
  65. The value of silence is immeasurable. It is imperative that all members of Absalom recognize the strength of silence. No one is imbued with the authority to speak on behalf of the whole of Absalom. In such instances when one must speak, it will be decided within the High Court when that time will be and what will be said. Any other statements are discouraged and absolutely do not represent the views of Absalom as a whole.
  67. B. Non-Aggresion Pacts (NAPs )
  69. There is nothing more burdensome than a cumbersome list of friendlies ordained by an organization superceding a kingdom. This is not the policy of Absalom. A kingdom may ally with whomever they see fit but in no way does it represent favored status by the rest of Absalom. The only circumstances under which a NAP is with the whole of Absalom is when a kingdom wears the nABS tag which represents pilot membership into Absalom.
  71. C. Mutual Assistance Pacts (MAPs)
  73. Absalom believes that the MAP is a reprehensible device which compounds the necessary evil of alliances by exceeding the solidarity of a kingdom's autonomy exponentially. They are a disgraceful construct that is the pastime of cowards and fools. Under no circumstances will Absalom agree to MAPs without demonstrable clear and present danger. At the conclusion of such times, such agreement will expire accordingly.
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