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  1. DuquePumpkinsMellonCollie09/22/2019
  2. A scenario I thought up of in my head (im on the level of tumblr au stuff now aaa) is that if feedings did get that casual emil would actually ask annie if she'd rather levitate instead of sitting/laying down for comfort's sake.
  4. annie didn't know he could do that but emil explains that vampire telekinesis functions on dnd will resist logic. so emil does the dresden thing where his will reaches out, annie is closed off at first but she slowly tries lowering her guard so it turns into a trust exercise that ends in her floating a few inches off the ground hahaha.
  6. Also yes Lydia would 100% give Annie a different outfit. Do you think she ever sees Annie's bite scars too? (in game?)
  8. Allen09/22/2019
  9. oh no that's super cute actually
  10. trust fall exercise but it's a trust float, she has to let him in but when she does he can make her float
  11. and over time she just learns to get more and more comfortable with his will/presence to where she barely reacts to it anymore and doesn't instinctually put her guards up around him
  13. gives her fancy clothes and says she earned it
  14. annie iis super proud and teary eyed but tries not to show it
  15. also maybe hahah
  16. sick lydia talking to annie sees the scars and goes "you've been through a lot"
  18. DuquePumpkinsMellonCollie09/22/2019
  19. also yes
  20. emil can just whoosh annie over as she's reading a book or something
  21. after a point
  22. tries to do it in non feeding contexts
  23. annie gets a bounty hunter getup that's not a guild uniform
  24. and I was wondering if lydia ever sees annies bites then looks over at emil and goes "hmmmm" and then emil goes "well I mean yeah"
  25. "she made me do it"
  26. "oh I buy that"
  27. "is she in trouble?"
  28. "big time"
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