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  1. Roll 3d6 and take the higher two rolls
  3. [BRN]Brawn-Related to Physical Attack mand Strength
  4. [AGT]Agility-Related to Speed, Accuracy and Dexterity
  5. [INT]Intelligence-Related to Special Attack and other mental properties
  6. [STM]Stamina-Related to Defense, Special Defense, and HP
  7. [EDU]Education-Related to disciplines of knowledge
  8. [SLS]Social Standing-Related to any one person’s place in society
  10. Characteristics | Dice Modifier
  11. 0                 -3
  12. 1-2               -2
  13. 3-5               -1
  14. 6-8               -0 +0
  15. 9-11              +1
  16. 12-14             +2
  17. 15+               +3
  19. Home Regions-
  21. Kanto-The citizens of this region are adapt in modern technology and industry
  22. •Basic Buff: +2 [EDU]
  23. •Civilian Kantonian-Average person going to work, clocking in 9 to 5, day after day. They have a lot of persistence to stay in this cycle endlessly +1 [STM] -1 [INT]
  24. •Adventurer Kantonian-As is expected of every offspring in Kanto, adventuring! They vigorously train the youngsters to prepare them for the journey ahead. But they’re trained in Pokémon battles, not people battles +1 [EDU] -1 [BRN]
  26. Johto-The citizens of this region are rooted in tradition and a rich culture
  27. •Basic Buff +2 [INT]
  28. •Traveler Johtion-Taking in the pure beauty of Johto is your lifelong passion. Floating easily from town to town, it’s an art form to become a drifter. Never settling down, there’s always another adventure ahead, but no one likes a tourist +1 [AGT] -1 [SLS]
  29. •Kimono Johtion-Highly knowledgeable on the traditions and customs from Johto, you make a point to practice some of them yourself. You gain reputation and respect due to this. These traditions restrict your mental capacity +1 [SLS] -1 [INT]
  31. Hoenn-The citizens of this region are obsessed with battling and have a multitude of different facilities dedicated to it
  32. •Basic Buff +2 [BRN]
  33. •Elitist Hoennese-This battler thinks they’re better than everyone else. If they lose, you must’ve cheated. If they win, of course they did you couldn’t possibly have beaten them +1 [BRN] -1 [SLS]
  34. •Humble Hoennese-This battler, if you can call them that, doesn’t take battling very seriously at all. They are very polite and respectfully lose with grace +1 [SLS] -1 [BRN]
  36. Sinnoh-The citizens of this region are deeply religious and have a number of myths and legends
  37. •Basic Buff +2 [INT]
  38. •Spelunker Sinnohen-Preferring to explore the unimaginable depths of the dark underground, Spelunkers have excellent natural instinct on where to go without being able to see. They bring literal meaning to living under a rock +1 [EDU] -1 [SLS]
  39. •Expeditionary Sinnohen-Preferring to scale the tallest peaks, Hikers have an incredible amount of constitution when it comes to the dangers they face. They go slow and steady to properly maintain balance on the mountain +1 [STM] -1 [AGT]
  41. Unova-The citizens of this region are dense and tough from years of hard work and dedication to their field. If you’re gonna work in Unova you’re gonna do it with passion
  42. •Basic Buff +2 [STM]
  43. •Northwestern Unovan-Being born in the creative and richer section of Unova, you’ve had quite a few privileges. Including a superb schooling system +1 [EDU] -1 [BRN]
  44. •Southeastern Unovan-Born and raised in farming fields and acres of forests, you know the value of a hard day’s work +1 [BRN] -1 [EDU]
  46. Kalos-The citizens of this region are adapt in languages of luxury and art
  47. •Basic Buff +2 [SLS]
  48. •Artisan Kalosion-The artist, poet, dancer, and musician. They flow with creativity and poise, and run on very little sleep. So dedicated to their craft, they’ve made an art form out of what they can endure +1 [STM] -1 [BRN]
  49. •Admirer Kalosion-The finely detailed poise of these civilians is unmatched. Their eye for works of great art is admired worldwide, they’re not just made of hot air +1 [INT] -1 [BRN]
  51. Alola-The citizens of this region know how to appeal to the wandering tourist, it’s a birthright in Alola to do a fantastic performance
  52. •Basic Buff +2 [AGT]
  53. •Circus Act Alolan-Built for the extravagant and extreme, you have a lot of flare and dramatic touch which shows in your performance and in your conversation +1 [SLS] -1 [EDU]
  54. •Street Act Alolan-A natural partisan to the rough street life of the seemingly harmless tropical beaches, you gain a certain edge that never leaves you +1 [STM] -1 [SLS]
  57. Brawn-[BRN]
  58. •Athletics
  59. •Combat
  60. •Intimidate
  62. Agility-[AGT]
  63. •Acrobatics
  64. •Stealth
  65. •Sleight of Hand
  67. Intelligence-[INT]
  68. •Survival
  69. •Medicine
  70. •Intuition
  72. Stamina-[STM]
  73. •Focus
  74. •Animal Handling
  75. •Command
  77. Education-[EDU]
  78. •Basic Education (History, Culture, etc)
  79. •Pokemon Education (Types, moves, etc)
  80. •Occult Education (Charms, Ghosts, etc)
  82. Social Standing-[SLS]
  83. •Perception
  84. •Guile
  85. •Performance
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