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2006 non-historians

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Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. 2006
  4. Those who didn't get elected, but put up Hall ofFame numbers among
  5. the different groups were:
  6. Current wrestlers: Konnan, Rock & Roll Express, Paco Alonso, Jesse Ventura
  7. Retired wrestlers: Masked Assassins, Red Bastien, Ivan Koloff, Fabulous Moolah,
  8. Dick Murdoch, Masa Saito, Seiji Sakaguchi, Jimmy Snuka, Dr. Wagner, Gorilla
  9. Monsoon, Don Owen
  10. Reporters: Carlos Colon, Midnight Express, Masa Saito, Villano III, Paco Alonso,
  11. Roy Shire, Jesse Ventura
  12. Historians: Volk Han, Blue Panther, Villano III, Dr. Wagner, Roy Shire
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