Does Bolding Text Have Any Impact on SEO?

Jun 29th, 2020
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  1. Does Bolding Text Have Any Impact on SEO?
  2. I have doubt on making keywords bold in content.
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  14. Does this make difference in SERP?
  15. Look at the SERP for your target keyword - do the top results use bold text?
  16. In my experience, it's not as important as it used to be, but it's good for helping readers scan key points and it certainly doesn't hurt.
  17. readers scan key points
  18. It may cause the CTR of your site
  19. Because sometimes readers only read the key points
  20. Probably best to test yourself. Does your rank increase when you bold the text? If not then its probably not an important ranking factor.
  21. i do it :)
  22. Apparently it has a small effect. But I doubt that you'll notice the difference in any competitive SERP
  23. Not a Big impact, But I think it provides little help in that way its increase the user-experience which is good for SEO. Use all other tags to U, I, B and H1,2,3,4 is most important.
  24. I don't think so to be honest
  25. I think the effect is so minor, it is negligible - overusing it would cause more harm then benefiting from this instead.
  26. Focus keyword on the other hand, does provide a little bit more link juice in the process.
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  31. If you use smart bold text and this improve readability / user experience - yes.
  32. I am an old school guy I do it, and I also use italic things too.
  33. I have doubt on making keywords bold in content.
  34. Does this make difference in SERP?
  35. I've always wondered about that. What I've noticed is that H1 H2 and H3 make a huge difference. So, I make sure to naturally keyword those.
  36. I am an old school guy I do it, and I also use italic things too.
  37. Same! Although I only use italic for points, notes, additional comments.
  38. I tend to use bold to break down content into subjects where a h tag would be over kill or have no added weight to the page.
  39. Example:
  40. H1 - Who can be a mod?
  41. Bold - Age
  42. content
  43. Bold - Qualifications
  44. content
  45. Bold - Benefits
  46. content
  47. and so on. At least that's how I was taught to structure a page many moons ago.
  48. It is not an accident that Google funds an ad blocker which allows ads to stream through on Google.com while leaving ads blocked across the rest of the web.
  49. Android Pay might be worth integrating. But then it also might go away.
  50. It could be like Google's authorship. Hugely important & yet utterly trivial.
  51. Faces help people trust the content.
  52. Then they are distracting visual clutter that need expunged.
  53. Then they once again re-appear but ONLY on the Google Home Service ad units.
  54. They were once again good for users!!!
  55. Neat how that works.
  56. Embrace, Extend, Extinguish
  59. "Facebook Inc. has been looking to boost its local-news offerings since a 2020 survey showed most of its users were clamoring for more. It has run into a problem: There simply isn
  61. ’t enough local news in vast swaths of the country. ... more than one in five newspapers have closed in the past decade and a half, leaving half the counties in the nation with
  63. just one newspaper, and 200 counties with no newspaper at all."
  64. As mainstream newspapers continue laying off journalists, Facebook's news efforts are likely to continue failing unless they include direct economic incentives, as Google's
  66. programmatic ad push broke the banner ad:
  67. "Thanks to the convoluted machinery of Internet advertising, the advertising world went from being about content publishers and advertising context—The Times unilaterally
  69. declaring, via its ‘rate card’, that ads in the Times Style section cost $30 per thousand impressions—to the users themselves and the data that targets them—Zappo’s saying it
  71. wants to show this specific shoe ad to this specific ?user (or type of user), regardless of publisher context. Flipping the script from a historically publisher-controlled
  73. mediascape to an advertiser (and advertiser intermediary) controlled one was really Google’s doing. Facebook merely rode the now-cresting wave, borrowing outside media’s content
  75. via its own users’ sharing, while undermining media’s ability to monetize via Facebook’s own user-data-centric advertising machinery. Conventional media lost both distribution
  77. and monetization at once, a mortal blow."
  78. Google is offering news publishers audience development & business development tools.
  79. Heavy Investment in Emerging Markets Quickly Evolves the Markets
  81. As the web grows rapidly in India, they'll have a thousand flowers bloom. In 5 years the competition in India & other emerging markets will be much tougher as those markets
  83. continue to grow rapidly. Media is much cheaper to produce in India than it is in the United States. Labor costs are lower & they never had the economic albatross that is the ACA
  85. adversely impact their economy. At some point the level of investment & increased competition will mean early techniques stop having as much efficacy. Chinese companies are
  87. aggressively investing in India.
  88. “If you break India into a pyramid, the top 100 million (urban) consumers who think and behave more like Americans are well-served,” says Amit Jangir, who leads India
  90. investments at 01VC, a Chinese venture capital firm based in Shanghai. The early stage venture firm has invested in micro-lending firms FlashCash and SmartCoin based in India. The
  92. new target is the next 200 million to 600 million consumers, who do not have a go-to entertainment, payment or ecommerce platform yet— and there is gonna be a unicorn in each of
  94. these verticals, says Jangir, adding that it will be not be as easy for a player to win this market considering the diversity and low ticket sizes.
  95. RankBrain
  97. RankBrain appears to be based on using user clickpaths on head keywords to help bleed rankings across into related searches which are searched less frequently. A Googler didn't
  99. state this specifically, but it is how they would be able to use models of searcher behavior to refine search results for keywords which are rarely searched for.
  100. In a recent interview in Scientific American a Google engineer stated: "By design, search engines have learned to associate short queries with the targets of those searches by
  102. tracking pages that are visited as a result of the query, making the results returned both faster and more accurate than they otherwise would have been."
  103. Now a person might go out and try to search for something a bunch of times or pay other people to search for a topic and click a specific listing, but some of the related Google
  105. patents on using click data (which keep getting updated) mentioned how they can discount or turn off the signal if there is an unnatural spike of traffic on a specific keyword, or
  107. if there is an unnatural spike of traffic heading to a particular website or web page.
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