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  3. Ladies and gentlemen, for "trying to fix the world" on the Suburban Express ride last Sunday, I have been officially BANNED. Here is the email:
  4. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Jeremy Leval,
  7. We take our obligation to serve all passengers with respect and professionalism very seriously. When we receive feedback regarding one of our employees or the employee of a subcontractor, we typically contact other passengers who may have additional information, and we act swiftly to prevent any service failures from reoccurring.
  9. We are quick to terminate subcontractors who do not provide the high level of service which people expect from Suburban Express.
  11. That notwithstanding, your actions on the bus on 3/31/13 were not appreciated. It is not your responsibility to fix the world. It was not appropriate for you to escalate the situation right then and there, in the middle of a trip. Doing so could have endangered other passengers who were in the care of that driver.
  13. You are therefore permanently banned from Suburban Express.
  14. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Here is what occurred that day that caused me to speak out and eventually get BANNED:
  17. On Sunday March 31st, I embarked on a bus ride from Woodfield Mall (in the Chicago area) at 11:30am on route to Champaign. For the second stop, we arrived at O'Hare at which numerous international students began boarding the bus.
  19. To each passenger, the bus driver ordered each student to "fold their ticket" (the tickets are printed and encompass half the sheet). At one point, a student from abroad explained that she was having trouble understanding his command. In response, the bus driver began to raise his voice repeating his request. When the student once again explained she didn't understand, he began to yell at her that "If you don't understand English you don't belong at the University of Illinois or any 'American' University". At this point I walked up to the front of the bus and spoke up to the bus driver "Such commentary is not necessary and offensive".
  21. The bus driver then focused his attention on me and yelled "she don't belong here and should know what folding a ticket means". He then began threatening to kick me off the bus if I didn't like it. Many of the other international students witnessed this event and looked absolutely terrified. I then politely asked"Sir, what is your name?"...at first he refused to give it me.
  23. I then walked back to my seat. When I looked back up, he had walked up to me and put his badge in my face. I saw the name Richard Mercer. The bus driver then said "here is my name, call the owner, he will agree with me!"
  25. I then proceeded to tell the driver, technically the United States does not have an official language. The driver then replied "Well is should! You don't see me going to her country and doing that" (I didn't know what he meant). Finally I said, "Well in her country, her language is the national language".
  27. He then stomped away and said that I was talking nonsense....to which I said, "actually I'm using common logic".
  28. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. Suburban Express cannot be allowed to get away with intimidation as a means of badgering students.
  32. Please pass thing along so that other students can be warned!
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